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Around the time the earth cooled and life spread across the continents, I was a huge fan of the game Destiny of an Emperor for the NES Chinese generals with names I couldn t pronounce duking it out for the fate of China enthralled me.Years later, I was thinking fondly of the game and decided to investigate the source, Three Kingdoms Three Kingdoms is one of the four great classics of Chinese literature.Imagine my surprise while on my 2300 page journey that the story of the game wasn t very much like While the game depicts the rise of Liu Bei, the book depicts his rise and fall, as well as fleshing out the stories of his companions and enemies.At 2300 pages, you can imagine the amount of characters to absorb Still, it was very satisfying to read years after playing the game The writing was a little rough getting used to but to be fair, it was written centuries ago in Chinese The stories of Liu Bei, Lord Guan, Zhang Fei, Pang Tong, and the rest were very interesting I was glad LuBu met his fate at the hands of Cao Cao When he left my party, he had a lot of good equipment the rest of them could have used Difficult to begin, butThis novel, one of the great classic Chinese novels, is one of the difficult texts for readers While some others, like Journey to the West or The Marshes of Mount Liang, are much easily accessible and entertaining right from the beginning, a feeling of disorientation is common for first readers of Three Kingdoms The story starts without introduction with the appearance of dozens of protagonists, and it s hard to keep track of all of them At the end you will have encountered over 1200 named people, and some of them even with several names, depending on the situation But you shouldn t allow yourself to get daunted at this early stage Soon you ll get used to the flood of people, and you will find out which are only fire and forget characters who only appear in the sentence they are mentioned first, and which are important for the storyline After that, the chaotic impression is replaced by a clear structure.The dissolving Han dynasty s kingdoms are very vividly described though you have to be prepared for some very dry sections of descriptions of army movements and complex battle strategies, which would better fit in history books But there s a lot of compensation for these difficult parts epic and heroic are words that have never seen a fitting place than this maelstrom of loyality, treachery, honesty and perfidiousness that sucks you into an extremely captivating account of the heroes who have become cultural icons.L Bu, Guan Yu, Zhuge Liang all of these historic figures are very well characterized and lead the story over several generations At the end you will feel with them, and have witnessed the rise and fall of one of the most important epochs of Chinese history.A must read, even if it s difficult at the beginning than modern novels And when you re done the other classical Chinese texts wait for you, which are less complicated but even entertaining.This edition is split in two volumes not two separate parts , avoiding the problem of a monstrous weight High quality paper and almost no typos outweigh the flimsy cover Moss Roberts translation is fluent and modern, but without unneccessary flourish and not hiding the fact that the book is centuries old. The historical novel recounts the kingdoms of Wu, Wei and Shu vying to dominate China proper after the fall of the Eastern Han dynasty Approximate Territories of the Three Kingdoms Image from Yu Ninjie Not only are the heroic deeds memorable but the strategic up onemanship among the kingdom reads like Machiavelli s The Prince You can find many of the strategies from Sun Tzu s The Art of War Recommended for all historical novel lovers A Portrait of Cao Cao, the Chancellor of the Kingdom of Wei I love this book All the characters, despite the fact that there are so many, are unique, and every character plays a part When I started reading this book in March I finished in June I was studying China in my sixth grade class If you are in sixth grade you should probably only read it if you have an intense interest in Chinese history and it really helped me know a lot about dynasties in general, how empires function, and how war is fought throughout Chinese history It even influences the way I play Risk I really liked Kongming Zhuge Liang because he always outsmarted everyone, even when the people he outsmarted thought that they were outsmarting him Zhao Zilong was also an awesome character because he was really honorable and always beat everyone, even when he was outnumbered 1000 to 1 at Danyang Slope I thought it was funny when the author would say things like What happened to Lu Bu Read on Did Cao Cao survive Read on All in all, this was a great book. M nh k t th c cu n s ch n y tr n m t chuy n xe ng d i, 700 c y s , t S i G n v B nh nh C p nh t 2016 M nh c l i cu n n y v ng i ri t kh ng bi t ph i c g n a gi L n n y m nh c b n c nh n x t c a Mao T n C ng sau m i ch ng, th h n nhi u h i c chay. There can be no equal This is the book that makes all others pale in comparison.I m forced to compare this book to Game of Thrones due to the popularity of the TV series, as its all my friends ask about when talking about this book How does it compare to Game of Thrones It doesn t This is not high fantasy.To say it s a story about the fall of the Han dynasty and the various warlords scramble to fill the void does not due the book justice If you are looking for all the political maneuvering and of a Game of Thrones, placed in a real world setting, then you owe yourself to read this book Three Kingdoms, where the only dragons are on the buildings fa ade. Complete And Unabridged, Moss Roberts S Translation Provides An Authoritative, Annotated English Language Version Of One Of The Four Great Classical Novels Of Chinese Literature The Empire, Long Divided, Must Unite Long United, Must Divide Thus It Has Ever Been With This Characterization Of The Inevitable Cycle Of Chinese History, The Monumental Tale Three Kingdoms Begins As Important For Chinese Culture As The Homeric Epics Have Been For The West, This Ming Dynasty Masterpiece Continues To Be Read And Loved Throughout China As Well As In Japan, Korea, And Vietnam The Novel Offers A Startling And Unsparing View Of How Power Is Wielded, How Diplomacy Is Conducted, And How Wars Are Planned And Fought It Has Influenced The Ways That Chinese Think About Power, Diplomacy, And War Even To This Day Three Kingdoms Portrays A Fateful Moment At The End Of The Han Dynasty BC AD When The Future Of The Chinese Empire Lay In The Balance Writing Than A Millennium Later, Luo Guanzhong Drew On Often Told Tales Of This Turbulent Period To Fashion A Sophisticated Compelling Narrative, Whose Characters Display Vivid Individuality And Epic GrandeurThe Story Begins When The Emperor, Fearing Uprisings By Peasant Rebels Known As The Yellow Scarves, Sends An Urgent Appeal To The Provinces For Popular Support In Response, Three Young Men The Aristocratic Liu Xuande, The Fugitive Lord Guan, And The Pig Butcher Zhang Fei Meet To Pledge Eternal Brotherhood And Fealty To Their Beleaguered Government From These Events Comes A Chain Of Cause And Consequence That Leads Ultimately To The Collapse Of The Han A wonderful translation of a complex historical epic The Romance of Three Kingdoms covers the period 168 AD to 280 AD the collapse of the Han dynasty into three warring kingdoms, the Wei, Wu, and Shu and in the last chapter their eventual reunification by the Jin dynasty The story is rich with personalities, contests of wit and will, and military exploits The heart of the story pits Liu Xuande, a virtuous, personable man who ultimately founds the Shu kingdom with a lot of help from loyal friends , against Cao Cao, the brilliant but cold and calculating vizier of the last Han Emperor But a host of other characters launch, fill out, and wrap up the story, including Lord Guan, a heroic warrior and blood brother of Xuande and Zhuge Liang or Kongming , a mystic and scholar who serves Xuande as prime minister, and whose powers of perception and strategy verge on the magical One of the themes of the book is the effectiveness of a well paired king and counselor most of the mistakes made by each of the three kingdoms happen when a king doesn t listen to a minister s wise counsel, or when a minister or general abandons his filial duty to his liege This is a book that can be thoroughly enjoyed on a single reading, but probably becomes richer with repeated readings.I haven t tried reading Moss Roberts full three volume translation, which apparently includes a slew of additional narrative threads but this one volume abridgment was perfect for me as an interested lay reader In this abridgment, where Roberts elides, he provides very clear summaries of relevant plot developments, so I didn t feel I was missing anything His writing is clear and crisp no jargon and no archaisms which really brings the story alive, and lets its humor and drama shine through The afterword, reprinted from the full translation, is also very good, tracing how variant texts of the Three Kingdoms have come down to us and discussing how the epic has been interpreted through different eras in Chinese history, a fascinating story in itself. Whew I finally finished it This book has 120 chapters, than 200 characters, and 300 place names, all in Chinese It s like reading the Iliad, Mallory s Le Morte d Arthur, and War and Peace all rolled into one and served with a Chinese sauce.The scope of this Chinese national epic is astonishing By three quarters of the way through, all but one of the main characters had died and the story followed their sons and grandsons The story follows 113 years of Chinese history from the decline of the Han dynasty, through the formation of the three kingdoms of Wei, Shu, and Wu, to the reunification of China under the Jin dynasty.Based on historical events and people, the novel was written by Luo Guanzhong in the 14th Century, so the comparison to Le Morte d Arthur is apt The fact that Luo gathered material from the popular oral material preserved by professional storytellers is apparent from the cliff hanger endings of every chapter The episodes from this work still provide the majority of material for traditional Beijing Opera not to mention a number of computer and video games.Most valuable to me were the insights into the Chinese national culture and character that I gained from this reading I m glad I finally did it. 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