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Sworn To Obedience, Compelled By Loyalty, And Threatened With Damnation For Betrayal, Jacob Entered Lady Lyssa S Servitude As A Human Servant Now He Is A Vampire, But Still Bound To Lyssa, Who Has Found Herself Struggling With The Capricious Powers That Have Come Alive In Her Paternal Fae Blood And Challenged By Two Enemies While The Vampire Council Threatens To Take Away Lyssa And Jacob S Newborn Son, The Fae Queen Has Ordered Lyssa To Appear Before The Otherworld Court To Face Inescapable Charges The Fae Have Nothing But Contempt For Vampires, But To Serve Her, Protect Her, Nourish Her, And Pleasure Her, Jacob Will Follow His Lady Into Hell Itself No One Neither Fae Nor Vampire Will Compel Him To Break The Oath He Made To Serve A Vampire Queen Forever

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    4 Fairytale Stars If you this It wasEvery time I think of Joey Hill, I think Someday you will be old enough to read fairy tales again This book is proof that there is a PERFECT adult fairytale.I adore this book, it is magical To me this book is PMR perfection My thoughts after just reading the first few chapters Wow What Wonderful start to A Sweet Majestical World.And upon closing itwow, this is Joey Hill at her best I Love This Book Every word Every page ENCHANTING This World is Written Tolkien StyleAKA High Fantasy, Very Vivid, Very Lovely Flowing Read I Truly Enjoyed This Feel Good Adult Fairy Tale The World it Resides in Because Its Magical Beautifully written Keldwynyummy, yum, yum.And Delves Sweetly In Love Devotion Endurance Commitment Till Death Do Us Part.AndNotTo Mention Lyssa and Jacob are OutstandingGosh, An Alpha FemBadass Vampire FaeI Am Delighted Lyssa s Is Back AndSheIs one Alpha fem that takes no sh t, especially when it comes to messing with Jacob and or Kane.her heart of hearts.I loved this book because of that, and so much ..And.HeIs One Feisty Protective Badass Vamp, with power and attitude to matchhe is writen with Knightly Precision and I loved It, I am so glad he is back as well.And IAlsoGot a glimse of Kane, with his Kitten like Fangs, and Searing Crywowhe was the most perfectly written baby I have EVER read and I adored himhe is truly preciousand go figure, cuz I normally dislike kids in my books Gosh, Kane could have took up the majority of this book and I would have still enjoyed every bit of it.AndGoshI heart Daegon He was so alpha sexy suave yum, I can never get enough of him Gosh, that vampire assassin stole my heart on page 1 of his book, and continues to do so as he graces the pages of any vampire queen book swoon he fights in Armani suit He, Lyssa , Jacob and Kane have been my fav s since forever and, I can t wait to meet characters to get fav s.

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    Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsWe re back to the couple that started us off with the Vampire Queen series, Jacob and Lyssa and I was so happy their story was continuing on page When we last left off, Lyssa had lost her vampire powers, but her Fae powers, which she has from her father s side, were gaining strength With that comes a summons from the Fae world and their Unseelie Queen, Rhoswen Jacob has been turned, but even as a young vampire he still has the fierce need to serve and protect his mistress They both may have physically changed, but their relationship is still as complex as it was at the beginning and their love has only grown over the years But outside forces are threatening their relationship, their young son and a visit to the Fae world is required If they survive that, then they re going up against the vampire council who know that Lyssa is now Fae than vampire and the question of who should be raising their young vampire son, Kane, is in question.The majority of the story takes place in the Fae realm after the Fae Queen Rhoswen summons Lyssa to appear before her Jacob will not be left behind so they leave Kane not knowing how time will differ between the worlds, but they really don t have a choice The world they find themselves in is almost fairy tale like It s filled with gnomes, fairies, mermaids, hobgoblins the list goes on and on and the world impacts all their senses It feels so different here So familiar She shook her head, but let go of him, to turn a full circle, her arms outspread There s a vitalizing force here for Fae blood It s like coming to a place you ve missed for a very long time, where you thought you d never be welcome again Her lips curved It makes me want to dance I have a great urge to frolic Many people would drop their jaws if they saw you frolic But not you I saw you dress up like a slutty teenager and go to the mall My lady has given me the pleasure of seeing the girl inside the woman And you will never let her live it down Not even if I live beyond eternity Jacob isn t welcomed as a vampire and in order to be free to leave this place and go back to their son, three quests have to be completed They challenge Jacob and Lyssa physically and mentally, pushing them to their limits, and in Lyssa s case to near death Jacob stops at nothing to save his mistress and his acts change who they are completely Things come full circle in the Fae world and Lyssa learns a great deal about her past, her blood family, and during a celebration for the Fae, Jacob and Lyssa are reunited with souls that have since past and are able to reconnect with loved ones It was a touching scene and definitely the stand out for me in this book It was also heartbreaking in a way because Queen Rhoswen denies Lyssa the chance to meet her father on this night Rhoswen has a lot of anger and hatred in her, but while she directs it at Lyssa, Lyssa s father is the cause of the anger and it s a long path for these two to move past it Though Lyssa and Jacob are changed forever from their time spent in this world, they are allowed to leave and Lyssa is suggested by both the Seelie and Unseelie Courts to be the liaison between the Fae world and the vampire council That s their next stop.Due to things that happen to Lyssa and Jacob while trying to finish Queen Rhoswen s challenges, Lyssa s stance going into the council meeting does a complete about face She knows that the council needs to change, they need to be willing to adjust and move forward with the times, and that means taking drastic measures She is in full out Queen mode as she, Jacob, Gideon, Daegan, Anwyn and Mason unite and take over the council meeting Lyssa was summoned to It ends up being a turning point for the vampires at this time and even their servants.Times are changing and while the vampires are still Dominant to their core, Lord Brian has uncovered why children are so rare and what the common link between the couples who have kids are a deep bond, deeper than just a master servant relationship It s been proven with Jacob and Lyssa and it s proven again with another favorite couple who are now expecting It really felt like the vampires, while they will never end their dinner parties and all that those involve, it s becoming acceptable for them to be in a close, loving relationship with their servants It s not so cut and dried any and even though Jacob will always, without fail, serve Lyssa and any of her needs, their relationship has a real sense of partnership to it and when before that was looked down upon in the vampire world, now they re starting to see the benefit of it When death comes, I will meet it as a queen should, without flinching That is my hope But I refuse to die of loneliness, that isolation of the heart and soul never given fully to another Because I have you, I won t And that eases me, than you can ever know I can face whatever this is, because even when you are not physically at my side, you are there Do you understand As he stood, unresponsive, she stroked his face She shut her eyes as he tightened his grip once , but this time he pressed his lips into her palm You have ever known what to say to humble me, my lady But this tears me apart inside, you know that I can bear anything in this world expect being away from you when you might have need of me As with any book in this series, sex plays a huge role The premise has always been about the servants doing whatever pleases their Master Mistress If it s the sex games that happen between servants at a vampire gathering, then that s what it is If it s allowing their servant to lay with another, then it s done It always seems to take me a little longer to get back into this world, especially when it comes to this factor and what helps me get it again, is that even now with everything Jacob and Lyssa have been through together, the things Lyssa requires Jacob to do, still aren t easy for him But he does them because he knows that it pleases her and that s his only concern However, it felt like that also took a little different turn in this book Make no doubt, there are still plenty of hot scenes between Jacob, Lyssa and others, but now that closer relationships are starting to be a little acceptable in their world and we have vampires like Mason who are very possessive and don t necessarily want his servant to participate in the normal vampire gatherings It just feels like things might start to shift a bit and it makes me curious to see how things will change going forward.We get caught up with some past characters, especially Gideon who I love even every time he s on page He s still a sarcastic smartass, and the typical servant attitude will never apply to him It was nice to see him with Jacob and being protective of his nephew, it s a side to Gideon that has only come out because of Anwyn and Daegan There are other couples that I would enjoy revisiting in the series Mason and Jessica, I love them and would love to get , especially in light of information that comes out in this story Lord Brian and Debra, they re always there on the outside, and I m so curious about their relationship and how it s hopefully progressing.I loved having Jacob and Lyssa back as leads again Fans of the series will find their story satisfying and seeing how their relationship, and Lyssa, has changed from having Jacob s love in her life, has been a fun, angsty, painful and wonderful ride Jacob hasn t waivered at all His love for Lyssa has only grown and he is and will always be her servant, taking care of her until he takes his last breath.

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    The couple I love best is back I thought we wouldn t have another story with Lady Lyssa and Jacob This one I had been dreading because I basically had my happily ever after Why would I want this messed up It is WONDERFUL Ms Hill returns to the original couple who captured my heart This was really the first paranormal romance series which showcased erotic, BDSM and specifically, femdom I LOVED the Femdom in this story Ms Hill does it so bloody well In this latest book, Jacob needs to submit in public to Lady Lyssa in the fae world This fae world is AMAZING We have unicorns, phoenixes, mermaids, selkies, sirens, nymphs, faires, and so many other mythical creatures to name This world is painted in high definition I could see every scene Ms Hill described If only she added descriptions of scents and taste, I d have been in sensory overload.The plot in this story was very tight I was drawn in and wanted to know what would happen While I could anticipate some of the events, I didn t know how they would turn out or what new information would be revealed This is something I really enjoy when an author has me guessing and on my toes The storyline flowed beautifully The ups and downs caused me to have knots in my stomach What would happen next Trying to figure out friend from foe and how the fae world worked generated great tension and suspense.This story is really about loyalty, love and sacrifice The heartbreak I experienced for the Unseelie queen despite her erratic cruelty felt right There were no truly evil characters Everyone had a reason for their actions When their motives are revealed, it moved me The amount of sorrow doled out in this books was unexpected and near overwhelming at times From betrayal, harsh lessons, humiliating submissions and denied love just about everything to tear a person down was thrown in here Really, just slit my wrists now For a bunch of fairies, there are no happily ever after fairy tales here Instead, we are treated to Grimm Fairy Tale esque endings Every event contains a moral lesson Wait, is this a Chinese book Where is the Chinese character in this story Because in a Chinese story, the noble always die and there are no happy endings The story always presents a lesson for people to learn.Moving on to the sex There were not that many sex scenes, but the ones in there were intense intense in an emotional way Jacob and Lyssa s power exchange was hot The dubious con between the Unseelie queen and Jacob felt so right The near rape of Lyssa forced my heart to be faster to see the end result Finally, the vampire servant orgy with punishment for unauthorized orgasms in a musical chair competition made my panties wet Ms Hill did an excellent job of blending BDSM into the story without calling it BDSM LOVED IT LOVED IT I highly recommend this book to paranormal lovers who enjoy kinky power exchange and hot erotic sex to go along with an awesome plot.

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    The founding Mother of the Vampire Queen VQ series, the subject of two prior books in the series, and a recurring character in the lives of many other VQ subjects books, is not having a good month.Lyssa s very powerful, yet mixed fae vampire background is causing her trouble in both worlds worlds which see no reason to meet on any level So Lyssa and Mate Servant Jacob set out to make said meeting happen.Suffice it to say, that through various encounters, visions, fights and life altering events, a tenuous link between worlds is born, and Lyssa has gained a position of forcing some stability and continuity on the unwilling Vampire World.Some real baddies in the VQ series are well and truly dispatched to the wind, the Vampire Council is remolded into a fair and equitable well, by vampire standards governing body, and some wonderful surprises for other VQ characters are revealed.And it all ends with the party to beat all parties the coup de grace, the piece de resistance, the wind in my sails and the cream in my coffee I won t give details or name names, butyou know that party you had in high school, against your parents wishes when they were away, and it got out of hand Yah Like that On steroids

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    Bound by the Vampire Queen, captured my imagination like no book ever has In my opinion, this story is Joey W Hill s best work I downloaded my BBtVQ digital edition the morning of December 6 release date From the first page to the last, I read nonstop with only a few hours sleep, until I finished the next evening The whole time I told myself, Just one paragraph , but one paragraph was never enough because I needed to know what happened next and then next after that For me the most the most important part of the story plot was the personal challenges in Lady Lyssa s and Jacob s relationship At first, Lady Lyssa is faced with her own personal demons and doubts about herself and the changing dynamics in her relationship with her servant, Jacob Jacob, who d always been an alpha character, had been turned into a fledgling vampire with all Lady Lyssa s former powers, as her Fae powers were developing This sudden role reversal has left Jacob off kilter with his need to protect to protect his family with his new vampire predatory instincts and leaving Lady Lyssa struggling with uncertainty Their relationship problems come to a head when Jacob steps in and demands the right to take on his lady s challenges for her This dissolves Lady Lyssa s trust that her servant will obey her She finally has to trap Jacob when she leaves to meet her challenge, afraid Jacobs of obsession with protecting her will lead to his death The challenge takes her to a deadly desert that almost kills her Jacob rushes to follow her after he s escaped her bonds with the help of an ally I think the desert rescue is the most dramatic part of the book When Jacob finds his lady near death, his conflicting desires are forgotten His only thoughts are to save his lover in a Hail Mary move, as he returns Lady Lyssa to her former vampire strength, Jacob sacrificed being a vampire Being human again his desires and his need to serve his lady as her full servant bring his emotions and desires into sync The lover s ordeal in the desert brings their vampire servant relationship into its natural state as possible as we see later in the story when Lady Lyssa takes down the Vampire Council with her allies and her servant, Jacob s help I believe it is through books like Bound by a Vampire Queen that we are able to take a step back and take a close look at ourselves our needs, wants, and desires and to see if we are actually in harmony with ourselves and those we love.Bound by a Vampire Queen might be rated as an Erotic Romance but I do not think of it as a romance, certainly not the stereo type romance that my mother read 50 years ago It has adventure, intrigue, fantasy, conflict and romance.If I could put a label on the book it would be an Erotic Fantasy Romance, which could be enjoyed by all.I just purchased Joey W Hill s next bookSomething About Witches sold by Penguin PRE ORDER Available 7 Feb 2012Kevin Robert Wall

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    So many thoughts about this book..First and foremost, Joey Hill is hell on wheels when it comes to making you fall head over heels in love with a character Jacob is abso one of my fave characters ever She holds nothing back when it comes to describing his every thought and every calculation That being said, if you ve never read a Vampire Queen book, book 8 isn t where you should start It s basically part 3 in the Jacob Lyssa saga.This book is over the topand I m not talking your usual vampire meets servant and has erotic bd sm schmex and makes him submit to your every whim over the top I m talking extreme high fantasy, shakes my head, did that really happen over the top which,by the way, is nothing less than what I d expect from Joey Hill I liked the fae world that she creates especially with the Seelie and Unseelie forces that are there I liked Rhoswen and her daddy issues I love Lyssa in her fae form and have always loved her in that form the best I loved mostly every part of this high fantasy world that has been introduced and parts even brought me to tears What I didn t love was the overuse of Jacob s knight i ness I meanc mon I KNOW how freakin hot Jacob looks in a tunic and tightsI know how spectacular his sparring fighting skills areand I know how chivalrous and protective he is to Lyssa These are the ramifications that I have to endure when reading a series in order and not waiting the normal yearly time span in which series recaps are often helpful But I completely overlook these things because he IS Jacob and I him Basic premise of the book is that Lyssa has to prove herself to both the Fae and Vampire world She has help along the way which includes some of her friends from previous books fans self the hotness level goes up every time I think of Daegan Gideon In proving herself, both she and Jacob have to overcome what surrounds them and in doing so are changed forever.

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    this book is a recommended read.Jacob and Lady Lyssa s child is in danger Jacob is always loyal to his Mistress The Fae look down on Lyssa for being a vampire, but they have to respect her power While everyone warns Jacob against mating outside of his species, Jacob believes in love, honesty, and above all, loyalty These are beliefs that can t be swayed by others With Lyssa s dormant Fae powers beginning to blossom, Jacob will do whatever he has to in order to protect those he loves from harm.Bound by the Vampire Queen is the eighth book in the Vampire Queen series by Joey W Hill This is a series that really needs to be read in order because of the number of characters, different types of paranormal creatures, and political situations This is a story that has been a long time coming and I am so excited that I got to be the reviewer to read it There is always the strong, powerful Lyssa, who is beautiful, powerful, and in control Seeing her submit to Jacob is beautiful He might not be as powerful as a Fae Vampire but he proves that strength is not always physical He has a strong mind, and a body made for sin Seeing how he wears his heart and soul on his sleeve, for all to see, makes him stronger in my eyes He is loyal, almost to a fault Lyssa is lucky to have someone so special in her life.This book takes a gritty turn in Lyssa and Jacob s love story and gets a bit dark in places, but I found it to be completely compelling and I just couldn t put it down Of all of Ms Hill s series, this is my favorite Ms Hill always takes me on a journey I never expect but end up loving, and this book is no exception If you love the Vampire Queen series, then this book is a must read for you.

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    One of my absolute favorite series Joey Hill is such a talented, complex writer I will admit that the Fae world we enter here is amazingly described, but not my favorite locale, much sinister than its appearance suggests And yes, way over the top Rainbows, waterfalls, fairy insects, unicorns, gnomes It s like high fantasy.then in comes the vampire Lol The plot does make a turn that deeply disappointed me at first, but I understand it, why it needed to happen The future of the Council, and Jacob and Lyssa s son, depends on it I see the author s wisdom her direction now I m interested to see where the story goes from here I found this one to be fairly neatly wrapped There s no big cliffhanger or uncertainty, but there is room to grow and expand And tell other vampires stories Cause I reaaaaaly want to see of Brian and Deborah.

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    I must say I am truly and utterly amazed with this book Joey W Hill did an amazing job tying everything together.Jacob and Lady Lyssa have been by far my fav couple in this series and it was nice to see the author tie this series up with them.I adore Jacob he is the definition of an amazing man if only all men actually thought behaved and thought like him Sex scenes were beautifully written this book was beautifully written I m sooo happy for mason and Jessica.My only three problems the overkill with the fae world descriptions, Lyssa not beating the crap out of the damn Fae Queen and why didn t I get my Gideon and Deagan sex scene But hey great book nonetheless

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    This is a comprehensive review of the first eight books in the series.Passionate, raw, often painful to read Hill takes D s to a supernatural level that knows no bounds The world she creates is haunting and addicting, rife with floggers, whips, paddles and fangs It hurts so good, stabbing way down in the deep dark squishy part of the soul.