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Lady Elyssa Yamato Amaterasu Wentworth Is A Seven Hundred Year Old Vampire In Need Of A New Servant Now Than Ever As She S Suffering The Signs Of A Mysterious Ailment That Threatens To Consume Her As A Gift She S Been Give Jacob, An Extraordinary Physical Specimen, But All Wrong When It Comes To Beingused A Total Alpha Male, He S Not Accustomed To Submitting To Any Woman S WishesElyssa Soon Learns That What Really Binds Jacob To Her Are Not Her Sensual Midnight Hungers, But Something Far Provocative It Stirs Her Blood, Renews Her Life, And Awakens Her Soul Like Only True Love Can And The Passion Between Elyssa And Jacob Is About To Yield Something Else Unexpected A Shared History That Reaches Back Through The Centuries And Is Fated To Challenge Their Destiny Like Nothing Ever Will Again

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    This is NOT a book for the faint hearted There are some VERY strong BDSM elements to it There were several times I felt myself wanting to cringe from the things Jacob is put through to prove his submission to Lyssa Being an alpha male, he has some problems with being submissive, but in Lyssa s world that is not allowed It is made very clear throughout the book that Vampires must be dominate, and demand nothing less but submission with all of their slaves, but honestly some of it was hard to read at times I think what compelled me to read and finish is was the feelings Jacob and Lyssa have for one another.

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    I won t be doing a full review because this book just sort of lost me somewhere Maybe it s because I spent a week and a half to read it, stopping to glom the entire Girl Genius archives in the middle of it, but I don t think so.The book shares three things in common with literary fiction a trade paperback price, a love of figurative language and a lack of emphasis on plot Now, the reverse snob in me hates literary fiction, so anytime things start to resemble it, I get cranky Not only that, but it lacked something in the execution The language veered over from subtly poetic to laughably florid at times Anytime you compare a vagina to a flower or petals, you lose me Yes, I know flowers are effectively plant genitalia, but it s like motion and ocean, hero and zero It s overdone in fiction writing I also didn t think there was enough character development or change to support the lack of plot By the end, I was a bit bored I was skimming the sex scenes, desperately searching for character growth, story, something My reward No HEA FFS.I have book two, so I ll read the next one, where this story finishes I m looking forward to continuing the story, but I hope that either Lyssa and Jacob are interesting or there s story going on If it s another 300 pages of charged looks, awkward power battle sex and flowery similes, I m done with the series.

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    You should read this book At first I was put off by a review I read that said there was a lot of violence in this book I disagree This is really a love story The story is about Alyssa a 1000 year old vampire queen who was somewhat recently parted with her human servant Thomas For those who read the vampire genre we know what a human servant is Along comes Jacob handsome man who swears he is the one to serve her and be with her He tells her that Thomas himself trained him and that he will do anything to be with her Their story really unfolds as Alyssa tries to deny the soul deep feelings she develops for Jacob while they are falling for each other There is great sex, and it happens really quickly too There is some BSDM elements to this book she is definitely trying to always be dominant, but Jacob gets to be in charge plenty of times There were 2 scenes in the book that I would consider violent but they dont take away from the story they only reinforce it Please give this book a shot I cant wait to read the next one

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    First things first, I enjoyed this book immensely and I have never read anything quite like it It takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of emotions and just when you think you know where the story is headed it turns around and goes in the other direction It was romantic,erotic, violent, and morose sometimes all on the same page The sex scenes were very hot and inventive and there was some BDSM, but nothing hardcore The story is about ancient, beautiful vampire queen Lady Elyssa and sexy alpha male Jacob Green Over the course of the book she makes him her full human servant by giving him all three marks that join them together until one of them dies About half way through the book you learn that Elyssa is dying That s about the time I started with the Kleenex and I cried on and off througout the rest of the book Note I do not cry when I read books, or hardly ever During the course of the book the world building begins and you learn about the vampire politics that become and important to Lyssa and I assume will continue to in future books At the end of the book Lyssa is still alive and madly in love with Jacob and has given him the third mark and she is still dying without a cure for her disease in sight I will certainy be reading book two to learn of her and Jacob s fate I highly recommend this book to romance lovers, but be prepared for some heavy reading at times throughout this book I felt it was well worth the puffy eyes

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    This was Pure Bloody Awesomeness AND, A FABULOUSLY PERFECT FEM VAMP SPENDIDROMANTICINTRIGINGVIVIDPERFECTION.HAWTNESS This tale is intertwined in three livessoul mate per se finding each other when their soul yearns for the other mostit was so sweet, so unique, and an easy magical readJacob AKASir Vagabondand the Vampire Queen Lyssa.this book is the beginning of their relationship the next book wraps it up like a gift beautifully and topped with a gorgeous bow and I truly loved it from beginning to end Ok. D s dinners.this is where the heavy BDSM was found, and yikes, it was cringe worthy at time But, HAWT Read those parts with caution.

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    I couldn t get into this book Half the time, I thought it was a poorly written sappy romance The other half of the time, it seemed like an slightly edgy paranormal romance erotica It doesn t speak well for the writing that I never once cared about any of the characters Too many cliches, too redundant, with a generally uninteresting story line Even the edgy scenes were fairly boring because it really didn t matter to me if a character was hurt.Premise 1000 year old vampire queen takes an alpha male as her servant She forces him to learn to be submissive He s the reincarnation of a protector from her past She s ill with a fatal disease Vampires are sexual deviants and love power games There you go.

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    This was my first Joey Hill book and it wont be my last The Vampire Queen s Servant by Joey.W Hill is book one in her Vampire Queen Series , it s certainly not for the faint of heart or if you are used to something a little tame and vanilla This book delves into BDSM and D s in a big way Jacob is one of those sexy Alpha men that has you drooling, nothing about him says submissive but when he sees Lady Lyssa he wants her, he learns her ways, how to look after her, be her servant It s usually the male protagonist who is the dominant so i was very intrigued to see how it played out with Lyssa in that role Jacob doesn t submit easily, making the vampire queen work for his submission leaving her frustrated at times but that just adds to his appeal for her, she s used to yes people.It doesn t all go in Jacob s favour though, certain scenes were pretty brutal to read, the threat of male on male rape, a forced m nage trois and group voyeurism are just some acts Jacob has to go through to become Lyssa s servant The vampire politics are quite strict, Lyssa needs Jacob s submission if he is to exist in the vampire world and not undermine her authority Very much character laden i loved this book for alot of reasons, yes it has enough erotica to please the smuttiest of bitches, it has an underline mystery of past history and who is the bad guy, but it s the structure of character in Jacob and Lyssa i loved best The author gives you great depth in these characters, they re not perfect and she shows you that and for all the politics and rules in both the vampire world and the D s world all they both want really is love I liked the tender moments Lyssa had, she was harsh at times so the contrast in her nicer side was good to see This is an on going series so in The Vampire Queen s servant you don t get all the resolves you would in a stand alone book, but it just made me eager to follow on with book two The Mark of the Vampire Queen If you like paranormal, vampires, biting, erotica, somes and pedicures given by a sexy alpha male then this book is a must read for you.

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    DNFIt really, really pains me to DNF this, since it was a gift from my dear friend Jess I tried, I did, but I couldn t make it work The writing was too precious and not informative enough, and I didn t like the characters Also, the male lead making his first appearance wearing only hose like a half dressed Renaissance man tends to put a damper on things I don t think I truly understand the need for novel lenth erotica.Jess

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    This series has received very high ratings on Goodreads, but for me the book fell flat as the world building was just plain non existent, and the writing contained overly dramatic dialogue that was lacking in descriptive detail The first 1 3 of the book was very repetitive with every second line from Lyssa reading something along the lines of Jacob, you have no idea the can of whoop ass I m going to unleash on you You should leave Did I mention the whoop ass coming your way Since there is so little world building it was very easy to catch some of the major plot twists because when something is finally added to the plot it screams look at me I m going to be important I also don t happen to be a fan of BDSM books that involve one character trying to make someone submissive who doesn t naturally tend to that direction If being a sub is your brand of hinky all the power to you, but I always feel a bit uneasy when when one character tries to change the sexual preferences of another.Hot cover though.

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    DNF Horrible writing, the dialogue and the plot are lame, editing is nonexistent, and the sex even though it s supposed to be over the top BDSM is mediocre It was like the author couldn t figure out whether to make it a sappy, fluffy Romance or a dark erotica which is why the sex scenes didn t play right for me The Dom sub relationship came off as confused which is probably why it wasn t reading real I felt absolutely no attachment to the characters and no interest in the plot No interest whatsoever Zero Zip In fact I m feeling incredibly grateful I didn t spend any money on this one I might try to revisit in the future because everyone seems to love it but I was doing a lot teenage like scoffing and eye rolling while reading it so I doubt it.The 1 star is for the cover It s much better than most I guess and is the only nice thing I can say about it Woohoo COVER