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As soon as I finished Quantum Roots by Kyle Keyes, I was straight onto getting the sequel Quantum Roots II Worm Holes I enjoyed the first in the series so much, thanks to the brilliant addition of a quantum physics threat in the plot, that I had high hopes for the second installment Thankfully, Worm Holes lived up to its predecessor, and to my delight had evenilluminating and fascinating scientific elements.In this installment, Olan Chapman is once again round his energy recycled to another body, that of Samuel Leroy McCoy back in 1876 Once again he finds himself on the run from the powers that be, will he come through this new adventure unscathed A great read that I highly recommend to any fan of adventure, action, or sci fi novels. It s been a while since I read scifi but this is a pretty great read The theories included in the plot sound plausible, obviously I m no scientist but they hold up well for the purpose of the book and didn t get overly technical Everything moves along at a good pace and the characters are believable, interesting, and also have depth to them I ll possibly go back and read the first book now I think, and also maybereleases in the future. In This Sequel To Quantum Roots, The Meekish Olan Chapman Faces Danger As Vigilante Samuel Leroy McCoy, A US Deputy Marshal Who Upheld Law And Order In , Dodge CityThe Metamorphous Holds An Eerie Transformation, Cloaked With Rolling Sagebrush And Horse Whinnies From Yesteryear, Which Causes DPA Director, Alexis Grumman To Rethink The Validity Of Worm Holes Creation Is A Worm Hole, Replies Dr Norman Daly, Atoms Require Hadrons To Form A Nucleus, And Each Hadron Comes Through It S Own Worm Hole Two Quarks Form The Bi Dimensional Plane Needed To Support The Hole The Remaining Quark Squeezes Through This Hole, After Which The First Two Quarks Follow To Shape The Hadron To A Given Genetic, Configuration The Hole Then Closes To Divide Time From Timeless The Gunfighter Is Wanted For Multiple Killings, A Consequence That Keeps The Slender Computer Wizard On The Run From Authorities And Domineering Wife, Ivy ChapmanAs In Quantum Roots, Aka The Vigilante Sightings, Quantum Roots II Is Based On Mounting Evidence That People Form From Recycled Energy I have three words for this story simple, funny, and or but violent I thought it was simple because the writing equates to that of high school level which for me makes the book easy to read all in one or two days It makes the storyline easy to grasp and at times, well, the word here is simple so if you like books of that caliber then this book is for you Just a simple plotline for you to get familiarized with it, the federal bureau of investigation are puzzled over a series of reports that someone, a vigilante is out there in the nation murdering killing bad guys by way of a shot to their heads The vigilante always appears on the scene of something sinister brewed by these bad guys and he takes them all down with bullets and the way he does it is so skillful that it makes him and his attire seem from a much earlier period in America than the current fashion sense This book was also funny because of the way the characters, mainly federal agents Alexis Grumman and her boy toy co worker Jeremy Wade who are appointed by the FBI to investigate this vigilante, talk to each other I don t know, I just felt that Alexis reminds me of those slick and controlling queen bees you see on television when she orders Jeremy around as if he was a little kid and then I find out that she s sleeping with him.I laughed out loud at their exchanges throughout the book they are all so hilarious.And finally, this book is violent I would say, medium violent but the way the bullets seem to go to an ear and out the other made me shiver uncomfortably inside as I thought about such a thing Guns make me squirm, period I would never go near one if it was around I don t know, I don t have the guts and the bravado to handle one Yes, this book is recreational for those of you who enjoy a good book with masculine and sci fi elements I do have to say that this book was a fun read for me, hence is why I give it 4 stars because it was a first of its kind for me and it tickled my funny bone, haha It s kind of unfortunate though that this is the second book and that the first book I didn t read in order for me to see if there are characters that are recurring or if there are things about this installment that are explained by the first book Through it all, I think this book does stand on its own as there aren t any flashbacks or what to stuff from the first book since the author does not let his or her characters reminisce or talk about past events In my understanding, this book is not a continuation of the plot of the first book so there s that.I hope you give this book a chance because of the three aspects of it that I listed above It s simple, it s funny, and it s violent There are, I repeat, paranormal and science fiction elements about it that makes it one of a kind and something you haven t read before It features a scooter that flies which is another of its elements that made me giggle out loud I mean, visualizing it is a laugh due to the fact that it is used by a federal agent to navigate to his assignment and back, lol So as a last word of recommendation, if you like things that are futuristic, things that are paranormal in nature, and a good plotline that involves quirky characters, then I recommend this book to you Get it for yourself or your dad this Christmas It s a great read for snowy days Yes Present day America is being menaced by a vigilante who looks like he just stepped out of a Western movie Whenever someone is in trouble, whether it is an attempted rape, or someone getting beat up in a bar, he is there, with the black hat, the tin badge, and being a crack shot He says his name is Leroy McCoy a real person who lived in 1870 s Dodge City Could he be traveling by wormhole, to exactly the right place, or is the explanation muchdown to earth The feds are hot on his trail Alexis Grumman, head of the Department of Paranormal Affairs, and fellow agent and boy toy Jeremy Wade are always one step behind Can they stop him This one is really good, and pretty easy to understand It s got some science fiction, some paranormal, some humor and a considerable amount of violence It is the second in a series, but it stands on its own really well Yes, this one is worth checking out. Get ready for the second mind bending instalment of the Quantum Roots series of novels by Kyle Keyes Perhaps a step up from the first novel, with further character development particularly with vigilante Olan Chapman and the hilarious Federal Agents Alexis Gunman and Jeremy Wade that are perhaps not so hot on his tail.Expect plentyaction, jumps through time and space, some pretty hardcore violence, and humour to balance it out Again Kyle has written a well paced novel, with twists and turns that you just don t see coming it s pretty hard to know what is going to happen next when you re jumping through time Being on Quantum Roots three, I hope it is super inventive as the first two in the series. If enthralling science fiction with in depth knowledge and quantifiable details, this is a series to behold The content exploration and explanations are one legendary depiction Deep and engulfing technology, written for a sci fi fan, I couldn t put it down If you haven t got the first installation by the author Kyle Keyes, you will want to Grab the first, then the second, and the connections will be streaming perfectly Thrilling twists, great historical references, and a well written shuttle of a ride Read the first Quantum Roots, and this second installment will be a perfect step forward, well, rather backward. This book is a sci fi novel that s also a sequel to Quantum Roots, but you don t necessarily have to read them in that order to enjoy them I have read both books and I actually find the second installment of the series maybe there s also going to be a third book, who knows better The book is written in pretty simple language, which means you don t have to concentrate too much to grasp the plotline and all the details I enjoyed this because I mostly read before bed after a long day working and I don t really want to strain my brain anythan I have to I didn t find the characters very relatable, but that s okay because they re interesting to follow and very funny at times Also, I wish there were fewer descriptions of violence, but that s just me Overall, Quantum Roots II is a good sci fi novel that will keep you on your toes until the very end. The last book I read before this was the first Quantum Roots novel, and at the time I said it was the best scifi book I d read in quite a while Well now I ve read the second instalment and this one is even better Some series books you feel could have been whittled down and made a decent single novel rather than drawing everything out way too far, but Keyes has something special here and there s as much vital content in book 2 as there was in the first.The science gets a bit deeper this time, but as we ve had a build from the first novel it doesn t get too overwhelming Plus despite so much content in here it s still a pretty fast read I m had some scifi books that I ve needed to put down regularly as there was so much to take in, but I found myself cruising through this at a rate of knots.Another classic from Keyes, 5 stars. Quantum by name, and very much quantum by nature This is a fascinating sci fi read with some mind bending properties as the plot gets underway and the action hots up I may not be the biggest reader of the science fiction genre, but when I do find a pretty great book from there I really do enjoy it I enjoyed the character of Olan, and to me feels strong enough that he could be used to make Quantum Roots into a long series of novels.