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This Book Is A Direct Sequel To Ice Queen And Is Not Intended To Be A Stand Alone TitleSome Stories Can T Be Contained Between The Covers Of Just One Book In Ice Queen, Tyler Helped Mistress Marguerite Fulfill The Mentoring Requirement The Zone Club Imposes On All Its Dominant Members, To Learn About BDSM From The Submissive S Perspective Though Marguerite Is One Of The Zone S Most Sought After Mistresses, Tyler Is Convinced She Is A Switch , A Closet Submissive But The Truth That Is Revealed Is Remarkable Than ThatAs He Begins To Unravel The Complex And Terrible Layers Of Her Past, Tyler Must Do What He S Never Been Willing To Do BeforeOpen Up His Own Soul, Offering Marguerite His Own Dark Places In Order To Help Them Both Heal Only Then Will They Be Able To Surrender To A Force Stronger Even Than The Zone S Most Powerful Master And Mistress A Force That Can Bind Them Together Forever Reader Advisory This Intense Book Deals With Myriad Psychological Issues Including Incest And Violence Toward Women And Children Contains A Scene Of Females Exploring Their Sensuality Together

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    5 epic stars Friendly warning, prepare yourself to be gushed upon.Tyler is determined to battle Marguerite s demons.Tyler wrote Marguerite the most beautiful love letter This is a very short extract thereof Dearest Marguerite You ve taught me a great deal about stillness About the many things that can drift into your mind and heart when you shut down the barricades created by noise Unexpected gifts of insight, revelation and wisdom But you taught me that love is found in stillness It is the space between objects It s the star you can t see if you look directly at it in the night sky, but if you look away, look forward, you see it in your peripheral vision, beside you, watching over you If you lie down on the earth it s there, beneath you, cradling you You re my angel, my tormentor, my woman, my love Beautiful Emotional Evocative Intense Gut wrenching Erotic Deliciously hot All I am, I offer to you, I give to you I m yours I apologize in advance for posting a very long review.Every time I m reading Marguerite and Tyler s story I m amazed anew how strong I feel about Tyler It s absolutely crazy, I know, because I m madly and irrevocably in love with a fantastic and unforgettable fictional character But it s all good because whenever I feel like coming back to him for a visit, he will be there, solid as a rock It s like the endless sea When I look out over the water I can see the horizon and it gives me a feeling of infinity It doesn t stop and it equals the love I feel for Tyler The waves symbolize the heartbeat, they undulate around me, cradle me And when they grow stronger, higher and aggressive, they equal the passion I feel for Tyler The beginning and the end and everything in between That s all Tyler.Mirror of My Soul is hands down my all time favorite M F book and probably the most well written M F romance novel I ve ever read I loved the beginning of their mutual journey in Ice Queen However, the sequel totally rocked my world Also, Ice Queen simply pales compared to Mirror of My Soul This book took me on a spiritual roller coaster ride and made me cry without feeling emotionally manipulated by the author This story pushed all the right buttons, and I was immersed in Tyler and Marguerite s journey that led to their ultimate goal Unconditional love Tyler and Marguerite seized my body, mind, heart and soul Sometimes I felt like time stood still and I just didn t want it to end Prime and in depth characterization, great and palpable chemistry, fantastic dialogue and excellent and captivating narrative made for an unforgettable read Joey s writing skills are beyond words that would come close to do her justice This may be only a romance novel, though I think it comes close to poetry at times What a truly inspiring and memorable love story Tyler and Marguerite are the perfect match for one another Through their past tragedies they find to each other As it was, they fed each other strength, comfort, understanding, sympathy and, above and beyond, love They really got under my skin And while Marguerite impressed me with her inner and outer strength and became one of my favorite heroines ever, there s no getting around it to point out how much I love and adore Tyler Seriously, he is the most wonderful hero ever Mouth wateringly hawt. Absolutely gorgeous Perceptive Giving and caring An intelligent and mature man in his mid forties A true gentleman as well as a gentle man Granted, he made mistakes and it made him even human His persistence and sensitivity, however, should be an example for other heroes because it doesn t get any better I don t go on my knees for any man, but I would surrender to him Anything for Tyler Tyler, I m yours. This book is a direct sequel to Ice Queen and is not intended to be a standalone title While reading Mirror of My Soul you will learn everything about Marguerite s heinous fate Mirror of My Soul has touched me in a very special way right to my core The horrifying events of Marguerite s life and the way they have formed her into this person full of strength and conviction are truly awesome and very intriguing Marguerite is an extraordinary woman Despite everything, she made herself a protector of others She looks out for those she loves and through all her misery, she developed a deep understanding of the world and its ugliness as well as its beauty Tyler has his own issues to deal with, though his angel is helping him to cope as well Sometimes, I think it s like a fable, he said One powerful god released all the evil things on the world Another god, a god of light, could not undo what the other god had done, but he could give us something to make life worth living So he gave us love I m working on it He met her gaze Working on sharing with you But I ve been places where there are too many dead and I helped increase the body count Each of those lives meant something to someone And to the person themselves But whatever lies beyond You ve helped me remember why it s worth fighting Living Even when the lines get so confusing you think you re losing your mind Tyler s issues allow him to understand Marguerite better Marguerite s strength humbles him, and he d do anything for her.The whole view spoiler chapter four is dedicated to Marguerite and the horrifying events of her childhood Tyler isn t sure how to help her and it takes a strong man to admit when he needs help with the woman he loves Thus Tyler does seek help when he s visiting Marguerite s former therapist, Komal Gupta hide spoiler

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    Mirror of My Soul book 2 in duet Tyler Winterman s relentless attempts at rescuing owning the Ice Queen By my hand only By my cock and mouth only, unless I command otherwise Many thanks to my friend and fellow buddy reader, Baba for holding my hand Her review Books in the Nature of Desire series are stand alones, except for Tyler and Marguerite s story which spans two books and bonus chaptersBook 3 Ice QueenBook 4 Mirror of My SoulThis is the story about Tyler Winterman, former Government operative, successful businessman and celebrated and respected Dom and Marguerite Perruquet, Mistress M, business woman and coveted Dominatrix known as the Ice Queen Both are Masters at the exclusive BDSM club, The Zone In Ice Queen book 3 Marguerite was told that she needed mandatory Submissive orientation She picked Tyler as her instructor and agrees to spend a weekend with him at his waterside estate They have both felt an instant connection and attraction to each other that neither had acted on though Tyler had suspected that Marguerite s in control personality hides a Switch That weekend was an eye opener that left them both utterly shaken Marguerite s instinct was to run, but Tyler, set on exploring their connection further masterminded a way to get her attention that had dire consequences Mirror of My Soul book 4 opens up to the aftermath of book 3 s shocking ending What follows can best be described as a roller coaster of events, revelations and emotions Marguerite has merely existed for so long self discipline and set routines guiding her through her day And Tyler has demons in his past that he has for most part shoved aside As Tyler and Marguerite explore each other, their connection and try to find a balance we are treated to their raw and addictive passion, mind blowing sex Warning There is a BDSM group sex scene, but nothing too severe, though I personally prefer monogamy Even though their connection is captivating and profound and the brewing love inevitable fate Nothing could have prepared me for the shock of what Marguerite is forced to tackle and the darkness that ensues I can say no Tyler and Marguerite s journey is best experienced Seven words to describe Tyler Winterman Perceptive, focused, commanding, enigmatic, nurturing, determined and unforgettable Come back to your Master He s going to fall apart without you in his life Don t leave me, angel Seven words to describe Marguerite Perruquet strong, determined, compulsive, broken, flawed, mysterious and conflicted It was a humbling thought, to realize the weight of the world could not break him, but the loss of her could have What a journey for Tyler and Marguerite What an ending Soul to soul Here they are view spoiler hide spoiler

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    4 1 2 I adore Tyler StarsAn emotionally beautiful conclusion to a well written love story This couple s follow up book still took me out of my comfort zone but not as much as their first book Ice Queen did The ending brought reverent tears to eyes and the hero, Tyler, has become one of my all time favorite heroes He s a true gentleman and I adore him Full review to come maybe when life settles down School is out for the summer and the kids are homeneed I say .

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    5 Breathtaking Stars There is nothing I could write in a review that could possibly come close to explaining the beauty that is the story of Tyler and Marguerite To say that I will forever carry this story in my heart doesn t feel accurate enough to encompass what I feel for this story..I will carry it in my soul So since my words couldn t do a review justice, I ll continue to give Ms Hill the stage and share a few of my favorite quotes Something would change forever when the eyes that mattered fell on you For if we can t bring a child out of darkness and save her soul with love, then I m afraid there s little hope for the world Some wounds could only be healed by the touch of a soul mate, two broken pieces coming together to become a whole being again, so simple the jaded world would call it a clich The angels would call it one of God s miracles, offered off the tips of His fingers like diamond raindrops, driving and cleaning away all that didn t matter That love was worth any torment, every disappointment It couldn t be explained or described We forget that sometimes there is something greater than our pain That s the pain of the person who loves us, who couldn t protect us from that pain Marguerite held on as he did the one thing an intensely strong alpha man could do to bind a woman to him forever Weep in her arms This has become one of my top favorite quotes EVER You re my angel, my tormentor, my woman, my love I no longer draw breath without a part of you in the act

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    When I look at you, I can tell you want to give Marguerite happiness But I want you to consider carefully that she may have found peace and sacrificed happiness for it As I said, that may be the best she can do That Wowthat quote right thereread it again That shows the amazing, awesome, phenomenal talent of Joey W Hill That quote encompasses the story of Margeurite and Tylerthe pit of despair that she has placed herself injust so she can survive life But she s surviving a life without truly living, a life without the things that really matterrelationships and love and trust and devotion and affection And yet Tyler s actions that have preceded this moment and then follow it show how much of a mountain he ishis dedication to Margeurite is EPIC This love story is so haunting But so beautiful How do you review this book Too much to say, and so few words to say it Could she survive reinvention Redefinition of herself Did she want Tyler that much Did she even have a choice Mistress Margeurite Margeurite is at a turning pointshe s at a juncture that she wants Tyler with every fiber of her being but there is so much holding her back She sees what a beautiful soul he has, but her past won t let her go And I know I said that in Ice Queen, we needed of her backstory Well, we get it here and it was almost too much to bear Her story is one of the most tragic and horrific that I ve ever read No wonder she hides herself from the world, using her own form of coping to keep pushing through He felt her fragility, a woman afraid to call herself his Even afraid to claim him as her own, because she d never had anything she d loved endure, anything she could keep.In that brief moment of understanding, he grasped why she d needed to see his vulnerability, a woman s odd way of knowing a man truly needed her If she only knew He couldn t imagine breathing without her And oh, TYLER Tyler, Tyler, Tyler You big, beautiful wonderful Master of all Masters.I cannot ever gush enough about him For he felt the attraction, felt the pull, and waited for the right moment, in which Margeurite came to him And he s methodically broken down her walls, one by one Sometimes in huge chunks, with her emotions crashing down around themand sometimes in small, beautiful moments of tenderness that crumble her defenses by increments She s mine His expression hardened And I ll take care of her And then he s there to pick up the peices, to hold her together Over and over and over again, Tyler proves himself to me He is the kind of manMaster or Mortal Melodrama Yes, and he deserves it I wish I could light fireworks who goes down in my book history You can t get a devoted man than Tyler It s just not possible For it is through others that we know ourselves Marguerite closed her eyes That s what he s done He held a mirror up in front of me It s me, but it s not the me I thought it was He loves me I know nothing about love except the pain of losing it But don t be fooled by the way he is so supportive and tender Tyler has his moments of seething temper Of explosive passionangry passion that he lets Margeurite see She needs that from himshe needs his mastery over her, and boy, does he ever show her that he is her Master and she will obey him He is her rockimmovable and implacable He is necessary to her well being, both physically and mentally.When Marguerite comes face to face with her past, she is forced to deal with it once and for all And it threatens her in a big way To the point that she very nearly loses herself in her own head It is the darkest moment of this love story, and one that broke my heart Tyler has a fantastic support system, but it truly is his love for Margeurite that makes this story A bit of a disclaimer view spoiler There are a couple of things that the reader should be prepared for, I think There is a case of autoerotic asphyxiation, NOT condoned in any way, shape or form, but it is there And there is a scene in which Margeurite is part of a f f sexy times that I really could have done without She actually sticks another woman s juices in Tyler s mouth GrossI hated that part I m way too possessive hide spoiler

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    5 Heart wrenching stars Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls the most massive characters are seared with scars Kahlil GibranMirror of my Soul picked up right where Ice Queen left off Tyler had just endured a brutal beating from the hands of Marguerite and the both of them had to deal with the aftermath Will Marguerite be able to learn to let herself embrace Tyler s love for her Will Tyler continue to endure in his devotion to the woman who is determined to shut him out I ll endure anything for you, angel Anything You re idealizing me No I m telling you that I want you, light or dark, every shade in between That s the formulation of trust, unconditional acceptance He locked his gaze with hers Remember, I swore it to you No matter what happens between us, I ll always be there for you This book is a continuation to Tyler and Marguerite s story, and it delved even deeper into Marguerite s and Tyler s past The things that happened in this book will just break your heart It certainly broke mine I thought Ice Queen was already emotional Boy, was I wrong This book took emotions into a whole different level You will feel love, anger, lust, joy, fear you name it, it s here And I look in your eyes and see everything I could ever want Trust in that, angel Again, Joey Hill has crafted a magnificent tale of love and redemption without resorting to cliches It could have gone down that route a tragic heroine with a very dark past and a hero who is willing to save her but has his own darkness to deal with but it never did Thank God As I ve said in this book we finally know the whole story about what happened to Marguerite, and it was even worst than I previously imagined It.Was.Tragic It was heartbreaking and it explained so much of why she is the way she is It really did OMG The unspeakable tragedy that she went through would have destroyed a lesser person Miraculously it didn t destroy her, at least not totally But the emotional and psychological scars and the guilt she carried were so enormous that I thought, maybe she was beyond saving I won t go into the details, you have to read it for yourself Tyler s past wasn t so rosy either He suffered from PTSD after serving as a covert CIA operative It destroyed his marriage and drove his wife to commit suicide He couldn t save her and he had blamed himself ever since There were times in the book where Marguerite inadvertently caused Tyler so much pain by doing things that Tyler feared the most My stomach was constantly in knots while reading the book and it didn t let up until about 85% in When you jumped from that building, I died, he said simply, his voice a whisper in her ear I was so certain that I was going to lose you that I haven t known how to feel or think since, beyond the basic steps of caring for you There s this rage in me, this anger Every time I touch you, I want to hold you so tightly that I ll see pain in your face so it matches what s raging inside of me So I m afraid to let it show I don t know what to do with it I love you so much, Marguerite There are no words for this kind of love It s not pretty or romantic, it s as visceral as sex or breathing, something undeniable, necessary to go on living, for anything else to matter Some wounds could only be healed by the touch of a soul mate, two broken pieces coming together to become a whole being again, so simple the jaded world would call it a clich The angels would call it one of God s miracles, offered off the tips of His fingers like diamond raindrops, driving and cleaning away all that didn t matter That love was worth any torment, every disappointment It couldn t be explained or described I was finally able to breathe and smile again because after all that happened to them, there is actually an HEA for Tyler and Marguerite It was magnificent It was really moving especially the wedding scene and that letter and Marguerite s gift Ah, it was beautiful The anxiety that I felt melted away and I was in my happy place again There was even an epilogue Yes Again, it was wonderful I know I sound like a broken record but that s truly how I felt, so apologies It was a perfect ending Ever After Romance Book Blog

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    TYLER, TYLER 3 He was just perfect.Review for both Ice Queen and Mirror Of My SoulRatings Ice Queen 4 Stars, I loved getting to know both MCsMirror of My Soul 5 Stars, is there anything better than Joey W Hill s writing, not even coffee and chocolate can compare.Hero Tyler All the stars in the world.Heroine Marguerite 3 Stars for book 1, I didn t feel connected to her character.5 Stars for book 2 Mirror of My Soul, loved her character growth, delving into her back story broke my heart, made me cry and I totally understood her aloofness and mistrust You know when words are not enough to describe a book that totally consumed you while reading, where words you have used before seem so inadequate, Mirror of My Soul was that book Don t get me wrong, I loved both books for Tyler and Marguerite but their second book had me enthralled again not adequate enough I mean the chemistry was sizzling, the writing and imagery were beautiful Joey W Hill covers the sensual, the emotional connection as well as the physical aspects of the romance between the protagonists as a reader I didn t feel cheated I loved reading about the BDSM aspect of the story.I am looking through the dictionary to find a word to describe Tyler, but all I could find was PERFECT, it will have to do for now.Marguerite was a complex character which I felt disconnected from in Ice Queen, but as I read Mirror of My soul, her character, strength, charisma and heart drew me in, I began to see the woman that Tyler was so in love with.As with Rough Canvas, the author writes characters that are flawed, broken, complicated and utterly real A story line that makes you smile, tear up and fall in love alongside the characters, I highlighted whole pages at times Because He leaned forward, his hand slipping up her back to unerringly trace the scar tissue of the design burned there, now concealed under the robe Someone drew you wings a long time ago and you ve been trying to decide whether to fly away ever since And because when I look at you, I think you re a gift from God Ice Queen We forget that sometimes there is something greater than our pain That s the pain of the person who loves us, who couldn t protect us from that pain Mirror of My Soul I was just looking at the Joey W Hill forum and just found the Vignette for Tyler and Marguerite as well as Marcus and Thomas Well I m just gonna have to stop my fangirling rambling of a review here and go read some about Tyler and Marcus.

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    People tell their children there are no monsters in the world They tell them that because they believe it, or they want the child to feel safe But there are monsters, Luke, all the frightening because they look like people Honest IllusionsThis quote has been haunting me for fifteen years already And every now and again I find another moment where it fits Unfortunately And while there s so much wisdom that I don t know, I know that evil doesn t happen for a cosmic reason, a balance of good bullshit Evil happens because it can, because circumstances allow it to take place And you build your own sanctuary against it to keep yourself sane, to keep yourself fighting it I guess I ll have to get back to this review once I clear my mind a bit It s an overwhelming story, that s for sure.

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    4.5 starsThis is a sequel to Ice QueenSo, we re back with Marguerite and Tyler A lot has happened, she finally realized after a serious breakdown, she doesn t want Ty as a sub, but as a Master and things are falling apart for her Her reality is re defining and she s not sure what she wants And he knows what he wants unconditionally, irrevocably HER The Ice Queen Marguerite has been through some of the worst things life has to offer She has suffered abuse, watching a loved one die, and she has been feeling halfway gone for years She has her teahouse, which brings her peace, and her role as a dom, which she needs because it centers her Now she could have Tyler and she s not sure she s ready for that, especially because it would be a huge change in her life She never wanted to love again But And though it makes me hurt so badly, makes me want to hurt him for tearing me apart, tearing me open, I want him there inside me, too He forced his way in And every part of me She shook her head Now I want him so much, I can t breathe And I m so afraid he doesn t understand what that means I m not sure I do and I ve always had to be so sure of everything So, she goes to him And trusts him to slay her dragons and keep her safe But not before a struggle Tyler Winterman Ty has been through some rough things himself He went to war until he broke and reached his limit He s lost a wife to suicide, which he believes is a consequence of him not being there for her Now, another fragile, but strong woman, is in his heart and if anything were to happen to her he would be lost So he pushes, maybe than he should, to keep her with himAnd sometimes his own demons overwhelm him He was going to win her as often as he needed to do so, even if it was a quest that took forever, that had to be begun every day Until death do they part Hell For eternity No way was she going to get out of this with a flimsy excuse like mortal lifespan Tell me just once, he said And after that, not heaven or hell or even you will take me from your side Not ever His voice was harsh with tears he wouldn t, couldn t apparently shed She began to cry again for them both, reaching up to touch his face I love you, Tyler I love you At length, Marguerite stood up, moved to stand before him For once it was he who was reluctant to meet her eyes She watched the lashes raise, the golden brown gaze climb to her face When he got there, she thought there was nothing that could tear at a woman s heart like fear in a strong man s eyes Not fear of violence or danger Fear of loss Fear of rejection, fear of not being loved when he didn t meet expectations And he never gives up Never Even when it tears him up inside.I loved Ty so, so much I felt for Marguerite, but I love Ty The happily ever after After nightmares came back and were relinquished we see them both happy and settled in their roles and love For that s all that matters to them they found each other and they re not letting go And that s wonderful When I m with her, he said quietly, I see who I really am, the mirror of my soul And I ll be your husband I ll do my best to keep you whole To catch you when you fall You re the only woman I want And I knew it the first time I saw you Believe in fairy tales In happy ever afters In the fact that I will never stop loving you, no matter how often you pull away No matter how many times you get lost in the shadows, I ll find you Because you re my light and salvation, angel I have to have you to have light in my life Tyler Winterman, I am going to love you forever, I promise I will never turn away from you again, not when I m afraid or even angry I m yours and you re mine Will you stop loving me if I become so different from the person you knew It has nothing to do with who you are today, tomorrow or yesterday, angel It s about who your soul has always been, always will be The only thing that bothered me with their HEA is the issue with her being both Mistress and a Sub As in she would continue to Master others at the club and so on I get not really that she still needs that part of her life, but it s not ideal for me I get BDSM is about than sex, and that people have open relationships, butI don t know, it just wasn t ideal for me Although this quote made it better I am a Mistress to others you are the Master of me Of my heart, mind and soul A scene that bugged me Spoiler So, the big bad from Marguerite s past is back What bothered me in that whole part 1 She finds out he was here and has a hostage and she goes to face him ALONE TSTL moment2 She supposedly had a parachute on the whole time How come no one noticed I m not an expert, but I d think you couldn t hide it under your jacket.3 She jumps of a roof of a high building, activates the chute and falls down directly into Ty s arms Yeah, right.4.She does that and is mostly unharmed Partly, we find out, because of her dead brother, the angel Hmmm.That, together with her still being a Dom, were the only things that were problematic for me Generic quotes Love is not temporary It endures everything even if it changes form Even when it must be put away to handle harsher things, it s always there, ready to be called And while there s so much wisdom that I don t know, I know that evil doesn t happen for a cosmic reason, a balance of good bullshit Evil happens because it can, because circumstances allow it to take place And you build your own sanctuary against it to keep yourself sane, to keep yourself fighting it Warning this book contains BDSM scenes, sex in public and one f f scene

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    5 BLOWN AWAY STARSFirst, I will start by saying that anything I say in this review would never do this book, Mirror of My Soul Book 4 or Ice Queen Book 3 justice Okay, glad I got that out of the way.Now where to start with my thoughts This book is part of a series, but book three, Ice Queen, and book four, Mirror of My Soul, are the same characters I know what you re thinking, but in all honesty, this couple needed two separate books to really capture the complexity of their demons and essentially, their love So you must read book three before reading this one I promise you will not be disappointed.Marguerite is a Domme, but Tyler, also a Dom, believes that she is a switch They both have unmistakable chemistry together, but can two sexual dominants really find fulfillment in a relationship with one another They both have ghosts from their past, and when I say ghosts, I mean some truly heartbreaking back stories, part of which is the reason that Marguerite needs to be a sexual Domme But, neither of them were really willing to open up and discuss their daily struggles with the other in the Ice Queen, however, in this book, both Tyler Marguerite are able to acknowledge those demons while allowing the other to help them through their struggles Honestly, Joey Hill is a lyrical genius I am left utterly speechless and not able to form the appropriate words for what I am truly feeling after reading this book I will hold this one close to my heart from now until the end of time The flow of her stories are absolutely flawless and they make you really and truly feel right along with the main characters This story wasBeautiful.Breathtaking.Heartbreaking.Gossebump inducing.Passionate.Intense.Ugly.Unapologetic.Epic A TRUE LOVE STORY. I will never stop loving you, no matter how often you pull away No matter how many times you get lost in the shadows, I ll find you Because you re my light and salvation, angel I have to have you to have light in my life Let me go Not now, not ever Tyler, Tyler, Tyler I FUCKING LOVE YOU Can we make babies together, please Tyler was so patient and it was so freaking amazing, heart stopping, epic any adjective you can think of that equates to AMAZING can be put here to see their love for one another take up residence in their hearts and then their minds Meaning they were actually able to acknowledge their love for one another Because they were both running from their heartache and demons for so long, it was hard for either of them to believe they could ever love again.And that beautiful endinggoosebumps Together we found that love heals, it laughs, it cries, it feels It is where truth begins and ends It cannot be described or contained and it changes every moment It has faces and forms than we can count What are you doing, angel Looking at who I really am The mirror of my soul Sorry if this review doesn t tell you a whole lot, you really need to experience this epic story for yourself I am a whirlwind of emotions regarding this book, and that is still 24 hours post finishing this story, if that tells you anything What an unbelievably, remarkable journey I bow down to your brilliance, Miss Hill.