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I will warn anyone interested right now that I love and dislike this book in fairly equal measure I began fearful that the book would not surpass a 2 star rating but the story did improve I will also point out that this book is an anomaly as it is the only one on my i cried shelf which I have not rated 5 stars I tend to love books that can wring intense emotion from me and though this book did so, my issues with other parts of the book are too many and severe to ignore or warrant 5 stars.I prefer to get the negatives out of the way First and foremost, I barely consider this science fiction I do not feel comfortable including it on my sci fi shelf but I have, barely The author made some poor choices in world building, at least as far as the world building exists The slang used by the characters is incredibly forced, did nothing but annoy me, and was too sparse There were three words That s it Second, for a book to have a futuristic feel, an author should not constantly refer to pieces of history, literature, styles, or anything that reminds the reader of their current time or recent past This story felt as though it were set in our very near future, say 20 years from now, but I think the author wanted the reader to feel as though a great deal of Earth s time had past Third, I did not like the protagonist throughout the majority of the book She fell flat with me and I found many of her actions and thoughts difficult to believe or understand This would normaly completely kill any hope of me enjoying a book but I felt better about Rose towards the end and I did like her interactions with some of the other characters, particularly Otto Yet even those conversations were nearly too young adult for me, as in filled with overly simple dialogue and idealistic comments I think some positives are due now First, I love that the author used the story of Briar Rose, or Sleeping Beauty, as groundwork for her own story I know this has been done before but it worked well with the whole idea of stasis and what Rose went through Second, though I did not particularly like Rose, I felt immense sympathy for her This is the part which made me cry What happens to her and what she discovers toward the end of the book were heartbreaking I obviously knew something would happen but I did not quite expect it Third, there was little action yet the action scenes present were well written and adrenaline inducing So, the ending was wrapped a little too nicely but there is no cliffhanger This book can be read as a stand alone but I am guessing that the author plans on continuing the series I recommend this for people who do not like sci fi since this is not sci fi in the true sense of the word , people who like easy to read and sad young adult fiction, and, I guess, mainly young adults The book will probably do well in that demographic and I am happy for that I am thankful to the publishers of this book for lending me a copy through NetGalley I do hope Sheehan continues with another book, making this one the start of a series I would like to readof. Usually when I intend to review a book, I choose to wait a while, gather my thoughts, decide how I really feel and then start writing Rose s story was overwhelming and I need to review it right away or I ll never sleep again Somewhere around 70%, I fell in love with this book Not that I didn t like it before, I was pretty much drawn to the story from the very beginning, but that was when I decided that Anna Sheehan is a very, very good writer.I think you all know the story by now Rosalinda Fitzroy wakes up in a stasis tube in which her parents placed her 62 years ago She is the sole surviving heiress to an interplanetary empire, a princess really, but that doesn t provide much comfort when everyone she ever knew, including her wonderful boyfriend Xavier, is dead A few decades ago, during the Dark Times, the population was decimated by a plague indirectly caused by her father The technology has advanced while she s been stassed, and everything else has moved forward as well, but Rose is still a just a frightened 16 year old girl I m sure hardcore sci fi fans would find a million things wrong with Sheehan s world, but I thought it was compelling and new She gave us just enough information to provide a solid background and make everything function in a satisfactory way without including unnecessary details She was able to focus on what I consider to beimportant her characters Rose is a very flawed character, especially at first If you somehow manage to get past all the substantial but excusable character flaws, some of her actions will probably still drive you insane Who leaves a dog alone for two weeks with an open bag of food knowing that he can drink water from the toilet Most of her choices were maddening and she was infuriatingly selfish, but then she got close to Otto, a genetically engeneered, blue skinned half alien, and my feelings for her changed She obviously wasn t too self absorbed to recognize in him the need for understanding and acceptance and to give him that andIn fact, all the problems I had with the first half of the book were successfully resolved in the second half Instalove properly explained Rose s self deprecating attitude justified.At the risk of sounding prejudiced, I have to admit that the ending creeped me out a tiny bit Up until the last few pages, I was pretty sure that my rating would be 4.5 stars, rounded up But I wasn t entirely comfortable with the way Sheehan decided to end some things, even though I should probably rise above my small mindedness and accept it It s probably me, not her DI have a question for those of you who ve read the story am I the only one who kept picturing Arnold Schwarzenegger as Plastine He was very Terminator like And finally, favorite quote, uttered by Otto in the middle of a very serious situation Thank every god ever invented. It Should Have Been A Short Suspended Animation Sleep But This Time Rose Wakes Up To Find Her Past Is Long Gone And Her Future Full Of PerilRosalinda Fitzroy Has Been Asleep For Sixty Two Years When She Is Woken By A Kiss Locked Away In The Chemically Induced Slumber Of A Stasis Tube In A Forgotten Subbasement, Sixteen Year Old Rose Slept Straight Through The Dark Times That Killed Millions And Utterly Changed The World She Knew Now, Her Parents And Her First Love Are Long Gone, And Rose Hailed Upon Her Awakening As The Long Lost Heir To An Interplanetary Empire Is Thrust Alone Into A Future In Which She Is Viewed As Either A Freak Or A Threat Desperate To Put The Past Behind Her And Adapt To Her New World, Rose Finds Herself Drawn To The Boy Who Kissed Her Awake, Hoping That He Can Help Her To Start Fresh But When A Deadly Danger Jeopardizes Her Fragile New Existence, Rose Must Face The Ghosts Of Her Past With Open Eyes Or Be Left Without Any Future At All This ARC was provided to me by Candlewick Press for the express purpose of reviewing I wasn t paid for this review.Although, you know if you WANT To pay me, guys, I wouldn t complain or anything image error This was surprisingly good I m not big on Science Fiction I have read and watched my share of Science Fiction books and movies but I don t really know all that much about this particular genre and as long as I can somewhat relate to the fictive world I am presented with and don t think it s utterly stupid, I am happy This is Science Fiction, right Not dystopian Sorry, I am a little fuzzy on the difference between the two.In the present case I thought that the post apocalyptic world wasn t very well elaborated I mean, there was mention of a few other planets in our solar system which are inhabited by humans, some fancy new gadgets like the limoskiffs, some life forms that are a cross between human and alien DNA but that was about it Sheehan only gave us a rough outline, just some key points so that the reader would be aware of the fact that the story s set in the future but other than that there weren t many futuristic elements and the existing ones weren t really elaborated on any further I don t know if I m expressing myself properly hereI m just trying to say that I felt like the world the story s set in wasn t really that well explained and didn t really feel any different from the world we are living in right now For some people that might be no problem at all and others might be bothered by it Luckily, I belong to the former.What I really liked about this one was the romance After I had read the blurb I kind of expected the story to go like this Boy who is an absolute hottie of course awakens girl with a kiss, they feel an instant connection and after some back and forth they declare their undying love for each other and yada yada yada but to my surprise it didn t go like that at all view spoiler Weirdly enough, I am on Team Alien hide spoiler 3.5 starsFirst of all, I m going to dispense with any expectation to categorically label this novel, beyond the fact that it s a work of fiction marketed to young adults I dislike terms like soft sci fi or sci fi for people who don t like sci fi And what does that even mean, hmm, Ms Meyer To me, that makes as much as sense as, here s a romance for people who don t like romance Er, okay It s probably not a romance then My point being, despite the setting and the role science plays in the book, I m not going to speak to those points, but rather to the book as it stands simply as a story Phew Moving on A Long, Long Sleep is Anna Sheehan s loose reimagining of Sleeping Beauty, this time set far into the future However, while there are some parallels thematically and in terms of the main characters, Sheehan s version incorporates some interesting twists on the fairytale formula The further I read, theI realised that this was one of my favourite things about this book The usual YA suspects were present and accounted for the melancholic heroine, the familial discord, the handsome object of instant affection, a thwarted love Yet Sheehan almost uses these devices against themselves flipping the reader s expectations and providing a sound context for the inclusion of these seemingly familiar tropes Rather than going directly down the obvious path of boy plus girl plus instalove divided by obstacles multiplied by drama equals angst , Sheehan s take diverges from the norm, offering athoughtful, complex story Likewise, Sheehan s characters and their motivations though often not revealed until late in the story are reasoned and interesting The cast is diverse, and I appreciated the fact that this felt effortless and natural to the world, rather than tokenistic or consciously deliberate While I can understand why some readers would not particularly care for Rose as a protagonist, or would find her frustrating, personally, I felt a kind of affinity for her Her deeply entrenched feelings of low self worth and the way she absorbed, even expected, constant rejection, really struck me and I found her situation terribly sad In some scenes, it was only a line or dialogue, or a brief description of her demeanour, but it resonated with me I felt for her, I believed that she was damaged and broken I enjoyed the way Sheehan developed Rose, breaking down her flawed thought patterns to reveal a much stronger person beneath Ultimately though, it was the way that Rose began to choose to act, both for herself and in behalf of others, that revealed her growth In the end, she felt like a character who had agency, rather than merely a limp cut out, buffeted by evil plot devices In all honesty, Rose s journey had me all choked up and teary at one or two points Far and away, though, my favourite character was Otto, and by extension his scenes with Rose were the highlight for me The interactions between these two characters were beautifully written, and quite touching Their conversations and the way their friendship unfolded spoke of actual connection and mutual concern, that gave these portions of the story a depth I wasn t expecting This is not to say that the novel as a whole lacks substance In fact, I d say the opposite, that I was surprised by the emotion and weight it had On the subject of surprises, Sheehan has crafted a plot that packs a clever twist or two The story itself is not driven by a highly complex or convoluted plot, and it does rely to an extent on the reader s investment in Rose and her situation so the pacing may be off for those who aren t feeling the connection , but the climax delivers some artful and unexpected turns I have to admire the skill at work here, in creating a tight story that also speaks insightfully about personal value, the ab use of wealth and power, cruelty, what it means to be free and self determined While the world building and science may prove a sticking point for some, I found A Long, Long Sleep to be a compelling story with substance I very much enjoyed Anna Sheehan s writing, and will definitely read her further work. If Anna Sheehan doesn t make a sequel to this, I swear, I will hunt her down and MAKE HER. Sort of a dystopian version of Sleeping Beauty, this book is intriguing but very predictable I liked the characters, but I think it could ve usedsuspense and surprises. Brava, Ms Sheehan Remember how I keep moaning about the complete lack of quality in young adult literature these days Remember how I m scared the Twihards are going to wipe out every sign of feminism from our society Remember how I m scared I might one day wake up in hell, with Torment as the soundtrack Yeah, you can forget all about that now.Anna Sheehan has restored my faith in debut YA authors She has proven that you can write a brilliant, innovative, moving first book without a hint of cutting and pasting or subtle plagiarism She has proven that young adult fiction is not restricted to shiny vampires, effeminate werewolves or homicidal fallen angels She has proven that if you just have faith, you ll eventually get a galley of a hidden gem I get a thrill saying the words YA sci fi I ve been reading so many YA PNRs, I ve forgotten the other genres exist But A Long, Long Sleep has reminded me that it s time to shut shop on those tired old tropes and boldly go where no wo man has gone before If you re thinking, oh this is just another variant of Sleeping Beauty with R2 D2 in the background, well, you would be very, very mistaken But perhaps justifiably so, because that awful blurb gives no hint of the WIN that is this book This book reminds me of Unearthly a bit terrible blurbs, a story that turns the conventions on their heads and a cover that is sort of pretty but in no way gripping Anna Sheehan tells a beautiful story A Long Long Sleep opens with Rosalinda Fitzroy awakening from 62 years of stasis, a sixteen year old in mind and body, frozen in time until she is found in a forgotten subbasement by her teenage savior She is lost, bewildered and alone everyone she has ever known is now dead and gone, including the boy who was her first love Xavier Rose struggles to come to terms with this new world, and with the knowledge of her sudden inheritance of an interplanetary business empire, but even as she struggles to keep her head above the water, there is adeadly threat stalking her Sheehan draws the character of Rose with a subtle and sympathetic hand I could almost envision Rose in this new world, so very, very alone Her quietness and her passivity should have annoyed me, but somehow, it didn t I liked how there was an actual explanation for her inability to stand up for herself, and how she eventually overcomes it I LOVED the romance angles in this book It s what made it really stand out for me Sheehan writes the scenes between Rose and Xavier with a vivid hand that brings them to life If there was a certain ick factor to their relationship, well, I could deal with it and move on, and I m pretty sure it won t be a sticking point for too many people Same with Bren I love that he didn t fall at her feet, that he was such a normal, teenage boy instead of a seventeen year old god, that they forged a friendship despite all the emotional obstacles in their way I was getting a little antsy about the yoyo ing between Xavier and Bren, but then, as if she had read my mind, Sheehan even managed to smooth that over A little ickily, but I totally get it I love that this book wasn t a boy meets girl story at all, but a muchnuanced tale And I love Rose s relationship with Otto, that sympathetic understanding and connection that flourishes between them from the word go This book is full of people that I would like to be friends with, and that s the biggest compliment I can give to a work of fiction The sci fi elements of this book were well thought out, but not unnecessarily complicated There are a number of social, especially environmental, issues Sheehan inserts into the story, but without sounding like a crusader Gotta admire that But at the bottom of it all, this is a story of betrayal and abandonment, of love and loss, and the power of believing in one s self So you don t have to be a fan of sci fi to enjoy this book as long as you like strong, positive, realistic writing, this book is for you NOTE I received this book from the publishers via Net Galley However, no considerations, monetary or otherwise, have influenced this review. 2.5 starsGot excited for nothing Do you remember The Host by Stephenie Meyer which was released with a tag line Science Fiction for those who don t like Science Fiction and I might add, written by a person who has no clue what science fiction is This tag line would suit A Long, Long Sleep just fine I guess the cover should have been a giveaway Unfortunately, I happen to like sci fi and have read a few sci fi standouts recently What Anna Sheehan offers as sci fi elements in her novel just doesn t cut it You can t come up with 3 types of new gadgets a bendy iPad, a cell phone that you carry around your neck and a flying car , point out there is a new futuristic slang that makes the speech of people of future un understandable but again, consists of 3 phrases I comm, that s sky, noid , add in one blue mutant who speaks telepathically and consider your futuristic setting complete I have seenworld building in Paolo Bacigalupi s or Ursula K Le Guin s 15 page short stories than in this 350 page novel.I won t totally dismiss this book however I enjoyed the first 150 pages or so very much The premise is neat Rosalinda is awoken from her stasis sleep with a kiss sort of It turns out she s been under for the last 62 years Everyone she loved is now dead She is alone and surrounded by people she neither knows nor trusts And she is a sole heir to a huge interplanetary company that, she later finds out, is involved in shady dealings with genetic experiments on people and alien organisms Things get evencomplicated when something is sent to assassinate Rose I was quite intrigued by this story in the beginning I wanted to knowabout Rose and why she had been asleep for so long, about what she would do about her company and who wanted her killed But then instead of becoming a heart stopping futuristic adventure tackling the problems of this new unfair futuristic world, the story started to sag under the weight of endless boring conversations, Rose s moping about, sappy reminiscing of the past weird ish love affair and slight obsessing over the new hunky crush I lost interest very quickly and started skim reading There were still some interesting plot twists and turns in the end, but I was pretty much over it.So, is it worth reading Maybe, if what you are interested in is an YA chick lit novel with some soft sci fi elements and have no strong attachment to the genre of science fiction I am sure sequels will follow.P.S I am guessing publishers are gearing up to flood YA market with crappy sci fi in the next few months Paranormal, zombies, dystopian, now sci fi What s next