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Mackenzie Mac Nighthorse Is A Highly Respected Homicide Detective And A Career Cop There Isn T A Dangerous Situation That Can Back Him Down However, The Personal Becomes Uncomfortably Entangled In The Professional When He Goes Undercover In A High Class BDSM Club As A Male Submissive To Find A Dominatrix Who Is Winning The Trust And Then Murdering Her Chosen Partners When His Path Crosses Violet Siemanski S, He Realizes He S Found A Mistress Willing To Be His Ally In Finding The Murderess But Violet Is Also Going To Shatter Mac S Shields And Make Him Question Who He Is And What He Wants, A Challenge Disturbing Than Any Case He S Ever Worked

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    4 stars Third reread October 2013 new review posted October 28, 2013Mac wears a well groomed beard Homicide detective Mackenzie Nighthorse is working undercover as a sexual submissive at The Zone. The police are hunting down a Mistress who s killing young, submissive men Mistress Violet is prowling The Zone when she sets her eyes on Mac and she knows right away that she wants him She s very attracted to him, but Violet wants than his body he so freely offers Vi wants to understand his mind and she wants to crawl into his soul Although Mac tries to fight her off, he has to cave in eventually At the same time he has to face his fears Their relationship is a bond of trust, and that trust should never be betrayed Mac always felt D s was about strength and power But he s wrong because it s about trust and power exchange Besides, it s about surrender for both of them and they must be open and honest about what they want and expect from each other.Mackenzie Mac Nighthorse is simply GORGEOUS Forty three years old, 6 feet four inches tall, 220 pounds packed with muscles, broad shoulders, a body built like a football player s that emanates raw sexuality as all get out His nickname is The Oak coz he s got a steadfast nature and works best under pressure Straight nose, silver eyes, dark straight eyebrows, silky dark hair interwoven with white and silver YUMMY Need I say Oh yes, I wanna lick him all over He goes straight on my shelf being mature is sexy. Being violent is easy, too easy He brushed it off Holding back, being gentle, restraining your strength when it s not needed, that takes Character, she said Loads of it It goes without saying that he made this story for me I love his name that seemed to be a pun stud, Vi s play zone, equestrian sports , but his physique and character are absolutely stunning Whew He s a man s man, for sure In fact, he s beyond sexy and totally mesmerizing Mac combines all the mouth wateringly hot attributes that I love to see in my heroes and to top everything off, he knows how to cook Oh my, you should have seen him in his super tight jeans, topless, feet bare, standing in front of the counter chopping veggies Sheesh, reel it in Baba Mac DESERVES FIVE STARS ALONE Take the wine She lifted it And drink Drink it all, until the last swallow, and then give me that last swallow from your mouth Perhaps next time I have wine in my mouth, he murmured against her lips, you ll let me put your legs on my shoulders, and I ll put my mouth on your pussy, slip my tongue in your c nt and let all that warm, red wine run down inside Mix with your sweet taste and drink from that I remember when I read Natural Law for the very first time I couldn t believe that such a fabulous hunk such an ALPHA would submit to a little pixie I had a hard time dealing with the fact that Mac enjoyed going on his knees for a Mistress and accepting whatever she dished out to him After doing another reread I believe him Mac wants a woman in this case Vi to dominate him in the bedroom it s what he desires and needs to be happy Yet he feels it s a man s responsibility to protect a woman and keep her safe from harm Violet is everything to Mac Mistress, lover, friend, woman It s humbling and exhilarating all at once but it also terrifies him He doesn t want to be vulnerable in front of her So, while Mac is all alpha on the job and in other aspects of his life, it gives him great pleasure to submit to Vi s bidding.I must confess that I didn t like Vi when I read Natural Law for the first time, and even now I couldn t warm up to her I don t like her Period She s too harsh, even mean at times The scene where she view spoiler fucked Mac with a strap on hide spoiler

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    I fucking hated this book 1 There are only two Black people in this book Two In Florida Yeah They re identical twins Tamara and Keira Guess who the crazy, psycho, sadistic, incestuous, damaged, murderous pair is in this book Wild guess Anyone 2 The purple prose is off the charts Lay off the thesaurus, the allegories, and overly ornate everything Every sexual experience is a volcano, a tsunami, an earthquake, a sunset, an astronomical wonder Stop Goddamn.3 Using for as a conjunction is pretentious and stupid For example He wanted a sandwich, for he was filled with a ravenous hunger Versus He wanted a sandwich because he was hungryor since he was hungry See how simple the last two are Note how because and since don t give the reader pause and make them feel that they re reading something written in Middle English Get off your pretentious horse, Hill Your prose is ridiculous.4 The police everything in here is laughable Bitch, watch some Law Order first at least Please How does a detective with 20 years on the force get made by everybody And he makes no one, has no insight, and is too busy being led around by his magical dick to solve the case and find the murderers operating right under his nose How does he enter dangerous situations with zero backup How does his sergeant just let him do what he wants because he Alpha man 5 Magical dick comes 5 7 times in an hour with a rebound time of five minuteson a 43 year old man GTFOHWTBS.6 Wikipedia BDSM Come now, for your mistress commands it I must break through the bounds of your mind, for you will surrender to me, your one and only, whereupon I shall own you heart, penis, and soul I have only met you in a dungeon three days ago but you shall accompany me to my rich friend s private haunt out of town for Mistress and slave TPE weekend, though I have not revealed the nature of the weekend, the fact that you shall remain unclothed and be fed at my feet, and be required to play with other Doms You shall do this because I feel love after two scenes and there is no need to inform nor negotiate with the sub whose very being I shall claim and subsume into my own Where does breaking enter into D s Ignorant vanilla people need to stop writing about shit they don t know nor understand 7 Everyone s wealthy Where s Cara McKenna s realistic writing when you need it 8 The soap opera drama that vacillates between being a Lifetime movie and a Schwarzenegger shoot em up film Pop psychology aka BDSM shaming and police hero worship Both utterly problematic, unentertaining, and revelatory of the fact that Hill needs to get some bloody perspective.9 Bitch can t write for shit.10 Failed, failed, failed femdom Thankfully, at least, it was a Lendle loan because I d be calling for a return on this rubbish TL DR Fuck this offensive piece of shit book written by a racist, no talent hack.

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    You re mine, Mackenzie, and I don t share you, not even with memories Once upon a time, I asked a trusted fellow reviewer which BDSM book she would recommend if she had to pick only one from the countless ones she has read so far, and this was her choice Now, that s all the convincing I needed to start reading this book immediately, but I was also dying of curiosity to see for myself what made this story so unique that a seasoned reader of the genre would single it out so adamantly Well, let me tell you, I get it, I am now singling it out myself and would recommend it to anyone looking for an impressively written, intensely emotional and flaming hot story that somehow manages to melt your heart and make you tingle to the tips of your toes all at the same time It might be set within a BDSM framework, and the plotline relies heavily on this theme, but this book takes taboo to a whole new level of literary excellence I am not ashamed to say that this was one of the most romantic books I have ever read and will forever remember it as that I can take care of you, cherish you, and not consider you weak Unlike the vast majority of books in this genre, the dominant in this relationship is the female lead character and her counterpart is a somewhat unorthodox version of a male submissive he is a policeman who dominates in all other aspects of his life, but enjoys handing over control in the bedroom, albeit preserving his powerful alpha tendencies This man was big Over six feet, the broadness in his shoulders was enough to accelerate her heart rate He was pure male animal No matter what soap, deodorant or cologne he used, he wouldn t be able to obliterate the scent He was powerful, a predator, but what made him absolutely irresistible to her, overriding her common sense, was that he was a sexual submissive An alpha wolf who chose the role of beta in the bedroom, but only for the right woman When his latest murder case takes him into one of the most upscale and private BDSM clubs in the city, Mackenzie meets Violet, a young Domme with limited experience in the lifestyle, but a true dominant at the core of her sexual identity He catches her eye immediately, his unmistakable submissive nature in stark contrast to his commanding alpha presence, and she is drawn to him like a moth to a flame She wanted to tame the stallion that could not be tamed What starts as a cover for Mackenzie and an itch to be scratched for Violet, quickly escalates into something neither of them expected to find but their reaction to each other is off the charts As Violet slowly strips him of his defensive armour, Mackenzie finally starts truly embracing his submissive proclivities, drawing pleasure, both physical as well as emotional, from exposing his vulnerabilities to his Mistress and surrendering all control Violet is a skilled dominant, her emotional strength capable of bringing a man twice her size to his knees and obliterating his resolve She methodically unlocks his guarded heart by bringing his body to its limits You won t use me or survive me, Mackenzie When I m done with you, you ll belong to me Heart, cock and soul This is a delicious and highly addictive tale of two people connecting on every possible level, and finding their natural place in a world that would judge them for their innate sexual tastes Drawn to each other like two bright stars in the sky, they collide creating a supernova of emotions, but instead of just leaving shapeless remnants of who they used to be in the aftermath of that collision, they rebuild each other, they make each other stronger, and they create a whole new universe to be themselves in You re tearing me into pieces, sugar And I ll know how to put them together, This is one those perfect books a perfect balance of plot, character development, sexual chemistry between the characters and flawless writing style There s a subtle philosophical undercurrent all throughout the storyline, a gentle critique of the D s lifestyle and its drawbacks, and Ms Hill s take on it is as inspiring as it is profound This book owned me, body and soul, and it commanded every single heartbeat in my chest while I was reading it I can envision myself re reading it over and over again she d found the fairy tale, someone who would share her life as well as her bed, someone who understood what she was, who she was All the corners and rooms See this review on my blog Follow me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter

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    I d put Natural Law off for several years in spite of all the glowing reviews, and it being that rare breed in BDSM fiction a Fem dom story and I love those Maybe it was curiosity or sheer boredom, but I finally gave in, and honestly wish I d listened to my intuition Natural Law wasn t epic fail as far as BDSM books go, but it was trying so hard to be so many things that it just didn t succeed at any of them I don t mind a bit of angst here and there, but every single character in this book just needed to be put out of my misery To be perfectly blunt aren t I always , Natural Law came off as well, schizophrenic On the one hand, Ms Hill attempts to portray the BDSM lovestyle as just another form of sexual expression, and yet she inhabits her world with a bunch of people who were several cards short of a full deck Thanks for the mixed message Her club scenes left me rather nonplussed I don t really don t know why every single BDSM club that gets written about is always high end and filled with the creme de la creme of the beautiful people Trust me, the scene is comprised of a mixed bag of looks and styles and it would be nice to read a BDSM themed novel in which real people get to play and enjoy themselves Ms Hill s bondage scenes were about the tools and the toys It was like browsing through the Extreme Restraints catalogue rather than the emotions and the trust issues involved, especially from Mac s point of view.Then for the shits and giggles there s a serial killer who preys upon sub men from said high end BDSM club Add to this a a twin sister Domme act which was just squick city and it takes quite a bit to squick me out and well, it s just kind of a mess Somewhere there s a romance, but it just seems to have been added because that s what readers expect I actually had a lot of sympathy for Mac Nighthorse, and he really could have been a much richer and deeper character It s very difficult within the confines of romancelandia to write about an alpha male hero who actually likes being dominated by a woman Most women readers barely tolerate beta males in romance as it is Now, us BDSM folks know and are used to such dynamics and few of us look askance or feel the need to challenge a man s masculinity The way I ve always seen it, it takes a very secure guy to allow himself to just let go and give up that instinct for control In Natural Law, poor Mac is constantly explaining to himself, to outsiders and to the reader that while yes I m a hunky cop alpha male and I like to be whipped , he s still the one in control He s still super cop I get it, really In fact, practically every second or third page, Hill reminds us that Mac is an alpha male Honestly, he never really felt like a true sub, just a hunky guy with a kink Nothing to say about Violet save FACE PALM Absolutely unbelievable as a top She lacked any presence, and I m not talking about her size I m a firm believer in what Jedi Master Yoda said about size, LOL It was as if the author just had to make her shorter in order to yes, remind us that Mac is anwait for it, wait for itAN ALPHA MALE Oh and sure, she too is in law enforcement, but guess what, she still ends up being rescued by Mac.I guess the sex scenes were hot I seriously didn t notice them That is pretty bad The moral of this story To listen to my intuition from now on If I want well written fem dom, I ll just have to look elsewhere Like Circlet Press.

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    4.5 stars I LOVE the joy of discovering a new fantastic author Ok, maybe not new to most, but definitely new to me.My stumble onto this book and author was purely accidental Saw it was a freebie a few months ago, checked and GR for reviews, saw it rated rather highly and added it to the TBR and growing list of books awaiting me on my Kindle I d been in a bit of a book slump going into this book and REALLY needed something to shake me up, so I thought, why not try a book about an Alpha male submissive I was a little weary of the subject matter I like my men strong and I d heard that Ms Hill can write some intense BDSM , but I was going to power through and give it a chance Boy am I glad I did The first half of this book grabbed you by the balls and held on tight Mac was ALL Alpha in his everyday life Rugged homicide detective, hardcore muscle, pure testosterone..but underneath that was a man who had primal sexual cravings, urgings to surrender control and the wicked desire to belong to someone His chemistry with Mistress Violet was electric and instant Their first interaction was pretty intense, but by their second meeting WOW To say parts of this book made me feel uncomfortable would be an understatement did Ms Hill manage to make me feel uncomfortable yet hot and bothered at the same time..UMMM HELL YES Her writing is superb Such finesse in showing what s going on in a person s mind and demonstrating how much deeper the connection is between two people in a BDSM lifestyle More than just sexual gratification That s where her balance of the Alpha male submissive really came to light Watching Violet break down Mac s walls was really fascinating to see She didn t make him weaker in any way, but only enhanced his authority Authority to understand and accept his body s needs, his mind s thoughts, his heart s desires and his soul s cravings.Now, after all that, unfortunately a couple of things kept this from being a blazing 5 star read which I felt it could have been 1 Everything I ve described above kind of loses its feel after about 75% ish into the book I understand what the author was going for and why everything unfolded the way it did, but it started confusing me a bit and I was wondering if the D s balance was lost For someone who understands the lifestyle than I, this may be a bigger deal than I felt it was I think I needed the intensity to simmer down a bit and just watch two people fall in love But, nonetheless, I feel the need to point this out for those who might feel betrayed by the change 2 The last 10% felt a little off kilter and not believable Some of the revelations about the killer left me a bit stunned, speechless and frankly grossed out view spoiler UMMMMM she was her twin sister s submissive WTF hide spoiler

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    4 stars You ve got to prove you can tame me Working undercover is always a dangerous thing, but when the cover becomes personal, the risk is even greater A born Alpha who willing submits to the right Mistress, Detective Mackezie Nighthorse has no other choice but to find the killer of the subs who are clearly putting their trust in the wrong woman An alpha wolf who chose the role of beta in the bedroom, but only for the right woman. To catch the killer there is only one place to go and that s The Zone, a private high class dungeon where the Mistresses are fierce and the play is hot He has no time for anything permanent, he just needs to find him a Mistress to help him with his coverthat is until he comes face to face with Violet, a stunning pixie of a Mistress who with one look can bring him to his kneesWhat Violet wants, she getsand right now she wants Mac, but she isn t willing to be just a one night fling Everything that happens to you here is my will, for your pleasure and my own I m going to fuck you hard, and there s going to be nothing left for you to hold onto except me I m tearing everything away From this moment forward, you ll always know who your Mistress is Mac has never given himself over to someone completely, his encounters have been all about shared pleasure, but no one has ever asked him for everything, like Violet It isn t something he thinks he is even capable of, always getting away with his charm and his eagerness to please He distracts his Mistresses by willingly do what they require him to do all the while holding back on his true submission, no one has ever called him out on it, no one until Violet So what s your safe word, Mackenzie she asked, passing her hand down the same trail, using her nails a bit I don t use one If I can t take it, I don t deserve you Well, I m giving you a safe word Water You ask for water, I ease off I ll die of thirst first The killer is getting sloppy and although that is Mac s main priority, he knows deep down he can t walk away from Violet no matter how hard he tries Natural Law was a very interesting sensual read, one that I had a few reservations on, because I wasn t sure what kind of man Mac was, was he the type to take the back seat in and out of the bedroom or was he the type to submit in a bedroom but dominate everywhere else I like my men alpha and strong and loveable and I found Mac to be the perfect blend, he was an alpha male outside the bedroom and would only submit to the one who could prove their worth on being his Mistress In all the ways he submitted behind closed doors, I never found him to be weak, because like in all D s relationships, the sub is the one who holds the power, regardless if they are bound, tied or gagged Violet could very well hold her own, she was a woman who took her role as a Mistress seriously and wasn t in it for just the fun, but the true connection between two people I kinda read this out of order, since this is book 2, but they are all standalone reads so it didn t really matter This may have referenced the characters from the first book, but gave nothing away that would spoil it for me For me it was a great into to the series that I will now continue on without my previous hesitations.

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    Someone is luring and killing men in the safety of their homes, in the intimacy of their bedrooms Someone is winning trust and then betraying it in the worst way possible and to Mac Nighthorse, that is obscene He knows the lifestyle and understands the Total Power Exchange between Mistress and Slave and for someone to betray that beautiful and freely given gift while in his city drives him into action He risks his Sergeant s moral reaction when he tells her his plan to catch the woman known as the SM Killer, but he s willing to let himself out of the closet, so to speak He s going to go undercover within the alluring club known as the Zone as a sexual submissive His sergeant laughs, sure that someone of Mac s build and standing would never pass for a sub, but that s what he is A sexually submissive male who craves the power of a Mistress s touch Mistress Violet is prowling the Zone when she sees Mac His powerful build and self assured masculinity screams out to her As do the submissive wrist cuffs he wears She wants him She s attracted to him, but she wants than the body he so freely offers her She wants what no woman, no mistress has ever been able to touch She wants his soul She wants to tear open his body and crawl right in and once she has him by the balls, figuratively and literally, she s never letting go Seriously, there are not enough words to express how much I love this book I should say that the idea of femdom scares the bejesus out of me I can t explain it but the idea of a woman breaking down a man just gives me the creeps If I had a man strapped down to a rack, I wouldn t know what to do But not Violet She doesn t break Mac by just relentlessly lashing him, oh no That would be too easy She relentlessly breaks down all his emotional armor, past all the bullsh it as she says and gets right to the man within, and it was seriously erotic as hell Even though some of her methods had me squirming in discomfort, I was still absolutely one hundred percent fascinated The relationship between Mac and Violet was so believable and so amazing that I closed this book with a sense of awe Don t be like me, scared off by the idea of femdom It s true that Violet holds the reins but Mac is no lightweight He s no lap dog or doormat, and as he so charmingly tells her, he s nobody s pony He s the pit bull who runs his own yard and he s delicious He views his forays into BDSM almost as a workout An exercise regiment He normally looks at each Mistress with narrowed eyes and basically tells her, do your worst, I can take it He s like a soldier caught behind enemy lines, facing torture, who is screaming that no one will break him Until Violet Once Mac and Violet get past the power exchange their relationship really heats up It was an incredible courtship and I adored it Mac is just unbelievable I am so in love with him I don t care if he s a fictional character, I am in love The level of their intimacy just blew me away and ye gods, I want that You must read this book Now.

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    Spoiler free 5 taking a cold shower stars Natural Law is the second installment of Nature of Desire series This book takes this series to a whole new level I loved the first one and if each book keeps going at this rate I am going to be madly in love with each one of them The body was locked gate to the soul Break the body, and the soul would have to defend itself Joey W Hill never lets me down I have not read a book of hers that I did not enjoy This is not a light and fluffy book with a little BDSM This book and like all of Joey W Hill s books this takes the BDSM to the limits and pushes it God I love this about her books They keep getting better Violet is a newbie just out of training Domme Her first night on the floor on her own she spots Mac Mac is a sub not fully giving him self over to a Mistress, not showing boundaries Only doing what the Mistress wants from him At its heart, that was what she hungered for, getting the sub she wanted to willingly surrender all to her, than he even knew he had to offer She wanted to tame the stallion that could not be tamed If you are looking for an awesome BDSM with a little bit of detective work into it then this book is for you If you love BDSM and the limits that it takes you then this series is for you Favorite quotes That s what a good Mistress did Break him down to the core, so he was open to her, both finding ultimate completion in a total connection of the mind with the body She knew true Doms were artist who used a variety of methods to break subs down to the bone and drive them to a level of fulfillment they never could have experienced with their emotional and physical shields in place You choosing me to serve you, bring you the highest level of pleasure, those are my only desires For of my reviews go to Amber s Reading RoomLIKE my blog Facebook page

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    Natural Law, part of Joey Hill s Nature of Desire series, is probably one of the most realistic, well written depictions of the extreme side of BDSM that I have encountered It s also the first alpha male as sexual sub or just male as sub erotic romance that I ve read I definitely prefer to read about males that stay alpha, in and out of the bedroom, but Joey Hill s writing captivated me anyway.There s a Dom serial killer in town and respected homicide detective Mackenzie Mac Nighthorse suspects it s a female, a Mistress, behind the killings It s always the same MO each victim is late 20s, naked, bound, in a state of arousal, and with a bullet in the back of his head Also, the killer likes to call the victim s family after each kill, so the victim s can be outed in death The 1st two victims have one thing in common they both frequented The Zone, a members only, exclusive, discreet and expensive fetish club in Tampa, FL Unbeknownst to his colleagues, Mac, who has a quiet powerful presence when it comes to his job, has actually been on the fetish club scene for years as a sub As people in the scene can spot true Doms Subs, Mac knows he s the only man who can track the killer He s especially offended by the killer s extreme violation of victims trust, since people in the scene generally don t take their play outside of the fetish clubs unless they ve established trust On Mac s first night at The Zone, he meets Mistress Violet who happens to be on her first unsupervised night she s just completed shadowing and learning from The Zone s best Master, Tyler Although a sub, Mac is a wild one to be tamed, and he s been manipulating his Mistresses for years He says he doesn t need a safe word, but that s because Mac has charmed his way out of truly submitting Mistresses aren t made They re Born Violet may be petite compared to Mac, but she s the real deal and completely up for the challenge Their journey is an emotional one, and the focus of the book I didn t feel Mac conducted much investigating Sure, he was occasionally at some crime scenes and staying up late trying to track the killer And the story makes reference to Mac digging patrons of The Zone for information when Violet isn t around But this is all about Mac and Violet s journey, and her breaking down his emotional layers Violet wants it all a man she can take home, live with and love marriage, childrenand she wants her man to completely trust her, reveal his inner thoughts, and completely let go to her control The BDSM aspects Violet did put Mac through some extreme situations, but she was also very nurturing and would definitely let Mac take control when they needed it Violet wanted to quickly cut through Mac s bullshit, so these were his instructions if he wanted a 2nd night in her equine themed playroom with an optional voyeur panel for The Zone s members enjoyment I ll come back here tomorrow between nine and eleven If you want me, you ll be in this room, stripped Nothing on You put on one of the c k harnesses, tether yourself to that ring in the floor, the minimum of amount of slack necessary between it and your c k, your knees spread as wide as you can get them, your hands laced on the back of your head Mac has to stay in this position until Violet decided to come down to him Initially, she needs to break down his barriers, but I do feel things lightened up with him The violent, uncomfortable aspects of the BDSM scene did happen, but not at Violet s hand I don t want to say anything , for fear of spoiling it Was Natural Law able to knock down my top 5 erotic romances reads from their podium No, but this was nevertheless sophisticated, impressive erotic suspense I own the next 2 books in this series, which are actually the story of one hero heroine, but told through 2 books that must be read together Ice Queen and Nature of Desire Mirror of My Soul I hear they are amazing and I m looking forward to reading them shortly

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    4 Stars for Mac Violet My Casting MacVioletThis book was a bit of an experiment for me We ve all read a ton of books about the male Dom and the female sub Well, I was curious to see how I d feel to read about a male sub and a female Domme So, I went about trying to find such a book and noticed that Natural Law came highly recommended by a few people who s recommendations I d trust And I wasn t disappointed She chose the adjective deliberately Handsome or sexy conveyed surface appeal Beautiful addressed the whole package, inside and out Let me just preface this review by saying that our male sub, Mac, is by no means a pussy hero He is strong, alpha, protective, is a homicide detective by day and is just an all round hotty Perfect book boyfriend material So I was so intrigued to find out how that would translate when he hit the D s scene And, I don t know how accurate a representation this is, but hell, it totally worked for me I really didn t expect to find a male sub hot But oh my God, some of these scenes were so sexy You ll need to take it easy on him, Tyler He comes off tough as nails, but if you find the way in, he can be hurt.We all can, love We all can This is a mature erotic romance Mac is in his forties and I think Violet is in her thirties There s the addition of a murder investigation, too, so it isn t simply a BDSM porno, but there is a lot of sex in Natural Law There are some really uncomfortable situations that were a little like car crashes I was cringing and reading though my hands covering my eyes, but I just couldn t look away And there are some scenes that had me threatening to burn a hole through my bed sheets they were so hot I loved that Mac was so resistant against his natural instincts It s like the author is anticipating the judgement and pre conceived ideas that a reader might have when they open this book Mac s naturally submissive, enjoys giving himself over to his Mistress, but everything in him, every alpha male bone in his body, every part of him that wants to confirm to what society expects of a real man , rebels against his submissive nature And it s super juicy watching Violet break down his defences and getting him to admit who he really is inside This man was big Over six feet, the broadness in his shoulders was enough to accelerate her heart rate He was pure male animal No matter what soap, deodorant or cologne he used, he wouldn t be able to obliterate the scent He was powerful, a predator, but what made him absolutely irresistible to her, overriding her common sense, was that he was a sexual submissive An alpha wolf who chose the role of beta in the bedroom, but only for the right woman I really enjoyed Violet s character She s pint sized, and feisty, and strong, and independent And she falls hook, line and sinker for Mac The emotional connection between these two fascinated me There is so much sex in this book that you d think there wouldn t be page space for the emotional stuff, too But there totally is And I think the sexual encounters, the trust that they have to have for one another, totally compounds that and strengthens everything the feel for one another outside of the bedroom playroom dungeon.I d really highly recommend this book for any BDSM romance lovers or for anyone, curious, as I was, to read about a male sub, for a change.My blog