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A Hundred Years Before Rapunzel, There Was Persinette Before The Old Witch Ever Locked Rapunzel In A Tower, A Fairy Set Out To Change Persinette S Destiny Read The French Fairy Tale That Inspired The Grimm Brothers Rapunzel, Learn About The Authoress Mlle De La Force, And Discover Answers To Questions Such As Why Persinette S Father Traded Her For A Fistful Of Parsley And How She Survived For Years Alone In Her Wilderness Includes Translations Of The French Tale Persinette, The Italian Tale Petrosinella, And The German Tale Rapunzel , Along With Background Information On Each Of The Tales And Their Authors

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    A hundred years before Rapunzel, there was Persinette and the brothers Grimm owe Charlotte Rose de Caumont de La Force a lot This version also makes me dislike the Prince, but overall it s mostly the same story I grew up reading.

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    I really enjoyed this version of Rapunzel It s so pretty.

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    Disclaimer I know the author and support her on Patreon.I enjoyed reading another version of the Rapunzel story This book opened my eyes to the long varied history of the story Who knew that there was such a give and take in Europe with folk tales Laura has included two public domain alternatives to the story, one Italian and one from the brothers Grimm in English translation But what takes this short book from entertaining to informative is the commentary Laura gives background information on the story, the author and the translation process The commentary, explains how attitudes towards humoring pregnant women was so strong, how the Brothers Grimm likely came across the story and the changes in the many Grimm versions of Rapunzel The background on the author was interesting showing her amazing life and times with ties to the Huguenot happenings with several kings and some of the other things she wrote The notes on translation, explain what the names Rapunzel and Persinette mean and why they weren t translated to anything recognizable in English I recommend this highly to fairy tale fans, history buffs, and translators.

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    This little book was absolutely fascinating to me If I learned one thing it s that I ve never truly read Rapunzel Apparently every version I ve read has been extremely cleaned up in some ways, yet made adventurous in others.I loved having all three different versions side by side along with the commentary and research on them as I read through each tale Laura put a lot of time and consideration into her research, and it shows I kept thinking how fantastic it would be to have older kids read and compare the different versions, and do a bit of their own research into the histories of the stories and the old wive s tales that influenced such stories as these This is truly a fantastic and fascinating read, and I would love to see familiar fairy tales compared this way I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own

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    The first thing that strikes me is that there is much work involved in this small book than the price tag suggests Christensen has thoroughly researched the background of the Rapunzel tales, and their authors evaluated the values of a number of translations, from three different languages and lastly, conscientiously translated de la Force s text into modern English that also hints at an earlier period The presentation of the tales, with their introductions, makes it plain to see the evolution of the tale, into the Grimm version that is most familiar today All in all, this is a very interesting read, for those of us interested in folk and fairy tales, literary translation, and European literary history I look forward to .

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    Not only is this a solid and captivating translation of the lesser known Rapunzel tale, Persinette, by Mlle de La Force, but Christensen also provides several other versions of the story for comparison, and delves into the historical context of their respective authors I especially enjoyed reading about how pregnancy essentially became a kind of power reversal between husband and wife within this cultural framework, the stories of Persinette, Petrosinella, and Rapunzel make greater sense.