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This Is A Plus Length Novel , WordsA Warrior With A Scarred Heart Who Doesn T Know How To Love And The Woman Who Must Teach Him How Before It S Too Late The Son Of The Evil AllFather, Xairn Is Filled With Conflicting Emotions On One Hand, He Has Finally Gained His Freedom And Cut The Ties That Bound Him To His Race And The Sadistic Male Who Is His Father But Doing So Has Unleashed Feelings In Him Xairn Would Rather Keep Buried Desires That He Prayed Would Never Manifest Now Rage Through Him And They Are Centered On One Woman Alone Lauren Jakes Is The Long Lost Cousin Liv And Sophie Never Knew They Had Abducted By The Scourge, She Formed A Connection With Xairn Meaningful Than Any Other In His Life But Though Lauren Thinks She Knows Him, There Is To The Huge Scourge Warrior Than She Comprehends A Nightmare Childhood And A Cruel Father Have Scarred Xairn S Heart Almost Past The Point Of Healing But That Is Nothing To The Secret Inside Him The Forbidden Desires Coded Into His Very DNA Itself, Which Urge Him To Commit Unspeakable Acts In Order To Sate His Newly Awakened HungerNow A Conflict Is Brewing Both In Xairn S Soul, And Aboard The Fathership Where The Twisted AllFather Has Hatched A New, Malicious Plot To Bring His Estranged Son Home Can Xairn Resist The Brutal Lust Growing Within Him Can He Fight Against His Very Nature Which Urges Him To Dominate And Control Any Female He Mates Can Lauren Heal His Heart Before The AllFather S Trap Closes On Both Of Them And Can She Teach Him How To Love Before It S Too Late This novel had a 3 star rating and my goodwill despite some genuine flaws in the quality until I read the book s last paragraph I hate shocking, surprising, out of nowhere soap operesque cliffhanger endings It just feels like a gimmick intended to force me to read the next book and I would buy read the next book anyways because I m pretty fond of this series Found was a tough book for me to rate because there were things I genuinely liked about it, but it also contained elements that either disturbed or annoyed me There were truly moments I couldn t peel myself away from the read, but at other times I experienced yawning, roll eyes, and thinking, same ol , same ol One of Anderson s greatest strengths is her imaginative world building and it has worked really well for the Brides of the Kindred series The series overall premise, the types of alien characters and their cultures, technological gizmos and exotic alien creatures all of this has really absorbed me and entertained me I m not even a huge fan of Sci Fi Fantasy fiction, but I really like these books Maybe the sci fi fantasy elements are just right, not overdone, but still present enough to engage me.About half the action of Found takes place in space planet O ah, the Kindred Mother Ship, the Scourge Mother Ship, etc and I had to keep reading because there was always something new and interesting to read about I especially liked how Anderson introduced all sorts of situations permitting Lauren and Xairn to interact together and really get to know each other prior to the initiation of their romantic sexual relationship They experience danger, hardship, and some fun together first and I enjoyed discovering that Unfortunately, much of the novel s tension and excitement fizzled out when Xairn returned Lauren to Earth I was hoping to read some fun things about Xairn acclimating to Earth life and culture Instead, he or less understands and accepts everything around him with no funny mix ups as in earlier books where Kindred brides tried to figure out their new surroundings Instead, the book s second half fizzled out into my least favorite of Anderson s standard tropes Lauren spends most of the time trying to seduce the man she loves while Xairn puts her off with chronic, unceasing self loathing and fear of his own BDSM desires He loves Lauren too much He can t expose her to his perversions He is a horrible person, born of a defective, evil, perverted race, his BDSM urges are savage, uncivilized, and potentially harmful, and he could NEVER degrade Lauren that way.And this goes on and on and on AND ON through most of the book It s just sad and disappointing Another element that proved both good and not so good for this novel was Anderson s choice to depict Xairn as an adult survivor of child abuse Traditionally, many romance authors steer clear of primary characters with histories of abuse or other family dysfunction It doesn t sell well and detracts from the romantic elements of romantic fiction I admire Anderson for being willing to go here and examine the impact cruelty and abuse may have on an adult s personal life In some ways, Xairn s character is totally realistic Maybe too realistic All we see is lots of guilt, low self esteem, self hatred, and determination to save Lauren from his undesireable DNA Anderson showcases these troubles in the love conquers all trope I found truly horrible The idea that true love saves people from everything horrible that s ever happened to them just isn t real or pleasant to read Xairn isn t a man who can live happily ever after simply because he s found the love of his life Anderson throws us tidbits about previous couples from the earlier books and introduces new characters I enjoyed the interaction between Rast and Nadiah because it was different from earlier matches in this series Rast isn t a bowing and a scraping to Nadiah simply because she is female Originally I liked his skepticism concerning Nadiah s psychic abilities, but it reached Level Ridiculous due to lazy writing There comes a time when a smart person simply accepts that someone is who s he says they are because the proof is overwhelming Still, if Anderson writes this couple s book when she feels good and ready to write it, I think it ll be very good Another plus in the book was the erotica got at least a bit toned down OK, Anderson writes erotica, mostly very good erotica, but I enjoyed that the sexy bits flowed well with the story and didn t necessarily read like they d been thrown in as filler just so readers have X number pages of erotica to read in a super plus novel word count Most of the erotic scenes were credible, sexy, and only one struck me as overwritten Anderson does a great job with developing tension and building a strong relationship between Lauren and Xairn before they become lovers.Parts of this books struck me as rushed and a bit threadbare I felt like Anderson got a bit bored with this series in Sought third book and was just dutifully plodding through it, telling us lots and showing us less I m glad she s giving herself a break from the series before tackling the next book and I believe the series will be better because of it Editorial quality could have been much better as well, but I m willing to forgive a little substandard editorial for a terrific story.Compared to comparable books of its type and cost, Found is a good installment to the Brides of the Kindred series It s not a good stand alone book and I don t recommend it to readers who haven t read the earlier books. Another great book to add to this series I have said in earlier reviews that I love Xairn, and this book just made me love him even The book starts with Xairn and Lauren arriving at the planet, where they can get their DNA changed This will stop the All Father from being able to track them down The planet Oah is creepy as hell, filled with violence and sexual slavery The people there cut off women s fingers and use them to make clones, to sell shudders Lauren lands herself in some serious trouble, which leads some really amazing scenes and odd characters It was a fascinating journey for them I liked that although their DNA change altered Xairns appearance, she still preferred the old him, with the scary red eyes and grey skin Their love was so strong, way before anything physical happened between them This brings me to the only big negative I had with this book I absolutely adore Xairn, I really do But the way he was going on about not wanting to hurt her that his sexual desires would be too much for her to bare got old, really fast I was starting to get annoyed with him He was so desperate to be with her and loves her very much, but every time they got close to having sex, he shouted like a banshee and runs off to the toilet to finish himself off Not attractive, Xairn That just kept happening over and over again It was really frustrating Once Xairn had confronted his father, things started to look up What was with the insanely sexy scene between Kat, Lock and Deep That was way hotter than anything they did in their own book Baffled me It was great to see Nadiah Sylvan s cousin again, learning that she has the gift of Sight visions Nadiah arrives for Sophie and Sylvan s wedding, telling them all how she has run away from home and the arranged marriage bonding she was about to be forced into by her parents She has been having visions of kissing her dream man The man that will come back to her home planet and challenge the other male for her, to break the bond that she never wanted She kisses Detective Rast in the Luck Kiss, thinking he is Sylvan s Kindred friend, and he s perfect Until she discovers that he s just a human or is he They have great chemistry and I loved that they make each other crazy A mocking smile curved one side of his mouthYou want to slap me, is that it Go ahead, sweetheart take your best shotNadiah s hand shot out before she could stop herself and she did just that The flat smack of her palm against his cheek seemed inordinately loud His true green eyes filled with surpriseOw, that s quite a punch you re packing Didn t really think you d do itLOL I can t wait to read their book next Rast seems like a great guy, even though he can be a bit of an arsehole sometimes There were so many things going on in this book that I could write for hours, but I won t, don t worry LOL Loved it I have to say Evangeline Anderson should have subtitled this book the Periles of Pauline or Lauren as it were.Once again Evangeline Anderson has Found another hit in her slightly wacky, sci fi futuristic erotic romance series As a self admitted non fan of futuristic novels, I was very pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable this series is It contains the requisite hot, alpha male hero es and strong, feisty heroine The relationship between Lauren Jakes and Xairn is intense, at times sappy in it s lovey sweetness and frustrating at times with Xairn s denial of his true Scurge Dominant self You have to love Lauren s strength and fortitude she overcomes kidnapping, torture, falling for the son of the evil AllFather, escape, near re capture and sale into sexual slavery, DNA alteration, having body parts removed and return to Earth only to battle her love s deep seated fear of exercising his Dominant sexual self and refusal to take their relationship to the next level Xairn even gets creative in his desire to switch roles and make Lauren the Dom in an effort to consummate their relationship Sexy, tantalizing love scenes, with just enough kink to flip anyone s switch pepper throughout the story but Anderson teases both her poor Lauren as well as the reader by making them wait through a large portion of this story to get to some truly hot lovin The sex is actually integral to the plot in that Xairn is coming into his great powers and also redefining his life as a Scourge who sheds some, but not all, of his upbringing and genetic makeup as well as his truly evil overlord father.Some of the best parts of this story bring back former characters and the way Anderson builds on the previous story arcs really fleshes out the world and makes it feel like an ongoing saga Deep and Lock finally get the super hot menage loving with Kat long awaited from book 3 and Sylvan s wedding luck kiss between Nadiah and Rast is smokin hot.totally makes up for the slightly anti climatic final battle with the AllFather.I highly recommend Found and the Brides of the Kindred series to anyone who is not familiar with Evangeline Anderson s work Her stories are amazing and definitely addicting Please do take Tyra s advice and read IN ORDER If you jump into one of the later books such as Sought or Found without the lead in, you will be completely lost for quite some time. This is my favourite in series A lot goes on and most of previous character jump in and out of the story I really liked that Lauren is the go get him type and Xairn was the one putting the brakes on the relationship There s parts in book the are difficult to read and are upsetting but the story is great and love the HEA for Lauren and Xairn Looking forward to Nadiah and detective Rash I am so glad that I stuck with this series and held out for the story of Xairn and Lauren This book in the series is what I was hoping for There was a good plot, the story flowed smoothly and Lauren was the type of heroine that I enjoy She knew that she was attracted to Xairn, saw his flaws and struggles, accepted them and still wanted him for what he is Lauren doesn t question her desire for Xairn or fight her attraction to the point of brattiness, she embraces it and sets out to get her man Well, her hot, sexy, grey skinned, alien male.Now what Xairn is is a dominant alpha Scourge with a double penis and a penchant for total sexual domination You read that right Double penis I don t know where Anderson gets her inspiration, but one dangly bit per male is all I would personally want to handle, but hey, variety is the spice of life.When reading this series one really has to keep an open mind and suspend belief when it comes to anatomy If you are squeamish about such things this is probably not the series for you Lauren just has her work cut out for her convincing Xairn that what he needs from her she is willing and able to give Xairn is willing to embrace her love but is fearful of accepting her total submission to his sexual needs.I have desperately held onto this series to get to this book and I am glad that I did, but I think that I will step away and read a few different books before I come back to it and I believe that I will come back This just seems to be a good place to stop and I want to leave with a happy memory There are many spin off stories told in this series that I hope will be interesting as well This one ends with Nadia as the focus and book 5 will be her story I would like to see how things play out with her and Rast There s definitely something that has to happen to make Rast a good match for Nadia and it will be interesting to see how that plays out You can find at Monlatable Book Reviewshttp Found by Evangeline Anderson4 Brides of Kindred SeriesIn book 3 we saw Lauren and Xairn escape the Allfather Book 4 continues on with their story.Both on the run from the Allfather, Xairn takes them to another planet to have their DNA altered in an attempt to fool the molecule abduction beam They face new dangers and threats on this planet but the biggest challenge is for Lauren to be able to break through the barbaric upbringing and hardened exterior of Xairn to open up his heart Xairn holds back his feeling for Lauren to keep her safe He knows he is dangerous and the lingering threat of his father plays at the forefront of his mind If he was to give in to his primal needs and carnal desires he would need Laurens full submission and that would mean risking everything Meanwhile, the detective Adam is still back on earth searching for Lauren He reluctantly sceptically accepts the help of Nadia s gift of sight Their story will continue in the next instalment in the series Book 5MY THOUGHTS I was borderline ready to give up and abandon this series but tried to give Evangeline the benefit of the doubt hoping she d bring home the goods in Xairn and Lauren s story but I was left disappointed.I am confused, so very confused Book 3 was so ridiculously farfetched with its strange erotic sex scenes yet this book seems like a nursery rhyme in comparison Yes, ok there was some elements of BDSM in this but you practically have to wait till the end of the book to get the action It s like chalk and cheese in comparison and found myself checking the cover numerous times making sure I was reading from the same author series Evangeline turned the heat down like right down There was defiantly depth in this book than the last, dealing with sensitive issues e.g Xairn s traumatic childhood and abuse from his father, inner demons and conflicting emotions hence the 3 stars but really got frustrated with the slow build up that seemed to never end.Indecisive about whether to continue on with the series at this point I may reconsider and revisit the series at a later date BLUSH RATING 3ROMANCE RATING 1PLOT RATING 3OVERALL 3 StarsGENRE Sci Fi Erotic Romance NARRATION Dual POVBOOK DETAILS Book 4 of Kindred Bride SeriesAUDIO AVAILABLE Whisper sync ready DO I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK Undecided If you have been enjoying this series to date, then I would say keep going but if you are like me and have been procrastinating over it maybe come back a retry after a break This book is not for you if you cannot handle domination by the alpha male or back door entry.Narrated by Jodie BentleyLength 15 hrs and 16 minsThis is the longest audiobook in the series to date and we have a new narrator It was nice to hear a fresh voice in the series, noting against Ana Johnstonbrown, she was great but it was time for a new voice.Jodie is a new female narrator for me and has now placed in my top 5 female narrators, her portrayed so many different voices all with their own distinguishing sound.AUDIO RATING 5 5Follow my Blog or join me on Facebook for Giveaways and Freebies new release updateshttps kaysblushinghttps media kaysblush I think I broke my own record with this book, because it took me waaaaaay too long to read this I mean, I read Atlas Shrugged quicker than this one There are, of course, reasons that it took me so long For one, I m an accountant, and we re closing our fiscal year right now Which means I literally LIVE at work For another, it s Christmastime, which means I ve been out spending money like the baller I m not and enjoying time with my friends and family HOWEVER, if I was really really into this book, I would have found the time to read it But I didn t, so I just can t say that I loved this one.So, FOUND is the story of Lauren and Xairn Lauren is the girl that actually factually fulfilled the Scourge prophesy and Xairn is the Scourge male that saved her life and fell for her If you don t know the Scourge are the bad guys So this is kind of a redemption tale for Xairn His race has this horrible character trait of wanting to completely dominate their women I know, right How vile and disgusting Note the ladies of this series are really ridiculous Just really Anywayzzz, Xairn and Lauren try to make this sex less relationship work because he s too scared that he will hurt her Well, we can all figure out how that works, right Correct It doesn t I just felt like it took for EV er to get through this one If I had to read about how Xairn needed to leave for her own good because his dominate nature would end up hurting her I was gonna start pulling hairs out of my head We were reminded of this at LEAST once every two chapters and it was just UGH Stop.Lauren was pretty cool, actually I can safely say she s my favorite heroine of the series so far However, I think I m gonna like Nadiah sp as well The few little scenes with her and Detective Rast the two that will be the H h of the next book were really good I was interested in their interaction than anything else.So, this book had potential for sure I just feel like it never really got to the place I wanted Oh, well It was still pretty entertaining and did not thwart my plans to continue this series in the slightest. Found was suppose to be the story that just made my heart melt The plot and characters had the potential to be an awesome read to rival the last three books The possibilities alone had me foaming at the mouth to get my hands on it, I had to have it Well let me tell you, I would have rather not have found out that there was a fourth book if I had known it was going to be like this I ve always been a fan of Anderson s dirty mind The first three Kindred books were all nail bitters with the character relationship dynamics I fell in love with them all, Xairn was even one of my favorites Just knowing that there would be a book written for him had me happy dancing The cherry on top was knowing that the main character s name was Lauren I thought this is going to be great because my own wombmate s name is Lauren I can tease her later about falling in love with the bad boy Let me tell you again how wrong I was.Found started off with a bang I loved the beginning You could really get a sense of the characters It didn t seem like it would be a hardship to finish the story if it stayed that suspenseful Unfortunately, it didn t Once they set off for Earth things became so boring I wanted to cry Xairn and Lauren became absolutely boring They finally admitted that they love each other and it kind of spoils everything Lauren is convinced that Xairn would never hurt her Xairn is so sure he will harm the woman that he loves so he keeps himself mentally and physically shut out of their relationship He still wants her, but his Scourge urges that make him want to dominate her in some hot and heavy BDSM don t allow him to act on his wants You can guess what that leads to, sexual frustration After the hundredth time they said I love you, but we can t I stopped feeling sorry for them Then at the very very end when things finally come together and they get what they both want to Bond It can t even be considered domination If dark all dominating sex is nothing but a spanking and being tied to the bed there are a lot of freaky kinky people in the world The story line was predictable because it followed the story line of the last three books Kindred men are sexy but kind of dumb when it comes to taking what they wanted in the first place Honestly, if I had known this was a soppy love story where there would just be I love you followed by I love you too much to ever hurt you I wouldn t have picked it up The conversations seemed so forced to me All the fun characters were downplayed to the point that I was so happy when Nadiah and Detective Rast s POV came into the storyline I could scream Not to mention if I had to read Lauren calling Xairn Baby again I would lose it What was it with the pet names anyway First it was the Beast Kindred s Lilenta Then the Blood kindred have Talana Twin kindred say M lady Scourge have no terms of endearment so it was up to the human to come up with one Mhhh But even the nickname Lauren put to the big bad Scourge couldn t frustrate me than the ending Oh my God the ending Xairn is the only one who can compete with his father It has been building up for the past three books so you re going to think finally It was predicted by the Goddess after all that this was to be an epic battle Basically I was prepared for an explosive battle only to get a little puff of smoke Very disappointing To top all this off the typos were just as consistent as the I love yous It is one thing for this to be a manuscript or and ARC, that is expected because it isn t a completely finished product This story was put up for sale as a finished book The whole story was long and painful at times only to seem rushed at others Now there are to be two Kindred books which I am hesitant about reading Overall Found wasn t my favorite Kindred story From the plot to the characters I feel there just wasn t as much thought put into this one unlike the other three Hopefully the next in the series will be better. Wow Best Kindred I loved the angst and romantic tension offered in this book LOVE THE LENGTH Anderson continues to introduce new characters and intrigue through sub plots that are super enjoyable I can t wait until she writes books 56 I m a big sci fi paranormal fan and this author includes all that s fun with that world building, warring, protection, good vs evil, it s all there in a book for 3 She s RUINED me for expensive books Nice.Lauren is the long lost cousin of Liv and Sophie and finds herself the cure for the Scourge Inhumanely held prisoner aboard their spaceship, she establishes a tentative bond with the son of her captor, Xairn His Kindred blood wars with his Scourge side as he yearns for the love she offers him Can he overcome his violent genetics to love her This was a great installment that made my Kindle hit my face again that ll happen at 1AM I finally finished it this morning and cannot wait for books 56 next year Maybe I can actually get a good nights sleep finally Keep writing Evangeline