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Essentially the novel that inspired the Tom Selleck movie originally rud to have been slated for Roger Moore and Bo Derek , High Road to China is a terrific aviation yarn by a master author of the action genre who simply hasn t published enough novels for my taste As a very young man, I thrilled to Jon Cleary s treatment of Formula I racing in The Green Helmet part of why I would still rather watch an international grand prix than a NASCAR race and I recently spotted this volume in my local library Not having seen the film which diverges from the plot in terms of both the origin of the flight obviously to shorten the movie and in terms of the rationale behind the flight apparently, scheming partners were palatable than Chinese warlords as the villain Of course, I didn t see the movie I only read a synopsis and noted right away that there were a few differences welcome differences in my opinion.In the novel, an heiress discovers that she has a limited amount of time to get from England as opposed to Turkey in the film to Shanghai and Hunan in order to deliver a valuable statuette to a tuchan warlord before the warlord either beheads her father or slits his throat The only possible way that she can meet the deadline is via an air journey that zig zags across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia using three decommissioned Bristols WWI aircraft I love it I have an unfinished manuscript with decommissioned French WWI aircraft in China so I thought this was very cool.Personally, in addition to the expectations of the adventurers being caught up in bureaucracy, diplomacy, espionage, and overt war, I feel like High Road to China delivered in terms of crisp, thought provoking lines I ll only share a few of them here One of my favorite lines takes place between a former German pilot with the famous infamous Flying Circus of von Richtofen and the former British pilot played by Selleck in the film , O MalleyAre you experienced in women, Herr O Malley I ve had some experience of their bodies What man ever admits to less The proud cock crowing But I m a virgin when it comes to their minds Most of us are It was an admission I didn t expect him to makep 147 At other times and fortunately, Cleary uses this sparingly , a mysterious Chinese man a minion of the notorious warlord comes out with quotations which would make the clich ridden Charlie Chan show a bit of envy Sun Nan states after a failed attempt at briberyOne should always read a man s bank account, said Sun Nan, Confucian in his cups, before trying to bribe himp 108 At another point, I appreciated the wisdom in this brief lineMy uncle was a diplomat, not a soldier They never have to pull the triggerp 152 On one occasion, I remember reading that an empire is not worth a pinch of camel merde an epithet for dung if you don t know French and on another, If only we Germans could learn their skill at deception But all we can deceive are ourselves p 236 I also loved the bandit who had lived and worked in the U.S so that he spoke underworld slang It was so beyond what I expected that I found myself laughing in spite of the consequences in which the protagonists found themselves I also enjoyed the cameo appearance of a young Mao Tse Tung and a casual reference to Chiang Kai shek High Road to China is so well written that I would hesitate to see the movie, now I have images in my head that are so delightful that I d hate to spoil them Let me just say that if you like a combination of adventure and historical color, I don t think you would be disappointed with High Road to China. This a well written, full blown action adventure that covers an aerial journey of nineteen days in 1920 The core characters commence with three armed WW1 biplanes, from the UK to China, in their attempt to meet the deadline and prevent the execution of a kidnapped businessman The competent daughter of the wealthy businessman provides the ongoing motivation, is herself an experienced pilot, and has the necessary wealth available to keep the story from bogging down for arbitrary financial reasons.The small band of travellers, not all of whom are on the same side but have the same determination to complete the journey, meets many interesting obstacles along the way, populated by interesting characters, most of whom are less than willing to assist with the mission.The script for the movie based on the book has perhaps a fifteen percent correlation with the author s narrative Expect quite a different story, detailed and richer obviously, with all of the characters being far better developed than can be catered for in a movie A thoroughly enjoyable yarn. While it is an action filled adventure, the novel is also surprisingly rich in character development and complex relationships It depicts the psychology of post War alienation and anomie A world order has expired and now lies in state, cocooned by the heavy perfume of wilted roses and funeral gowns Politically, the roots of future world conflict are already bared by the back and forth of local power struggles. The novel is MUCH sophisticated than the Tom Selleck movie which leaves out a couple of major characters and most of the European sections of the book It s an insightful looks at post war Europe and Asia wrapped up in an adventure story Cameron and I read it out loud and couldn t put it down. I enjoyed the movie with Tom Selleck and Bess Armstrong many many years ago, very different from the novel The novel was great, great characters and tons of flying action I did like the down and out character of O Malley hard drinking, ex fighter pilot still haunted by the atrocities of the war in the movie than in the book Still glad I finally read the book though. I ran into the movie based on this book while I was living in Taiwan over thirty years ago It is still my favorite movie Since then I had tried to find the novel without success until I tried Kindle The central plot is the same Other than that the characters, settings, all else are elegantly nuanced and compelling A page turning romantic adventure. This is the second Jon Cleary novel I have read and thoroughly enjoyed The film based off of it bears the same title and that is about it Much like Cleary s The Golden Sabre, this book deserves miniseries treatment by a company with the budget to do it right. A Bold Young American Heiress, A Bitter British Ex Air Ace, His Aristocratic German Former Flying FoePut Them In The Year Give Them Three Vintage World War I FightersAnd You Have What Sheer Juicy Reading Pleasure Is All About High Road To China This sounded like it was going to have an awesome female character but soooooo many nos Just no. High Road to China is an adventure serial set in a world adjusting to the aftermath of World War I, with airplanes as the key asset to the protagonists For those that have seen the movie adaptation with Tom Selleck, expect to find a lot of differences in the story, characters, and the McGuffin I didn t find all of the novel s adventures entertaining, but I liked the themes the author conveyed in the character arcs of his three leads a rich American woman on a quest and the former British and German fighter pilots that aided her I also enjoyed the banter of and between the lead characters throughout the story I think both the movie and this novel are worth the time invested.