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Lydia Awakes, Bound And Blind, To The Whispered Urgings Of A Man Who Has His Hands On Her His Words Confuse Her At First, But She Soon Understands They Are Both In The Middle Of A Performance That Will Determine Whether She Remains In Captivity Or Dies The Crowd Must Be Entertained, And Her Cellmate Makes Sure It IsForced Submission Is Not The Only Horror Lydia Endures She Has No Memories Of Life Before Her Imprisonment, And Joe, Her Cellmate, Is Her Only Comfort As The Powerful Creatures That Hold Them Captive Torture And Debase Her Together, She And Joe Cling To The Will To Survive Long Enough To Break Free And Seek Revenge Their Desire To Sustain One Another Triumphs Over Their Wardens Efforts To Destroy Them There Is No Pain, No Suffering, That Can Tear Them ApartBeyond Their Cell, Their Love Is Tested Can They Hold Strong In The Face Of The Challenge Of The New Powers They Have Gained Along With Their Freedom

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    I m not going to give a synopsis or cut paste another s.You are warned this book is not for those who faint ever This book is probably one of the most definitely top 5 incredibly well written, best reads in the deep end of the BDSM PNR genre I ve ever had the pleasure of finding And I read a LOT One reviewer on Az called it Erotic Horror that s an apt description.I stumbled across this title in a discussion forum, read the description and got the book almost immediately HOLYBEJEEZUS I knew what I was getting into, or so I thought You think you know how to read about kidnap, dubious consent, prisoners acting for survival, and paranormal Nope You don t Trust me You.Do.NOT I refused to put this down after reading the opening paragraph It s an amazing, incredibly powerful story, about powerful people doing despicable things This book is fascinating amnesia, camaraderie of captives, and theater for the pure pleasure of the captors How much would you do to survive What would you do to survive Would you sacrifice yourself for another captive or offer up the weak, in your stead What can you endure before your body betrays you What will you do when your body betrays you Last, but certainly not least, will you trust enough to love another during or after this ordeal Even when your world falls apart and the one person whose love ought be unconditional turns against you This story is narrated from the perspective of the h I say that because for some, it s a deal breaker I did not mind it simply meant I was drawn into the story that much faster The author s powerful writing captured everything, beautifully I m not normally prone to writing glowing reviews, but I am compelled to recommend this story.

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    This book was shocking and beyond violent Just as I was becoming numb to the abduction, rape, and torture, the author changed things up on me and took the horror to a whole new level of psychological terror I wanted to like the characters that were the victims, Joe and Lydia, but the author was just as mysterious with their backgrounds as she was with that of their captors I wanted to see them free but didn t care about them as individuals Lydia some how managed to come across as an immature brat Joe, her hero never confided in her and only spoke in half truths By the end of the book, Joe remained a mystery only a few tidbits of info on his past were shared with me, the reader I felt even alienated from Lydia by the end She had no control over her emotions or actions She claimed to love Joe, but would have sex with others if she was horny enough I would have appreciated some loyalty and a little less immature defiance She would slap or stab others without even being aware of it until she regained her composure I wanted to like this book, but I have a theory on abduction, rape, torture books The writer has to be able to make me care about the hero or heroine It s hard to care about their pain, or feel relief when they escape if I don t even like them This book had all the ingredients for an amazing intense read, but fell short in the end.The book ended on a cliff hanger and I don t care to read the sequel This book was too much of a psychological mess to not have answered any questions or solved any riddles.

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    Let s not play around, here The subject matter of this book is about as gritty and dark as they come There s BDSM, torture, forced sex, and of course, blood If you couldn t figure that out from the blurb, and these are your trauma triggers, then you want something else This book is about as FAR from fluffy as you can get.That being said, this is a sleek, scary, well crafted read Bianca Sommerland turns up the heat and the adrenaline to eleven and KEEPS them there Both main characters are believable as they fight to stay alive in an environment of enforced brutality, where their vampire captors care for their health and safety only so long as they can perform for their entertainment even if their performances ultimately kill them.The female lead, in particular since it s first person POV, this only makes sense dissects the minutiae of her captivity and its unique requirements unflinchingly, without sentiment or remorse As she learns about who she is and what her captors demand, she also finds herself relying and heavily on the one man she has no reason to trust her cellmate.I like horror as much as the next guy I WRITE horror There were some parts of this book that made me have to take a long walk in the sunshine and watch some Looney Tunes reruns to feel like myself again And that is a huge tribute to Ms Sommerland s ability with words If you want erotica as dark as a moonless midnight, twined with the kind of horror that some of the masters only WISH they could conjure, then you really should read Deadly Captive

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    Actual Rating 2.5 starsIt is interesting But there is some sort of emotional disconnection in the narrative that made me not being able to completely connect or relate to the characters and their circumstances It is like a window to what is happening to them, rather than an actual experimentation along with them That distance prevented me from really feeling for them Thus, I wasn t capture by the story Towards the end the personality of the characters changed so drastically I though I was reading a different book Once again, I am face with a book that could have been much better than it is Wasted potencial.

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    I am a meek The. biggest.. meek . that. has. ever. lived. There are warnings that this book is not for the meek They are right about that _______Having read and enjoyed books that have protagonists dealing with violence, blood, and loss ALOT this book made you feel every aspect of those three simple words down to the very frickin fiber of your being The PUNCH in your gut when Mary and Joe. I cannot even finish the words That is how bad the scene effected me Ugh I m not done with ranting about this matter though We WILL deal with the Mary issue.The only problem is that even if you discard the horror scenes, the book is not a smooth read It has gaps in the story line which are confusing There is no clear picture of the surroundings I would have liked on how Joe was made into a vampire, and why This was passed over Lydia didn t have any answers because she suffered from amnesia, why didn t she have questions of Joe If I were to put myself into her situation, I would have demanded answers from him Maybe he wouldn t answer, but I d at least try Why did she have amnesia in the first place Did he know who she was before they were first brought together in the ring It also reads as a written outline of a story instead of a fully developed novel WARNING Please bare with me as I get the Mary Issue fully out of my system..A third character was brought into the mix, Mary, which was an innocent eighteen year old Lydia and Joe both decided he would have sex with Mary and take her virginity to spare her the pain that their captor s, Cyrus and Chrissie, would inflict on her Joe sleeping with Mary just ruined the whole Joe and Lydia relationship, in my opinion.I had an epiphany my friend s There is one person in every group of friend s. That nobody fucking likes We basically keep them there to hate their guts Mary, you were that friend for me Yes I despised you, but without you, I d have no one to inflict this upon.I understand why the author added her into the mix, but my sole focus was on Joe and Lydia s relationship and seeing them work out this hardship together This of course is not to say I wasn t happy with Mary s outcome Hehe yea I m evil In one instant, Joe gets angry with Lydia because she was intimate with one of her captors He denies her food, doesn t speak to her, and is downright mean I liked Joe, but after this happened my respect for him went down considerably Dude You slept with an 18 year old right in front of her and you re mad because she LIKED SOMETHING SHE SHOULD You do not have the right to become angry at her The woman is going through hell and you just made it worse.I need a few days to recover from this. And no, I will not be rating this book with any stars Mostly since I know my feelings are coming into the play harder then they usually do It s seriously screwing up my opinion I must be PMS ing. Updated 11 18 12 2 stars

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    I actually give this one 2.5 stars.Joe Daederich and Lydia are held captive by vampires for their sadistic pleasure They are held in a cell and are subjected to the most horrific torture, brutality and rape I don t know why I picked it up to read possibly the cover because it s way too hardcore for my tastes but I could have accepted it for what it is if the world in which it takes places were better described and explained but I really just didn t get it or even see the point.Each to their own this is not mine.

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    I ve been told this is a frustrating book by friends I can understand the frustration because there is very little we are given to understand We are fumbling our way through the story It feels as though large gaps are in the story I d say that the world building was sloppily done in some ways because we don t understand how everyone interacts and relates We don t know how the world exactly works Then again, I think this is was the intent We are purely seeing it from the eyes of Lydia who has amnesia I don t know why she has amnesia and neither does she There are many questions left open ended in this book I m unsure if Ms Sommerland will actually answer them in another follow up book or if she just didn t know how to resolve and provide answers Not sure if I really care either way This book was interesting in a deviant manner It was depraved in the way the captives were treated The mind games were classic After a bit, it was tiring and I just wanted it over with I stopped caring and just want wanted to move forward The forced raped scenes were hot Joe I liked Lydia was okay There were times I liked her and times I just wanted to hit her over the head She was an annoying bratty bitch at times I wasn t surprised to learn she was a spoiled princess in her prior life I would like to learn about Elah and his team of killers I d also like to learn about the world and how many people know about vampires I wonder how Lydia s father carries on I don t know if these questions will be answered and while I d like to know, I m not going to hold my breath While I like the story and Ms Sommerland s writing This is my second story by her If this is the continued trend where she writes an incomplete story, I m not sure I want to continue I prefer a complete story Receiving pieces of it here and there isn t a style I like to read over and over again It may works for others, but for me, it s no longer amusing Still, this is a great read and those who enjoy non con paranormal, I recommend it It is a good read and I ll be recommending it to many of my BDSM friends.

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    This is not an easy read The violence is very real and as this is written in the first person, there is no escaping the intensity I felt at times like hiding between my hands whilst I was reading it But, I just had to keep reading to find out what happens next The violence and the torture Lydia in particular has to endure, sometimes at the hands of Joe, is stomach churning You can t help but admire her will to live and the lengths she will go through to protect Joe, even if ultimately this completely backfires on her and you feel all is lost.Lydia and Joe go through an incredible journey and I only found myself relaxing slightly towards the latter half of the book, when I felt fairly sure that there would be a happy ending of sorts for them This book kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time I never could anticipate what would happen next, right to the end and I wanted when it ended.This is not the sort of story I normally read, but I am so glad I took a chance on it, having been drawn to it by the cover, because it is such a compelling read.I couldn t find any fault with it at all In fact I will have to read it again, because I clicked pages so fast in my need to know what happened next Be warned though this isn t for the faint hearted, but incredibly well written and will have you think about it for some time afterwards.

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    Well this was different I don t usually read erotic horror but I enjoyed this book.Evil vampires torture people for entertainment and the entertainment seek their revenge Definitely different This was dark, twisted and a complete mind fuck I loved it I think I actually might have enjoyed this if it was told from the POV of the vampires rather than the captives, my twisted brain was dying to know how they think and what they feel, or if they can feel anything at all I also really liked Cyrus, he was one sick bastard, definitely an interesting character.It was certainly a messed up book, I d recommend it to those who enjoy dark reads.

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    This was an odd one for me I was expecting a controversial, seriously steamy story of a woman taken from her life, badly treated by her captors and falling helplessly in love with her cellmate I suppose most of this is what I got, I thought it might be a difficult read, I just didn t think it would be difficult because I wasn t interested.At first I seriously considered giving up on it, the emotions between the main characters seemed forced fake After making myself read on, it becomes a lot enjoyable and a stronger plot forms Around this point I started to hate her captors and long for Lydia and Joe to be together, and when Mary arrives you can t help but feel for Lydia in the Joe Mary scene Having said that, I still had to push myself to finish it, don t know why, but I just got a bit bored with the beginning and mid ending The relationship between Daederich Joe and Lydia was confusing, very up and down, at one point I believed their affection for one another, at another, I really didn t feel anything between them and really just didn t care S..I don t think that the Author gave us enough information on the characters, as well as their behaviour and personalities not being very consistent, it was hard to relate to them.I think it all went a bit downhill after we found out that Joe s real name is Daedrich, everything was rushed You know you ve read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend Paul Sweeney I don t think we were ever friends Lol