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Unholy fangs and other bluidy guid thangs This MM MFM MMF MF is the ninth book in the Vampire Queen series, and the 22nd book I ve read by this author While I ve never rated a JH book less than 5 stars, it s easy for me to say this is THE BEST book I ve read by her.More than any other Vampire Queen book, this one dissects the rules and servitude of this vampire world while taking huge breaths to inspire with the most unorthodox and compelling love story in this series It convinces through the heartwarming interactions of a three hundred year friendship Jewish Vamp Evan and his Scottish servant Niall and an overly disciplined girl who just wants to love and be loved InhServ Alanna Your face will hurt from smiling The backs of your eyes will burn with anxious emotion You ll never want this to end What the dymanic between the three MC s does is shove you heart first into their teetering yet simplistic lives and tangle you so thoroughly, you ll feel you might just die with them And death is an ever present threat for this trio, lying in wait, too often kicking your pulse to dangerous levels.When the sun goes down, JH forces you to look, without ever averting your eyes, at the most perverted of the perverted You ll find some of the usual kink in this tale, but there s no traumatizing dinner parties No slurp slurp pass around the servant The sexual audacity is really quite tamerelatively speaking I would ve expected to miss it, but I enjoyed the experience of JH s incredible talent without the shock value And importantly, had Evan and Niall embraced the taboo activities commonly found in this series, it would have belied the attitude and orientation of their characters and their story, as they are anomalies in this vampire world This may be why I found it so easy to relate to and love them.If you re following this series, you definitely don t want to miss this installment. Smutty book is sufficiently smutty Yeah, that s my entire review LOL This tells the story of Alanna, Evan Niall it s fantastic Period.Alanna we were introduced to in Vampire Trinity, this picks up a few weeks after she has betrayed Lord Stephen A hole He s on the run but still makes time to plunge her into waking nightmares that are slowing driving her insane yet the Vampire Council has decided not to kill her because she is the only link to Stephen but Lord Brian eventually finds a blocking agent Along the way, someone thought to bring in Evan Niall to console her which also works remarkably well to break through her nightmares Evan is a Jewish vampire I really enjoyed the irony of this but also an artist Niall is his 300 yr old servant which, if you re familiar with the series, means he s reaching the end Something that hasn t been broached up until this point but something I ve often wondered about how it would be handled.Niall by all outward appearances is a dominant but the nature of his relationship with Evan requires his submission although Evan is the only one he submits to something of a rarity in vampire circles He s also Scottish so deciphering his brogue is challenging at times The beautiful simultaneously tragic thing about their relationship is it s all unspoken need yearning for something deeper that neither of them is willing to voice until Alanna acts as a bridge between the two sad it took 300 yrs to happen but it is what it is, I guess She s strong brave self sacrificing so focused on being an InhServ inherited servant that she s divorced herself almost completely from her own desires, wants or needs until Evan Niall push on those boundaries again again demanding that she give herself fully to them heart, soul mind, warts all Naturally, this knocks her off balance she struggles to obey them which acts like a vicious circle I respected her when she was introduced respect like her even after reading her story It s just a lingering feeling I could be way out in left field but I feel like this story isn t done It could be but it could not be just as easily, if that makes any sense Unfortunately, I ll probably have to wait a year plus to find out Loved it Truly can t get enough of Joey Hill She can write like nobody s business, I tell ya Gideon, Daegan Anwyn still hold the gold place trophy for me as far as triads go but these 3 are a close second this one has much m m interaction than Gideon s story AND it s like a Joey Hill reunion There are people from her Nature of Desire series as well as the regular cast of characters who make appearances in most of the Vampire Queen books It was fantastic to catch up with Tyler Marguerite one of my all time favorite stories Chloe Brendan then she threw in a healthy dose of Gideon Daegan too I think I melted at some point reading this So so good 4 Vamp y Stars I love Joey Hills and JR Ward s Vampire book Because her vamps ARE the best vamps I ve ever read And, Yes, A Vampires Gotta DieIn this book.What I lovedJoey Hill Intertwined Her MCs from her other Books I Love the way Joey Hill intertwined her MCs in ALL her books into one In this one I got Thomas and Marcus from Rough Canvas Deagon and Gideon Lyssa and Jacob Uthe and Keldwyn fingers crossed for them in the next book Evan and Niall, Alpha and Omega per se Neshamameans soul, that is what Evan called Niall Flashbacks done right In this one there are some lovely well placed flashbacks of Evan and Niall that gives a wonderful glimpse of their love A Fabulous 4 Stars Previously posted I think this book has usurped Beloved Vampire and Vampire Trinity for me, as the most powerful book in the VQ series at least emotionally.This story, via wonderful characters of Niall, Evan and Alana, is about coming to terms with who you are and who you are not, what is important and what is not, in the face of all of life s truths including the final truth.Despite being certain where Ms Hill was leading me throughout this story and being reluctant to go there, she manages, once again and despite the fictional nature of the tale, to get you to think beyond your normal and even comfortable places, about what is real, and important and ultimately true She is the Master of this genre for that ability no doubt in my mind.Take this journey Its vintage Joey W Hill as it applies to the psychological, but with an extra concentration on the heart this time around Its emotional, often raw, but ultimately worth the trip.Hint have chocolate nearby Seriously 10 Stars, if I could give this book 10 stars I would.Note My review of taken by a Vampire containers no major spoilers as promised to Ms Hill Taken by a Vampire by Joey W Hill is the 9th book in the Vampire Queen series It is the journey of Alanna, a vampire servant trained almost since birth to serve a vampire and her new Master Evan and his servant Niall Alanna s rigid and controlled upbringing as an InhServ doesn t prepare her for service with Evan who is shall we say a Bohemian Vampire and his 300 year old Scottish servant The following best describes Alanna She was a Vampire s servant The sum total of her identity It was an honor like no other Her training controlled everything No wasted gestures, such that she had an exceptional stillness to her, almost like a vampire Evan is an artist of some acclaim, painting, photography, sculpture and even doing tattoos Marcus from Rough Canvas handles his work Niall is described as a bear of a man, tall, well built, tawny eyes, longish hair and a sexual dominant in his own right, though he is a servant to Niall Evan, as an artist seeks what is below the surface into the soul, and Niall want to reach beneath the surface of the perfection of servitude of Alanna to the real woman, one with emotions, feelings, thoughts and ideas of her own Now as to what I thought of the book ABSOLUTELY, AWESOMELY FANTASTIC Sexy hot, emotional yes, ladies and gents, have a box of tissues handy a beautiful story This book of Joey s will become one of my favorites of hers along with Afterlife, Vampire Instinct and Holding the Cards There is so much I would like to expand on but a promise is a promise But a few minor spoilers The flashback of Evan and Niall s first kiss Alanna s run in with a bear Evan s way of punishing a servant, a cold dip Alanna s first time at a human wedding Seeing Miah and Nerida again. Joey W Hill S Vampire Queen Novels Keep The Pages Turning, Your Imagination Running, And Your Dreams Carnally Vivid Bitten By Books In Her Newest Installment, A Servant Sentenced To Death Is Sent Into Hiding And Finds A Passion She Never Expected In Her New Protector Groomed From Birth To Be An Inherited Servant And Serve Only The Most Powerful Vampire Masters, Alanna Never Resented Her Destiny Then She Did The Unthinkable She Betrayed Her Master To The Vampire Council Now Death Is Her Future, But Until Her Master Is Captured, She Must Be Protected The Vampire Council Assigns Her To Evan, A Vampire Whose Wandering Lifestyle Makes Him The Perfect Guardian Alanna S Training Was For A Vampire Of Power And Ambition, Not For Someone Like Evan Who Lives In Mountainside Shacks And Caves Even His Servant, Niall, Is Rough Mannered But These Two Men Are About To Teach Alanna Something Her Rigorous Training Never Did How To Feel, How To Desire Perhaps Even How To Love Then The Council Captures Her Master, And Alanna Has No Choice But To Accept Her Destiny But Evan And Niall Are No Strangers To Defying Fate And They Will Stop At Nothing To Make Alanna Theirs Forever Alpha males plus submissive females in a menage will always catch my attention When it s vampires and lowly humans written by Ms Hill, I m in This is a 3.5 star paranormal romance Alanna is a human raised to be a specific kind of vampire servant The training is so close to formal protocol in a D s and SM relationship This is no surprise as it is Ms Hill s delicious vampire erotica.I like when an author uses BDSM themes and doesn t spell it out for a reader Those who are into kinky books will read this with pleasure Those who don t know about BDSM and some of the types of protocols may find something which interests them It may spark that desire to learn about kink With two alpha males, it s a pleasure to see the dominant Evan balance easily between his switch male servant, Niall and his newly submissive Alanna The back history about Evan and Niall is poignantly sweet Bringing Alanna into their long established relationship finally completes them The question is, will Niall remain a switch raises eyebrow The sex in this story is smoking erotic Seriously, two alpha males sandwiching an uber submissive, what can I ask for The little bit of BDSM shown in here with a wedding, which crosses another series of Ms Hill s is so good Too bad the trio needed to cut out before the night time festivities begun pout The ending is really not a surprise Ms Hill sets it up way from the beginning The resolutions to the two main conflicts are eagerly anticipated This is a sweet romance with only a very mild hint of darkness What is nice about this romance is all the flashbacks to the most memorable memories Evan and Niall share with Alanna This highlights bonds between the two mean and brings Alanna into their inner circle Lovely sigh It will be interesting to see if this triad appears in any other stories down the line A reader can only hope Lastly, for those who are into a big of F f, there is a very small taste of it in here mmmm This book is recommended to vampire lovers who have a penchant for Uber Doms. At a Charity Auction in April for the National Autistic Society, I won the bid my choice of any book from Joey W Hill I chose Taken by a Vampire Ms Hill sent a copy by email prior to the May 7 release date as well as a signed copy of the book It was an amazing story of two men taking in a girl whose emotions, and everything that she believed she was now questioning Where duty was her purpose for living and where love had no practical place in her life The story tells how Alanna fines that love can be symbiotic with duty As she struggles with her personal identity Her protectors Evan and Niall are faced with the reality that their own relationship is dysfunctional Their love and concern for Alanna subtly changes their own relationship Alanna s growth throughout the story is the catalyst that glues them into a kaleidoscope masterpiece of a romance of Dominance submission were a loving relationship flourishes and strengthens, Evan, Niall and Alanna.It is definitely one of my favorite books by Joey W Hill, and I highly recommend it as a must read. Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsBlog rating B Alanna is an InhServ, a vampire servant who was chosen from birth to be trained as such An InhServ is the highest form of servant and they re normally given to vampires who are on the political power path for the Vampire Council Her Master, Stephen, was a real ass, to put it frankly He served on the Council but was very deceitful and Alanna went against all her training and instincts to turn against her Master and turn him in to the Council There s now a hunt on to find Stephen, but as Alanna is third marked to him, when he dies so will she and in the meantime, he s making her life a living hell in her head, messing with her, torturing her, so much so that a vampire scientist has created a blocker for Alanna to take that keeps Stephen out of her head, but it also removes the ability for the Council to track Stephen The hunt to find him is on and Alanna is placed in protective custody with another vampire and his servant, Evan and Niall They have a very unique relationship, especially in seeing how the other relationships in this series have gone and they both have protective streaks when it comes to Alanna The transition for them all isn t smooth however and with the threat of Alanna s death hanging over all their heads, they start to form a bond that will be very crushing when Stephen s death happens.It made me sad to read about Alanna s life She was put into the InhServ program basically from birth and trained to be a servant That was her only focus in life Her will, her opinions, everything was stripped out of her and her only purpose comes in serving her Master She doesn t know what to do with herself when Evan asks her what she wants She has no wants, she s never been able to have them and the transition from going from a Master who didn t appreciate her to Evan and Niall who both want to love her is a major overload to her system and one that takes a long time to overcome Evan understands where she s coming from a little better than Niall does and it leads to the men butting heads, which is a shock all on its own as Niall is Evan s third marked servant It felt like they needed to break Alanna down to be able to build her back up and to get her to start using her mind It s hard for her though knowing that her time is limited, death hangs over her hand for much of the story and she s scared to start wanting things only to have them cruelly taken away when she meets Stephen in the afterlife and knows her torture at his hands will continue for eternity.What stood out most to me was the relationship Evan has with Alanna and Niall It s unlike any other in the series so far, and I loved it Evan isn t an incredibly dominant vampire, in fact Niall comes across as the dominant in the relationship, especially when it comes to Alanna, and while Evan still commands respect for being their Master, it s much subtle Not present are the huge vampire gatherings where the servants are expected to perform any and all sexual acts that their masters demand There is one similar scene with a group of D s humans and Alanna is instructed to pleasure one of the female dominants Otherwise, it s a pretty tame book when it comes to the type of sex that s included, at least it s tame for this series There is still plenty of action between Evan, Niall and Alanna but the main focus felt like it centered on their relationship and how they can make this last beyond Stephen and beyond the milestone that Niall is approaching, 300 years.A vampire servant s lifespan is around 300 years and Niall is at that point He s showing signs that his death is coming quickly and it adds another emotional layer to the trio s relationship Niall wants there to be a way for Evan to third mark Alanna so he ll have someone when he dies Alanna wants to be with both men, men who showed her love and appreciation, something s she never had and Evan wants both his servants to be with him always A lot of things need to work out right and there is a sweet happy ending, but it s an emotional ride for everyone to get there.The reason for my rating being down slightly is the story felt a little bogged down There are some flashbacks that give us some depth into Evan and Niall s relationship and while interesting to build their bond, I just found the book very easy to put down It s a good, solid story, just not one that had me captivated throughout But I do appreciate that this story isn t quite as hardcore as some of the others in this series Some previous books have scenes that are quite frankly hard to read Evan, Niall and Alanna s story felt real The bond between Master and servant is there and obvious in some ways but it doesn t completely control their lives and I really liked seeing their relationship go beyond that distinction and be about the love they all have for each other.