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Exiled From Earth Thousands Of Years Ago, Sar Is Hiding And Waiting In Our Galaxy Manipulating The Dark Side Of Humanity And Controlling Many Government Leaders He Has Now Found The Way Back In But, What Does He Really Want When Lanie Montrose Ascended To The Top Of The Music Charts She Felt An Even Deeper Void Within Just When She Began To Feel Free From The Shackles Of Fame, She Finds Herself Locked In A Strange Hospital With No Idea Of How She Got There Hidden Memories Emerge Of An Age Old Foe From A Distant World Overwhelming Her With Questions About Her Past And Fate Dr Suki Carter Has Never Been Able To Settle The Desire To Protect Her Lost And Lonely Patient, Lanie Then, One Touch Of Her Grandfather S Clock Opened A New Consciousness Lanie Is Not Who She Says She Is And There Is Something Otherworldly About That Eerie Clock On The East Coast, A Secret Journal Is Found With Bizarre Entries Reminding CIA Agent James Sinclair Of The Unbelievable Conspiracy Stories From His Estranged Mother Alien Beginnings The Shadow Government Now, His Sceptic Mind Needs Answers Critical Clues Have Been Scattered, Woven Into The Fabric Of Our History And Genetic Code Powerful Gifts Are Strategically Hidden Inside Of Us All Our Protectors Have Prepared For This Moment The Awakening Has Begun Sar Is Close Our Fate Is In Motion

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    Science fiction, conspiracy theories and some interesting twists make this an enjoyable page turner The story follows the convergence of three people s lives and they can barely believe what they re faced with Lanie Montrose is a famous singer who is fast becoming famous for her drug and alcohol addiction than her singing A moment of lucidity makes her decide she s getting herself clean to write another album When she wakes in a padded room strapped to the bed she questions her sanity and sobriety.Suki Carter is Lanie s psychiatrist and makes her way to her the moment she discovers she s been admitted to a private facility Suki watched her grandfather die and has questioned whether what she saw at the time was real or a delusion so much so that it is what made her become a psychiatrist in the first place When she arrives to see Lanie she s so heavily drugged she s almost comatose and the doctor treating her is recommending hypnosis to investigate past lives.James Sinclair left his home in Scotland as a teenager to get away from his mother s insane conspiracy theories As an adult he s made a career for himself in the CIA investigating and debunking claims of aliens, UFOs and other weird stories He receives a journal which contains the same information that his mother had spewed at him his when life but it was found in an old house in America At the same time he receives a message to say his mother is about to undergo brain surgery Filled with remorse, he takes the earliest flight he can to get back to see her.This is a riveting and complex story that throws loads of well known conspiracy tales in amongst the idea that an ancient alien culture that has been hiding people from a raging, vengeful ruler While Lanie seems to be the pivotal character, Suki is the one I was drawn to most because she s been given a much stronger background and presence than both Lanie and James I enjoyed all the possibilities this presented and the vivid imagination You need to be a fan of speculative fiction to enjoy this Book received in exchange for an honest review.

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    A Readers Favorite Review Somewhere out there in the galaxy, a dark and evil force is waiting to annihilate humankind and through the millennia, its purpose has been successfully averted But its effort never stops The Awakening Fate in Motion is an ancient origin story, and how throughout history, we have been protected by enlightened beings from the dark force, Sar It s a story of good vs evil Sar is coming again People who are unaware of their destiny suddenly find their lives changed as they are awakened to protect the Earth from this evil force that wants to end the world Plots are uncovered and old secrets are revealed to the chosen ones who need to harken and fight off this evil force once again They have no choice Their fate is written in their genetic code And it s now in motion.It s astounding that The Awakening Fate in Motion is Suzanne Boisvert s debut novel Right from the opening scene, I was hooked by the flow of words and the way the author effortlessly introduced the characters and laid out the plot Boisvert has a way with words Her writing is fresh and unencumbered, the words flowing out of the pages and drawing me in A hidden journal by the American president, FDR, confirming the presence of the aliens and their purpose, was gripping As I turned the pages, I was excited to see what the author will come up next We have a history we do not know, and I believe that The author fed my fascination with this topic Conspiracies, the Knighs Templar, Special abilities hidden in our genes Scifi fans and those interested in esoteric knowledge will have so much fun reading this book I look forward to titles from this author Highly recommended

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    Food for thought about alternative conceptsCalifornia author Suzanne Boisvert makes her literary debut with THE AWAKENING She has been a successful model, working in Paris, Tokyo, Milan and London She is also the creator of Boisvert Lingerie, Avia Spa, and became a DJ Now she lives in Santa Barbara and is fulfilling a dream writing.Suzanne opens her complex story quietly enough in Malibu, California Not for the first time, the morning breeze off the Pacific caught the sound of Lanie Montrose s voice and elevated it to something that bordered on supernatural That effect had haunted Lanie for longer than she cared to admit But today felt different There was something about this breeze Something cleansing It was as if it swept away all those years of numbness, all those countless nights spent chasing an explosive pleasure that usually ended with her curled up on the floor and shivering They had adored that voice The label executives The producers The critics The fans And then the sycophants And then the enablers Idly Lanie wondered whether she had let them take her to places she had never intended to go, let them push her too far Place this new heroine in the plot and become involved The synopsis is clear and accessible and prepares us well for the story that begins to pour out of this impressive novel Exiled from Earth thousands of years ago, Sar is hiding and waiting in our Galaxy Manipulating the dark side of humanity and controlling many government leaders, he has now found the way back in But, what does he really want When Lanie Montrose ascended to the top of the music charts she felt an even deeper void within Just when she began to feel free from the shackles of fame, she finds herself locked in a strange hospital with no idea of how she got there Hidden memories emerge of an age old foe from a distant world overwhelming her with questions about her past and fate Dr Suki Carter has never been able to settle the desire to protect her lost and lonely patient, Lanie Then, one touch of her grandfather s clock opened a new consciousness Lanie is not who she says she is and there is something otherworldly about that eerie clock On the East Coast, a secret journal is found with bizarre entries reminding CIA agent James Sinclair of the unbelievable conspiracy stories from his estranged mother Alien Beginnings The shadow government Now, his skeptic mind needs answers Critical clues have been scattered, woven into the fabric of our history and genetic code Powerful gifts are strategically hidden inside of us all Our protectors have prepared for this moment The Awakening has begun Sar is close Our fate is in motion It takes a practiced mind to conjoin the normal with the paranormal, punctuate the tale with alternate history, add romance and intrigue, and still retain the reader s commitment throughout the book Suzanne has achieved that with this first venture She bears watching closely.

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    If you are into conspiracy theories, this is the book for you I found my self deeply engrossed in the pages of this book as the author tells a story that is almost Biblical in a nature with a sci fi twist An evil force called Sar and his alien counterpart Manti are on a mission to take over the world They possess government leaders and use them as puppets on a string to fulfil their purpose on earth The novel has got an interesting variety of characters, a popstar, a psychiatrist, a CIA agent and much You will remain on the edge of your seat throughout the entire book as you wait for the ending to be revealed Very impressive book, highly recommended

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    This is a pretty dark read, and the author doesn t take any time waiting on showing us this The story is full of twists and a bit of mystery as it unfolds The writing is good, and the plot better To be clear, this is not a horror story but science fiction, but it s written in a way that really drives home how dark forces that facilitate an unearthly agenda.The story starts off in Malibu, following Lanie, and her assistant After Lanie we meet Rick, then Suki and their equally odd encounters The story cuts back and forth a bit which made it a tad difficult to really immerse myself in the character s lives and gets progressively engrossing as it moves forward There is a good list of characters, each with their own, well developed personalities The first few chapters are grabbing the reader in and it certainly does that and introducing us to the main characters This made the story read a bit fast at the start, and it made it feel like it slowed in the middle but it certainly kept me intrigued, the author is a good writer however, in the end it all tied together nicely.Boisvert has herself a great story here, and I can t wait to see what else she can come up with

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    This book is a well written page turner of a thriller that keeps you guessing.Lanie is a celebrity singer who wakes up in the psychiatric hospital and agrees to undergo hypnotherapy, hoping she can piece together what happened to her She discovers way than she bargained for A friend of Lanie s unearths an out of this world unexplained experience that comes with a startling warning.Suki, Lanie s psychiatrist, was told she has a power and not to resist it when the time comes Her grandfather said further cryptic things, no sooner imparting these words then strangely dying.James, who works for the CIA, is investigating a found diary, purported to have belonged to Roosevelt, which contains worrying references.All of these characters are linked by one thing an unusual, distinct symbol, that appears in their lives This story keeps you on your toes, each chapter bringing something unexpected and new, that makes you want to find out how everything connects.

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    The Awakening Fate in Motion by Suzanne Boisvert is a great book with plenty of twists and turns to keep you interested There is a great cast of characters from Lanie to CIA Agent James Sinclair With sinister forces at work at what seemingly is normal society, it is hard to know who to trust, and what is going on beneath the surface Even the government may be involved From the opening pages where Lanie asserts herself and fires her assistant to the final conclusion, this is a riveting tale, well written, with a fast paced plot, interesting characters, and enough action to keep the story moving along nicely Supernatural powers, aliens and government conspiracies also figure prominently in this startling book Overall, an interesting and riveting science fiction read strongly recommend.

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    Like Fantasy Fiction, perhaps Science Fiction If so, you have chosen wisely This takes the two great genres, I happen to be passionate about both genres which this story combines into what would result in perfect meat and veggie stew combination Fast paced action riddled throughout, and a truly likable cast of characters set in the sights of an eternal evil poised to return to the planet earth Yeah, it has space travel Written in a manner that keeps the pages turning with an understanding like novels before The reader will want , so please write another To the author Suzanne Boisvert, From your readers.

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    The Awaken is a booked packed with intrigue, questions, mysteries, and the surreal It was an exciting maze to parse out all of the secrets contained in the pages of this book There are several layers to this story that start with Sar, who is exiled from earth, to music stars, doctors, CIA agents and The story is full of twists and turns that keep you on your toes as you read I loved the moments that felt almost surreal as the characters struggle to understand what is happening around them I really enjoyed reading this book from the interesting characters to the action packed plot If you love sci fi, then you should definitely check this book out.

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    This is a great scifi read with tons of reveals, hidden memories, and emerging backstory that is packed with plenty of twists and turns along the way.The writing is tight and the plot rolls along at a fast pace, and although it has been mentioned by other reviews that this is a YA read I feel there are a lot complexities and depth than I ve found in YA books.Boisvert is an author I ll be looking out for now as this one provided a lot than I d anticipated after reading the book blurb.