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Lorelai Diederich, Crown Princess And Fugitive At Large, Has One Mission Kill The Wicked Queen Who Took Both The Ravenspire Throne And The Life Of Her Father To Do That, Lorelai Needs To Use The One Weapon She And Queen Irina Have In Common Magic She Ll Have To Be Stronger, Faster, And Powerful Than Irina, The Most Dangerous Sorceress Ravenspire Has Ever SeenIn The Neighboring Kingdom Of Eldr, When Prince Kol S Father And Older Brother Are Killed By An Invading Army Of Magic Wielding Ogres, The Second Born Prince Is Suddenly Given The Responsibility Of Saving His Kingdom To Do That, Kol Needs Magic And The Only Way To Get It Is To Make A Deal With The Queen Of Ravenspire, Promise To Become Her Personal Huntsman And Bring Her Lorelai S HeartBut Lorelai Is Nothing Like Kol Expected Beautiful, Fierce, And Unstoppable And Despite Dark Magic, Lorelai Is Drawn In By The Passionate And Troubled King Fighting To Stay One Step Ahead Of The Dragon Huntsman Who She Likes Far Than She Should Lorelai Does Everything In Her Power To Ruin The Wicked Queen But Irina Isn T Going Down Without A Fight, And Her Final Move May Cost The Princess The One Thing She Still Has Left To Lose I didn t realize this was a snow white retelling, so I guess I read two books doing fairy tale retellings in a row Lorelai is on the run, hiding out from her aunt Irina who uses her magic to control Revenspire and sit on the thrown that rightly belongs to Lorelai It took me about a third of the book to get into the book, the book is YA and I guess I ve gotten all old and sad and can t appreciate things as much so for the whole first third I was just like what is this writing I did eventually get into it and it wasn t too bad Its just an average YA book in my opinion It s not particularly bad but I wasn t impressed either or in love with it Wish there wasn t so much just telling and that there was some subtlety in the book, I don t think anything about YA books makes it so you can t do that. LOVED this book Such a phenomenal retelling of Snow White This is a book about a girl who should be queen, rounding up her band of outsiders to reclaim her stolen kingdom with some magical help Oh wait a second, haven t we heard this one before Oh yeah Maybe I m mistaken, but it sounds like the plot of about 80% of YA fantasy novels.I read 5 chapters of The Shadow Queen before going to sleep the other night and I woke up the next day and couldn t remember what book I was in All the characters were mixed up in my head with those from every other YA fantasy and fairy tale retelling I had to read back through the first 5 chapters to remind myself.It s not even that there s anything to hate or make you angry about this book It s simply one of the most emotionless, forgettable books I ve read in a long time There is literally nothing to distinguish it from this completely saturated genre Yet another one to add to the ever growing generic pile.From start to finish yes, I forced myself through , I couldn t shake the feeling that the author wrote this book with a checklist in mind It s like the author set out with an agenda the intention of delivering every trope that s been a proved seller in the past.Generic heroine wants to reclaim kingdom check.Generic band of friends assisting her in reclaiming kingdom check.Generic prince check.Generic i.e non existent world building check.Generic mindless action check.Any attempts to add detail are vague and messy So far, just in this first volume, we ve come across mardushkas magic wielders , dragon shapeshifters, ogres and mentions of the fae None of these are developed very well, they re just a random bunch of supernatural whatever to stir into the pot.You might have noticed that I haven t bothered with a plot summary Well, just imagine the basic plot of Snow White and then form it into the generic outline of YA fantasy novels you ve pretty much got it.Hell, this was so boring.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Pinterest Irina s smile disappeared I don t require all of the princess, huntsman A chill raced over Kol s skin I don t understand Our oath said She leaned forward, her eyes pinning Kol where he stood You agreed to do whatever I asked of you And I am asking you to bring me the princess s heartI feel like this book wants to be a mixture of Snow White and the Huntsman and the Grisha series and failed spectacularly at both, not least because it was so jaw achingly dull You ve got your terrifyingly long Russian sounding names Kolvanismir Arsenyevnek, really random ass magic that was never really explained, ogres, shape shifting dragons, andwell, thisMirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most powerful of them allCommence eye rolling.This book is generic and boring, there s no denying it The main character is beautiful, of course The girl s brown eyes were guarded She had a smudge of dirt on one pale cheek, and her long dark curls were tangled from her sprint through the village, but even so, she was beautiful in a way that made Kol want to keep looking. And, she can fight and do other things Blah blah blah The girl s brown eyes were guarded She had a smudge of dirt on one pale cheek, and her long dark curls were tangled from her sprint through the village, but even so, she was beautiful in a way that made Kol want to keep looking. Retellings are supposed to be familiar, but in order for them to be successful, it has to either have spectacular writing, or provide a different element to the original tale This book is your general YA high fantasy retelling and nothing .Read this review andThe Book Eaters