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{read online books} Troll Story (The Magic Triangle Trilogy #2) Author P.K. Silverson –

The Possibly Long Awaited Sequel To The Fairy S Tale Condemned To Live Out Her Days As A Hideous Troll, A Wicked Ex Fairy Princess Leads Her New Companions To The City Of Angels To Wreak Vengeance On Her Former Consort And The Unsuspecting Mortals Who Love HimOn A Hunting Foray Into An Eastern Land, Five Trolls Contentedly Feast On The Children Of A City Teeming With Life Their Relatively Serene Complacency Is Shattered When A Beastly Hag Is Deposited Into Their Midst As Is Their Custom, The Trolls Join With The Former Royal Sprite To Share Their Universal Memory To Their Surprise, They Receive Her Fairy Experiences, As Well Buried Within Her Memories Is The Identity Of The Imp Responsible For Troll Kind S Fall From Grace At Last, They Have The Opportunity For Revenge Will Silky Gain Control Over The Magic Heart Of Stone In Her Companion S Pocket And Have Her Retribution Will Her Unexpected Baby Be A Troll, A Fairy Or Some Kind Of Hybrid Can Frisque Continue To Keep The Trust Of Both The Seelie Court And His Beloved Dawn S Skeptical Father And What, Exactly, Does Puck Have To Do With All That S Been Set In Motion, Anyway Along The Way, We Meet Gruff Billy Goats And Fierce Marauders In Dragon Ships We Hear The Tales Of A Bereaved Father Who Quests To Destroy The Hideous Creatures Who Butchered His Twin Sons, And Of A Disheartened Ex Convict Whose Life Has Been Unexpectedly Charmed And Damned At The Very Same Time Underneath It All, There S A Brave New Virtual Realm Where Our Troll Guide Dudley Gets The Chance To Express His Evil Thoughts And Observations Articulately Than He Had Ever Believed Possible

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    If you don t love any other sequel, love this one This adult fairytale is so smartly written The characters have human faults and qualities, which helped me get lost deeper within the story It s not about trolls and fairies magic, it s about anger and love and friendship I believe the books has a lot of messages an eye for an eye, the golden rule applies everywhere and it s always best to take the high road I will recommend this book to anyone that wishes to get lost in their imagination and come out inspired.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed reading Troll Story The way the author took the events of A Fairy s Tale and rolled it into the plot was ingenious In the same style as before, the story was delivered in an unusual way, where one has to think back to keep track of each characters story Also like before, we see how their lives all intertwine and how good prevails in the end Great read