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NEWLY RE EDITED VERSION, Including Updated Acknowledgements THANKS,EYES EARS EDITIONSJULY , American Journalist Claire Raymond Is Caught In The Undertow Of China S Emergence To Regional Dominance At The Close Of The Th CenturyVol I The Wardens Of Punyu Claire Raymond S Naive New Business World Colleague Disappears Without Trace Across The Hong Kong China Border On Assignment In One Of The Mainland S New Special Economic Zones Claire S Futile Search To Rescue Him Leads Her Through The Free For All Landscape Of Guangdong S Coastal Export Boom Into The Murky Use Of Communist Prison Labor Camps To Feed Its Illegal Organ Transplant Trade With Only One Year To Go Before Beijing Reclaims Control Of The British Colony, China S Transition To Power Already Reveals Its Dark And Lawless Side And Claire S Career As A China Hand May Be Reaching A Crossroad Now That She Has Met The Dashing Swiss UN Delegate Xavier Vonallp On Assignment From Geneva To Set Up Operations Based In Hong Kong

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    I enjoyed everything about The Wardens of Punyu The story is well plotted and told in a distinct, very descriptive writing style I could see the buildings and streets and Claire moving in them I am glad that the aspect of obtaining and selling body parts was not made a spectacle by a long narrative about it Instead, I was pleasantly surprised by a well crafted mystery with a strong and likable main character The technical and geographical knowledge of the author blend well with the dialogue and action I recommend Wardens to readers who are tired of silly mysteries I look forward to reading the others in this series.

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    Fast paced book taking place in Hong Kong prior to turnover to China and southeast China Kept me guessing until the end.

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    Not at all what I expected but a very enjoyable book nonetheless An engrossing mystery that makes you feel like you re in Hong Kong pre handover.

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    The Wardens of Punyu The Hanover Mysteries vol.1 by D.L.KungIn 1996, Claire Raymond is a smart, shrewd former journalist running the Hong Kong branch of a business magazine Claire was born in the States but has lived in Hong Kong since the 70 s With her job, her hair color in Chinese mythology red hair spelled demon , and her height, at 5 10 she was taller than many Asian men, she had a difficult time with long term relationships.Claire s friend, Father Fresnay, has sent a man to talk to Claire This man, a doctor, tells a very strange and if true, an incredibly gruesome story involving the trafficking of viable human organs for transplant What she hears is very unsettling but there is just this man s word and no collaborating evidence and she has a lot on her plate Her New York deadline is looming and her reporter hasn t shown up, nor did he make an interview he had scheduled Before she can look into the strange story the doctor has told her, she must find her reporter Vic She has Cecilia, her Chinese assistant, send out feelers about the story, to see if any of her journalist friends have heard about this organ trafficking story She needs to track down her wayward reporter Vic.Instead of Vic, Claire finds Chris Hager, her magazine s Bangkok stringer A stringer is a reporter that works freelance, usually for several different papers and magazines Claire s not sure what he s doing in Hong Kong, in Vic s room, but he gives her the old song and dance She eventually gets a message, supposedly from Vic, saying he s fine, had taken a little holiday, but now due to extreme traffic, and tourists, he will be delayed getting back As he often comes up with excuses, Claire is not surprised.A few days later, Claire goes for a hike with 2 of her friends A body washes up on a nearby shore, badly damaged by marauding sharks, and a single bullet hole Worse yet, Claire catches a glimpse of the man, its one of her reporters After an autopsy, and a meet with other interested parties at the embassy, Claire is informed that one of her reports was spotted in China, which is horrible news The embassy can t help him because they have such a fragile relationship with China Claire is given a surprising suggestion.With the death of one of her male reporters, and having to sneak into China if the Chinese find out she s entered without the proper journalist papers, it could result in a major incident to get the other reporter out, Claire s time is running out But as Claire soon finds out, things are just getting interesting.This has a great locale, very well described, right down to the bricks on the streets, credible and likeable characters I can picture Cecilia in my mind easily , and an interesting mystery I had really high hopes for this book because of the different locale and a rather gruesome mystery but it just didn t grab me tight I would still give it a read as the author has a beautiful way of describing the locales, the scenes and the people I received this copy through LibraryThing giveaway

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    I struggle with reviewing this book My struggle is whether to rate based on the storyline or the quality of writing More on that later.The storyline is morose and compelling I have no doubt that the subject matter is accurate and indicative of what goes on behind the red curtain From that perspective, this is a compelling story that we should all have the opportunity to read Global reality is sometimes very hard to accept.The writing is obviously done by someone for which English is a second language The author s English language skills are pretty good but that makes it all the difficult to read a sentence when the syntax goes awry or extra words are inserted I found myself re reading sentences over and over trying to find the point Sometimes I failed and had to read on In addition, the author repeats storyline items over and over as if he is trying to remind the reader of the instant point he wishes to make I found this redundance bothersome I compromised my rating as a 4 for the storyline and a 3 for the writing style for an average of 3.5 Since I think the story is important for everyone to be aware of, I rounded the rating up to a 4 except on Librarything where I can give half star ratings.

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    I was looking for another book set in Hong Kong and I came across D.L Kung s Handover Mysteries The Wardens of Punyu is the first in the series and he captures Hong Kong well It was almost too familiar But it is a fun read and the mystery keeps the pages turning My only disappointment was the way he wrapped up the ending I felt like he needed to draw it out a little longer, but instead he just had the main character tie up all the loose ends in a few paragraphs I ll definitely check out the next one in the series.The Kindle version was only 3 on and I think I might have been able to download it for free from Goodreads.Note The version I read definitely needs another review with an editor The errors weren t bad enough to take away from my enjoyment of the book, but it is surprising to see a published book with so many mistakes.

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    loved it