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Once Upon A Time, Everything Was Fine Humpty Dumpty Sat On His Wall, Jack And Jill Went About Their Lawful Business, The Big Bad Wolf Did What Big Bad Wolves Do, And The Wicked Queen Plotted Murder Most Foul But The Humans Hacked, Cried Havoc, Shut Down The Wicked Queen S System, And Corrupted Her Database And Suddenly Everything Was Not Fine At All But At Least We Know That They Ll All Live Happily Ever After Don T We Computers And Fairy Tales Collide To Hilarious Effect In The Latest Sparkling Cocktail Of Mayhem, Wit, And Wonder From The Master Of Comic Fantasy

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    This was my first book by Tom Holt I had come across this book in a book sale and was intrigued by the title The blurb gave the impression that it was going to an entertaining read, and I decided to give it a go.Anyway, some humans, as usual always poking their noses where they do not belong, have hacked into the Wicked Queen s system Mirrors 3.1 and made a mess of it The result is complete chaos in the fantasy land.Narrative patterns have been distorted Snow White s seven dwarfs have turned into samurai warriors who are always philosophizing, two of the Three Little Pigs have turned on the third one, the big bad wolf has been turned into a charming prince, the Beast is terrified of Beauty, a knight in distress needs to be rescued by a damsel, and the madness continues Quite a few of the famous fairy tale characters have become exact opposites of what they were I better shut my mouth before I give away any major spoilers I certainly enjoyed the author s imagination and humour some parts especially the dialogues are well written and so funny Some of these were simply genius.The book was good dragged at parts, but when you have so many characters and so much going on managing everything is difficult Wish the author had done something about this, then the book would have been great.If you like comic fantasy, then you can give this book a try I would be on the lookout for a few Tom Holt books.

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    Is he just psychotic, or is he the Dirty Harry of the local planning department The ongoing battle of the Big Bad Wolf Mr Fang, even when turned into a frog and then into a handsome prince and the Three Little Pigs is a particular highlight of this book The Wicked Queen is not just a stereotypical villainess Holt develops her character and goes beyond the fairest of them all power struggles with Snow White Snow White is a power hungry con artist who is nowhere as nice as in the fairy tales she must have had a good publicist The Brothers Grimm appear as official government sanctioned observers from the real world, looking for weapons of mass imagination but they have their own self interested agenda to take care of In scenes strangely reminiscent of Sergio Leone s spaghetti westerns mixed with the Magnificent Seven, the Dwarf with no name aka Dumpy puts together a group of mercenaries Hired by the pigs to deal with the wolf once and for all, he ropes in Tom Thumb and Rumpelstiltskin into the bargain, while the seven samurai have orders to kill the Wicked Queen This is another thread of the mad, wildly imaginative plot and it ties in seamlessly with the Wicked Queen s quest to restore order Throughout the book, the queen is the voice of reason Her magic mirror had been hacked and she must save her world from Snow White This was by far my favourite Tom Holt book so far Snow White and the Seven Samurai is a glorious confection, turning all the fairy tale tropes on their head Not everyone ends up with a HEA Happily Ever After but we are dealing with once upon a time rules after all.

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    I don t care what other people say, I like Tom Holt Having read bit of Jasper Fforde s Nursery Crimes series to Spike1972 recently and forcing him to read the rest I feel right at home in this messed up fairy tale world, published prior to JFf, but, if the latter is to be believed, conceived later I read this in one go on one of those sleepless Sunday nights Monday mornings which I hope will soon be a thing of the past and it sent me to a too short sleep with a silly grin on my tired face.

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    Another very clever book from Tom Holt Written in 1999, the computing references are very dated, but the fairyland stuff is great Gerroff You re squashing my ears The wolf eased off the pressure slightly, and the gossamer shadow under its claws stopped squirming Well now, the wolf growled softly, what a surprise And what s an elf doing in these parts.The elf spat That s Indigenous Fairylander to you, Fido.Just loses momentum toward the end

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    This is another masterpiece from Tom Holt.Hackers crash the Wicked Queen s Mirrors Opertaing system, so fairy tale land needs rebooting only Snow White is in control, the Seven Samurai are fighting the Dwarf with no name, the Big Bad Wolf has been turned into Prince Charming, the Three Little Pigs keep blowing up their house, the Brothers Grimm are trying a hostile takeover and all Dr Frankenstein can create is a small wooden boy whose nose keeps growing All on all, not a place you want to be trapped in I laughed out loud in places it was so good A brilliant concept and so recognisable that you could just imagine this happening almost

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    I apologize Mr Holt as you are a good writer but your rating must suffer since my overall enjoyment of the book was very minimal This may not be solely your fault but a statement on how I realized while reading just how fed up I am with Fairy tale rip offs and reinventions.Once the entertainment industries dig up a bone they keep digging until they have uncovered an entire herd of dinosaurs and stripped the land barren like they did with vampires.The recent spat of horrible fable and fairy tale movies from Snow White to Jack to Noah The recent run of decent TV shows Like Once upon a time and Grimm and the many books written from Holt to Hines to Fforde etc I m just supersaturated with fairy tale entertainment and can t take any , whether the source be Grimms, Aesop s, Hans Christian Anderson or the Bibles I just have reached the limit.I wonder what will be run into the ground next after they are done with Zombies Angels maybe Who knows.

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    Cyberpunk meets fairytales Fairytale land is controlled via the Mirrors computer mirror system System gets hacked by people from real life Subsequent deconstruction of everything from Little Red Riding Hood to Three Little Pigs These characters aren t flat and complete opposites of their real life components, but hilarious and actual characters My favourite would have to be Julian, the runt of the three little pigs I also love the way the typical story structure is commented on, and how nothing in Fairytale land happens without a point plot point or otherwise.The ending that isn t as funny as you d hope, but rhis is one of those books where you ve got to say, who cares The point of this book is the glorious middle section.

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    I really like Holt, although sometimes his books are hard to follow This story was good, it was fun and it was messy, probably not that original given I have seen this before, but I ve got to give credit where credit s due He knew exactly how to mix everything up and still not lose sight of them I would ve have lost half the characters halfway up the story, so that was impressive It got a little tiresome towards the middle and it ended too easy for my taste, but since I wasn t expecting any of that, it s good I liked it It made my brain think a lot.

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    This book was an interesting book after you completed the book you felt that fairy tales is just a figment of your imagination and you can write the story how you want it In life there is good and bad and something s must not be muddled in You might do it with the best intentions but boy oh boy As the saying goes the way to hell is paved with good intentions Greed and vanity and power is evils that appear all throughout the story And true to it s nature everybody lives happily ever after.

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    I first read this book twice at the age of 15, having taken it with me on French exchange, with nothing else to read once I d finished it It was second Tom Holt, after Only Human, and I really enjoyed it A couple of weeks ago I was at home with nothing to read and picked it up again The fairy tale references are still just as clever, although as another reviewer has said, the tech references are now fairly dated, but I think most of them are still understandable though I m not sure if that will be true for later generations I d forgotten the plot twists, so still found it quite a page turner, but the end was fairly disappointing it all seems to happen too suddenly I d still recommend it if you want a light, unchallenging read though.