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At Ever After High, An Enchanting Boarding School, The Children Of Fairytale Legends Prepare Themselves To Fulfill Their Destinies As The Next Generation Of Snow Whites, Prince Charmings And Evil Queenswhether They Want To Or Not Each Year On Legacy Day, Students Sign The Storybook Of Legends To Seal Their Scripted Fates For Generations, The Village Of Book End Has Whispered That Refusing To Sign Means The End Both For A Story And For A LifeAs The Daughter Of The Evil Queen, Raven Queen S Destiny Is To Follow In Her Mother S Wicked Footsteps, But Evil Is So Not Raven S Style She S Starting To Wonder, What If She Rewrote Her Own Story The Royal Apple White, Daughter Of The Fairest Of Them All, Has A Happy Ever After Planned For Herself, But It Depends Upon Raven Feeding Her A Poison Apple In Their FutureWhat If Raven Doesn T Sign The Storybook Of Legends It Could Mean A Happily Never After For Them Both One Sentence Review It may be the literary equivalent of cotton candy and carmel corn but who cares when it s so much fun along the way I was buying books for a young friend s 11th birthday when this caught my eye It looked amazing I love fairy tale retellings and know that Ms Hale wields a wicked wanderrpen, so I grabbed it When I got home, I decided that I should probably be sure that the story is as captivating as the cover It surpassed my hopes expectations and I m particularly proud of my impulse buy I m hoping mon ami enjoys it as much as I did so that I have a great reason to buy the other books in this series For her, of course. Let s be honest this is a book that is effectively designed to sell dolls for Mattel s new Ever After High line There s a youtube series and an obnoxiously interactive website and a planned trilogy by the queen of fantasy retellings herself, Shannon Hale I m convinced that nobody but Shannon could have pulled this off with such aplomb I just watched a few of the youtube videos and instead of rolling my eyes at the cheesy nature of it all, I continued to feel emotionally attached to the characters What I m saying is this book is very, very good for what it is And it doesn t try to pretend to be anything but Yes, the story is a little sappy The children of famous fairy tale characters all go to school together and sign a pledge at the end of their sopho year that they will live out the stories of their parents so the fairy tales can continue Except Raven Queen, the daughter of the villainous queen in Snow White s story, isn t so sure that she wants to be evil Raven is awkward and angry and wonderful She s stuck being roommates with Apple White, which had shades of Wicked to it Chaos ensues, so on and so forth Yes, the characters really do say stuff like Hexciting and This is fairy, fairy bad But there are also musicians named Tailor Quick and One Reflection, so it s not all terrible My biggest hang up is that while the story has all of the delightful characters and lilting writing that Shannon Hale is known for, the Mattel undercurrent is very present Apple White, for instance, doesn t so much solve problems as flirt her way out of them Do you like precise descriptions of what modern day fairy tale characters would wear Well, then, this is the book for you Honestly, though, it s worth reading just to get to know Raven and Maddie and Dexter and Cerise and the rest of the EAH crew Most hexcellent. This book was adorable and got me halfway out of my reading slump I m a bitselective on which book I choose next to get me completely out of my slump, but Storybook of Legends did a great job I am an enormous fan of the Ever After High series, as evidenced by my username, because of the Netflix series and now the accompanying book series.The design of the book was absolutely beautiful with pink and purple pages, and the hardcover edition was themed very well It s an adorable book yet still possesses very high art quality.The Ever After High world is so immersive and enormous EAH is a private academy for the offspring of fairy tale creatures, royal and rebel alike From Snow White to Little Red Riding Hood to Swan Princess to the Mad Hatter, characters abound As much as I enjoyed reading about the principal characters, I was very curious about the side characters always passing through frames The staff members were fun to read about as well Baba Yaga, the Bears, Madame Maid Marian, and Rumplestiltskin all made appearances to help the students with their education My favorite was Coach Ginger Bread Man He was a strict coach, but he couldn t help but be silly His descriptions were funny and I laughed out loud when I saw his likeness in the television show.This installment of the series is the daughter of the Evil Queen, Raven, has doubts about her destiny poisoning the daughter of Snow White She is uncomfortable doing intentional bad magic and it usually backfires on her She was fun to read and easy to relate to, despite the enormous cheese factor when she sang the theme song Her intended nemesis is none other than Apple who becomes her roommate She is very sweet and a little too perfect , but her intentions are good Unlike Sophie in School for Good and Evil, she was not completely insufferable with ulterior motives All of the characters, both royals and rebels, were so much fun It s hard to pick favorites, but here are my top five Maddie, the daughter of the Mad Hatter, is extremely silly, speaks Riddlish, and is a great best friend to Raven.Cedar Wood, the daughter of Pinocchio, cannot tell a lie and is a wooden puppet Hooray for POC characters Cerise Hood, daughter of Little Red Riding Hood, is part of the Rebels side with an interesting twist on the fairy tale.Dexter Charming, the son of Prince Charming, is a very sweet boy whose fairy tale is unknown His brother Daring is assigned to Apple s Ever After, but he s a big dummy Dexter, short for Dextrous, has a crush on Raven.My favorite, which should be no surprise is Blondie Lockes, daughter of Goldilocks She has the cutest costume and I love her ability to open any door She is a journalist who makes sure she knows all the ins and outs about Ever After High.I recommend watching the television show first because the novel is nearly identical but with extra background knowledge The character wardrobe is stunning and I love all the fairy tale characters coming together As far as fairy tale retellings go, EAH is nice and bubbly with minor conflict while SGAE is darker with some violence They are both excellent in their own medium, and I am grateful to have experienced them both I loved all the puns and general environment of the book It was most hex ellent and I can t wait to read the next volume. I thought this book wasEXTREMELY AWESOME ULTRA COOL EXTRA SUPERB REALLY REALLY MAGNIFICENT VERY EXCITING REMARKABLY STUNNING EXCEEDINGLY AMAZING I also thinkSHANNON HALE IS BREATHTAKING Ever after High seems to be geared toward the tween age girls, yet as a twenty nine year old I still found it enjoyable Ever After High is the story of our fairytale descendants Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella s daughters, as well as the Huntsmen s son, the Evil Queen s daughter, and the Mad Hatter s daughter, you get the picture All of these teens go to Ever After High, and sopho year is legacy year, where they sign the book of legends and commit to take over their parent s roles in reliving their stories What if you don t want to live that story though Raven Queen dreads legacy day She doesn t want to turn out like her mother She doesn t want to be EVIL The Storybook of Legends is the first book in the series, and a great introduction to the fairytale world and its characters The vocabulary in the story was funny in a clever, yet juvenile way The students have mirror pads instead of iPads, they use phrases like hexcellent , and this party s going to be a page ripper What really cracked me up though was the heroic fanfare and shirt ripping before the huntsmen rescued a damsel in distress One part cheesy, one part humorous, one part adventure Overall, a whole lot of fun for young teens, or older audiences that love fairytales and can handle a little cheesiness.I also read the novellas that go along with the story They re about 10 pages each They gave me a better background for the story, but are not necessary for your enjoyment understanding They were free onwhen The Storybook of Legends was released I don t think I would have paid.99 for each of them since they were so short If I paid for any it would be Ashlyn Ella and the Huntsmen s stories, those two gave extra background that you don t get in the book itself. I have to admit, I was really nervous about this book I mean, I love Shannon Hale, but her plus Mattel How was that going to work out Turns out the book is absolutely charming It s the first in a planned trilogy, so don t expect all loose ends to be tied up, but I was pleasantly surprised by how fun the plot was The characters are great as well, and she manages to bring to life even minor characters Looking forward to seeing where the series goes next That was the fluffiest, stupidest, most adorable piece of literature I have ever read.Ever.It was a good stupid, you know The kind that uses way too many puns and obvious character archetypes, but you don t care because 1 it s a kid s book and 2 it s written well enough that you don t care.I loved every character in this book.I loved every stupid joke.I loved how it can be interpreted as a social commentary on the feminism movement.Yes That very one.Raven Queen my darling heart doesn t want to be told to conform To be told that she needs to be evil She wants to be strong and keep her friends and not follow in her mother s footsteps There s an entire world out there, and her own personal happily ever after preferably with Dex Charming Meanwhile, Apple White doesn t want to step outside of the box She s happily comfortable living out a sweet and peaceful life with the man she feels she s destined for.And neither of those are bad.There s a split in the group of rebels and royals that want to stick to their story, and those who want a different future.There is nothing wrong with being a housewife, nor is there anything wrong with wantingin your life than just that.At least, that s how I saw it.Bonus fourth wall breaking with Maddie Hatter Double bonus I m going to cosplay as C.A Cupid asap I loved that she actually crossed over from Monster High. Es una historia que se lee muy r pido, me entretuve un buen rato con los personajes.Raven me gust desde un inicio, su actitud y los objetivos que ten a por otro lado Apple no me agrad mucho su forma de ser, comprendo su insistencia con Raven, pero antes de eso desde que apareci el personaje supe que iba a ser insoportable, y aunque no lo fue mucho como lo esperaba igual no fue mi favorita.Los personajes que se relacionaban con Raven fueron de mi agrado, en verdad aplaudi la paciencia de ella con Apple y sus amigos, yo en su lugar les habr a hecho da o a alguno de ellos o algo por el estilo.Me dan ganas de leer los siguientes libros y saber como terminar la historia no es cosa del otro mundo porque incluso llega a ser predecible pero si quiero leer los siguientes.