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Book V Of The Knights Of The Board Room Series Can Be Read As StandaloneBen Is The Last Unattached Member Of The Five Man Executive Team Of KA Associates The Other Four, All Masters, Have Found The Submissive Of Their Dreams That S Fine The Sharp Edged Lawyer Knows He S The Most Hardcore Of All Of Them, With Extreme Tastes As A Master He Satisfies Physically Through Experienced Club Submissives He Doesn T Really Need Anything Than ThatMarcie Has Loved Ben Since She Was Sixteen He S Never Behaved As Anything Than A Protective Big Brother, A Family Friend But Now She S Twenty Three And Starting Her Career As A Corporate Investigator She May Be A Blood And Bone Deep Submissive, But She Won T Hesitate To Use Her Aggressive Talents To Prove She S Meant To Be His With A Master As Tough As Ben, She Ll Have To Take Whatever Measures Are Needed Even If Her Deepest Desire Isn T A Hostile Takeover Of His Heart, But An Unconditional Surrender To It Reader Advisory Marcie S Sexual Journey Contains A Group Scene Of Female Female Sexual Exploration The Masters Also Share Her In A Brief Group Scene

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    5 THISBOOKIS BANANAS B A N A N A S STARS WARNING If your favorite position is missionary, this book is not for you.This is how I would describe this book Let me explain Marcie BALLS OF STEELMarcie got her HEA And I got my HEA too This is one of the HOTTEST books I ve ever read I was on fire I want a man to call me a slut and throw me up against a wall Is that too much to ask There is also a really fabulous story Marcie has been in love lust obsessed with Ben since she was sixteen He is several years older than her, so he sees her as a younger sister They keep in contact over the years through letters, emails, phone calls and I highlighted all of those because they are so sweet When Marcie gets older, she knows in her soul that there is no one else but Ben She knows him through and through so she begins to pursue him like a lioness on a slab of meat The girl has balls of steel He denies her over and over and she keeps going back for That sounds pathetic, but it wasn t She knew who she wanted and she went after him with all her heart and soul.My Marcie My Ben This was my first Joey Hill book, and I love her writing I love that there are so many characters and it s like a big family.This was some hardcore BDSM, ladies, and you know I loved it Special thanks to my girl, Irene, for recommending this book Giddy up

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    Ultimate Favorite Love Story EVER That s all This spoiler free review is one of my favorites when it comes to this book TeriLyn s review of Hostile Takeover WARNING Joey W Hill s books aren t for everyone They almost always feature Master slave at times 24 7 D s relationships with hardcore BDSM scenes that may be offensive to some If you are easily offended and think 50 Shades was hardcore, this is NOT a book for you.

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    This beauty of a book is on sale for a LIMITED TIME and it hardly ever happens Grab it US UK Check the price before purchasing I ve found a new book loveIt was sooo good Just, WOW emotional and intense and beautiful and sexy and HOT Very, very lovely Deep all consuming love at its very best A love that runs deep, has history, earns trust and is oh so very powerful This book consumed my mind, my heart and my soul It s Ben and Marcie s story, a story I adored and here s why Hostile Takeover is a BDSM story so obviously it deals with taboo, risque subjects It showcases the lifestyle, the desire of pleasure and the craving of pain, submission, obedience sexual play, caring, sharing Oh my goodness I adored it Their world is far removed from my own but it s a brand of fiction that has the capacity to captivate me and Hostile Takeover worked its magic on me to perfection.Knights of the Boardroom seriesis about the five man executive team of KA Associates Sexy Masters of the boardroom, each with their perfect submissive, except Ben, the most hardcore master of them all He feels able to satisfy his extreme tastes in other ways, ways that are devoid of commitment and emotion Ben is the Master at the center of Hostile Takeover Marcie is the submissive who wants to be desired by Ben, the man she s loved since she was sixteen She ll do everything it takes, and So much , to achieve her desire To me, loving someone is living Marcie is so very wise for one considered to be so young.The story telling and structure of the novel is simply beautifulTexts letters phone callsTheir history is laid out before us with letters, texts and phone calls from the years gone by They gave me the book flutters So beautiful and revealing, and sometimes quite amusing Each one, shows something about Ben and Marcie, their personality, their relationship to each other, Ben s softer side, and I fell a little in book love with Ben and Marcie with each one Marcie has a fiery resilience and determination, she s stubborn and perceptive and although a submissive at heart, she has the steely strength to push forward and show exactly what she wants from Ben She s brave and intelligent with balls of steel, in other words, a perfect book heroine.Ben is almost a decade older, a family friend, a confidant Will the great Master allow anything Allow himself the pleasure At twenty three, she s already turned into a, breathtaking young woman, so she s plenty old enough but Is it acceptable And can she take his brand of love Joey Hill gives us small clues, droplets of information about Ben throughout the course of the story We re shown beautiful glimpses of his feelings about Marcie, about his life, his inner turmoil and torment, his demons Ben is hard, ruthless, edgy and down right dangerous to the heart, a Sadist He was everything a man should look like Yes, he s an amazing book character and a new sexilicious book boyfriend for me And sometimes he took my breath away. Her eyes closed as his mouth took hers, his body pressing her hard Her master was ruthless, demanding, all hers At least for this one, perfect moment My heart was fit to burst at their perfect moment but, as we know, in book world nothing is simple I experienced the angst and the turmoil, Joey Hill gave me so many feelings in her picture perfect writing For me, a books worth is largely centered on the feelings it emotes in me and the deep love felt by two immense characters Uncomfortable reading, laced with darkness and turmoil can offer the most beautiful light and the deepest of love and trust, Hostile Takeover gave me all these things. Perfectly emotes the feeling and emotion of the story Just Beautiful.Ben and Marcie have a place in my top book couple history, no doubt about it I love everything about them, their inner voice, their dialogue, when they re together and apart, their struggles everything s perfection for me I love the glimpses we re shown of the additional characters, their relationship to each other and the close connection that the BDSM world gives them They left me wanting to taste I feel like I ve become part of a new family dynasty.BDSM stories, when written with truth and honesty, absolutely fascinate me It s a genre, when mixed with deep all consuming love and passion, I find irresistibly powerful and that s exactly how I d sum up Ben Powerful Irresistible If you like this kind of book, then I would say Hostile Takeover is one of the best If you haven t already experienced Ben go and make a Hostile Takeover and enjoy the ride Hostile Takeover is book V of the Knights of the Board Room series but can most definitely be read as standalone This is the first book I ve read in the series.BR with Deanna and HT chat with lots of lovely ladiesThank you for the rec, Irene xx

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    0 stars Review edited March 18, 2015Instead of sticking out my tongue, I should cane Ben s ass and stick the thing up his ass You are just a body My body, to do with as I wish You have no identity except as my slave What I think of Ben Baba s 101 psychology Ben, a hardcore Dom and extreme sadist, was a street kid after he d been abandoned by his mother He d been abused and I m pretty sure it was both, emotionally and sexually Enter Marcie, a 24 7 hardcore slave She s clean but Ben is not When he was abused he did not have any control over his mind and body He had no identity whatsoever and somehow he might have thought that he was scum When he s ass fucking his subs, he does not seek intimacy Ass fucking means no eye contact, no intimacy, total control over a sub and her wants, her needs Total control over his personal needs Ben is the one to PUNISH and HURT the sub he does not take any punishment, and he is not vulnerable any The slave has to take the pain, to give everything up a total loss of control Ben called Marcie slut and brat Maybe he felt that he was a whore when he was sexually abused Call me old fashioned but I love the missionary position because it makes the lovers vulnerable It doesn t get any intimate or personal than that You can look into each other s eyes You re open to everything Throughout the story I hardly felt any intimacy at all Most of the time there s so much harshness it s really hard to understand and it s incredibly hard to stomach I couldn t bring myself to empathize with Ben What he did to Marcie is deviant yet she enjoyed it, so I guess these two deserved each other I m a huge fan of Joey W Hill and I only finished Hostile Takeover because she s one of my favorite authors She has written a few fabulous stories but Hostile Takeover bothered me greatly, particularly the sex which I found clinical, vulgar and unappealing I always say I will never ever judge people but I take the liberty to judge my fictional characters Ben and Marcie are crazy I can t understand what s so stimulating about extreme pain play, humiliation and degradation And the sex well, it s pretty much all about ass fucking Porn vibes all the way, baby I didn t feel any connection with the characters and I didn t care about them at all I hated so much about Hostile Takeover I hated Ben What a crazy freak he is and Marcie wasn t anything to write home about either Freaky bitch And for once, the philosophical and spiritual aspect of Hill s BDSM was totally lost on me Geez, if it had been a paperback I would have burned the offending thing A hardcore submissive like Marcie, an inexperienced one, tends to go to extremes She has the responsibility to take care of herself Fair enough But what about the Dom What about his responsibilities Marcie proved to be very reckless After being punished, she decided to take it even further She did something that made her ass bleed And guess what After her ass was bleeding and she could barely walk because she almost fainted, only a few hours later her Master was stuffing his tongue into her abused ass Another part of the story I did not like was when Ben lost it He twisted her arm on her back and slammed her into a car Marcie s face was bleeding I gotta say that she hit him before he slammed her into the car, but I felt that Ben deserved it He acted like an asshole Ben can apologize for all I care, I don t need to see that I did hurt you I laid hands on you in anger That s the one thing a Master never does to his sub and a man never does to a woman Not ever, he repeated underscoring it. I have a hard time to wrap my mind around certain parts of Hostile Takeover She wasn t just in over her head, out in the middle of the ocean Her life was literally in his hands, her right to breathe, to exist All of it was at his mercy, and she would gladly stop breathing if that was what he wanted She d do anything to please him It was crazy, irrational It scared her to death, because she couldn t stop feeling any of it She tried and found her arms were noodles She was losing motor control Shouldn t that alarm her Er that s quite disturbing I want you do unspeakable things to me Please Slut That would be hers, for sure She wore the name like a badge of honor How did I do Six minutes, twelve seconds You re still a slut But I proved I m your slut, didn t I BTW, slut as an endearment doesn t work for me Approximately 46 % into the story, there was a sex scene beyond my imagination Where the hell was the safe word I know, I know there was no need for a safe word because Marcie wouldn t have used it anyway I won t go into details but be aware that Ben used extremely kinky gear to pleasure and torture Marcie What happened there made me somewhat nauseous They were fucking for hours and Marcie passed out eventually Hah And what did Ben do after she was unconscious Lifting her thigh, he slid just the head back into her ass He d lubricated her frequently, so there was plenty of oil there to allow him entry WTF Consensual non consent CNC It s when the slave sub s safe word is only used for medical emergencies Within the boundaries they ve set, the Dom can do anything he wishes The problem was that Ben had CNC from the very beginning Marcie trusted him with her very life and soul That s a bad call, IMO Marcie was sobbing and crying a lot You really have to be a hardcore masochist to endure everything Ben dished out She had caning marks on her buttocks Fact was, her ass was constantly bruised and she had marks all over her body At one point he d laid his upper body over her back, pinning her down as she squealed from the pain She LOVED those marks, LOVED seeing them Ben s behavior is always about control I could control things in that room, could get into the psyche of a woman and open her up, open her soul so I could find that part of her that s always raw and aching and open inside me I could find what s real and not the fa ade But each time I get there, I m still empty I touch that hand, find that spot, and it s not what I was seeking So eventually you decide the point isn t finding something, but the search You keep moving, avoid staying still. Ben can sit in that stillness when Marcie is with him What I did likeThe letters and e mail exchange between Marcie and Ben during her college time Plus, I liked a specific part of the story, I think it was between 70% and 87% when I got proof why I love the author s writing To top everything off, Ben and Marcie even had a decent conversation If I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing Love is patient and kind love does not envy or boast it bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things I love Joey s writing and I had to endure and bear a lot while reading Hostile Takeover I don t understand all knowledge and hardcore BDSM will always be a mystery to me I can t remove mountains but I have faith in love I have love and I am grateful for that and therefore I am something Ben, you can go to fucking hell and ass fuck the devil gags WARNINGHostile Takeover contains extremely explicit sex including oral and anal There s a lot and I mean A LOT of ass fucking, hardcore spanking, toys, and kinky gear Hostile Takeover contains a sex scene between a bunch of women, maybe four, five or six can t remember any Also, there is a m nage scene between one woman and five men It is not for the faint of heart.Hostile Takeover can be read as a standalone.

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    4.5 STARS Let me start off by saying, if you have difficulty opening your mind this book is mostly likely NOT FOR YOU I consider myself to be pretty open minded, yet there were times I needed a spreader bar to keep my mind from closing.This is a story of a young girl crushing on a nurturing man, maturing into a love that fuels her vagina soul BIG Ben aka Backdoor Bruiser Ben O Callahan is the only remaining bachelor of the five man executive team of KA associates He works hard, plays hard and can stay hard for hours on end pun intended Ben is constantly telling himself ,as well as his friends, that s he s not meant to be in a committed relationshipWhy else would god give him a third leg His Wilber says one thing while his heart and mind speak another Demons from his past cause Ben to remain unattached, and he s accepts said demons will remain with him forever, Now, onto the badest bitch E V E R, Marcie. I FUCKING LOVE HER Marcie has been in love with Ben since the tender age of 16. In the 7 years since they ve last crossed paths ,Marcie has been researching Ben ,familiarizing herself with the BDSM lifestyleas well as practicing with every dildo known to man Finally at age of 23, an opportunity to intern at KA associates presents itself and Marcie decides it s time to show Ben she s meant to be his Ben is shocked to see how much Marcie body has grown as well as his dick at the sight of her Marcie gets right to the point, informing Ben that she wants to submit to him.ALL.OF.HIM Ben turns down Marcie s advances but agrees to mentor her on the big boys BDSM lifestyle..SWEET BABY JESUS, get ready folks because playtime is about to begin Bens playdates are like known I ve ever read Like Ben, my ass was saying while the rest of me was saying This story isn t just about poking, stroking, and smoking hot sex I m just too horny again to remember the riveting romantic aspect of it, but I promise they re there Just keeping it real PEOPLE If you are looking for a story that will touch your heart as well as your hormones , this my dear friends is special thanks to Irene for rocking my ladyboner s world with this recommendation of course FYI My statues updates will tell you about the book then this long ass vague review Feel free to scroll down and take a look

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    4 Spank Me Stars Welcome toWhere Ben is the mayor and will for being a bad girl Ben,Marcie has known Ben since she was 16 and has had a crush on his ever since Now at 23, she is a woman with a woman s desire and her feelings for him have turned from crush to love Ben, 9 years her senior, doesn t think it is right even though his blood boils when she is near him or even when he thinks about her Marcie is on a mission to prove that she is the Slave of his dreams If my Master is lost, I ll find him I ll lead him back to himself, because to serve doesn t always mean to follow MarcieBen has a troubled soul and love is something that he just doesn t think will ever happen for him Marcie is too good for him so he tries to push her away He tries to tell her that he isn t the Master for her, but Marcie doesn t take no for an answer.This was a wonderful read I need to go back and read the rest of the series now because there are definitely some intriguing cough characters Thanks Irene and all of my other BIG Books girls for a great Buddy Read

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    5 Take Me StarsFirst I have to say This book involves hardcore BDSM and that may not be for you you ve been warned now moving on to the fun stuff This book is over the top hot seriously one of the hottest books I have ever read More than that, the writing is phenomenal and I was immediately invested in Ben and Marcie s relationship Marcie, 9 years younger, has loved Ben for years So long that Ben feels like this is a girlish crush that Marcie needs to grow out of Marcie s love for Ben is all consuming Ben has been her obsession, and she has spent the last few years learning what he likes and how to make him happy However, Marcie isn t conforming for Ben they are just a perfect match, now how can she make Ben see that After years of preparing and waiting on Ben the opportunity comes for Marcie to fill in as his assistant Marcie choses this time to make her move and what a move it is I loved this story let me count the reasons I love stories where the couple has known each other for years In this story the chapters start with excerpts from text messages, phone calls or emails from years ago These little snippets were one of my favorite things Ben is damaged and I love me a broken man in need of fixing Marcie is open and honest in her feelings, she isn t a runner or game player Lastly, these two together is absolute perfection they are sexy, raw, playful, and sincere I could go on all night, but you would be bored to death and I would probably spoil the book.

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    3.25 stars She d heard rumors about his size, but if that was a partial erection, there were monsters in Japan who would run screaming. INTENSEThat s the best word I can come up with here to describe the experience that was this book As much as I love this author s writing and as hot as most of the scenes in this book werethis was not my favorite book by her The series has been a little hit or miss for me, with Peter s book still continuing to be my favorite.If you ve never read BDSM books, this is not the one you pop your BDSM cherry with Seriously And before you meet Ben and his monster cock, might I suggest working on your stamina a bitBecause the man s cock has the recovery time of 1.5 seconds It s like the BDSM energizer bunnyit just keeps fucking, and fucking, and fuckingIf you ve read this series, then you re familiar that every man in the group has his own particular kink Now personally, if I had to pick, I d stick with Lucas and his kink Why I ll give you a hint.Ben is the most intense of the knights So you may be curious what his particular kink is.Now I gotta admit, as delicious as Ben is, his penchant for anal in combination with his monster cockI d be a bit intimidated Oh who am I kidding I d be a whole lot of But Marcie handled it like a champ.I m not typically a fan of extremely forward heroines in my books, but Marcie was just awesome She had the lady balls of steel To be able to handle Ben and his very dark past, she d have to be.But somewhere along the line, this book lost some of its fizzle for me I knew what I was walking into reading it after seeing some reviews, so I wasn t too surprised But there were a few scenes that left me a bit1 view spoiler There is a FF scene in the book Doesn t really bother me, though I mainly prefer cock on cock action My problem with this particular scene is that I didn t quite get the necessity of it Marcy is coming down from a very intense fight with Ben so the women comfort her Somehow this goes from having drinks, to getting a message, to oral sex from Dana Huh It wasn t meant to be sexual, of a comforting thing I think that s why I really didn t connect with this Dunno hide spoiler

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    Second time reading better than the firstMs Hill, for the second time with Ben and Marcie, held me hostage with her beautiful words and powerful love story I had to add to my review Hostile Takeover blew me away The BDSM and the psychology of that lifestyle is fascinating in this book so than any other of its kind that I ve read The sex scenes are hot and charged with consuming, raw passion Those elements integrated with the raw, honest, emotional vulnerability of the characters make it a must read This book was recommended to me by a friend after I asked her for a good erotica read With Hostile Takeover I got that ten fold plus so much that I would have never expected There are scenes where Ben and Marcie are stripped so bare, both figuratively and literally it s gut wrenching and captivating at the same time One particular chapter near the end these characters are so emotionally exposed I was left breathless Ben is a broken man and an alpha Dom a heady combination He s guarded and self destructive, thinking he s incapable of love because of his childhood His insecurities and loneliness are a direct contrast to the confident, composed Dom he lives as Ben is brilliant at what he does and loved by his inner circle so completely yet he s still blinded by the emotional armor he s built around his heart He s wrapped up in his own demons and has trouble seeing the truth behind Marcie s actions Ben makes mistakes in this book, big mistakes But his transformation and purging of demons is so powerful and perfectly written that you won t mistake him for anything less than completely irresistible imperfectly perfect And Marcie shows us the entire time, she always knew Marcie is an emotional warrior no joke, a total warrior and wears her heart on her sleeve making no excuses for who she is and the confidence she has in her own strength to prove her worth to him She quickly made it to the top of my list of favorite heroines She is the perfect example of a woman who has been put to the test and overcomes so completely to get what she wants, craves, and ultimately needs for survival She is contrastly strong and yet completely submissive A kitten and a lioness A shape shifting sorceress as Ben so accurately and eloquently describes her Marcie instigates a dangerous game of cat and mouse with her heart exposed without knowing the outcome And where one might assume Ben as the predator, Ms Hill expertly shows us a woman whom is quite capable to give up being the prey and becoming to the cat to earn what she knows in her heart she deserves Their banter is hilariously woven throughout the prose reminding us constantly that these two are human and navigating a complex web of feelings for not only each other but for themselves The writing is engrossing and every single layer of the story resonated within me The author extraordinarily juxtaposes Ben and Marcie s past with their present at the beginning of each of chapter The span of their relationship in the book is not long However, Ms Hill purposefully demonstrates the depth of their consuming love by incorporating past letters, texts, and emails between Ben and Marcie at the start of each chapter Each part of this correspondence directly coincides with what s about to happen in each chapter so there is never question that we as the reader understand how profound their relationship is Within this book the author illustrates BDSM so masterfully exactly as BDSM should be an expression of souls, an exposition of demons, and a forthright acceptance of complete trust between master and sub The relationship is written exactly as it should be understood, a completion, an extension of each other as Master and slave Further proving Ben and Marcie were born to complement each other in an extreme way a way that I don t fully understand but that fascinates and captivates me none the less I feel it important to note, which I didn t the first review, the other members of the KA family From them, the reader gains so depth and insight to these two characters The care and compassion each and every member of this inner circle shows Ben and Marcie makes you feel that much deeper for our hero and heroine To these people, the family they ve created is beyond everything and that love is prevalent throughout this story There are some great scenes between Ben and the boys Marcie and the girls that are just as humorously raw as Ben and Marcie s story Hostile Takeover is a good erotica alright, a good erotica with layers and nuances that will astound you I m so happy I finally read it again There aren t enough stars to express how much I love this book.