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My Tale Has Been Told Again And Again, And I Ve Heard Each One Except For My Hair, I Barely Recognize The Pitiful Renditions Muddled Versions, Crafted To Entertain Laughing Children But The Children Wouldn T Have Laughed If They D Known The Real Story It Wasn T Their Fault They Didn T Know The Truth Nobody DidMy Name Is Rapunzel I Will Tell You My Story I Will Tell You The Truth

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    This book won me over by the title, the picture, the votes, the reviews, and the description So it practically made me fall hard for this book, and why not I am a sucker for fairy tales, quite normal for the females I guess I just hope this book doesn t let me down Since again, I love fairy tales, and since this might be a new version of the Rapunzel fairy tale, I again, hope, it will not disappoint me Or I might just cry.And it isn t a prety sight ll end badly Since some people will be like, Dude.a fairy tale novel about Rapunzel How old are you Seven And I ll be defending the book by saying.And after reading the book and it turns out it suckedI would be totally eating my own words Which hopefully, I won t.So I can t wait for this book, so I can read it and be like, THIS BOOK IS AWESOME FAIRY TALES FOR THE WIN WOOT, WOOT

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    That, my friends or not, I don t really know whoever s reading this is the best synopsis ever.I was just scrolling along a listopia, and I come across this book Nice title, nice cover, then I read the synopsis but the children wouldn t have laughed if they d known the real story It wasn t their fault They didn t know the truth Nobody did This was so awesome My name is Rapunzel and I will tell you my story I will tell you the truth My brain feels like it s going to explode now.

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    I desperately tried to love this book Unfortunately, no amount of effort on my part can overlook the juvenile syntax, the measly world building, cliched intelligence lacking characters, the half baked love triangle, and convoluted ending In addition, the major plot points were identical to Tangled but not so beautifully told or animated I ended the book confused than when I had began This is an okay introduction to fantasy However, there are far better retellings out there, and it just pains me to say that this book pained me Let s start with the wording You d figure that a 260 year old anyone that lived through the times of Dickens, whose self proclaimed favorite author is Jane Austen, who lives through books from the tower could write better than a first grader Okay, maybe a 5th grader A large portion of this book is comprised of letters written by Miss Rapunzel to John the reporter And it s extremely dull, with poor word choices, boring and bland Now onto the world building I live near real life Paradise Valley there are no dragons here Now that would be totally fine, and I get that Ms Hilton probably just chose a name without any thought to real world connections, but the author also chooses to set this book in modern times And here s where I get confused I not only live near Paradise Valley, but in the real world YET I M STILL CONFUSED Modern conveniences are thrown in to convince the reader that this is, indeed, 2013, while all evidence poses to the contrary Why isn t the town suspicious that there s an ancient TOWER CASTLE just a few miles away from the center Where even is town Also if Rapunzel has access to social media, doesn t that completely contradict the point of staying secluded and away from discovery WHY HASN T ANYONE ELSE SEEN A GIGANTIC FLYING DRAGON THAT ARRIVES DAILY Too many unsolved questions, making the setting utterly unbelievable Now the characters I ve mentioned that Rapunzel is now extremely old She even claims that she has the wisdom of lifetimes, an old woman in a body as youthful as a fresh blossom by the way, that phrase appeared at least five times However, she acts with less maturity than your average highschooler It s infuriating Also even though the novel is told in 1st person, I still remain confused on Rapunzel s motives She hates Gretta view spoiler RAPUNZEL, you have a GUN, and KNOW HOW TO USE IT, so WHY HAVEN T YOU hide spoiler

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    This review was originally posted on Mermaid with a Book.This book has a beautiful cover and a beautiful synopsis, but left me floundering when I was barely a quarter in I had expected much of My Name Is Rapunzel I did not have the easiest time writing this review I ll section it so that it ll be easier for everyone to process.Undefined goals It s extremely frustrating to have a main character and villain who both do not have defined goals In the traditional fairy tale, Rapunzel is held captive in a tower by a witch Gretta is the witch in this story However, Gretta s ulterior motive for keeping Rapunzel captive is not clear until the 80% mark in the story I was constantly distracted by what Gretta wanted exactly from Rapunzel, as nothing was given except for a rough idea I was reading page after page and hoping that Gretta s motive would be stated clearly, but it wasn t stated for most of the novel until I was 89% through with the book.Rapunzel s father places her in Gretta s care in the hopes that Gretta would one day reverse the curse on his daughter Doesn t sound like a good plan Gretta doesn t stand to lose anything by not removing the curse If I were cursed with immortality and lost the love of my life, I would have committed suicide or tried ways to kill Gretta instead of living for 250 years in a castle with her which is exactly what Rapunzel did Rapunzel wasn t actively searching or trying all means and ways to escape from Gretta All she did was grumble about having to live with that witch for 250 years without any fierce struggle, based purely on her father s hopes that Gretta would remove the curse one day In the eyes of any villain, one day is the equivalent of fat hope The logic doesn t make sense at all And most times, Gretta just disappears into the background.Characters and writing style The tension created in the prologue was pretty awesome However, the first chapter didn t build up much personality in Rapunzel for me to connect with her The chapter starts off with Rapunzel panicking about her first kiss with Henry and whether he would dump her if he found out that no man had ever before found her worthy of affection The writing was exaggerated in Rapunzel s POV and didn t give me a likeable impression of her It was totally absurd because Rapunzel actually thought that her true love would be shallow enough to judge her based on a single kiss.As I read on, I got and annoyed by the writing style of Rapunzel s POV She asks too many unnecessary questions which comes off as very childish There s an average of 4 to 5 questions on every page within the first chapter, and I counted 8 of these questions on a page in Chapter 2 The questions consist of things like What did that mean , Why now , Who was that , What now One paragraph even had 4 questions in it Should I go to Henry s parents Or to my home Where would I find help Even as I asked myself, I knew the truth There was no help to be found I was on my own After all, who could help against forces such as these It was a major turnoff for me, hearing the voice in my head read out so many questions like an annoying child Rapunzel runs around like a headless chicken whenever something bad happens I couldn t feel for her or Henry at all even when disaster struck Henry didn t have any depth to his character and I felt like I should feel bad for Rapunzel, but I didn t The first time I felt for a character was in Chapter 5 for Rapunzel s mother It s not a good sign if I m actually feeling for a supporting character than the main character.Gretta doesn t seem like a complete villain Her villainous side appeared when she first cursed Rapunzel, then it disappeared during the 250 years with Rapunzel Gretta is totally un villainy after that until the last 15% of the book, and hardly poses a real threat to Rapunzel I ll discuss this further in the plot holes section.Jenkins Ah, Jenkins, the skeptical reporter He wrote a newspaper article scoffing at fairy tales and also ridicules Rapunzel s famous hair Rapunzel reads it, gets hopping mad and decides to write him her autobiography, letter style The flashback like writing style of the letters is very poor The letters don t sound like letters, they sound like a novel within this novel It s ridiculous how Rapunzel bothers so much about what a stranger thinks of her At this point, it s almost half the story and Rapunzel s goal is still undefined Even if her goal is to make Jenkins realise she s real, the stakes are not high enough When they meet, Jenkins character suddenly undergoes a 180 change overnight and they both take to each other a lot It was not believable at all, given how skeptical Jenkins is and how Rapunzel detests him All seems to be forgiven just because Jenkins is handsome.Also, I cannot feel anything for Luke He s a useless character who lets his wife push him around.Major plot holes There s a dragon which has lived 250 years with them Up till the last quarter of the novel, it isn t clear whether Gretta controls the dragon or vice versa Rapunzel s convinced that the dragon protects her and wants her safe when all it does is fly around and roar Unless a nightly candle is lit in her tower, the dragon cannot rest as that is the only way it knows she is safe On one occasion Rapunzel tries to run from the castle, but the dragon caught her just by roaring, because it hadn t seen the candlelight The dragon doesn t seem to actually be able to stop her, so Rapunzel could still have left Jenkins gives Rapunzel an electric candle and that s it, problem solved It s so absurd Rapunzel would have been able to acquire an electric candle without Jenkins help as she knows how to use the Internet on a laptop to go online shopping.Gretta is not a real threat at all to Rapunzel, being easy to kill Rapunzel did not kill her Rapunzel could ve set herself free if she had a weapon and a moment alone with Gretta And Rapunzel had plenty of those opportunities to kill Gretta throughout the 250 years HUGE SPOILER ALERT FURTHER PLOT HOLE EXAMPLE I don t like to include major spoilers in my reviews, but for My Name Is Rapunzel, I simply have to in order to show you how flawed the plot is.Henry is the dragon And he s been that dragon flying around and roaring and supposedly keeping Rapunzel safe , when he doesn t really do anything at all We find out that Gretta cursed him so he would be a dragon for all time except for mere moments of time as a man If Henry should lay eyes on Rapunzel s face, he will turn back into dragon form.Now, we only find this out at the 83% mark of the book At 85%, Henry reveals himself to Rapunzel in a manner that would have been possible at the very start of his curse, but he chose to do that only at the end of the book The solution to his problem was very simple and the stakes had not been high enough Also, other solutions would have been simple, such as writing a letter and sending it to Rapunzel when he was in human form He needn t have waited 250 years The whole thing was incredibly ridiculous END OF SPOILER BOTTOM LINE The synopsis of My Name Is Rapunzel sells the supposed true story of Rapunzel, and so I felt that this novel had a lot of potential However, the characters really lacked depth and the plot was full of holes so laughable, I didn t know whether to laugh or cry The story did not flow or move forward well Seriously, don t waste your time on this one Not worth it.

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    Read the blurb Have you read it Read it again Does that voice not compel you, make you want to read it Does it not leave you anticipating a firm, somewhat derisive voice guiding you through the actual tale of Rapunzel Does it not pave the way for a book that is at least average, if not brilliant If you find yourself nodding, and are fortunate enough not to have started the book yet, heed my advice and do not start it Sure, you ll feel curious, but, trust me, that is a lot better than having visit optometrist because you strained your optical muscles rolling your eyes due to the many ludicrous passages in the book.The StoryNine year old Rapunzel pities the old woman living next door and so befriends her despite the repeated and empathic warnings not to She then promises said old woman never to fall in love or marry.Time passes Rapunzel is now a teenager She falls in love with a handsome prince in shining armour, and he falls in love with her too.They decide to elope because his parents have the gall to threaten to disown him if he marries Rapunzel, a commoner Fortunately, Rapunzel chose a guy willing to give up the entire kingdom just to be with her As they run away, the old lady next door appears, except now Rapunzel and the author has decided she is evil and so the poor old lady starts glaring coldly and cackling evilly like any good old witch in any cartoon.The old lady then mutters curses and poof darling Henry Rapunzel s One Twu Wuv is gone, and a looming dragon suddenly appears Starting to connect the dots yet Also, a side effect of the curse is that both Rapunzel and the old lady stop aging, and Rapunzel s hair cannot be cut in any way.Rapunzel mopes And mopes And mopes.Flash forward to present times Rapunzel has decided to write a letter to a newspaper editor declaring her identity It goes something along the line of I am nearly 268 years old and very much alive However, I don t appear to be older than an eighteen year old girl I ve been cursed. And since the newspaper editor is a moderately intelligent human being, he is sceptical She flies into a rage Well, I never Never in my life have I experienced such a rude man He s laughing at my old age It s a joke to him to perceive me as feeble and elderly That Mr Jenkins possessed quite a sick sense of humour. He asks to meet her to interview her He gets struck by her beauty and asks her out Whilst in the process of regretting her first date, she starts making plans for the second one The old lady finds out The dragon finds out They both try to stop her seeing the newspaper editor who, by the way, has a flashy sports car I didn t know newspapers paid that much.It all comes down to a final showdown The newspaper editor loves Rapunzel so much he can t bear to see her suffer and so swaps with dear Henry and becomes the dragon The poor old lady gets killed.Rapunzel the BeautifulRapunzel is such a shallow character After reading this book, I still cannot tell you anything about Rapunzel except that she is a beautiful bitch Can she read Erm I think so She does have a laptop Is she good at maths Or science Or even etiquette Well, that s a very good question I ll get back to you on that one.Her beauty is repeatedly emphasized throughout the whole book One might call it a perfect day, but perfect was a stretch in my vocabulary Regarding anything But as always, there were no promising developments I was still perfect.I d always been envious of how she could blend in with a crowd of people and easily be forgotten While I, on the other hand, couldn t risk going to town as often as she did because I had an unforgettable face Gretta said both women and men would always remember a beautiful face The women were envious, and the men desired me, but an old woman would go unnoticed Rapunzel, you re beautiful and unforgettable I ll never forget you, that s for sure See what I mean And, for a girl who claims not to understand slang What did that even mean I still have trouble understanding slang Whatever.I stood and dusted my hands on my dungarees Oh, wait They didn t call them that any My jeans Jeans I tried the word out to see how it felt Strange, it felt like most trendy words were just slurred speech They changed so fast I could barely keep up another reason I avoided townspeople. she uses an awful lot of it Geez, dude.Girlfriends these days spent time shopping at the mall or getting fancy, frothy coffee drinks and chatting for hours. She was such a bitch to Gretta, the old lady One moment she claims not to believe not to believe Gretta is a witch I did miss her, but rumours had started to spread through town that she was a witch though I didn t believe them. and the next we have Gretta cackling and chanting like mad.I understand that you re mad at Gretta for turning your One Twu Wuv into a dragon, really, I do, but need you be angry at her for three hundred odd years And let s not forget that she was merely punishing you for breaking a promise you made to her I m not your child I might be forced to live with her and call her by name, but I didn t have to befriend her I narrowed my eyes to a glare Do not speak to me Ever I have quite a lot of these, so I ll put them in a spoiler bracket for you to read if you re interested view spoiler Remember what I m about to say, and don t you ever forget it, I said, gritting my teeth The place where we are going is my family s home My home You will only dwell there and you will not tell me what to do If the curse were ever lifted, she would leave alive or dead It made no difference to me Understood Gretta could bring my morning water to my room It was the least she could do.Why did she continue to frequent my tower even after she brought the water and prepared my toiletries each morning Wasn t it bad enough she lived in my home She had no business being in my tower uninvited, yet she continued to test her boundaries and my patience year after year, decade after decade.She could be nice all she wanted I never wished her there in the first place It was all her fault we had to come and live at the castle anyway She could pretend she was just checking on me because she worried for my wellbeing, but I knew the truth Morning, I replied What was so good about it anyway I woke up each day still crying from a horrible nightmare and she thought it was a good morning I spun around, almost knocking her down the stairs and jabbed my finger at her face That s far enough Leave me alone Didn t Gretta know she wasn t there to keep me company I missed my home and I missed Father Nothing could ever change that I was already alone and living in the tower couldn t make it truer I have always cared about you I ve never wanted any harm to come to you I ve treated you like you were my own daughter That was a lie She d never done anything for me except give me hide spoiler

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    First off, I was lucky enough to have been chosen and given the opportunity to be a part of the street team that Ms Hamilton put together in order to help edit it and review the book before it was officially published And second of all, I am very well pleased to say that I very much enjoyed reading this book I went through the whole entire book in two days keep in mind I work 10 hours a day This book was everything I expected and I have read many fairy tale books and stories and quite a few on Rapunzel, but none with this sort of outlook or twist The plot is so riveting and unusual, that you feel compelled to go back and read the story a second time Of course there are always down sides to the amazing stories that I hope Ms Hamilton keeps in mind or is fully aware of Towards the beginning of the story, the pace is rather slow and are questioning which direction the plot may lead you, but as soon as you get past that, the story picks back up again and you can barely put the book back down because it is so addicting And lastly I found some parts of the story confusing and having to find myself to reread parts because I am unsure of whether I m in a flashback or in the present Further, I would most definitely recommend this book to all those who enjoy reading of young adult romance, fairy tales and even those of star crossed lovers.

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    Ok, so I rarely ever review books I m just way to freaking lazy and honestly, I don t care about other peoples opinions half the time so why should anyone care about mine.This book however, I feel the need to review To clarify, I rate this book 3.5.To start off, I read this book in 3 hours It s basically a retelling of the fairy tale Rapunzel and we ve heard them all I mean, my first DVD was Barbie as Rapunzel when I was eight and that was a bit far fetched However, this story was really well written to some degree.The book itself starts off describing an escape attempt by Rapunzel from her tower, only to be hindered by her dragon who protects her It then launches into the real story where she s just been proposed to, and she s off to rule the world with her prince literally , when she s cursed by a witch SPOILERS Her prince in her mind is killed and she s distraught he s not dead Typical damsel in distress Rapunzel then launches into her story She is living in 2013 and basically retells her life story every single day, always ending in the fear of Gretta and her dragon Then one day, she reads a very cynical article that defames her story as it s been told through generations and writes a long letter describing every detail of her life to the reporter From there, it gets a little interesting.The thing that got me about this book though was the way it s written It s not exactly old style speech like when you read Shakespeare or Jane Austen, because it has a certain modern feel to it However, it gives you this feeling like you ve been transported to a time where ladies were proper, and enunciated every syllable that came out of their mouth Dotted the i s, crossed the t s etc.What I did find extremely disappointing about this certain book as I write this review at 12 am with a fuzzy brain , was the ending.When we found out that Henry wasn t in fact dead, instead was the dragon, I thought that was the perfect twist I literally had this OH MY FUCKING GOD, GRETTA TURNED HENRY INTO THE DRAGON FUCK WHAT IS THIS I CAN T EVEN moment But then the author launched into this rushed ending where Henry reveals himself RIGHT AFTER Rapunzel agrees to run away with the reporter Of course, Rapunzel is thrilled that Henry is alive, and immediately drops all plans about leaving with said reporter It just really pissed me off that she seemed so enad with him, and he believed her story, and he was all I WANT TO FLY, LIKE A DRAGON , being really cute, and just as the reader warms up to him, he s practically shot down RAPOHN IS OTP OK And of course, that isn t even the end of it Gretta discovers Rapunzel trying to leave, and gets mad and then Henry gets mad, and John gets mad, and then John is a dragon, and Henry s human again, and Gretta s dead, and it s like WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK HAPPENED HERE Plus, two characters that were hardly consequential made this huge plot twist, that was like the biggest brain fuck ever I don t know, the ending just bugged me It could have been so much better The author could have dragged it out a little and it would have made an awesome trilogy I just felt that it was way too rushed.So to complete my first review ever, I conclude that it was a good book, I enjoyed it, and the story line was interesting for the most part It s not often that there are retellings of old fairy tales, that aren t butchered to the point of being unrecognizable I mean come on, I think I read a Beauty and the Beast retelling or was it a fan fiction where Belle was a freaking designers daughter, and was shallow as fuck and she fell in love with a street boy or something or other Not very convincing if you ask me Also it was just a tad repetitive I found that a little disappointing.So yeah, while I enjoyed the book, it could have been better, and I advise the author to try and slow things down a little so it s not a huge cluster fuck of what the heck just happened there moments.

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    I received an ARC copy of this book from the author as part of her street team on a read to review basisThe first thing that I want to talk about is the front cover It s absolutely gorgeous, and definitely one of my favourites It portrays exactly what the story is about in a simple, yet beautiful way.I am a huge mega fan of fairy tale re tellings, and Rapunzel is a definite favourite of mine I have read several re tellings, and this one was certainly different, yet great at the same time Rapunzel is such an innocent character, and she cares dearly for her beloved Henry, and I was so sad in the beginning when the witch Gretta came in and ruined everything Speaking of Gretta, I really wanted to punch her at times, so she was written well to be evil enough.Rapunzel was alone in this, and I did feel greatly sorry for her Doomed to live an eternal life and to watch everyone around you pass away isn t a really nice thing to cope with, so I admire that Rapunzel stayed strong.One of the differences about this story was that Rapunzel was allowed to roam about and exit the tower at times In other stories, she is trapped inside the tower and not allowed to leave no matter what.Another was that there was a mysterious dragon flying around the castle acting as a protector to Rapunzel There were even times when Rapunzel would mock the other stories told of Rapunzel, and the well known line Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair I really enjoyed this story The chapters weren t too long, and it was full of mystery and even contained some shockers near the end.The very ending of the book is sweet and leaves you full of hope.The only thing I would say about it was that the middle seemed a little too stretched out, and made it seem long, but that is my only criticism It s written so beautifully, and I definitely recommend to all, especially if you like re tellings on fairy tales Overall I gave this book four out of five stars as it was a fantastic read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.Thank you so much K C Hilton for letting me read this wonderful treat

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    When people are crazy about this book, I just want to be able to say I DISCOVERED IT FIRST

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    Read the rest of my review on my blog, Behind The Secret Bookshelf I received this book as part of a Goodreads ARC giveaway. Two words highly disappointed.I saw this book on Goodreads and immediately told myself I had to have it The concept was highly intriguing and I am a sucker for a fairy tale re telling But when I finally started reading the book, what did I find, but something not so magical and truthfully, not very worthy to be called one of the great fairy tale re tellings.Initially, I was extremely excited to delve into this book, but the moment I started reading and reading further only confirmed it I saw to my disappointment that although the concept had potential with the whole Rapunzel is immortal and must co exist next to the modern world while she lives with a witch and dragon it never really took off The characters themselves were highly one dimensional and did not ring true to me No exposition on any of the characters is given and the reader barely knows anything about them other than they are stuck together Rapunzel was particularly unbelievable, not because she was a fairy tale character, but because I could not believe her complete immaturity and ignorance for being over two centuries old and having access to the supposed devices she had And Henry Oh, Henry The reader never finds out anything about his background and never gets any character development from him, other than knowing he is Rapunzel s true love And the reader doesn t really even know why He is supposed to be one of the most important elements of the story why Rapunzel sacrificed so much for him, and yet the reader never once even finds out his last name Then there was Gretta Honestly, I couldn t hate the witch because she was too flat a character, just like all the others to hate The problem with each and every one of these characters is that they stay pretty much the same person they were throughout the book, never evolving and maturing they were simply stagnant Back to Gretta She is introduced as a terrible witch and yes, what she inflicts upon Rapunzel and Henry is terrible yes, but I could never really get into Rapunzel s anguish because she is so close minded about everything and never once becomes curious about who Gretta really is, and just decides to hate her for two centuries, never really figuring out Gretta s history until Gretta conveniently tells her Gretta was someone who you were supposed to hate and loathe, and I felt pretty apathetic about her about all of them really The greatest feeling I had while reading was annoyance, especially with Rapunzel because she decides to be extremely stupid and writes to a stranger about her life, though she does not know this man and knows that he will likely not believe her.And it is this little oversight by Rapunzel that annoyed me the most She gets infuriated because of some person who she does not know, writes an article about fairy tales being not true and all of that, blah blah blah So what does any sane person who has a secret to keep so she does not get hunted do Write a series of very long, badly written letters to this unknown person with her address on it so he can conveniently trace her and fall in love My biggest problem with this scenario is that throughout the book, Rapunzel frequently stresses the fact that she wants to stay hidden and does not want anyone to recognize her that s why she only ventures into town once every fifty years But then, the witch lets workers into the castle don t you think people would get suspicious to set up modern conveniences and Rapunzel immediately spills her guts out to a person who might expose her entire secret to the entire world Why Just why would she do this I get that the letters are to tell the reader of the story in a unique way, but Rapunzel s lack of foresight on the matter with John who is another annoying, one dimensional character is what makes the least sense in the book Why risk blowing your entire secret for some sassy reporter s column Another thing that bothered me about reading this was the lack of developed dialogue and general use of words in the novel Living for than two centuries, you would think that all of these immortal characters would have developed a refined speech, but sadly, that is false The descriptions and dialogue both internal and with other characters sounds as if Rapunzel was uneducated or else rather lazy with her speech She talks like a ditsy teenage girl, not like someone who has experience much in her long, long life And all those books she read over the years were bound to have had just a little impact on her speech, but no The syntax was not up to par at all and it highly annoyed me This girl s vocabulary was so unrefined and her diction completely inappropriate for the character she was supposed to be portraying that it was one of the biggest turn offs of the book I really tried to like this book, truly I did But honestly, the the lack of character development, the juvenile syntax, and just the annoyance of the plot the location did not even ring true could not make me like the book This book took me five months to get through, mainly because I would put it down for weeks at a time, not reading, too annoyed to go on There was definitely a boat load of potential, but it just did not work out I think I ll go watch Tangled now so my faith in Rapunzel is restored a little bit.