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In Seventeenth Century China, Three Women Become Emotionally Involved With The Peony Pavilion, A Famed Opera Rud To Cause Lovesickness And Even Death, Including Peony, The Cloistered Daughter Of A Wealthy Scholar, Who Succumbs To Its Spell Only To Return After Her Death As A Hungry Ghost To Haunt Her Former Fianc , Who Has Married Another

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    5 1 14 EDIT Sooo I stopped checking comments for months, and I come back to either rage or agreement with regard to my review All I have to say is THERE BE SPOILERS AHEAD Also, if you re on the fence about whether or not to continue reading this book, don t read this review unless you re set on quitting Okay Okay Onwards to the actual review I just couldn t finish it And I tried Really, really tried Even after studying Chinese history extensively in college, I m usually not very picky about the books that I read I don t really care about the accuracy or the sequence of events, as long as it s a good story But maybe it s the cheesy title Or maybe it s just too girly Or maybe, just maybe, the fact that this foolish girl starved herself to death because of lovesickness was the last kick in the butt my usually sleepy yet very existent inner feminist could endure before waking and wanting to punch someone I have enough idiots in my life to deal with Please don t make me deal with in my head Granted, the book does somewhat cleverly depict the Chinese afterlife, but the rest was so blah and a little insulting to my intelligence and femininity If I rolled my eyes any harder while reading this book, I would have fallen out of my chair I may return to skim through the pages again to finish but probably not anytime soon.

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    3 out of 5 stars to Lisa See s Peony in Love, a historical fiction book released in 2007 by Random House set in 17th century China Why This Book I found it sitting on a bookshelf in my condo s laundry room I read the jacket description, which sounded like a beautiful tale of love, emotions and a little bit of history I brought it home with me that afternoon, knowing it would come in handy And when I finished up a few ARCs, I needed a different kind of book I saw this on my own shelf, which reminded me it was time to try something a few years old I picked it up and began reading last week It took longer than usual, but I ll explain why later Overview of Story The Peony Pavilion is a play that the character of Peony has read many times When her father, of some wealth in 17th century China, puts on a showing of the famous play on his estate, 15 year old Peony is excited But it s when she sees a boy for the first time, she cannot control her thoughts Unfortunately, she s already paired off in an arranged marriage with a boy from another family, as well as the fact that as a girl, she s not even allowed to be seen with any males other than those in her own family.The book follows the story line of the play, which seems to be spilling over into Peony s life When she begins unknowingly starving herself, Peony dies and enters the afterworld on her own She s unprepared to deal with the consequences and is remorseful that she never found love She soon sees the boy she fell in love with in a dream, learning he was the man her father had arranged in the marriage She longs for him but cannot have him, as she is dead and he is very much alive.Soon, her family members begin dying and join her in the afterworld The boy moves on and gets married Peony inserts herself to their life from the great beyond, leading to unfortunate circumstances for all involved As she meanders her journey, Peony learns what is needed for her to move beyond the waiting place and into her new existence as no longer alive Approach Style 1 The book is centered around a play within the book which mirrors the main character s life At times, it s a little difficult to tell which is real life and which is the play.2 The language is very ethereal, flowery and imaginative This is less about plot and about the beauty of Chinese beliefs about what women are allowed to do, what happens in death, and how to live one s life Strengths 1 The love story is a strong one You see and feel the poetry in the words and the relationships.2 It s very descriptive of life in a warrior state in 17th century China I learned a lot of history that I wasn t privy to beforehand.3 You see everything thru Peony s eyes, which helps create a very strong world and point of view Open Questions Concerns I am shocked at what Chinese women were put thru between the sacrifices women made for men, the binding of feet and the cultural expectations and limitations It was very upsetting I understand these were customs for hundreds of years, with deep rooted beliefs some are just awful from today s standards Even awful back then Author Other Similar Books This is the first book about Chinese customs and history that I ve read I m not sure what I could compare it to perhaps Memoirs of a Geisha, although it s a different country and belief system Final Thoughts This was a very tough read I started it ten days ago and read 20 pages I tried a few times, but couldn t get into it I forced myself to read 150 pages last night and then the remaining 100 today It got better, but it wasn t a positive read for me however, I recognize the beauty in the story, characters, imagery and setting It s one of those books where I didn t like it a lot, but I know it s a good book.I wish I had knowledge of Chinese history and customs Unfortunately, much of what happens in the book and how it s described went over my head I didn t agree with how people felt or were treated I didn t know why there was so much of a belief in ghosts with a vengeance I couldn t get into religious and spiritual connections that were unfamiliar And when I was getting close, I felt angry over how awfully these women were treated.That said, I believe I would have liked this a lot if I had a stronger background in the topics The writing is good The story is pretty It s just a weak connection for me because I was unfamiliar with the core practices, history and belief systems But for the right reader, it will probably be a good 3 to 4 rated book For me, it was about a 2.5, and I rounded up to a 3 to be fair About Me For those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the 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    When people are alive they love, when they die, they keep loving If love ends when a person dies, that is not real love I have a confession to make I bought this book not by choice but by mere economic benefit The paperback the brand new one still wrapped in cellophane was on sale and I bought it for a very fairly cheap price Guess how much view spoiler One U.S dollar, can you believe that hide spoiler

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    I m sure I wrote a review for this book too, at one point I have no idea where it s hanging out I liked this and I still remember it but I m generally not a huge fan of books dealing with the afterlife but this was done really well It s not a STRONG 5 star read but it s close IMO you certainly learn about another aspect of this culture.4.5 rating round up to 5 stars

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    Set in 17th century China, See s fifth novel is a coming of age story, a ghost story, a family saga and a work of musical and social history As Peony, the 15 year old daughter of the wealthy Chen family, approaches an arranged marriage, she commits an unthinkable breach of etiquette when she accidentally comes upon a man who has entered the family garden Unusually for a girl of her time, Peony has been educated and revels in studying The Peony Pavilion, a real opera published in 1598, as the repercussions of the meeting unfold The novel s plot mirrors that of the opera, and eternal themes abound an intelligent girl chafing against the restrictions of expected behavior fiction s educative powers the rocky path of love between lovers and in families It figures into the plot that generations of young Chinese women, known as the lovesick maidens, became obsessed with The Peony Pavilion, and, in a Werther like passion, many starved themselves to death See Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, etc offers meticulous depiction of women s roles in Qing and Ming dynasty China including horrifying foot binding scenes and vivid descriptions of daily Qing life, festivals and rituals Peony s vibrant voice, perfectly pitched between the novel s historical and passionate depths, carries her story beautifully in life and afterlife I must say that I loved the first Lisa See novel that I read Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and had high hopes for this one, and was severely disappointed It just rambled on and on SPOILER even after the main character dies Uggh After the beautiful writing of Snow Flower , it was hard to read this it was simply missing too much in terms of explanations, background details, character development, and tying together really choppy scenes, that it felt amateurish, trite and unmoving.

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    This book is amazing It is beautifully written lovely descriptions and intricate details , well researched, and unbelievably touching There were moments where I feel I can t read any because I am so overwhelmed with emotion, but I can never put the book down for any real length of time I have become completely engrossed The summary of the book is a little misleading It describes the book as a love story I do not find it to be one Peony in Love is a romantic and tragic story Love plays a big part, but not necessarily in the way I expected it to More important in this book are the facts 1 The traditions and beliefs practiced in the book were actually the beliefs and practices of the time, and some are really bizarre to me 2 A woman s place in the society of that age It s fascinating to see the differences from then to now, and also to realize that while there are differences, there are also many similarities today in women s oppression and sensoring as there were then 3 The women in the story were real women, as was Wu Ren Their comments on the play The Peony Pavilion are real and were compiled into a book Wu Wushan s Three Wives Collaborative Commentary of The Peony Pavilion I don t want to give too much away Please read it for yourself One way or another you will be touched It is a truly amazing read

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    . 1644 1645 1911 1912 Peony in Love Peony Pavilion 1598 1780 1868 13 16 Peony in Love .

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    This book was trying too hard to be existential and had wierd poetry and the story went nowhere, but pretended that it would.

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    Occasionally, rarely, I read a book after which I need to take a few days to come up for air, so to speak A book that moves me so deeply and which leaves me thinking and thinking Peony in Love is just such a book A true work of art Amazing, beginning to end As I told a friend, I CARED so much about what was happening with the characters, I was literally losing sleep I wish I could add an extra star to my rating this is a six star novel Kudos to Lisa See for knocking another one out of the park and then some.