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Sometimes, You Don T Need Romance Sir Brynn Of Lochland Has A Serious Problem He S Been Captured By An Evil Vampire Queen Who Wants To Use Him As Her Newest Blood Slave But Brynn Doesn T Have A Submissive Bone In His Body, And He Intends To Fight Her Every Step Of The WayCan Brynn S Willpower Remain Intact When Pitted Against Sorla S Superior Vampire Strength, Seductive Skills, And Underhanded Cruelty, Or Will She Ultimately Take Possession Of Both His Mind And Body CONTENT WARNING This Is A VERY Graphic Erotic Horror Fantasy Novella Expect Blood, Sex, Some M M Content, And Bad, Bad Words

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    2.5hmmI should leave that as my review since that s how the short story left me.But I m nice and I loves y all, sofreebie from Larissa Ione, one of our faves If this short is the beginning to a new series anyone then I ll re rate this higher, because some short, teaser freebies are like that and it works as far as going into a series.But if this is a stand alone, then I have to rate it as it s okay I liked the enslaved knight idea bought by the cold vampire queen who would rather feast on his cock than his bloodoh wait, she did both And I liked her punishment of him when he wouldn t service herhe woke up with a mouth on his cock too bad it was a man s Then she realized he was her mate, and she made him her king Then he defies her belief of him being a nice wittle puppy for her to screw play with, and he slams her against the wall, and drinks and fucks her at the same time And keeps drinking Will she survive who knows But it s good to be king No really That was the ending.And I knew going in that this would be differentbut different isn t always good If Larissa one of my favorite authors does with it, shorts, a new series, anythingthen I think it might be a stroke of brilliance as far as a prequel But if that was really it ummETA via twitter, I asked Larissa if she would leave us hanging or write She answered that she d like to write but she needs to find the time Since she has her 4 Horsemen series releasing soon I m sure she s busy But there is hope

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    I just adore Larissa Ione There s a very good reason that she s one of my top favorite authorsbecause her writing and characters are kick ass But I also really admire the fact that she appreciates and gives back to her fans, and this free story available on her website is a great example of that.

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    WTF is this book about Unlikable characters that never redeem themselves and bizarre scenes that had no purpose but to entice the reader s sex drive It had a promising beginning, I give you that, but then everything went downhill and I didn t know what I was reading any Then, to add insult to injury, the very abrupt ending came out of nowhere and left me hanging Me no likey

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    Dang Larissa holds nothing back in this one Blood play Check BDSM Check Boy on boy Check Hot as all get out CHECK, CHECK, CHECK Not the norm for Larissa s stuff, as there is NO ROMANCE in this naughty nugget, but sometimes it s okay to try a different flavor I can definitely appreciate Besides, it s a freebie from an author that I love

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    Bloodlust is a short paranormal erotica by Larissa Ione.I ve read a few short erotica stories and always found weakness in the plot.This one did not disappoint It felt like this was a piece of a bigger story, in a good way.It s filled with incredibly hot sex scenes and Larissa Ione s writing is excellent.This story is about the vampire Queen Sorla and Sir Brynn of Lochland, a war captive sold into slavery Brynn knows who the queen is and assumes he s being purchased as a meal He s stubborn, brave, and unwilling to break or die.The Queen s purpose for Brynn is not as a meal, but as a sex slave The rest of the story takes place in the bedroom where the Queen tries to seduce Brynn into having sex with her He holds out and the two begin a sexual battle of the minds Brynn eventually gives in and Queen Sorla is so satisfied with him that she shares her blood with him, making him her King rather than her slave The blood share gives Brynn great strength and power and he roughly makes love to the Queen The book ends with the Queen unsure she ll survive and the King not caring if she does I wish I could do the short erotica story justice, but I can t It was awesome and definitely worth a read if you re into paranormal erotica..which I wasn t until I read this.

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    I m a massive fan of Larissa Ione s Demonica series and enjoyed Bloodlust, a story about vampire Queen Sorla and Sir Brynn Blackheath of Lochland a knight who was captured in battle and is now her sex slave I have to say that this is very different to the Demonica series so if you don t enjoy Bloodlust don t let that put you off trying Pleasure Unbound, the first book in the Demonica series.

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    Er, this one really didn t do much for me The writing is of the same quality, similar world building But I never cared about either of the characters A slave auction is my uber favorite way to start a book, and yet I couldn t get into this one It s definitely not a romance It s maybe erotica, though I didn t find the sex hot or interesting Although it s already short, I found myself skipping pages just to see if the ending redeemed this story.but nah.

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    Very short, it was okay but if I hadn t read it, I wouldn t have missed anything.Meh I wouldn t read it againt I guess I am a sucker for a bit romance than some vampire chick making damands of a slave.

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    Okay, this was just weird I don t even know what to say except that it was weird.

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    OMG this was too short, definitely a great teaser I want I hope this is a beginning of a new series, I couldn t read these 11 pages fast enough Great freebe