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Stolen From A Bright Life Full Of Colors, Happiness And Youth, Nicole Reed Is Dragged Into A Pit Of Pain And Depravity Where All She Can Hope For Is A Quick End But Her Captors Don T Want To Kill Her They Want To Use Her To Teach A Little Boy Whom They Plan To Mold In Their ImageShe Must Free Him Before That Happens Only, She Can T Stand Against Those Who Hold Him, Not Alone Her Only Hope Is Vince, One Of Her Tormentors, Who May Still Show A Glimmer Of HumanityOr Maybe That S Just A Trick Of The LightWarning BDSM, Graphic Violence, Dubious Consent, Forced Sex, Forced M M Sex, Less Than Willing Participation In Edge Play, Content That Some Readers Will Consider Objectionable Including Hot Sex With A Drool Iciously Evil Man

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    Read a while ago but I always wonder about when book three is out so I really want to write something about these books.Loved it, I m not even sorry.Some people will hate this series, I m not one of them.I did nearly hang my head in shame and think Rebecca you are a dirty dirty girl But I ve made peace with that for now.So unapologetic in its brutality I don t know why that appeals to me but it does Vince, I love him So full of dirty, guilty pleasure awesome filthy non con goodness BUT be warned, not an easy light read by any means If you are open to dark reads, and want to be pushed start this series

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    After tossing and turning I still don t know how to review this book 3 maybe 4 On one hand I have to give the book props for messing with my head this long but in the other I don t like this kinda mind fuck I m watching over my shoulder for a van to drive by to snatch me up I m just glad I m not in childcare In this second installment of deadly captive darkness and evil lurk in the shadows only to pounce when you aren t looking I felt so bad for Nicole and all the shit she went through She has amazing strength for someone whose been dealt a shitty hand.Nicole has been sought out for her skills as a teacher Everything is riding on it in fact She must keep the interest of a boy in training in order to stay in a sick game Vincent isn t anything that nicole thought him to be She s fighting for her life but she s just a new toy to him It s his first so he must mold her into the perfect slave Vincent was once the child in training and he wants out, or does he This book actually made me cringe a few times which honestly surprises me cuz really NOTHING ever has I am going to need to read about happy lil bunnies now.

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    This time, Nicole Reed is the victim to Cyrus s sadistic and sociopathic games Nicole was happily teaching young kids when she is suddenly kidnapped The goal is to have her compete with 4 other teachers for the 3 teaching spots for the little boy, Alrik Who is Alrik This comes out a little bit later.Vince is one of the guards who takes a liking to Nicole His interaction with her is odd In fact this entire story is odd The lack of world building is what brings this story down If the first book in this series is not read, the reader would be beyond clueless Even with the first in this series read, the reader may still be confused While it is understandable that a kidnapped victim wouldn t know what is going on, and the point of view is from Nicole, it is still expected to have some information revealed The information about this world is so stingily provided that it makes the reader question if the Ms Sommerland created what this world is supposed to be Basically, it s as if we are watching a play with neither stage nor props This makes it difficult for the reader to connect with the story.The characters in the story are okay I never really felt much for Nicole It is a good thing she was a preschool type teacher otherwise her desire to save Alrik would have made no sense No one is that altruist to the point of allowing themselves to be killed At least no one who isn t related to the child The supposition that Nicole possessed such a strong desire to save a child is what held the book together Vince is a character who is not well developed either He s of a puppet for Cyrus He seems to have ulterior motives but it doesn t really mesh with his actions His sudden epiphany of right versus wrong does not ring true This tale s focus is not on character, plot or world building Instead, it is a torture s fantasy of rape and mutilation with erotic undertones It s a dark fantasy and as long as this is understood, the story is fine The title of the book, Collateral Damage is appropriate This book is recommended for dark erotic fantasy lovers who enjoy a bit of torture.

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    In the end of the first book, Deadly Captive, Daederich and Lydia are out and about where Lydia sees a little boy Lydia is praying she s wrong in her assumption and I honestly didn t catch on to what she was so freaked on about Then the story finishes and the next one starts, with someone reading a children s book to some kids Because of the blanket of secrecy Bianca covers these books in, it takes a while to find out who s POV we re following When I started this book, I expected that we d be continuing Daederich and Lydia s story I wish I d known upfront that that wasn t the case, because my mind was all over the place trying to keep up was it Lydia that had started over somewhere Or are we without prior knowledge dealing with a new female lead Let me spare you the same confusion the hero and heroine of this book are Nicole and Vince It turns out that Cyrus is in the market for teachers to educate the kid that s recently come into his care Who s the kid After they quieted, Cyrus continued As some of you might know, we ve caught ourselves a prize Daederich s son You ve all heard of Daederich This explains Lydia s reaction from the ending of Deadly Captive As it turns out Cyrus has acquired five teachers and have them compete against each other, for the three teaching spots for Alrik At first Vince and Cyrus leads Nicole to believe, that it depends on who Alrik likes, however, that couldn t be further from the truth Obviously, there s no entertainment value in that, and Cyrus has not abandoned his old sadistic and sociopathic games.Nicole s story really starts when she sees a fellow teacher, and clubbing partner in crime, getting her throat sliced Following that she s abducted and raped over and over by some very strong men Having already read the first book I assumed her captors were vampires What I didn t expect was exactly how depraved and delusional Nicole is I don t know if the aim was to portray her as a strong woman who s survived a very unpleasant past, but that s definitely not how she came across for me Just like Lydia she lacks self control and only care about her own wellbeing when Vince is playing nice with her Don t talk about me as though I m not here Will you shut up My eyes teared with frustration, but I couldn t stop myself Not with Vince acting exactly as he had before I did what you asked I The back of Vince s hand cracked into my cheek You do not have permission to speak What really rubbed me the wrong way was that even after Cyrus and Vince feed on her, she still refuses to acknowledge that they re not human Seriously, this woman is all over the place One minute she s willing to die to protect Alrik, the next she s willing to die because Vince doesn t love her that s not strong That s weak, confusing and just annoying Actually, her need for Vince reminds me of a sad case of Stockholm syndrome than anything else So just for my own personal research, I looked up the definition Stockholm syndrome is a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity These feelings, resulting from a bond formed between captor and captives during intimate time spent together, are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims Generally speaking, Stockholm syndrome consists of strong emotional ties that develop between two persons where one person intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses, or intimidates the other Symptoms 1 Cognitive confusion blurred memory refusal to accept the reality of events recurring flashbacks.2 Emotional lack of feeling fear helplessness hopelessness aggression depression guilt dependence on captor development of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder3 Social anxious irritable cautious estrangement4 Physical increase in effects of pre existing conditions development of health conditions due to possible restriction from food, sleep, or exposure to outdoors Considering that Nicole possesses at least three of the four symptoms on the list, I d say that this explains her behaviour way better than love does.Vince is one of Cyrus guards When they abduct Nicole she s given to Vince, so he can train her as his pet But Vince is constantly fighting his inner demons what he s been taught by Cyrus and what he knows is the right thing to do As we get to learn about his past, I guess his moral compass does make some kind of sense However, to me it seemed farfetched that Nicole is the trigger for him starting to do the right thing I get why, well like it s literally spelled out in the book, but except for professions I can t see how she could remind him of his own teacher She didn t seem as depraved and F up as Nicole is.Because the two books are from the POV of the heroine we don t know much about Cyrus, besides from him being one seriously twisted son of a female dog It truly amazes me how easily you can delude yourself into believing I actually give a shit Cyrus chuckled However, that s getting a bit old now Obviously, there s to him and I sincerely hope that Bianca will provide some much needed answers in the third and final book Like what made him become what he is now Why did he cast aside his favourite pet and give her to someone else to kill Why Lydia These books lack a lot of character and world building All the characters seem interesting when they start out, however, with no progress and very sparing information about them, it s extremely hard to connect with them Which unfortunately means that I didn t really care whether they survived or not Personally, I found that reading this book was like walking down a pitch black hallway with only a small candle to light up exactly where you are No hint of light behind or in front of you, only right where you stand And even that light is not too bright.

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    SPOILER already know how much I loved this book Nicole Reed finds herself kidnapped and her friend dead, but nothing prepared her for the darkness that was ahead She soon learns there is a reason behind her abduction If she can prove herself worthy to her captors, her life will be spared Nicole is to be a teacher to a small boy that is to destined to become one of them The mastermind behind her abduction is Cyrus, who always keeps her guessing what his next move will be, but her day to day care is in the hands of Vince Her only motivation at this point is to protect the young boy she is meant to teach Vince is a tortured soul, torn between what he knows is wrong and what he has been raised to believe Nicole is his first charge and he wants to prove himself to Cyrus, but on his own terms Soon it becomes a race of survival for Nicole and Vince, as they find themselves on the same team fighting to stay alive.I absolutely loved this book and will definately read her other stories The darkness of this story grabs ahold and won t let go til the last page Bianca developed strong characters that blended well with their fellow leads Nicole and Vince s emotional bond is deep and multi facted as he teaches her ways to cope with the enviorment in which she is captive within.

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    book 2 of deadly captive Cyrus is back Psychotic as ever Evil to the core This time daycare educator Nicole is abducted, raped, and tortured And that s only within the first few hours To live she has to submit to a group of slaver vampires and participate in an entertainment arena where she must endure the ultimate test of submission or die Vince, her trainer, has been a guard for Cyrus since he was a small child But when he starts to care for Nicole will he be able to teach her to be a BDSM slave or risk Cyrus s wrath and try to free her This is an edgy look at human trafficing when vampires are the captors Many uncomfortable limits are there in the scenes Humans are disposable communities there to service them with sex or blood and then discarded when no longer valuable Nicole s story is one of survival and trust Trusting someone even when she feels all hope is lost Discovering that BDSM does not mean she is powerless.

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    As I mentioned in my review of Book 1, Deadly Captive, I made the mistake of reading Collateral Damage Book 2 in the series first Though this might have affected my review for the first book, it in no way reflected in my enjoying Collateral Damage, which until the extreme end of the book could very well be a stand alone book.We begin Collateral Damage in Nicole Reed s classroom as she reads a story to her grade school students After work, she joins her co worker, Amanda, for some drinks But as the two friends make their way to town, they come across a child running alone in the street whom they almost run over with their car.As they see the child who was no than five years old dart into an alley, the two teachers decide to park and see if they can help the boy Ultimately, this leads to their undoing as the women quickly find out they were lured into a trap Before Nicole can figure out what is going on, she is captured by some men and Amanda is killed before her eyes.Nicole believes the end has come for her, but little does she know it it is only the beginning of her ordeal Repeatedly raped before she even knows where her captors are taking her, her mental stability is hanging by a thread When she finally arrives at her destination, Nicole learns she and several other teachers have been abducted to educate Alrik, the young boy she saw running in the street.The captured teachers have to compete amongst themselves to become Alrik s teacher and those who are not chosen will be dismissed permanently Of course, being chosen not only entails that Alrik takes a liking to the teacher, but the teacher must also be obedient to all her captor s whims.From the first book, Deadly Captive, Cyrus the sadistic vampire reappears and we learn he is the mastermind behind all the abductions If you read Deadly Captive, you would know Alrik is the son of Joe, who Cyrus abducted in retaliation for how Joe and Lydia escaped his compound In Collateral Damage, Cyrus reveals it is his ultimate plan of revenge to raise young Alrik as his own and turn him into a vampire when he is of age.Nicole has no knowledge of this backstory all she knows is she must teach Alrik and hopes he likes her, as well as obey her captors at all costs if she is to survive Thoughts of Amanda s death constantly plague her and she struggles to stay sane in the maddening atmosphere Cyrus has created.Then there s Vince, a vampire in Cyrus retinue Vince was once under Cyrus direct command, and we learn Cyrus is now ready to see if he has adequately molded Vince to his image Cyrus gifts Nicole to Vince and tasks him on making her an obedient slave.At first resistant to her fate, Nicole quickly learns that things are not as they seem with Vince and she finds herself seeing a side to the vampire he rarely shows anyone It seems a similar fate like Alrik s befell Vince and he was also the victim of Cyrus sick games when he was younger.Nicole wonders if she can convince Vince to help her rescue Alrik and break away from Cyrus, but this will not be an easy task as Cyrus controls every aspect of their lives Will Nicole be successful, or is her fate sealed forever My Personal Thoughts Collateral Damage blew me away Once I started this book, I did not put it down and read it in one go Nicole s story is harrowing and raw, and Bianca Sommerland does an amazing job evoking so many emotions as you read how Nicole struggles to survive I loved the dynamic between Nicole and Vince how Nicole sees the advantages of him being a vampire to aid in their escape and how Vince values Nicole as a last tie in to his humanity something Cyrus has done everything in his power to strip from him I think this is why I had a such a problem with Deadly Captive and how in that book, the captive, Lydia was so reliant on Joe, a human, to escape.It just didn t make sense how Lydia thought Joe was going to make it past all of the powerful vampires In Collateral Damage, however, Nicole allies herself with Vince, a vampire who has the means to take on Cyrus a believable and engaging storyline Or maybe I m biased and only loved Collateral Damage for the paranormal pairing SmileIt wasn t until the very last scene of Collateral Damage that Lydia and Joe from the last book make an appearance and Joe demands Cyrus gives back his son This confused me and made me ask Who are these people LOL And it wasn t until that scene when I realized I had read the books out of order Sad smile head desk I was shocked at what Cyrus does at the end, and since this book was released in December of 2011, I scoured the net and set to find out when the next book of the series will be released My heart sank as I could not find any information and it seems the author is working on another series I hope we see a sequel in the near future as I just need to know what happens next Please head the warning labels in the book as the subject matter is extremely intense You ve been warned

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    NOT SAFEI don t recommend this one because if you have triggerspretty much any triggersthey re in this book I love it Whispers from disembodied voice We have an abducted woman taken to a sadist vampire nest.Me Ohh I m listening Voice There s Stockholm syndrome, dub con, non con, blood play, torture, and the occasional hug Me Well now you re just bragging.Voice The leader, as in the boss to her immediate captor Imagine the Marquis de Sade being a vampire with a charming smile who loves an audience.Me wipes away a tear Take my money and gimme It s the middle book in a dark paranormal erotica trilogy, and it has the perfect amount of mush for menone The female mc Nicole is a captive of the male mc Vince and his boss Cyrus sorta In my head, Cyrus looked that that actor who plays Captain America Which I think says something about my psyche.The first and third books are about another set of people that I have no interest in, so I won t be continuing the set As I said, there are many triggers, so if you have any, don t read it But for those of us who prefer trigger like elements, it was pretty light The details are there but poorly formed.

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    So, so, so, so amazingly good I thought I liked the first book, but this was even better can t wait for the thirdYou don t have to read the first book to understand this one, if gives some context to some of the players, but everything is explained here I also love that nothing is in your face regarding the characters and you get to discover things along the way Even things you think you know, they are further explained as the characters get to know each otherWe start with Nicole, a pre school teacher, seemingly all light and hearts and rainbows, being kidnapped and assaulted As we move through the story with her, we learn and about her darker side and the circumstances that have shaped her At her base though, she still is that caring and sweet woman, so the contrast just makes her seem human She is fallible, she has facets and sides, and adjusts to her circumstances to make the best of it.Vince is our hero, for lack of a better explanation He jumps between overly caring, to mean and nasty, and then to victim, sometimes all in one scene Regardless of all that, you can t help but root for him, you know he has something big planned, and you want to keep believing in him, as Nicole does, to see what he is up to.Finally we have the reason these two noble characters are brought together, Alrik Alrik is the boy who is innocently living in an extremely dangerous situation He is the bait, the punishment and the reason for manipulation of so manyIf you are uneasy of dark stories, and not dark characters, but dark actions, this isn t the book for you If you are okay with them, and like a story with complex and intriguing characters, you will love this book

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    Nicole was forced to watch her friend die, kidnapped and raped several times She just wants to give up and die She won t because the reason she was kidnapped was to teach a little boy She will do whatever she has to to keep him safe While she begins to fall for one of her kidnappers, she sees she still isn t safe in this horrible place She along with others must see which ones get to stay and teach the boy and who will die She can only hope the one who holds her heart can help her get free with the boy.Just like with the first book take the warning issued with this book It has rape, torture and hard scenes in it Nicole at first seems like she will give up easy She doesn t though she fights back doing what she can She is afraid to face what is in font of her at times and just what kind of monsters these are Vince you can t tell what to think of at first he takes some getting used to He is a bad guy after all and does bad things but you just sense that underneath is going on You get to see some of the characters from the first book come back and I will say the ending had me surprised Just when you think you have read everything the author could do to these people you get a curve ball I will read the next one as I have to see where they go next.