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All It Takes Is One Mistake To Be Marked One Bite, She Crosses A Lineinto ForeverDiana Hambre S Body Is Blazing For Days This Leopardess Shifter Has Spun Through A Body Searing Heat Cycle Alone Her Senses Reel When Shawn Barclay, Her Boss, Walks Into Her Reserved Room At The Downtown Den, A Stud Club For Shifters He Gives Diana A Choice Spend The Evening With Him, Give Into His Every Desire, And She Ll Find Out What It Means To Quench Her Heat Crazed Thirst Or Try Her Luck With A Stranger, One Of The Club BangersShawn Hates When His Back Is Against The Wall One Sip Of Diana S Pheromone Laced Scent Is Enough To Force His Alpha Hand The Tables Have Turned And It S Diana S Back He Wants Up Against A Wall, Or Any Other Surface For That MatterAs The Moon Rises Toward Midnight, Shawn And Diana Come To Understand The Difference Between Sex And Bonding For A Night, Neither Of Them Resist Their Primal Instincts, Blindly Giving Into Carnal Desire Her Wild Nature Fights Being Subdued And She Risks Spontaneously Shifting Without WarningNow, Bearing Shawn S Bite Marks, She Can T Simply Walk Away From Him Not When He Has The Means To Teach Her To Harness Her Leopardess Nature Shawn Accepts The Challenge Of Training Diana To Control Her Untamed Cravings Employing Every Method Available In And Out Of The Bedroom, He Discovers He S On The Verge Of Ensnaring Himself In The ProcessWarning Erotic Scenes Hot Enough To Peel Paint

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    1 1 2I can, and will say, that the author tried I can t honestly add much The text was full of litter part of words left there and the writing itself at times seemed off to me Like, what is the point or what is she trying to say All the training is a good example This is labelled as erotica, so the sex to story ratio is high But I admit that in the field this ratio is usually much higher So kudos for it As erotica, though, plot and world building are not high in the list of priorities I found some points a mystery like why all of a sudden she becomes insecure Or how an alpha can submit Why the emphasis on her past if you then don t talk about it I also admit that none of the scenes of submission sounded right to my ear but clearly this is purely personal This is on the November Deals I would have preferred if it was marketed as self pub In theory it s not It could be a vanity press, which is the same thing I might have decided not to buy it or I would have been less irked by the constant litter left in the pages If you decide to go for it, note that the sample is a good set for the book Rather than hooking you, it leaves you dry For an erotica book, it s not such a good idea.

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    My Thoughts 5 out of 5 unicorns I loved it Received ebook as part of a blog tour for an honest review.I love the cover especially the kitty with the big beautiful eyes Ok first things first, a majority of this book is very steamy erotic scenes, so if that s not your thing, then you may not want to read this book There is definitely a story to go with it, and I thoroughly enjoyed this book This is the first time I ve read anything by Susan Arden, but after looking at the cover and the blurb I knew it was something I d enjoy Her writing style makes it easy to visualize everything that is happening and be sucked into the characters lives Diana is trying to make her way in the world as a lone woman trying to control her leopardess half after personal tragedy She is a strong woman who does not like to admit she needs help, and she keeps people at arm s length Shawn is a confident alpha who is a bachelor after being burned before with no plans for that changing ever Their story is awesome Only thing that I wish there was of was their families I almost wonder if there will be another book involving meeting both of their families closure which would rock, and I would definitely read it However, I have seen no indication of this being a series.I loved this book and highly recommend it to paranormal romance lovers who like it steamy and hot.

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    I was given this book by the author and asked if I could review it so here we go This is the story about a shapeshifter Diana who is trying to find someone to help her in a critical time of her life And a shapeshifter named Shawn who is a alpha he is consumed by her and her by him It is very hot and very steamy They each have things in their past that make the romance challenging I dont want to give to much away but its a great read and i know u will like it Definitely not for anyone under 18 I just hope that there s to come The author was very detailed in her writing which is always a plus

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    Reviewed by Nadene R.Book provided by the publisher for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookFirst of all I must say that the cover of this title is what first drew my attention and then when I read the blurb I was further intrigued As a result when the opportunity arose for me to read and review this title I was very enthused However, my enthusiasm got shot to the ground after the first few chapters Now, don t get me wrong, I am not saying that the story was not good it was just not what I was expecting To be honest, I don t mind reading about sex in romance stories as I believe it adds spice but when it practically dominates the entire story that s where I draw the line I know this is an erotic romance, but frankly I was expecting a bit substance It moved very slowly It was not until the about the last four chapters that the story started to get exciting.The sex scenes were definitely sizzling There was some amount of BSDM and anal sex so if you are in to this type of thing then this book is definitely for you.Although I was disappointed with the story line I have to say that the story was well written Characters were well developed I was especially drawn to the female protagonist, Diana Hambre She is a leopard shifter who has been a widow for some time She had gotten use to keeping her carnal urges under control on her own However, lately it had become quite difficult for her and she recognized that she needed help to achieve this task Little did she know that the place she went to obtain a solution to her problem is owned by her boss, Shawn Barclay She is a very strong willed person and it was somewhat difficult for her to give up this independence and to submit to Shawn I liked how she was able to eventually do that and at the same time was able to hold on to her identity She had no qualms about protecting what was hers.Overall I found it to be an ok read It may not have been my favorite read but I would still recommend it as I know everyone s taste is different.

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    Once again I m wondering how I read the same book as all the very positive reviewers I just got a new kindle and decided to take advantage of the lending library with this book Bummer on me because i can only get once a month I dont even think i made it through one chapter because the writing was so absurdedly over the top Like ok she s in heat and horny I get it we don t need to spend 75% of every page beating the dead horse over and over and over and over and over andwell you get the point I was also not even a little impressed by the heroine I get that she s in heat and all but the oh if someone doesnt service me im gonna jump the next hot guy i see good lord some willpower please silly me but i want a heroine who is than just her lady bits oh my boss compliments me at work so often i just wanna molest him on the desk ugh it was justnot sexy to me I couldnt respect her The author tried to give her some depth by throwing in a dead mate but it just comes out of the blue and has no emotional impact And we re just dropped in the middle of the world with 0 explanation which is a huge pet peeve of mine What that all added up to for me was i knew i wasn t gonna enjoy this and i decided not to waste my precious free time

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    I received a copy for the tour I really liked Diana She had a strength of character that made me connect with her Her mate had been killed so Diana was attempting to control her shifting urges on her own She finally reaches the point where she needs help so she seeks help from a stud club that caters to shifters Unbeknownst to her, the owner is also her boss at the graphic design company she works for The alpha male that has called to her and left her panting for She knows he is to be avoided at all cost because to engage him is to wind up bonded.Shawn has desired Diana for awhile but he also knows that giving in will cost him the best designer he has ever had When he discovers that Diana is at his club, he knows he has to get rid of her but when he realizes how close to the edge she is, he knows he is the only one that can train her.I love that these two need and want each other Vegas was a bit of a pain cause there is nothing worse than a vindictive ex I am a fan of Susan Arden s and I can t wait to devour

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    Yeah I really got into this one There was a time a got a bit tired of the sex but surprisingly it finally got back to the plot and story It was still good A bit different than most I liked that the female led didn t become clingy Right from the get go she was like, that s all good and all, but what happens she never quite gave every bit of control over The male led was not an alpha male, but then again he was He was an alpha of his clan but his actions were not alpha style seen in most recent contemporary romance novels He wasn t abusive in anyway and once he had her, she was it for him.In all I actually would read this book over and over again so I have zero problems rating this a 5 star.

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    I was given this copy in exchange for an honest review.This is a very steamy book that is bound to get you hot and bothered It has male Dom, a tad of BDSM, and shapeshifting OH MY Who could ask for If you are looking for an easy going book that will take your mind off of reality for the weekend, this is your read.

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    I enjoyed this one Very steamy shifter romance good story, good characters, lot s of steam, not too long. kept me interested. A good one

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    Great job Panty melting Story