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One Last Chance To Save Happily Ever After Can A Group Of Heroes, Including Goldenhair, Red Riding Hood, And Rapunzel, Help General Snow White And Her Dwarven Resistance Fighters Defeat The Tyrannical Queen Cinderella And Will They Succeed Before A War With Wonderland Destroys Everything Their Only Hope To Stop Cinderella S Quest For Power Lies With A Young Girl Named Patience Muffet She Carries The Fabled Shards Of Cinderella S Glass Slippers, As Well As The Dark Secret Of Who Murdered The Last Of The Fairy GodmothersRoy AMauritsen S Fantasy Adventure Fairy Tale Epic Begins With Shards Of The Glass Slipper Queen Cinder Fantastic A Magnificent Epic Sarah Beth Durst, Author Of Into The Wild Drink, Slay, Love The Brothers Grimm Meets Lord Of The Rings Patrick Thomas, Author Of TheMurphy S Lore Series Roy Mauritsen S Enchanting Epic Comes At A Time When Fairy Tales Are Back In The Forefront Of Our Collective Imagination If You Ve Missed The Stone Halls And Warm Fireplaces Of Happily Ever After Then Look No Further Darin Kennedy, Author

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    Fairytale ReunionThis is a great mishmash of fairytales Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and even Alice in Wonderland, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat and fairy Godmothers I loved the premise and the execution A wonderful story that kept me reading until the last page I will definitely be continuing the adventure.

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    I am amazed by the intricacy of the plot I loved, loved, LOVED, how all my childhood fairytales have been meshed up together in this delightful little book.I was very excited to find out what plotline Mauritsen had created for each of the Disney princesses and the accompanying cast, each page held a lovely surprise The best thing, however, was the introduction of Wonderland in the mix It s easy to think up of ways to twist our old beloved stories, but Mauritsen hs combined it all in a clear and surprising manner, without losing track of the main plot and messing the story up I must admit, I was worried for a while that things were going to get confusing and Mauritsen was going to loose sight of the story and make a jumble of things, but he didn t It all came together and was wrapped up in a tight plot I m NOT happy about the cliffhanger Especially since I did not realize this was a series WOT has lead me to take a vow, NEVER to start a series that hasn t ended already So now, I m left hanging, for yet another year Not happy Three Stars ClarificationIf I liked it so much, why the 3 stars you ask Well, although the story was highly entertaining I had the following issues 1 The book needed editing I m not a grammar nazi at alll, and I usually don t notice editing problems if I was engrossed with the book, but the story was really entertaining and it would have been so much better had it been properly edited.2 Because there were so many characters, not all of them got their time in the sun We only got depth from a couple of the characters, while some key characters came of as shallow and flat I would have liked to see character building in rupunzel and elizabeth for example 3 Finally, I felt the writing style was confused between that of a children s fairy tale and that of an adult book There were times when the writing felt like a typical fairytale with short, simple basic sentences, and other times when it took on adult themes, like adultery and it turned into a adult oriented book I have very high hopes for the second book This is Mauritsen s first book afterall, and as a first time writer he has done a wonderfull job If the second book mantains the same forceful imagination as this one, with proper editing, it could easily become a bestseller Again, I want to stress, again That , I will never read an uncompleted series The wait is just maddening It s like getting in your car and finding there is no fuel Hmph

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    An action filled story where our sweet and all time favorite Cinderella is given a power hungry witch queen role A good read The plot was predictable, which is exactly why I liked the book

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    Wow What an amazing and fun book The ending Holy batshit the ending MaldoraI cannot wait to see what the future holds for her Queen CinderCrazy evil bitch. GoldenhairOh, she is just the coolest thing EVER I LOVE what the author has done with this character ElizabethNow here is a twist I never saw coming At ALL All of the Wonderland characters as well The whole book just made me so very happy I am looking forward to the next installment.

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    Once upon a time takes on new meaning in Roy Mauritsen s Shards of the Glass Slipper In the great tradition of true masters of fairy tales, Mauritsen twists the reader in and out of timeless stories, and leaves the reader asking, Is there a happily ever after Shards of the Glass Slipper is a book that will stand the test of time This will become a work that will find itself in classrooms from middle school to college I was incredibly impressed with Mauritsen s ability to alter the reader s traditional ideas of certain characters from fairy tales He has, with great skill, given the world of fairy tales new life He s breathed fresh air into antiquated stories, and in doing so, revived stories that may very well have faded into the past.The way Mauritsen changed my perceptions of fairy tale characters equals Maguire s way to make the reader sympathize for the Wicked Witch of the West Mauritsen is a true visionary who sees a world that is forever changing, and in his vision he s given us a masterpiece to cherish.If ratings went higher than five stars, I would give Mauritsen every one of them He deserves each of them for allowing the world to experience Shards of the Glass Slipper.

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    This was a great read from Roy Mauritsen The story was well thought out and unique given the nature of the characters I especially enjoyed the subtle way he worked in the familiar themes into unfamiliar plot twists Character development and relationship development were well done, especially as we get to see a mature version of the storybook characters we grew up with.The only reason I gave this four stars was because of some minor editing issues and style choices With that said, they did not get in the way of enjoying the book Roy s first work is a harbinger of great things to come as he grows as an author.Again, well done I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good fairy tale and look forward to Ernie Laurence Jr.Author Sundered

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    I enjoy clever and this book was clever The nursery rhyme fairytale characters of our childhoods have grown up and become embroiled in some dark, adult intrigue Cinderella is now an evil witch queen who had an affair and tries to kill her Prince Snow White commands a rebel army of dwarves against the Queen Someone named Goldenhair can talk to three bears and other forest creatures A portal to Wonderland has been breached and a war between worlds is about to break out Poor Queen Alice is only a puppet for White Rabbit, Mad Hatter and company Can our ragtag band of heroes save the day and win back their kingdom I hope so Book One left me hanging so I had to immediately order up Book Two This book is a fun, entertaining, escapist read.

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    This wasn t for me The concept was cool and normally it s something that would spark my interest I like twisted tales I just couldn t find myself caring about the characters or the story DNF 29%

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    Queen Cinder was an excellent read I love how the different fairy tale characters are woven throughout the plot with new twists I also love the Wonderland aspect as well I don t know if Rapunzel s horse being named Rampion is pure coincidence or on purpose, but that made me happy when I read it Coincidence or not, I think it s really cool The Lunar Chronicles are one of my all time favorite series I wish I had bought Queen Alice when I had the chance Now I ll have to see if I can get it from my public library Queen Cinder truly deserves the 4 stars I gave it I only give books 5 stars when I almost can t put them down, or when I think they are absolutely perfect But that s just my personal opinion.

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    All is not happy in Marchenton Ciderella, known now as Queen Cinder, rules with a malevolent and dark fist When her husband, Prince Charming, left to wage battle against the Giants during what would become the Beanstalk War, she was swayed from the sweet and innocent person she once was into a cruel and scheming dictator by her evil step mother There looks to be no Happily Ever After in Marchentonuntil a young castle servant named Patience enters the picture Patience holds the shards of Cinderella s glass slippers, the vessel that contains the last remnants of fairy magic in the kingdom Along with the likes of General Snow White, Goldenhair and her three bears, lieutenant Repunzel, a pied piper, and a familiar girl in a red hood, Patience will embark on a sweeping journey to rid the realm of the evil queen and her Witch stepmother But, will they succeed when they encounter bounty hunting siblings Hansel and Gretel, the deformed and deadly General of the Queen s armies, and an impending war from a Land filled with Wonder I have to admit that I wasn t sure if I was going to like this novel when I decided to read it Fairy tales Me They re honestly not my bag Truth be told, I wasn t even that much into Disney when I was a kid But as it turns out, I was pleasantly surprised by Shards of the Glass Slipper.Labeled as an Epic Fairy Tale Fantasy , this book lives up to its billing It has the epic quest and reluctant chosen one aspect of Lord of the Rings and combines it with the political intrigue and behind the scenes double dealings of Game of Thrones, just using iconic characters that have been around for a LONG long time And speaking of characters, for me, that s where the book really shines these aren t your animated Disney archetypes Mauritsen s imagination is in great evidence here as he makes the characters his own He really twists and changes up the same ole same ole of the fluffy characters many of us grew up with Cinderella is dark, evil, and self serving the embodiment of absolute power corrupting absolutely Snow White is the general of the dwarven resistance army she s gruff, strong and melancholy Goldenhair aka Goldilocks , has three bears but their back story goes much beyond porridge and comfortable beds My favorite take on an old standard has to be Little Red Riding hood I LOVED what he did with the character, but I m not going to spoil it for you Let s just say that I was pleasantly surprised by the twist he put on her I could go on and on about the cast but the review would be entirely too long, but there doesn t seem to be many classics left out of this, and that includes Rabbits with pocket watches, cats with wide grins, and a certain guy who sold a cow for some magic beans, among many others.I found the plot to be pretty tight overall It reads like the beginnings of a saga and has the character moments and large battle scenes that are the hallmarks of any type of fantasy.I did have several issues with the book, none of which were deal breakers, but they re there and in the interest of full disclosure, I have to mention them Sometimes the point of view is a little loose It s told in the third person and, generally when reading a book in this perspective, each scene has one character whose head the reader is invited into Sometimes in Shards, the point of view character seemed to change from paragraph to paragraph Shifting points of view is nothing new and it s welcomed when the narrative is told in the third person, but a page break or even a new chapter are usually when those perspectives are changed While it doesn t make the book confusing, it does make it stutter a bit when you re not quite sure who s eyes you re seeing the world through Now, I admit that the amount of fairy tales I ve read could fit into a thimble, so maybe this is just a style of those types of stories I m unsure of that So, while it could very well just be me, it can stand out in a modern day novel Once again, not a total deal breaker because often than not, Mauritsen is clear about who s experiencing what.While I found it to flow pretty well for the most part, there are a couple points where the pacing gets a little slow some overly expository dialogues for the most part It only happens in a few places so once again, nothing major.Included in the ebook version are some VERY nice 3D digital renderings from the author There is some fantastic artwork in the book every few chapters, so that s a very nice bonus.It s obvious that Mauritsen has a great imagination and the ability to convey what he sees in his head to the reader Despite a few hiccups along the way, I found Shards Of The Glass Slipper to be vivid, well told, and fun What s , it s accessible to those who have a working knowledge of the classic fairy tales of old and those who don t know much about them other than what they ve seen in cartoons over the years, like me This is just the beginning of a bigger saga and the ending leaves me very curious as to where he ll go with the next installment Give this one a shot