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The Lost World is a classic work of action adventure that has a lively feel that made for a very fun read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, best known for his Sherlock Holmes stories, has a way of writing an engaging tale For readers who fear reading books published prior to the later 20th century out of the desire to avoid dry, stale language, I would offer up this book Although it shows the sentiments, good and bad, for the period in which it was written, the writing tone could easily be as modern as a work published in the recent years It doesn t have much of a dated feel to this reader, except in one way that I will address later Mr Doyle takes the scientific debates of the later Victorian, early Edwardian period, and gives us vivid characters to speak for the different viewpoints, making what could be a dry discussion of evolutionary biology and the various proponents or antagonists therein, and instead crafting a diverting read.Challenger Challenger is by far the most hilarious character in this story He is completely pompous and arrogant, assured that he knows everything, and of his utter superiority in every way He is oblivious to the idea that anything should shake his massive self confidence Although he is right a lot of the time, sometimes he s very, very wrong or his way of analyzing and approaching things is just skewed , not that he lets that bother him much Mr Doyle created an iconic figure here, so it doesn t surprise me that he wrote other stories about Challenger He s too good a character to let go of.Summerlee Summerlee is mostly a foil for thevibrant, and sometimes often obnoxious Challenger He doesn t come off quite as vivid as either Challenger or Roxton, but he adds to the scope and detail of this story with his acerbic, strong, but not bull like in the way of Challenger, personality He turns out to be a very valuable member of the exhibition, both for his counterpart role as the voice of reason to thebombastic Challenger, but also for his scientific knowledge and rationality in the face of very eye raising events in the Lost World Roxton Goodness, I did love this character I have seen and encountered those in popular media who exhibit the Great White Hunter stereotype, but Roxton didn t strike me that way at all He s an alpha male in all the good ways He wasn t one dimensional, only driven by the hunt and sport as I feared , although those were important things to him He s a man s man, but he s also a thinker and a doer He is a man who lives life to the fullest, and doesn t let fear or can t dos stand in the way He is a lotcompassionate and crusading that I expected I thought he would be self serving and superior That s not him at all Roxton is another iconic, larger than life character, that no doubt fueled many of the adventurer types that have populated later literature and cinema television stories in this genre In his own way, Roxton is also a foil for Challenger Challenger is convinced of his self importance, and ever ready to take credit for what he does Roxton likes the thrill and the challenge He claims his trophies, but it s not about the right to brag It s about the doing for him His very apt, if school of hard knocks wisdom saves the day many a time on this journey Malone Malone is the point of view of this novel We see everything through his eyes, and his wry observations make for some very humorous moments Doyle also uses Malone to convey the wonder of the Lost World He describes both the dangerous and fearsome aspects of the lost world, and the rare and eye opening beauty in a way that pulls me into the narrative head first Malone and Roxton seem to be contrasted in ways in that Malone is a bitof the thinker, who wishes he was the doer He has quite a case of hero worship for Roxton, but Malone proves to be very valuable on this expedition, both as a source of information, and by his own feats that save and protect the various members on the expedition He turns out to be a character that one should not underestimate or dismiss.You take the good with the bad When it comes to older books and stories, one prepares to see some rather disappointing exhibitions of racism come into play As a reader of classic and pulp literature, I have had it hit me very badly with some authors, and others where I was surprised at how enlightened their attitudes seemed For the most part, this wasn t as bad as it could have been in that sense However, it did bother me and made me wince how the one Negro character was referred to as our faithful and as though he was an unintelligent object or possession pretty much every time I found it very patronizing and offensive His speech was very stereotyped poor English and using the word Massa , and showing slavish devotion to his white betters He was even referred to as being as intelligent as a horse You could take that in the manner in which it was intended which I did , as the man being less intelligent than white men, or you could take that as Doyle believing horses are smart cookies Out of this whole book which I had mainly favorable reactions to , this aspect left a bad taste in my mouth It seemed as though the views of the South American natives wereenlightented than the black man Yeah, that smarts Also there is a tone that speaks of the inherent superiority of the white man and Europeans I m not beating up Doyle I m telling it like it is and how it affected me as a reader of color I realize that these were the prevalent thoughts of the time But this is not something that makes me a happy camper Thus, it dulls the shining light of this story somewhat for this reader.On the good side The science, botany and zoology, exhibited in this story seemed quite knowledgeable, showing that Doyle did attempt to do his homework I am no dinosaur expert, but I did recognize many of the older names for dinosaurs which probably came into common knowledge around the period in which this was written This story also conveys a detail about the South American rainforests and tropical environs that made for a seemingly credible read I felt like I was along for the journey, but immensely glad that I was just reading this book on my Kindle when it came to encountering vicious carnivorous species and the rather vile apemen End Verdict The Lost World is a piece of classic literature that no respectable adventure fan should go without reading If you enjoy movies like Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider, or any other of the many treasure hunting lost world expedition movies and tv shows, then take a little time to explore one of the forefronts in this genre of literature I give it a thumbs up. Who doesn t wish dinosaurs weren t still around Well, maybe not the big bitey ones, but how cool would that be Hell, I d even take the huge, face ripping ones too if it were an all or nothing deal I figure a little survival of the fittest would do this world good Since that s not likely to happen during my lifetime, I ll console myself with movies and books The Lost World is a good place to be for those of us looking to get lost in a dino world This is a forerunner of the what if history throwbacks to the Jurassic period Being an older work it suffers for the style of the day Sometimes writing styles of various eras aren t all that bad, but this one s no good Nothing kills the momentum, surprise and thrill of reading when the author preempts a thrilling surprise scene by announcing that a thrilling surprise happened and I m about to tell you about it Damn it man, we can decide if it s thrilling, and further, do you even know what a surprise is Arthur Conan Doyle did better work with his Sherlock series This book is a fun adventure, but it s not a great read The set up takes a while The action moves a bit and the stakes are fairly high, but a bit and fairly shouldn t be the descriptives used to describe this. If in 100 years I am only known as the man who invented Sherlock Holmes then I will have considered my life a failure Sir Arthur Conan Doyle This review will contain minor spoilers Although Sherlock Holmes, Dr John Watson, Mycroft Holmes, and Professor James Moriarty are Doyle s most known creations, Professor Challenger, the hot tempered scientist is another character that many readers will be familiar with This is the first of the Professor Challenger series and the only one that I had read previously I started reading religiously in 2012 and The Lost World was one of my favourite stories from my pre review era I decided to revisit this exuberant and vivacious science heavy adventure tale that features dinosaurs and I m truly glad that I did.This narrative begins with journalist and international rugby player Edward Dunn Malone as he finally tells the love of his life Gladys about the emotions and feelings that he has been harbouring Unfortunately, it is soon revealed that she doesn t share the sentiments that Malone has been feeling and therefore he remains in the friend zone He just isn t exciting enough She wants an adventurer, essentially so she can bask in the glory of her partner s deeds As the archetypal example of a member of the friendzone guild, he doesn t even consider thinking that maybe she is a bad apple and not the right woman for him The antithesis is what he thinks Malone races down to the office of the Daily Gazette and begs his editor for an exciting, dangerous assignment war correspondence perhaps His superior states that there is no taskhigh risk or hazardous for a reporter than to interview the infamous scientist Professor Challenger After an eventful and volatile first meeting between the duo, the emotions cool down and Edward ends up sharing a cigarette with the incredibly intelligent, agog, slightly unorthodox and idiosyncratic scientist I pictured him as being like an early 20th century Brian Blessed with the presented attitude, extravagance, and description He divulges information about a potential Lost World which he has visited and the last time he was there, although only for a brief period, he shot a pterodactyl and presents the wing to the journalist As the next few chapters progress it transpires that a team of three very different individuals will attempt to retrace Challenger s steps to visit this plateau that seems to have ignored the laws of science that the rest of the world s environments have adhered to In Sherlock Holmes, the brilliant characters take the concepts from being good to often phenomenal The same is true here The trio attempting this escapade which has been mostly ridiculed by the science community as nothing but fancy and absurd , are Malone, adventurer, andexploration expert Lord John Roxton, and Challenger disparager and rival Professor Summerlee They also have Zambo who is described as a negro Hercules and he acts as their ian guide The beginning of the novel runs at a steady pace as the characters are introduced, foundations are set and the plan is set in motion It really gets going when the ensemble reaches the infamous plateau If I had to summarise this tale in a few words it would be a gripping and rip roaring adventure It features suspense, betrayals, surprising revelations, horror, and elements of mystery Add into the mix a plethora of dinosaurs including Iguanadons, Allosaurus Plesiosaurus amongst many other assumed extinct species Doyle must have done an immense amount of research for The Lost World regarding the science of the Jurassic period and also of his current day Throughout, the story never comes across as if it was a dull science text Complex discussions about plants, creatures, and the environment are often humorous as Professor Challenger and Professor Summerlee debate the facts very rarely agreeing with each other s hypothesis The players also end up in the middle of a war fought between ape people and the indigenous tribes of this raised island The novel also features amazing set pieces that appear as bewildering yet exhilarating for the characters to behold as they were for me to read There is always the nagging doubt in the back of the ensemble s minds about how on earth they are going to escape the plateau and if they are sitting on one of science s greatest ever discoveries that the world will be oblivious to if they don t succeed and return to London But surely no man had just such a day since the world began Simply put, this is one of my favourite stories from when I started reading properly It will always have a special place in my heart and I m sure I ll read it again in another seven years An absolute classic.James Tivendale A young reporter Ed Malone was madly in love The woman he loved told him he would only have a chance with her if he did something really heroic The most heroic action his editor could think of was to send him to interview Professor Challenger notorious for throwing the reporters out of his house literally throwing out Initially poor Malone repeated the previous experience of his colleagues, but he managed to pacify the professor to tell him his story The main idea was that the guy claimed he found a a remote place in ian jungle where prehistoric animals read dinosaurs still lived To make a long story short an expedition was formed to check the location and our reporter realized this might be exactly the opportunity to do the heroics, so he became one of the volunteers This book is supposed to be a classic adventure so I will not spoil much when I say that the expedition really found what they were looking for This might be not the first book to use the lost world troupe, but it is most famous Everything one expects to find in a classic adventure is here last minute escapes, mysterious jungle, testosterone overload, people trying to shoot any animal in sight, and just pure undiluted fun perfect for getting out of a book slump caused by reading too many mediocre books in a row The first half of the book takes place entirely in London Usually in such books this is the most boring part, but not here The character of Professor Challenger alone successfully carried this whole part by himself This says something about the quality of the way he was written Then again what did you expect from the creator of Sherlock Holmes The narrator Malone comes out as a decent character as well, but he is to Professor exactly what Doctor Watson is to his famous friend lost in the shadow of a great person.I can also mention political correctness there is none , racism if you read the book looking for it, you will find it, but I personally liked the way most non white people were shown fearless and loyal , sexism again there is no strong women in here meaning none which can beat the crap out of any dinosaur using her martial arts skill If you are the type of person who read old books to find something to be offended at, this one can provide you a lot of material If you keep your mind open never forgetting when the book was written, it really does not have any of the things as hey saw them in Victorian England I mentioned above. Book Reviewed by Clive on www.whisperingstories.comAfter his initial success Conan Doyle spent much of his literary career trying to break free from Sherlock Holmes but public pressure and the need for a good income kept the two inexorably bound His historical novels found little success but he achievedwith his science fiction adventures of which The Lost World was by far the most successful And rightly so This tale of a hidden world is full of action with many mysteries to ponder Just imagine the excitement of the readers of Strand Magazine as they waited for the next episode of the story to be published just what creatures or predicaments would our heroes meet next As far as I know Conan Doyle never travelled up theHe obtained his knowledge from other people s accounts but his descriptions of the jungle are excellent and help to build the tension before they even reach the site of the lost world.Despite the age of the book and the language of the time I found it easy to read Having the story written in the first person helped to maintain the tension and fear.The principle characters are those one would expect from an action story of that time, the relatively innocent narrator, the two irascible professors and everybody s favourite, the all action Lord John Roxton sportsman, world explorer, British gentleman and all round good egg The sort of character that we have seen parodied countless times.I was expecting action and mysterious creatures but my surprise was Conan Doyle s humour In particular I found myself laughing out loud at the chapter describing the lecture at the start of the book To use the vernacular of the time the inaudible chairman was an absolute hoot.For several reasons The Lost World could not be written today With the benefit of current knowledge it is hard to believe that such a mix of fauna could exist together in such a relatively small space Also, any modern book would have a balanced mix of gender and race whereas here we have four upper class English male explorers, some Native South American bearers, a loyal negro servant and just two very stereotypical female characters with very minor roles.As is usual for Alma Classics there are a few pages of useful notes to explain some of the references to contemporary persons and literature The cover has an outline drawing of what must be Lord John in jodhpurs and pith helmet, looking up at pterodactyls flying above.The book has a lively ending and promisedadventures for the leading characters which Conan Doyle fulfilled with several short stories and another book The Lost World brightened up a couple of dull post Christmas days and for sheer ripping yarn entertainment I have awarded five stars. Silly bad A surprisingly dull updating of Journey to the centre of the Earth view spoiler or possibly the assuredly illegitimate offspring of Journey and King Somon s Minesor possibly the line of decent goes through both hide spoiler 3.5 rating So tomorrow we disappear into the unknown This account I am transmitting down the river by canoe, and it may be our last word to those who are interested in our fate Ironically the first part was better than when the actual adventure started I think it s because the writer did not indulge in so much descriptive rambling and lengthy pauses during the build up, which allowed that part of the story to shine triumphantly with humor, quirky characters, and fun motivations.I loved the protagonist and Professor Challenger eventually I ended up enjoying the four main travelers, but those two were the most fun Challenger was especially thrilling with his brutish humor, fearsome reputation, and kinship with the ape people I laughed aloud a few times, which I didn t expect when I first dared to pick this one up While the adventure part was full action adventure mode, descriptive, creative and chilling, sometimes it left my interest in the dust The story became long winded and downright dull for many parts It has all the winning tropes testosterone overload as the men bond and pair against each other, trying to one up each other s stories and heroics betrayals in the group adventures where people escape at the nick of time heroes not believed until they show evidence that leaves no doubt comedy and adventure mixed as one Unfortunately it s a little too action packed at times, but overall it s still deserving of its classic reputation and will live on. I don t like to end the book so soon, I really love this book although I expected something gorier like dinosaur killing the whole tribe or cannibals eat human flesh Still, I did love this book in many ways and as long as I live I ll treasure this book forever Hey, stop looking to me like that I can still remember all the things I read from the book Amen.The whole journey started when a Gazette Irish journalist named, Malone, went go straight to the house of notorious Professor Challenged claims that dinosaurs exist To give them proof the scientist sent away a team and of course himself to journey that they won t regret forever that talks about surviving, extinction and friendship But when they went home, a sudden change of fate is waiting for themThis is a good book and reminds me of The Time Machine It has the same narration with the book and the story was kind of documentation by letters of their journey through the land of extinction There are boring parts in the book and mostly those parts are in the beginning before they left Anyway, I recommend this book to everyone who loves to read Arthur Conan Doyle s works and people who love prehistoric animals.As a science student I have problem regarding the usage of a scientific name on chapter 8 About Nuttonia vexillaria said to be a rare plant and the second word must start in small letters to follow the rules regarding naming a plant But I m not sure if the plant was in Latin because I did a research online and can t find the plant.Another unconditional moment on the book was the fight between the Indian tribe and the Ape men I was so shock that I can t stop reading that part that I want to know what happened to them and in the end, my heart broke into pieces and nobody can help but to observe the real meaning of extinction It was a great example and I think most of the readers find it interesting since it has a symbol of how things extinct in real world.If you don t like spoiler please don t continue.I also find the naming of the Lake funny and what happened to him and to the girl in the near end I was so ashamed of him being too young minded bout love and so on Although romance did not emphasize in the book, it happens that it was so funny that it keeps on popping in my head The right part, they did not even proved everyone that dinosaurs exist and it was the best thing happened than killing extinct animals for selfish rights.When Lord Roxton mentioned the blue gay, I have this feeling that diamonds exist from them It was simple, I watch movies adopted from the book and they usually surrounded by blue clay or sand and same with the other books I read such as Sidney Sheldon s Master of the Game And why I mentioned it, because everyone had their chance to make their dreams come true in the end After a cup of coffee or tea, all their hard work payed in a very surprising way.Review posted on Old Fashioned Reader.Rating The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle, 4 SweetsChallenges Book 256 for 2011 Can we start with how this book written in 1912 was based off of theFriend ZonePoor Edward Malone confesses his love for a girl but she is not interested She tries telling him nicely, rudely and all ways in between but he just doesn t get it She could but refuse me, and better be a repulsed lover than an accepted brother So, finally, in a fit to be tied, she makes up some excuse that he s not adventurous enough for her that he s not a daring and dashing hero And so, Edward, a journalist, races off to find the craziest adventure he could possibly find.And boy oh boy does he find one hellova adventure.Edward meets Professor Challenger an adeptly named adventurer who just came back from an exhibition The professor is sprouting a whole host of impossible claims including that dinosaurs have managed to survive and thrive deep in the jungle.Edward, the professor and few scientists set off in search for this Lost World and discover something farexciting in the process Periodic racism and sexism My instincts are all against a woman being too frank and at her ease with me It is no compliment to a man. Ahhh there s nothing blatantly obvious periodic racism and sexism to wake you up in the morning Zambo, who is a black Hercules, as willing as any horse, and about as intelligent. From the half breeds to their loyal negro to the literal annihilation of an entire speciesThis book is a wonder There are times, young fellah, when every one of us must make a stand for human right and justice, or you never feel clean again. How ironic considering the first thing they do when they discovered Ape men was form a posse to slaughter them and sell them into slavery.Now, if you can ignore all of that this was a pretty good novel It had adventure and mishaps and mayhem Our meek journalist really finds his stride and absolutely thrives on his journey If only Sir Arthur Conan Doyle didn t play up the servitude and slaughter all the non white charactersAudiobook CommentsRead by Glen McCready an excellent narrator The Finer Books Club 2018 Reading Challenge A book AJ Rocks has readYouTube Blog Instagram Twitter Snapchat miranda.reads Happy Reading It S London,Journalist Edward Malone, Rejected By The Woman He Loves Because He Is Too Prosaic, Decides To Go In Search Of Adventure And Fame To Prove Himself Worthy Of Her Soon After, He Meets Professor George Challenger, A Scientist Who Claims To Have Discovered A Lost World Populated By Pterodactyls And Other Prehistoric Monsters