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a very beautiful cover that the content doesn t deserve it was okaybut rather plain and less than sweeping. This is a book I probably wouldn t have read on my own had my mom not given it to me as a birthday gift After reading the inside flap, I thought it sounded interesting and I really did enjoy this book, not in the sense that it is a feel good book, rather in the way it dealt with sensitive issues and evoked a lot of sympathy and compassion on my part Overall, the book has a depressing tone with a silver lining Without the silver lining I don t think I would have enjoyed this book.The story is told by an elderly Chinese woman telling the memoir of her life to her great grandaughter Her story begins as a 13 year old girl in early 1900s China who, by no choice of her own, is forced into an upper class prostitution house She eventually achives the status of ming ji, which is similar to a Geisha in Japanese Culture Despite her unfortunate circumstances, she always desires to leave this life and be reunited with her mother The story is filled with a lot of heart ache for love and love lost, but there is always a glimmer of hope that I found myself hanging onto I wouldn t say this novel is for everyone There are some language issues that surface every now and then After the first several chapters, I felt the author dealt with the sexual aspects professionally, but any potential reader should know these things before engaging in this book The author has created a memorable character who I find myself hurting because the life she endured and yet I find her honorable in overcoming her greatest obstacle in life If you read and enjoyed Memoirs of a Geisha then you will most likely enjoy this novel. The writing killed this story The prose extremely clunky with such a disjointed feeling The language switches in such extremes from sickeningly sweet misplaced poetic attempts, to extremely coarse language utterly out of place The narrative introduced scenarios completely implausible, almost as if trying to distract the reader from the poor writing There is nothing seductive about this novel AND it is NOTHING close to Memoirs of a Geisha Such a shame, the main protagonist Xiang Xiang was intriguing but her potential was extinguished almost from the beginning Very disappointing. Like a Coach bag and matching shoes bought for 10 at a stall in China, you think you are getting a good deal, whether it is real or not, until upon closer inspection you realize the C s are really O s and the rubber is pealing off the outsole, this story was only a half assed attempt to make the Chinese version of a famous and popular Japanese book and movie Really really disappointing. I enjoyed this book than I thought I would after reading other reviews I did see the similarities between Pavilion and Memoirs of Geishathere were some similar themes The writing style reminded me of Lisa See Peony in Love, Snowflower and the Secret Fan but I think See s writing is a little refined I think Yip is repetitive at times and it got distractingat one point I was going to scream if I read the words jade stalk or golden gate one time I loved the relationship between Pearl and Xiang Xiang and how it pushed the story forward.Overall I thought the book was well developed but I did not see the point in the chapters with Jade Treasure and her fiance They were annoying and added no substance to the novel I think simply having Xiang Xiang look back on her life would have been engaging. The first half of this novel was very good and I was expecting to give it four stars Readers are introduced to Xiang Xiang, a girl about thirteen whose father is executed for a crime he did not commit and as a result, her mother chooses to head to a nunnery and places Xiang Xiang in her aunt s care, not realizing that the aunt is the proprietor of a prostitution house Xiang Xiang is cruely introduced to the world of selling sex and eventually becomes a very sought after, prestigious prostitute She eventually attains the means of escape, by way of a woman posing as a man who becomes her lesbian lover.This is where I lost all respect and sympathy for the main character who at this point is called Precious Orchid After escaping the prostitution world, PO runs away from the woman that saved her into the arms of a monk, whom immediately upon meeting she is madly in love with and of course, must have sex with him But, oh Life with a monk is too boring and she misses the fine clothes and food and when opportunity arrises, she jumps back into the lesbian s bed When that fails, instead of attaining a respectable trade, PO goes back to prostitution I spent three days reading this book and when I got to this last quarter, I quickly scanned the rest in disgust and threw it in the OFF TO THE USED BOOKSTORE bag.Precious Orchid then goes back to her aunt s pavilon and attempts to exact revenge on the warlord responsible for her father s execution who has surprisingly been her best customer all these years and after sleeping with him tries to shoot him Notice I used the word tried there Let s just say she fails even that She then runs away again, swearing to end the sex trade life but while having her portrait painted, she even sleeps with the artist Three stars for a character I came to feel repulsion for and the crude sexual language The entire novel references all the sexual activities and body parts involved as jade stalks, golden gates, raining on clouds, chopping open melons, cinnabar crevices, and polishing our mirrors What the heck In between all this drama, there is some good stuff like PO s friendship with Pearl, a fellow prostitute and her reunion with her nun mother. this book had me entertained from the prologue I was initially caught off guard by the language, it was racier than I had anicipated, but realized soon that it fit well into the blatant story telling of an old woman unashamed of her past life as a prostitute.I originally expected something along the lines of Memoirs of a Geisha, but soon found that the two books could not really be compared I enjoyed the look inside of old China and I really enjoyed the story I didn t feel the can t put it down urgency, but I did look forward to the span of time that I could sit and focus on reading it and I did complete it in under 2 days.a very easy read with little emotional attachment for me, which I find refreshing after being addicted to the characters in previous books HA Started well, but degenerated Disappointed with repetitive phrases like she plunged on referring to unguarded comment in conversation..tiring. I had a very difficult time rating this book The fictional story of a young chinese girl placed into her aunt s prestigious prostitution house was very interesting and fast moving I liked that it gave me insight into yet another facet of China s historical culture I would give the plot 4 stars However, the writing used a lot of repetetive words and phrases that became very irritating and took away from the mood of the book I would give the writing style 2 stars I would recommend this book to someone interested in Chins s history but not if you simply want a good read. In A Sunny California Apartment, A Young Woman And Her Fianc Arrive To Record Her Great Grandmother S Story The Story That Unfolds Of Precious Orchid S Life In China, Where She Rises From A Childhood Of Shame To Become One Of The Most Successful Courtesans In The Land, Is Unlike Any They Ve Heard BeforeWhen Precious Orchid S Father Is Falsely Accused Of A Crime And Found Guilty, He Is Executed, Leaving His Family A Legacy Of Dishonor Her Mother S Only Option Is To Enter A Buddhist Nunnery, So She Gives Her Daughter Over To The Care Of Her Sister In ShanghaiAt First, Life At Peach Blossom Pavilion Feels Like A Dream Surrounded By Exotic Flowers, Murmuring Fountains, Colorful Fishponds, And Bamboo Groves, Precious Orchid Sees Herself Thriving She Is Schooled In Music, Literature, Painting, Calligraphy, And To Her Innocent Surprise, The Art Of Pleasuring Men For The Beautiful Pavilion Hides Its Darker Purpose As An Elite House Of Prostitution And Even As She Commands The Devotion Of China S Most Powerful Men, Precious Orchid Never Gives Up On Her Dream To Escape The Pavilion, Be Reunited With Her Mother, Avenge Her Father S Death, And Find True Love And As The Richest, Most Celebrated Ming Ji Or Prestigious Courtesan In All Of China, She Just Might Have Her Way Even If It Comes With A Devastating PriceSweeping In Scope And Stunning In Its Evocation Of China,Peach Blossom Pavilion Is A Remarkable Novel With An Unforgettable Heroine At The Heart Of Its Powerful Story Rivetinga Rare Peek Into An Exotic Culture That Is Thrilling, Captivating, And Moving Shobhan Bantwal, Author Of The Dowry Bride In The Sure Voice Of Precious Orchid, Mingmei Yip Recounts Thirteen Tumultuous Years Of Chinese History Vicious Politics, Pristine Piety And Heartrending Scandal, Framed In The Classical Arts She Writes With A Painter S Fastidious Eye And The Irresistible Energy Of Grand Storytelling The Pages Just Turn Themselves Neal Chandler, Director, Creative Writing Program Of Cleveland State UniversityPeach Blossom Pavilion, Story Of The Last Geisha In China, Is Told With Amazing Insight As If The Author Had Lived In The Tumultuous China Of A Century Ago Through Her Beautiful, Lucid Prose, Mingmei Brings Modern Western Readers Into The Mysterious World Of The Cultivated Courtesan Hannelore Hahn, Founder And Executive Director, International Women S Writing GuildPeach Blossom Pavilion Is A Vivid Account Of The Forgotten Past Chun Yu, Author Of Little Green Growing Up During The Chinese Cultural Revolution