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Melina Rowe Never Thought Her Quiet, Simple Life Could Change To One Full Of Fear And Confusion Just By Accidentally Bumping Into Someone But After She Collides With An Elderly Man Named Walter, She Starts To Hear People S Thoughts And Have Unsettling Visions Walter Reveals Himself As A Guiding Angel And Explains To Melina That She S A Rare Type Of Human Who Can Absorb Angel Powers But Her Special Ability Is Of A Problem For Her Than A Gift The Powers Are Too Strong For Humans And Will Eventually Kill Melina Unless She Can Successfully Use Them To Help A Select Individual Who S In Need Of Guidance Her Chances Are Slim, Though, Seeing That The Handful Of Other Humans This Has Happened To Before Didn T Survive Scared For Her Life, Melina Desperately Tries To Help A Young Man Named Lee, But His Continual Resistance And Her Struggle With The Powers Make It Almost Impossible Her Situation Only Grows Worse When A Trio Of Soul Snatching Demons Is Sent By An Unknown Entity To Take Her Soul And Kill Her As A Determined Walter Sets Out To Discover Who Sent The Demons And Why, Melina Must Defend Herself From Their Relentless Attacks All While Trying To Use Powers She Doesn T Fully Understand To Help Someone Who Doesn T Want To Be Helped If She Can T Figure Out How To Break Through To Lee, The Powers Will Ultimately Destroy Her But If The Powers Don T Kill Her First, The Demons Will

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    Thank you Ms Ashley Stambaugh for a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.This is an interesting story about a young woman, Melina whose life takes a 360 turn when she collides with an old man named Walter Suddenly, she finds herself capable of unimaginable extra ordinary abilities It is a story based on a very appealing premise and a fascinating idea.Several fresh concepts about angels are presented in the story and I was intrigued at these new introductions especially about the role in a person s life of the so called guardian angels in contrast to guarding angels who apparently are not one and the same I also learned in this story that angels could be sometimes even clueless and ridiculous than human beings I was hooked by the different abilities Melina acquired especially with her ability to hear other people s thoughts but what I found quite a bit of a challenge is reading and taking out the majority of the story s essence through the characters dialogues I felt like there were so many instances in which plain and simple narrations would have worked better.Another thing that was quite missing for me is the connection to the main character Perhaps it was the lack of depth to her personality Between her and her best friend, I d say the best friend is a lot colorful I think it would have helped if there were short but helpful details about her past or anything that would justify why she is worthy of having such a wonderful gift ability.It must be understood though that this is the first book of a series, so perhaps the things that I thought missing here will be found in the sequel This book has huge potential and I am hoping to prove that in the sequel.

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    Collide is an interesting and unique take on Angels and Demons This isn t my favorite in the paranormal world, but I took a chance on it.What I enjoyed the most was the different Angels We have your Guardian Angels, but there are also angels of Guidance, death etc Melina bumps into a Guiding Angel, an Angel that is given a charge and is supposed to help guide them through whatever troubles they may be experiencing Since humans don t tolerate the powers well, it s a race to control them and to find their charge and help them, before they succumb.Ashley did a great job with the world building, but I wasn t a fan of the execution of it We learn about 90% of it through conversation, as Melina is informed by HER Guide, Walter It wasn t technically info dump but it was close Also, about 30% in, we get scenes from Walter and a few of the Elders, which threw me off for a little bit It was necessary to get the bigger picture, but it s a peeve when a new POV is introduced so late.As far as the characters go, I really wish I would have had back story on them We learn a little bit as the story progresses, but I am a huge character driven person, and I feel like i need to CONNECT to them to understand their feelings, reasonings and such And I didn t have that Melina is nice, helpful and strong, but that s really all I can say about her Lee too, wasn t someone I connected with We know he is going through a rough time, and Melina needs to figure out how to help him But that s really IT.There was also a twist at the end that I didn t see coming Of course, the clues are there but I couldn t put my finger down on who exactly was orchestrating everything Overall It was okay for me I would have loved to connect to the characters than I did, but the overall arc of the story was good If you are looking for something unique, this is the book for you I received this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.

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    Wow What a thriller Once I reached the collision, I didn t stop I barely moved Here s the story.Melina collides with an older gentlemen in a park and gets anelectric shock Well, it s his angelic powers going to her Except with these angel powers mind reading, teleporting, visions, and shining an inner light comes terrible pain for Melina Walter, the old man would shares these powers with her is really an angel He helps her throughout the process Henry, her guardian angel, eventually starts to help as well, when Melina comes in danger of dying For Melina to stop these powers from killing her, she must help a human Lee During Melina s journey she gets attacked by demons, isn t sure she can fully trust angels, is desperately trying to control her new powers, and doing her best to get Lee to trust her What a ride Melina s story is like being on a roller coaster that never slows down While the demons and angels are consistent, strong, entities it is the thrill that carries this book Melina is a very strong character, so combining all of it leads to an exciting story I believe the author is gifted, one that s born to write I d eagerly buy and read any of her books.Love it.Recommended for people who enjoy excellent thrillers.I got this from LOP group for an honest review.

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    A unique and refreshing look at a human with the powers of an angel I love how the author emphasized the necessary change of heart within each person to truly overcome their problems A hand out or hand up would have been much too easy of a solution true change comes when one changes their mind and attitudes And sometimes it seems we all need a guiding angel to help us find the right path This story was a rare find it makes the reader consider how to change their own path and inspires a willingness to help others This is an original urban fantasy that sticks with the reader long after the last page is turned.

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    I received this book free as a part of the Wicked Reads Review team to do an honest review.I am 13 and the reason I say I don t like it is because I think it is for adults I can t quite relate to the stuff in the book, I have not even thought about the stuff, like how she has her own business I think it is written for an older group of people, like maybe college kids.I liked that it had angels in it I liked the way the angels were described because I could actually see them in my mind but this book just was not for me.

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    Collide is an interesting take on angels, especially with the twist of the heroine as a rare human with their abilities.Read full review in the

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    While out jogging one morning, Melina bumps into an elderly man named Walter She felt a powerful surge of energy pass through her and was stunned He s surprised, too, and tries to explain what happened, but she doesn t want to hear it Walter has to shock her again to get her to believe who he is and what it was that passed between them and Melina s life will never be the same again.She learns that she needs to embrace her new powers and help someone in trouble and in need of guidance, but it has to be a particular person She starts a search for that person and finds Lee, who isn t open to her help at all Melina starts getting attacked by demons and her powers are weakening her and the only thing that can save her is to help Lee.I don t always enjoy reading angel and demon stories, but this one held my interest and I liked that it was different I liked Melina Her parents have both died and she s running their bookshop It wasn t necessarily her dream, but she s willing to do it I also liked her relationship with her best friend Tessa Tessa stood by Melina and helped her when she needed it I wasn t too sold on Melina and Lee s relationship throughout most of the book Lee seemed afraid of her, with good reason, and I wasn t sure if there would actually be a romance between them I started to buy into it towards the end and I m hoping to see even of a connection between them as the series progresses I liked Melina s relationship with her guiding angel, Walter Walter didn t know everything and he had to search for some answers, too Walter and Melina were both in for some surprises as they tried to figure out what was happening.There were times when I felt the story jumped around and would have liked some scenes to be described in detail The ending is satisfying and I m interested to see where the author goes with the story from here I received a copy of this book to review My opinion is 100% my own.Read my interview with the author here Mel s Shelves

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    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.All it took was just one touch and her world was forever changed Welcome to Melina world where one day everything is going normal and then her whole belief system will be changed The plotline for this book is for sure a little different and drew me in Melina was a character that I didn t fully connect with but there a good amount of emotion coming from the character I for sure felt her guilt, confusion, and struggle with what is thrown her way in the blink of an eye I will say that Henry if my favorite character though he has very small parts I enjoyed the book overall and will read from the author.

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    This is a fantastic read I absolutely love the main characters She is very well developed and rather quickly will you find yourself cheering for her I also love the entire concept of demons and angels and how it was twisted in this book The plot was really good and had a quick development while making sure you were getting closer to the main characters This kept your attention and made it tough to put the book down I have to admit I was annoyed with some of the side characters, but that kept things interesting The conclusion was really good All in all, this was one fun read and I highly recommend it to any lover of the paranormal I will definitely read from this author.I have received this book from the author for an honest review LoP, lovers of paranormal.

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    This book took me a little by surprise Looking back I am not sure what I expected, but this paranormal thriller wasn t it I was hooked from the first page I really liked the characters Melina is a strong girl I think most will relate to I also really liked Walter Like I said, there was action than I thought there would be, but I was perfectly ok with that I love when an author can bring so much into one read I am eager to get my hands on the next installment I also love the cover It is beautiful and between it and the synopsis is the reason I decided to read the book in the first place Once I got to the first page though, I couldn t put it down.