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Prime Sleeping Rose (Rumples Curse: A Reverse Harem Retelling, #1) Author Erin West –

A Curse Spun Of Beauty Being Abandoned, A Jaded Rose Learned How To Survive At A Young Age When She Meets Three Mysterious, Men Everything Begins To Spiral Out Of Control By Allowing Them Into Her Life, They Each Fill A Void Within But They Also Bring Changes That Will Rock The Foundation Of Her World As The Budding Relationships Grow, Rose Learns That Everything Isn T As It Seems Hidden Secrets Come To Light, Impacting The Course Of Her Life Forever To Persevere, Rose Must Embrace Her New Destiny If She Doesn T, She Could Lose Everything She Holds Dear

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    I received a free copy of this book which I voluntarily chose to write an honest review for.I so just fell in love with book We get to meet Rose who had a rough childhood and is working as a stripper secluded in the only world she has ever known This all changes when some really sex men crash into her life and all of them come with this weird tingle What follows is some of the most comical male fighting mixed in between steamy scenes and the danger they all happen to find themselves Each page felt like a new magical adventure that I got to go one and the characters are so well developed I fell like I have known them forever yet I know better This is one of the best fairy tale mash ups I have read in awhile and I highly recommend it to fans of the genre In case you can t tell I absolutely loved it so I give it 5 5 stars Now when do we get book two

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    Overall a good book with lots of potential But even though I usually love reverse harem stories I feel like the characters needs work It was very one dimensional when it felt like all any of the characters think about was sex It s usually not something that bothers me But when the book focuses on the sex aspect than character development I just get a little bored.

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    Very interesting book It takes a little bit to orient yourself because things seem to fly all around but it will make sense by the end Should be a great series to follow This is a very unique re telling of Rumpelstiltskin sleeping beauty with lots of different species of otherworlders, hot guys, lots of alpha action and passionate moments Fun quick read.

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    Jumps right into the relationship I didn t feel things were explained very well Jumps around a lot It is a unique storyline, but I m not sure I grasped what the concept was supposed to be exactly Interested to see what will happen.But not sure I would recommend We see all types of paranormal creatures in this book.Vampires, shifters, demons, and fae.Retelling of Rumpelstiltskin.Though haven t really gotten to understand how that comes into play yet.Maybe in future storylines I just felt like the whole thing was rushed and the relationships didn t get to develop.I know we will see , but what I saw in this book didn t really grab my attention.

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    Not bad as far as RH go and I liked how kick ass and independent Rose was but there were a couple of things that eally bugged me and kept me from rating it higher.1 That Rose felt a connection with Eli and is equally interested in him He is an unpleasant, arrogant a hole with no redeeming qualities at all NONE And he treat Rose abominably.2 How Rose treats Drake She lives with him, accepts him as her mate and moves in permanently then moves her one night stand in with them cause she has feels for him too Then she is all well I have feelings for him too so you just have to deal and rubs his face in it with no regard for Drake s feelings.3 She has feeling for 3 men She is all torn and conflicted cause she wants them all and cannot conceive of being without one of them then right at the end she is kidnapped and taken to hell by the dark prince and basically spend the last chapter being drawn to her kidnapper and barely even considers the 3 guys she was so into.Rose is the only one that felt like an actual character The 4 guys are incredibly one dimensional and boring in their cliche, so any so called connection between rose and the guys is all tell no show.

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    FREE on today 7 27 2018 Blurb A curse spun of beauty Being abandoned, a jaded Rose learned how to survive at a young age When she meets three mysterious, men everything begins to spiral out of control By allowing them into her life, they each fill a void within But they also bring changes that will rock the foundation of her world As the budding relationships grow, Rose learns that everything isn t as it seems Hidden secrets come to light, impacting the course of her life forever To persevere, Rose must embrace her new destiny If she doesn t, she could lose everything she holds dear.

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    this was a very interesting book Rose an independent woman finds her self needing and craving the new men she s met in her life Elijha and Drake And Oren all seem to have a hold on Rose she s unsure why but she can t stand the thought of losing these men from her life when her life is threatened Eli the vampire Drake the wolf shifter and Oren the Fae all put their differences aside to protect the women they believe is their mate.

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    This was a great start to a new series that I look forward to devouring Rose was fun and easy for me to relate to and the men Oh the men I want two or three of them for myself as well This definitely had everything that I could want in a first book It had mystery, it had depth, it had humor, it had steamy steamy scenes that were well placed and made sense I practically devoured this book I started it this morning and was done mid afternoon real work be damned.Definitely can t wait for the next book to learn even about not just Rose and what she is though I have my suspicions and her delectable men.

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    Fun take on a Sleep Beauty and Rumpelstiltskin with an RH Paranormal twist I loved Rose although she is closed off at the beginning she seems to open up as she meets the guys I really liked the mixture of races with the guys especially Drake the Shifter and Oren the Fae Her times with both of them is really hot I am on the fence so far with Eli and Bael but I have a feeling it will all come together with all of them The ending was great with learning about the curse and what Rose is meant for Really Great book overall

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    I loved this book from page one and found myself liking the characters immediately Rose is a young woman who finds herself drawn to 4 males who all claim her as their mate Eli the vampire who is hiding feelings, Drake the shifter who is a true gentleman, Oren who is fae who is direct and the dark prince who is dominant The cliff hanger conclusion just wants you to read .