Beard Necessities (Winston Brothers, #7) society

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Alfred S Always Been The Pack S Trouble Maker He S Given Up Hope Of Ever Being Anything Else But, Could That Change When He Suddenly Receives The Love Of A Mate Caden S Never Had Any Trouble Convincing Other Wolves To Do What He Wants He Might Not Have His Brother S Status, Size Or Grumpy Personality, But That Doesn T Matter He S Always Found Smiles And Flirtations To Be Far Effective Than Any Of Those Things AnywayWhen Caden Sets His Sights On Alfred, He Knows He Ll Need Every Trick He S Ever Acquired If He S To Have Any Chance Of Reforming The Pack Trouble Maker Into A Good Wolf And A First Rate Potential Mate However, That Might Not Be The Only Obstacle They Face The Rest Of The Pack Might Yet Prove To Be Their Biggest Challenge Of All Please Note This Book Is Best Read In Sequence As Part Of The Pack Discipline Series Re Reading 11 7 21 I love the ending to this series They end up back in the challenge circle and it is very fitting It was great to see how Alfred developed from the first book to the last His behavior totally made sense to me At first I wasn t sure I wanted to read a book about him, but he and Caden are great together and sometimes the troublemaker can change his ways for the right person If you liked this book you may enjoy the following groups Erotic Enchants GroupMenage Readers Group 3.5 starsFor me it was the weakest part ofPack DisciplineBut it doesn t mean I didn t enjoy the whole series I liked it a lot First of all, I set off into the Alfred Caden story very reluctantly TBH, from the glimpses of Alfred in the previous books I didn t like him at all Caden s presence wasn t so distinct in the first 3 parts of the series but when he and Gunnar were brought in to the pack, my first impression of Caden wasn t very positive either.So, I was a little bit afraid that those 2 MCs wouldn t be as likeable as the previous pairings and that they won t fit the whole concept ofPack DisciplineAnd, I m sorry to say that, I didn t enjoy this book as much as the others Playfulness AND trustWeak points I really didn t get Alfred and Caden s problems The whole strategy that Caden took to make Alfred a better wolf was so strange I didn t understand it a bit Especially that moment when view spoiler he basically admitted to Gunnar that he swhoring himselfto Alfred, that he s using sex to somewhat tame the other wolf I mean, WTF And Caden didn t even deny it or apologise for it later on hide spoiler This could have been better.Every time it was going in the right direction, something happened and we were back to where the book started.Trouble maker Alfred has been treated as a disappointment all his life Only Caden sees this and is trying to make Alfred see he really is a good wolf, despite of what everyone is always telling him.I really felt for Alfred in this book He was treated so unfairly And just as I thought other people would see this too, he was treated like dirt, again.I wanted to pack to grovel, or at least apologize, but they never did.No BDSM in this one. Great 4th book in the series Alfred is a hard guy to like but Caden is smooth as butter in a good way Lots of angst in this installment, but also lots of love and commitment Caden is such a sweet and beautiful character and I think he s the perfect mate for the high strung, volatile Alfred, despite the latter s overall bad attitude and grumpiness Only a man so intent on showing his love and understanding his lover could have seen what Alfred really needed a little respect The challenge circle was a great scene with each wolf showing their individuality and allowing Alfred to show his passion.I have to say one of the highlights was seeing Bennett and Marsdon again I know they re the Alphas so are always around but I love their relationship so much, any further glimpse into them excites me I only hope this isn t the end.