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After One Mind Shattering Night With A Stranger At A Local Leather Bar Leaves Him Forever Changed, Gabriel Lives On The Streets As A Vagrant To Elude The Master Who Hunts Him, But The Were Shifter Is A Fierce, Stubborn Predator Who Reclaims Him Soon Enough Gabriel Is Carried Away To The Pack S Home Territory Where His Instruction On What It Means To Be The Pet Of An Alpha Begins Gabriel Isn T Just Any Pet, Though He Is The Rarest Among Their Kind A Human OmegaTreasured Or Cursed As Gabriel S Father, The Distinguished Gentleman From Pennsylvania And Stalwart Of The Conservative Party, Pushes The Considerable Resources At His Disposal To Locate His Missing Son, Gabriel Explores Who And What He Is Under His Master S Careful Protection Gabriel Falls For The Shifter Who Is Lover And Destroyer, Owner Andfriend Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable BDSM Theme And Elements, Dubious Consent, Male Male Sexual Practices

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    I found Gabriel to be too submissive for my tastes, and his flashes of independence made me think that this relationship was not something he truly wanted that the bond between him and his Master was coercion and Stockholm syndrome than twu lurve He is physically unable to tell this guy no, and has to be forced into setting his limits He says he doesn t want a 24 7 D S relationship, and then all of a sudden he does It seems like his personal desires have been manipulated by the mating bond, and that is about as unromantic as you can get I just see Gabriel as too much of a doormat, and that makes me sad for him I wouldn t have minded the D S aspects of the relationship if they felt better balanced as a couple If I thought Gabriel could truly advocate for his own needs If Master could remove the stick from his ass, and not act like he has to dominate Gabriel every minute of every day even when he tells Gabriel that he can relax doesn t sound very relaxing to me It just goes too far for my personal tastes With Gabriel such a willing victim the potential for abuse seems too real especially when the Master said his dream was to have a full time slave to wait on him 24 7 Sure he s allowing isn t that nice of him Gabriel to work now but only under some very limited circumstances , but what doesn t say that things are going to stay that way.I hated Master with every beat of my heart He is the epitome of every overconfident, arrogant, controlling, bullying alpha male that lives in both het and m m romance The patronizing, condescending manner in which he talks to, and treats Gabriel makes my blood boil He sweeps in, sleeps with Gabriel consensually, but changes him without Gabriel s knowledge or consent, stalks him, kidnaps him, and then uses werewolf biology, and his own controlling nature, to tie Gabriel tightly to him Sorry that doesn t sound like much or a whirlwind romance to me Master is just too all powerful, and all controlling for me I have a dark desire to read a novel where a man likes this gets broken by someone he considers to be beneath him, and that Gabriel finds someone he can have a healthier D S relationship with You know one that respects the life that Gabriel has built for himself, and doesn t want him to be a simpering, pandering, slave all the time Someone who respects the person Gabriel is, but I digress.In the end I probably never should have read this, and going into knowing it wasn t going to be my cup of tea I was a bit generous with the rating I have no idea why I started this, and having started I have no idea why I read all the way to the end knowing that what I really wanted was never going to happen I have issues, clearly.

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    CUM.That will be the theme of this review So please cum hither I m pretty sure I ve never abandoned a book this early on, but I waded through 2 torturous chapters AKA 25 pages and I can t take any .Am I overreacting Exaggerating It s true that I don t particularly delight in geysers of sperm It s also a fact that I could be offered a million and still decline being on the receiving end at a bukkake party If thick globs of cum, showers of spunk, and ropey sprays turn you on like chocolate does me, then the time has come to rub your hands in sweet anticipation. If not, please read the following quotes anyway After all, what s a little cum compared to spending your dollars on a book which is what 1.200 others on Goodreads alone did that looks kind of alright, only to discover that you get buckets of the stuff for your money Right Cum lovers, cum haters and Idunnoaboutcummers, buckle up Becausewooohoooohere we go His master s cock spurted thick globs of cum into his body Again and again Entire civilizations rose and fell as he shot bursts of cum into Gabriel s ass Could ve been ten minutes Or two thousand years His dick sliding marvelously on the spunk he d sprayed into Gabriel s hole He pulled his cock free of Gabriel s hole with a wet plop that trailed sticky cum down his crack The scent of the shifter s cum inside him, the intensity of the orgasm that had been denied him these past weeks. It shattered Gabriel Cum slicked his hole and his thighs, pasting his skin together Messy His nose wrinkled You didn t use a condom Gabriel s shattered wail of completion echoed around the dank, shadowy room as he sprayed, spurting white ropes of cum that spattered on the shifter s fist and Gabriel s groin.He wasn t prepared when his master shot At the club that first night cum had wetted Gabriel s face and neck His master fed him every bit of it now Gabriel, who had gulped down an embarrassing number of men, choked He swallowed as the shifter s cock spurted and spit, but taking it all was impossible Spunk trickled from Gabriel s lips and dribbled down his chin When he gasped for breath He sucked in semen that soon dripped from his nose and wetted the wiry blond hair at the shifter s groin as his master continued fucking his cock in and out Gabriel loved every minute of it Every burst of cum Every thrust that brought and still to his greedy mouth His cum slid down Gabriel s gullet, painted his chin, and flavored the very air he inhaled through his nostrils The shifter pulled free, hand at the base of his dick to splash the final pulses of spunk over Gabriel s face Gabriel licked salty cum from his lips The shifter swiveled his hips to slap Gabriel s semen slicked face with his softening cock and Gabriel loved that too Clean me up, boy So cum lapping and slurping ensues after this Gabriel s slutty dick keeps jerking in whorish delight sticky semen that dribbles from his hole gets massaged into his skin..and finallyThe magic words Sleep, pretty baby All of this coming from only the first 25 pages I kid you not Earlier musings should ve gone with my gut feeling, ungh What s with the Bashers versus the Lovers for this book Dah, my curiosity is getting the better of me p Buddy read with Jenna and Lo Lo.

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    Once upon a time he was normal Once upon a time he was human Now he was running from the man who s very being he craved than life itself This is the second novel I have read from Kari Gregg and I have to say I love her style of writing she hits you hard and fast, immediately gaining your attention, throwing you into the middle of the action before the details are drip fed slowly, encouraging you to turn the pages for snippets of information.As with Collared, I Omega is a very character driven novel and light on the world building, rather like a photograph when the main object is crystal clear and the background blurred drawing your eyes to the focus of the picture, yes it would be nice to see the whole picture but it doesn t detract from the tale.The focus of this picture is Gabriel as a human he was a payroll accountant, he had his life well organised and his future all planned he was also a sub, a pain slut who liked to play in the clubs, but had no interest in a 24 7 relationship.After being on the run for months, tired and hungry and unable to stomach the only food he was able to catch Rats His Master finally tracks him down He was powerless in his presence, his human wanting to run and his werewolf wanting to submit The weeks of anxiety, pain and hiding, living in fear and terror, the weeks of not knowing who or what he was was immediately calmed just by being in the presence of the shifter that was his Master Cal Gabriel wants him, needs him, he is consumed by desire for his Master who had changed him and his only wish now is that he will forgive him for running.Cal is an Alpha werewolf and a Dom, when he first meets Gabriel he knows who and what he is, recognises the small fragile submissive man as a human Omega the most precious and cherished of all within the pack, the glue that holds them together, a balancing and calming influence not only on the pack but also the Alpha Cal knows this and is only too aware that others will also recognise Gabriel for what he is Cal must bond, mate and collar Gabriel before another Alpha finds him But first he needs to gain his trust and love before the bond can be completed.Cal in his own mind recognises Gabriel as his mate, however Gabriel is confused and conflicted he is angry at Cal for changing him yet at the same time he is consumed with the need to be near him, happy with the comforting sound of his voice or the gentle touch of of his hand and in return Cal lavishes him with love and the slap of his firm hand on his backside and any other toys that he might like to play with Cal is one very HOT Alpha Male his commanding voice very clear and those dirty whisperings well they just had me melting into a puddle on the floor As a Dom, I think he was a little soft on Gabriel but I can understand that as he was just so adorable, just the vision of him wrapping himself around Cal and nuzzling as close as possible just to be near him and draw in the scent of his Master I just loved it However Cal is a flawed, he is not the perfect Dom, he makes mistakes all be it through the love and protection of his mate and in all innocence he felt he was doing right by Gabriel From the beginning he should have explained what was happening to him, what was expected of him There were times when Gabriel was confused he had no idea what was going on or why they were doing things to him, he thought it a punishment when in fact it was protection he was lost and needed an anchor and Cal had left him afloat Once again I am impressed by Kari Gregg her focus in this novella not the world of the shifters or even the background to how they evolved but her focus is the relationship between the two characters, it is short sharp and sweet, intense and compelling and I was totally engrossed For reviews, please visitSinfully Sexy Book Reviews

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    January Author of the MonthThe Gregg It happened again I m not sure how she does it, but The Gregg did it again She s little by little making me her dirty little bitch.I picked this up and the next thing I knew I was done I was sucked into the KNOTTING shifter fuckhot slaveboy collars void Ok, ok, I went willingly Who am I kidding TWO WORDS SO HOT.A couple times Tis true Cal and Gabriel are that hot Mine to feed, mine to fuck Mine to play with, punish, and protect Say it You re my pet, my pretty baby Mine to care for Mine to keep I am your world And nothing works for me without you in it Never forget that, Gabriel Gabriel and Cal hit so many buttons I felt like the Easy Button On a good day Gabriel s a sub and Cal s beast recognizes and claims his boy immediately Gabriel s spooked by the KNOTTING and takes to living on the streets But the beast is country strong and persistent.The KNOTTING, claiming, marking happens the docile Gabriel becomes Well, sort of Gabriel likes a good spanking and loves to be mastered so he s got to act up every once in a while, right Sadly, chastity was only threatened but there was some delightful edging orgasm denial and tons of biting It s the caring and grooming and tender moments between the two of them that got me, though How possessive Cal is of him How Gabriel s most comfortable at Cal s feet Naked excepting his collar.Cal s protectiveness isn t entirely based on his alphadom and Gabriel being his mate It seems Gabriel, due to his omega tendencies, is highly sought after by other packs as well as his father who s a highly ranked member of Senate The omega to a pack leader, once they ve bonded, streamlines pack dynamics, making it function optimally and apparently omegas are hard to come by Hence, all the double secret protection around Cal s compound I am your omega, your mate Shaking with nerves and lust, Gabriel smiled I am not afraid of what we are What they are is HHHHOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTT Dance off hot.This book went directly to my favorites shelf It did not pass Go It did not collect 200 Helluva way to kick off 2015 Do NOT let the dub con tag scare you It s hardly even worth mentioning Gabriel needs so prettily and Cal meets all those needs IN spades The Gregg might ve just earned the title Empress of Smut Mountain Recommend to those who like hotness and marking and collars.

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    What a pile of rubbish this wasSince I already have a Gabriel in mind when I hear that name, I changed this ones name to Hans Peter HP Cal goes by Sunshine, since we didn t learn Cal s name before around 30% of the book, and I refuse to refer to him as either Master or Sir, by then Sunshine was firmly established as his name in my mind.And not saying a word about the writing style I think I was to shocked and disgusted by the content to actually notice the style , here are some of the moments that made me either gag, roll my eyes, or exclaim an almost disbelieving WTF And sometimes all at once This is probably gonna become a long whiny rambling session from me view spoiler WTF moment 1 HP is on his knees and suddenly feeling secure and safe, when he has spent the last few months running away, because he s scared of Sunshine yeahrightWTF moment 2 Ten should sear this lesson into your memory Ten and then the last two months will be forgiven Do you understand Ok..ten is NOT a punishment for running away for two months It s barely a cuddle And unless a werewolf spanks with the force of ten winterstorms, this just don t make sense At all.GAG moment 1 Gabriel would slip into his headspace when he accepted and submitted Not a moment before. This sentence is like a really badly misplaced cliche HP submitted to Sunshine as soon as he noticed him in the room Blergh..WTF moment 3 Blood drinking Yay for werewolf vampires WTF moment 4 This extreme punishment has suddenly turned into something resembling a reward Confusion time GAG moment 2 Doms often did things to Gabriel that he didn t want, though delicious things that frightened him For Gabriel, that was part of the lifestyle s allure. This must be the shittiest reason to become a sub everunhealthy and unbelievable And just wrong.LOL moment 1 Entire civilizations rose and fell as he shot bursts of cum into Gabriel s ass. YES WE GET IT Sunshine and his knobly knob produces a lot of spunk WTF moment 5 And now as Sunshine is done with his forever long orgasm, HP wants to run away again This shit just don t make sense.GAG moment 3 You didn t use a condom I never have Wearing one would be counterproductive with you You were too far gone with our mating lust our first night together to notice Of course there had to be god damn fucking mating GAG moment 4 The I fuck you, the you will thrive my beast s semen is the trigger Oh double gagWTF moment 6 We learn that HP is 32 years old I would have guessed 16 Eyeroll moment 1 My scent has a slightly intoxicating affect that makes you docile I have no words.GAG moment 5 Sleep, pretty baby I want to run screaming in the opposite direction of this book now Calling a grown man pretty baby rubs me the wrong way all around.Eyeroll WTF moment 1 HP s relationship with his dad You sure he s 32 years old I don t believe it WTF moment 7 HP is being a crybaby having a panic attack and Sunshine is ignoring him Worst.Dom.Ever The clusterfuck of WTF eyeroll and GAG The whole chipping scene This is so disturbing, pathetic and stupid on so many levels I can t even begin to put it into words.WTF moment 8 After the massive panic attack for getting chipped, now HP is suddenly feeling reassured because he got chipped I m starting to believe our pretty baby has a multiple personality disorder.WTF moment 9 And now HP is getting a bloody tattoo against his will Did I say WORST.DOM.EVER yet GAG moment 6 Gabriel had pleased him. If I read this sentence one time I ll puke Sweartogod.Eyeroll WTF moment 2 Now Sunshine wants to be called Cal instead of Sir Master But still putting on the dom act So confusing.LOL moment 2 The dialogue between HP and Sunshine, while Sunshine is in the bath The whole yes, Sir Good pet Thank you, Sir Cal Yes, Cal Good boy thing had me cackling Now I m starting to think HP isn t the only one with a split personality.GAG moment 7 Enemas are NOT sexy, and does not need detailed descriptions EVER WTF moment 10 Forcing HP to safeword over a BJ..because Sunshine is soooo trustworthy sigh Eyeroll moment 3 Yesterday, Cal had spanked Gabriel because he had displeased him This morning his master spanked him because he d pleased Cal well. See..Sunshine..Here s the thing THAT S MIXED SIGNALS GAG moment 8 Enter The dreaded pink tank top.Eyeroll moment 4 HP s mental dialogue ing me to sleep with his angsty teenage girl mindset.WTF moment 11 You do NOT leave your sub bound without supervision End of discussion.Eyeroll moment 5 HP runs into nephew Jake, and beside him being all informed about his uncles sex life, he also goes from sweet to attack mode in an instant Is this a vampire werewolf thing or just a stupid thing Oh and of course HP can t defend himself cause he s bound rolls eyes LOL moment 3 Gabriel was a sub Yes, a thousand times, yes But he was no masochist. BWAAAAHAAAAHAAHAHAHA Eyeroll moment 6 HP falls apart for the gazillionth time Sunshine gets all upset over it, and blame his pack While Sunshine was the one that left HP naked and bound and alone outside.GAG moment 9 Enough about the freaking enemas already Eyeroll moment 7 So media is all over HP s disappearance, and FBI is using all resources to find him This is really really really believable Yeps.Eyeroll moment 8 Sunshine is letting HP run around in the wild while FBI and several other packs are trying to get their hands on him Most stupid excuse of a setup for something to happen ever.Eyeroll moment 9 What did I say So predictable point up at eyeroll moment 8 GAG moment 10 The whole bonding mating scene is sickly fluffy.bleeergh close book and run away screaming Last thought So HP NEEDS Sunshine to hunt for protein for him WHY Go to the goddamn store and buy a steak Oh no..HP would rather eat dead rats he finds This just about sums up how stupid this book is hide spoiler

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    Luscious, erotic shifter BDSM Lots of sex but what sex it is Mesmerized by the obsession between Cal and Gabriel, I couldn t put this down At times I really wanted Gabriel to pull away and keep some part of himself, reclaim his independence He didn t ask for what happened to himor, did he Seduced by the idea of two people belonging so completely to each other, I totally loved this.

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    This was yummy hot sex that s kind of violent, and the author doesn t explain the whole world to us but gives us some info along the way and trusts us to work it out.

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    1 star this story was a mess, with contradictions and scenarios that baffled me.Cover the single torso works for me, the scratches on the backdrop are good There s a sort of water stain on his belly that bleeds out a tattoo on his arm is this meant to be there MC s Gabriel a submissive, 32 years old, accountant Story is from his 3rd person POV Cal dominant shifter wolf , alpha, runs an investment company BDSM yes, there s lots Spanking, both as punishment and pleasure Tattooing Hands are manacled a lot Kneeling, groveling, public sex and some humiliation I didn t find it particularly erotic Gabriel spends a significant amount of time curled in Cal s lap He s also very conflicted about how submissive he wants to be, but the sex and blood run roughshod over that every time I shook my head continuously as I read.In the first chapter or two, I suffered pronoun confusion too many he, his, him Throughout the book were instances of body placement that didn t make sense e.g., Gabriel is laying on the floor on his side, then he falls into Cal s arms It appears that Cal can read Gabriel s mind, but then he says he wants Gabriel to tell him what s going on in Gabriel s head.Having safe words and talking about hard limits seems odd, given that they seem to be in a werewolf pack and Cal is clearly Gabriel s master in what seems to be than a contractual BDSM way This felt a little like the author wanted to do BDSM the right way, but the circumstances didn t lend themselves to that Also, Cal wants Gabriel to call him Cal sometimes instead of sir or master , but it isn t clear to me why It s not as if Cal ever drops out of the master persona Punishment vs pleasure Cal tells Gabriel I spanked you because you needed to know I didn t blame you for not trusting me and You felt you had to earn my forgiveness Later Gabriel thinks Yesterday, Cal had spanked Gabriel because he had displeased him Also, for being an experienced submissive, Gabriel had no sense for punishment vs protection This line in particular bothered me The blond sprang away from Gabriel as though Gabriel had leprosy Or AIDS WTF Surely there would have been a better way to get the idea across Mention is made at the beginning that the shifter is also a vampire Then nothing is said but blood is exchanged frequently What was the point in putting a GPS chip on Gabriel when it was never used There s an underlying story about Gabriel s father, a senator, who is going all out to find his missing son Very underlying In fact, it has almost no effect whatsoever on anything We re told it s happening Eventually there are CNN news bits Cal tells Gabriel how they ll handle the phone call when it s time We are never shown anything There s also some reason other packs are going to want Gabriel, but the reasoning isn t made clear.At the 2 3 point in the story I still didn t know what was going on in terms of what Gabriel is Why doesn t Cal explain anything When Cal does get around to this he tells another one of the pack members, over Gabriel s head, while Gabriel is licking away at Cal s blooded wrist It s a paragraph of telling and I think it s meant to let us know why Gabriel is special and why the other packs might want him The story would have been much interesting if this had been shown and developed throughout Gabriel and Cal need to bond , and there seems to be some importance to this but it s not clear and there s very little build up about it and when it happens it s anticlimactic.

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    If you like BDSM and shifters then you ll love this one It was my first book by Kari Gregg and I thought the story was well written, fast paced and really hot My only disappointment is that there s no sequel.

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    This one was odd I did like it I did, but not as much as I thought i would Gabriel is a slave boy pet for at least 80% of the book, as in he gets dressed, fed, constantly bound and is even assisted in going to the toilet by his master, with no say or opinon of his own, not that he wants oneI think That was the other issue, he was very very conflicted about whether he wanted to be with Cal or not and while it added an element of dub con to the story, I think he was too submissive for me to make it a true dub con, he always wanted to be with Cal, but the moment they stopped having sex he was thinking about but not wanting to escape I m pretty sure that made no sense, but it felt a little like that reading it soThese two were very hot together, lots of rough instinctual sex, it was all rather yummy I did like the submissiveness of Gabriel, I just don t think it fit his thoughts and I didn t expect this book to be so slavey, but I did enjoy it and had I been prepared for it I would have really had fun with it Cal ended up being kinda sweet as well, although I don t think it would ve hurt to give Gabriel some explanations about him transforming into a shifter.