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Demon Possession Has Swept Through Glace S Neighboring Kingdom, Turning Humans Into Hellhounds These Great, Fanged Wolves Are Wild, Desperate, And Hungry Only The Sworn Hunters Have Kept Them Back For Five Long, Bloody YearsSince Becoming A Hunter At A Young Age, Belle LeClair No Longer Remembers How Many Hounds She S Killed Or How Many Friends She S Buried Still, Belle Leads The Hunt Till A Tragedy Forces Her Deep Into The Dark Kingdom Her Heart Will Be Turned, Her Loyalty Tested And Fate Will InterveneAmid A Backdrop Of Steampunk Inventions And A Harsh Winter Landscape, THE BEAST Is A Re Imagining Of The Infamous Love Between A Beauty And A BeastYoung Adult Fantasy Adventure RomanceA Beauty And The Beast Retelling The Hunter Legends The BeastThe BeautyThe Curse Coming Soon The Crown Coming Soon

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    I m going to go against the stream and give this book a bad rating I had really high hopes for this book and I was looking forward to reading it But alas, as so often the hopes were too high.What I did like The setting was nice, snowy and Scandinavian is a bit unusual in the fantasy world and this was well executed.The cover is fantastic.The heroine is a bad ass although a bit too close to Mary Sue for comfort.Friesians and the respect for animals.What I didn t like The characters feel very shallow and are not fleshed out at all Apart from Belle and Gaston, I couldn t name the hunters and none of them seems to have than one or two distinguishing features I know one has dreadlocks, two are brothers and one is very big and mute Hair colour, stature, manner of speech, age, even relationship with the main character Nope, nothing They lack any interesting interactions with the main characters what so ever.The romance doesn t feel natural at all I just goes on about how pretty the prince is and she doesn t seem to have any emotional reaction to what she herself states is a major problem him being a prince and impossible for her to marry and all They don t seem to have a lot of interesting conversation and very little chemistry I might be a bit spoiled with good books where you know the characters are perfect before they themselves realize it, but in this case I think Belle could have chosen Gastone and I wouldn t have cared any one way or the other The entire writing seems off, somehow There are plenty of grammatical errors, spelling errors loan wolf instead of lone, hours past instead of hours passed and plenty of words the author seems to have used without really knowing their meaning Like the wind seeped Wind doesn t seep Wind does the very opposite of seeping This book seems to me like a manuscript before it s met the editor.Also the tense continuously changes, sometimes in the middle of a paragraph, which makes for a rather confusing read The science is weird and shoehorned The author obviously likes shiny metal and steam and they have huge elaborate coin counters, a pair of robot arms that knows how to tie corsets and do hairstyles and a frickin mobile house walking about, but they still ride horses and us horse drawn carts And have to use guns Why not just invent some Hunter terminators which can go into the forest and deal with all the hell hounds Heck, build a walking fortress like the house to put them in Also, what is everything powered by If you like steam, but don t like to burn stuff and intend to disregard natural laws, at least give a feasible explanation Steampunk powered by fairydust or unicorn hair is fine by me as long as it s explained The ending The ending felt completely rushed and very confusing Flashes of light and strong feelings and crowds of people we are told are traitors but in the next moment aren t Stab wounds and other life threatening injuries who can be safely ignored for unspecified amounts of time And then the prince only needs to give one deus ex speech and everything is fine The last few pages I wished for it to be over.Lastly, Pixie Don t even get me started She s an entirely different review Is she intelligent Does she have feelings She certainly seems to have both since she is making intelligent decisions based on circumstance and affection for characters This strongly hints at sentience and if you can build a sentient being, no matter if it s a tiny one called a toy, it is an extremely complicated and ethically complex venture How was it achieved Is there a person in there being trapped How is it powered How can it be so complex What feelings does it feel Can it communicate Does it have rights that should be respected What is it s motivations for doing things This turned out to be a rant rather than a review and I apologise for the long read.

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    Actual Rating 3.5 starsReview Also Posted Here Dreamy Addictions The Beast is a unique retelling of Beauty And The Beast fairytale which is one of my favorite fairy tales When I first read the synopsis I knew I had to read it because I m sucker for the BB s retellings At this point, I ve read a fair number of Beauty and the Beast retellings Some were good and some were not The Beast falls in the good category and I really liked it but still it wasn t perfect because I really think the author could ve done so much better Nonetheless, it was a good start for a new fantasy series but needs work.Belle LeClair is a kickass character and also a hunter who kills hell hounds with her group to protect their village Her father is the founder of the Hunter Organization and they work under the catholic Church During a journey, her father goes missing when he and his group were attacked by large pack of hounds When Belle hears the word of it, she immediately sets out her own journey to find her father and she is quite astonished to find a castle in the middle of nowhere Later, she comes to learn about a cursed prince who is living in that castle and also the true nature of the curse, and how it all actually started in the first place.I liked all the characters in the plot Belle is a strong character who is sassy and quite rebellious in nature She is the only female hunter and she isn t ashamed of what everyone thinks about her and that s what I like most about her I m really surprised to find Gastone as the friendly nice guy because he was totally different than the original Gastone who is cocky and arrogant Alexander, our very own beast in the story is another character that I ve liked to know but there isn t much depth in his character and I wasn t able to connect with him He was a total gentleman and regal, and he always respects Belle even though she s a hunter I adore the relationship between Belle and Alexander, I really liked how their relationship slowly developed with every interaction but I felt the romance lacking in their relationship The plot is very unique especially with the mix of Norse Mythology and Steampunk, and the story takes place in 18th century of France The Author has creatively done this retelling by adding different elements to the plot and it s really a great concept The plot was slow paced at the beginning but things got interesting after Belle enters the castle and finally meets the cursed prince The writing was good for a debut author but still there are some grammatical errors which can be overlooked Although the concept is very unique with so many changes, it stayed true to the original tale which is the best thing about this book.Despite it s flaws, it s an entertaining read with great storyline The best aspects of the story was the Norse Mythology and the characters Overall, I enjoyed reading this book Though it has somewhat happy ending but there are still some unanswered questions and mysteries which needs to be revealed So, yes I would definitely read it s sequel Do I recommend this book Yes, I highly recommend this book to all the readers who love reading fairy tale retellings.

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    Absolutely loved this This was a retelling of Beauty and the Beast in a way that I have never read before This was very creatively redone and I am in awe of the amazing writing.All of your favorite characters are back along with some new ones Belle is now not only smart and sassy she is also a strong kick butt heroine Her father is not the bumbling fool from the Disney movie but an extremely talented man Gaston is now a likable character and the prince well he is the prince This book incorporated many different elements but one of my favorites was the use of Norse mythology Also, it is very rare to have a retelling turned into a series but Mrs Mead has added just enough elements throughout the story to leave you wanting without it feeling overdone I am extremely excited to read the next book in the series I highly recommend this to everyone who likes, fantasy, retellings, mythology or just a really good story

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    Deleted my review It was just a negative rant about why I didn t like this book Sadly my only real rant review keeps getting likes I guess rants are fun to read, but I d rather forget a book I disliked and move on rather than keep being reminded about it.

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    Because that s a very cool cover close up

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    Pleasantly surprised at this book The writing got better as the book progressed less choppy sentences and this steam punk version of Beauty and the Beast is full of mythology that adds the most delicious twists and turns.

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    Although I don t read a lot of fairytale retellings, I feel like I ve seen Beauty The Beast redone many times before For example, I loved Angela Carter s spin on the tale in two of her short stories in The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories, whereas I ve come to dislike A Court of Thorns and Roses after initially loving it And even though those are the only Beauty The Beast retellings I d read until this one, I m aware that there are many, many others out there Cruel Beauty, Beastly, and Beast wow all these titles are unoriginal to name a few Beauty The Beast, for whatever reason, is an immensely popular fairytale In such a saturated market, it can be difficult for books to stand out, but I think that The Beast manages to hold its own despite the obvious comparisons.Lindsay Mead brings a fresh and innovative twist to Beauty The Beast by adding steampunk elements, Norse mythology, and a badass heroine who leads a group of Hunters to the tale The Beast manages to stay true to the original story whilst maintaining an individual voice That s very difficult to do, especially when there s so much competition, and I have to commend Mead for that This is a book with very obvious flaws, but as this is a self published book by a debut author, I m not going to criticise it too harshly for that The central idea of this story is very good and there are many good plot elements it could simply use a little editing to make those things better I m sure that Lindsay Mead will take that into account as she works on her second book in this series and therefore I m optimistic that the sequel will improve on what is thoroughly decent foundational book.My favourite thing about this book was the mythology Mead has clearly done a lot of research, which is commendable, and she adapts existing ideas to her own story with ease There s certainly a lot of potential for the rest of the series here I also think that the setting and general world building are decent I have a clear picture of what the places in the novel look like and that s always good The use of random French words within otherwise English sentences felt kind of odd, but I can see what Mead was trying to achieve there Setting in general was good.Characterisation was reasonable I liked the strength and determination of Belle and the gentleness of Aleksander I can t say that I was incredibly invested in either of them, but I liked them both well enough and I see a lot of potential for development there Their romance I m less keen on Whilst it had its sweet moments, the whole thing was a little too instalove for my liking However, this is only the first book in the series, and I think that the way The Beast ended left room for lots of development in the romance as well as the individual characters I m also rather intrigued to see what Mead is going to do next with the character of Gastone Whilst he s certainly a lot nicer than his Disney namesake, I still don t find him one hundred percent likeable, and I think that s intentional As of yet, I m not sure exactly what kind of character Gastone is and where he s going to fit in Belle s life, and that fascinates me I m looking forward to seeing that develop because, once again, there s a lot of potential here.My main issue with The Beast was the pacing The beginning was rather slow, I think not horrendously slow by any means, but not as fast paced as the rest of the book and then as the book went on everything seemed to get quicker and quicker The romance, as I ve already mentioned, seemed to come about very quickly Belle s integration into palace life after previously being a prisoner also seemed to happen at quite a rapid pace Then, at the end, Mead through so many plot events at us at once that many of them lost their impact That s a shame, because the ideas in themselves were good I really hope that the pacing is sorted out in Mead s future books because it s a relatively small thing which spoils the overall presentation of events However, as its only an editing error, I have confidence that it will.Overall, I enjoyed The Beast It s not a perfect book by any means, but it s fun and it s original and it s a good staring point, both for this series and this author I m looking forward to seeing where the story goes next in The Beauty Hopefully the ideas will remain as innovative and fresh as they were in The Beast, and hopefully they ll be executed slightly better, because then we ll have a very good series indeed on our hands To conclude, a strong debut.

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    I have mixed thoughts on this one On the one hand, I waited for literally 7 months for it to come out, and the premise and plot was awesome and interesting and I love reading fairy tale retellings of Beauty and the Beast, they re my favorite, and this one had an interesting take on the tale but on the other hand, it sort of fell a little flat to me The beginning was interesting because it set the setting up for the rest of the story It was nice change of pace to have it be about hellhounds demons and taking place in France, circa 1800s The thing that threw me off in the beginning was that Gastone was nice He wasn t like the pompous jerk from Beauty and the Beast movie, he was actually nice and Belle was actually thinking that it wouldn t be a bad thing to get married to him in the future But all this was happening in the first few chapters which I found to be slow and boring I admit that I felt like skipping ahead to when the Beast shows up but then I wouldn t have known what was going on But then things started getting interesting when Belle entered the castle and learned the true nature of the hellhounds and the curse One thing that really annoyed me, that after It felt too rushed, especially after Belle was trapped in the castle It felt like the author told us what had happpened instead of showing us Like the two of them falling for each other The romance was missing the spark, that thing that would have made me crazy for the couple in the book, but at least I was happy for them.After a lot of things went down, they manage to defeat the norn and it s like the curse is broken, but it s easily broken like in the Disney movie, it seems that while everyone else is free, Aleksander was still having problems Aleksander isn t free from the curse, but at least he is able to shift between wolf and human So at least there s something to look forward to in the future And also that now he s King The steampunk aspect in this retelling totally made the story that much better I am definitely looking forward to the next book in the series to learn about the curse and what is going to happen to Belle and Aleksander.

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    An epic Steam Punk recreation of the classic Beauty and the Beast, The Beast takes readers on an awesome adventure with danger, action, kick butt ery and romance Placing the reader in a French Steam Punk world, they are introduced to Belle LeClair and her band of Hunters What do they hunt Hell hounds Being awesome fighters, they fight to protect their village of Glace from the enormous wolf beasts That is, until suddenly everything in Belle s life changes when Belle s father goes missing I love both Steam Punk and Beauty and the Beast, so the combination of the two was pretty awesome in my eyes The tale follows closer to the Disney version then the original luckily, so the story is kept fairly light overall The three most prominent and memorable characters of the story were Belle, the Prince and Gaston Gaston stuck with me because he was not fully unraveled as a character in the novel, leaving room for him to develop in future novels , which is very good Belle stuck with me because besides the fact that she was the main character of her awesome fighting capabilities Being the head of the Hunters she has some major fighting abilities, and cool gadgets That is very different from the original versions of Belle Its an improvement in my opinion The Beast the Prince stuck with me because of his romantic chivalry I found it super adorable and endearing Overall, The Beast is choke full of epic battle scenes and magical moments It managed to maintain the original feel of Beauty and the Beast and yet hold its own as a unique world and story I definitely recommend it, especially to fans of Beauty and the Beast I give The Beast, FOUR AND A HALF STARS OUT OF FIVE Want of me Go to