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Pleasure Is Their Ultimate Weapon Runa Wagner Never Meant To Fall In Love With The Sexy Stranger Who Seemed To Know Her Every Deepest Desire But She Couldn T Resist The Unbelievable Passion That Burned Between Them, A Passion That Died When She Discovered His Betrayal And Found Herself Forever Changed Now, Determined To Make Shade Pay For The Transformation That Haunts Her, Runa Searches For Him, Only To Be Taken Prisoner By His Darkest Enemy A Seminus Demon With A Love Curse That Threatens Him With Eternal Torment, Shade Hoped He D Seen The Last Of Runa And Her Irresistible Charm But When He Wakes Up In A Dank Dungeon Chained Next To An Enraged And Mysteriously Powerful Runa, He Realizes That Her Effect On Him Is Dangerous Than Ever As Their Captor Casts A Spell That Bonds Them As Lifemates, Shade And Runa Must Fight For Their Lives And Their Hearts Or Succumb To A Madman S Evil Plans

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    One thing I really love is when a book exceeds my expectations I didn t really expect to like this story nearly as much as I did For one, reunited lovers is one of my least favorite themes I hate the baggage of a broken relationship going into a romantic novel Also, I wasn t too keen on Shade for his womanizing ways, and how females women didn t seem to be that important to him Just objects to be used and abused This is a major pet peeve of mine.I am happy to say that I was proven wrong about Shade He was a very complex character that I grew to love fairly early into the book He had depth that really appealed to me At heart, he loved women, as it was part of his nature, from his mother s side and rearing As a seminus or incubus demon, through his father s side, he was compelled by his nature to take any woman who wanted him, to satisfy her sexual needs, and his in the process Although it probably sounds like a dream come true at face value, in my mind I can t help but think, what a horrible deal that must be In some ways like a sex addiction Probably worse because Shade will die without having sex As his s genesis, the last stage of sexual maturity comes, it will only get worse And if he is not mated, he will become a demon who is crazed by his desire to mate any female he comes in contact with, willing or not He will wreak havoc on females all around him In essence, Shade cannot say no to his nature or what women want from him And some of those women females wanted some very dark, awful things Shade had a gift given to him by his Umber demon mother, the gift to see darkness in a person and to draw it out and heal that person As a seminus demon, he utilizes this gift during sex The nasty, ugly kind of torture sex that I certainly want no part of The females come out of it healed by having their worst emotions and regrets taken way, giving them the ultimate orgasm that last forever, a pure conscience Thankfully, Ms Ione does not go into detail, but this fact about Shade s past does play into his future Shade does wrong Runa But he cannot help doing it It is his nature, but also his fears about the maluncoeur, or curse put on him as a younger demon If he falls in love, he will suffer a shadow existence of thirst, loneliness, and unslaked sexual desire As such, falling in love is not on his plate So when he finds himself falling too deeply for Runa, he pushes her away When she finds him with two females doing the deed, she breaks it off with him Only to be attacked by a werewolf minutes later, and left for dead.They meet again at the beginning of this book And Runa is very different Hard where she was once soft Full of confidence where she was shy and retiring before Although Shade was attracted to her softness as reminders of his mother and sisters who are of a race of demons who are gentle homemakers , he is even attracted to her now And it turns out that Runa has become a werewolf.Their reunion is not under good circumstances, as they have been imprisoned by Ghouls, demons who harvest organs from other demons and sell them on the black market Things only get worse, as Shade finds out that he has a very personal relationship with the leader, and the leader hates him and wants to kill him and his other two brothers.Runa and Shade reconnect and have to deal with the ugliness of their pasts, and due the magical machinations of their enemy, they end up mated For Shade, the timebomb starts ticking down, because he is unable to keep an emotional distance from the female he is mated to As the story continues, we see this couple, forced to spend time together due to their mating bond, realize they are soulmates Both have hidden wounds that have affected their lives and how they relate to others Runa has a guilt that she cannot rid herself of, and presses Wraith to use his talent to get rid of it But Wraith hates that ability and would never do that to a woman who is so precious to him I was really glad that this book doesn t have a lot of bondage torture stuff going on I am not a fan of BDSM, so I really don t want to see a lot of that, especially in a mainstream romance I think Ione handled it very well, because I was afraid that it would go there Fortunately, the way that the scenes with Shade dealing with his gift and Runa s need to have her darkness extracted were written showed a deft handling that didn t turn my stomach and ruin this book for me It showed how much Shade loved her, and his determination to sacrifice himself for her out of love.This is a complex, intense story Ione s worldbuilding is incredible I haven t read a book that creates such a multilayered world of demonarchy These demons aren t the silly demons you can dismiss like some of the ones on Buffy There is a whole spectrum, some that are good, some that are not so bad, and some that are really, really bad And there s not only demons in this world, but faery, and other creatures There s even fallen angels I love stuff with angels I appreciated the idea of the Underworld General Hospital that treats demonkind It s the medical show lover in me This book is like Trauma Life in the ER meets Angel And what a great combination I liked the information about the bond between a werewolf and her sire It s a profound bond that has some pretty serious consequences And Runa has to deal with some aspects of being a werewolf that make her very dangerous to others, and restrict and affect how she can live her life Her werewolf nature can overcome her thoughts and conscious desires, and this comes into play as well.We get to visit with Shade s brother Eidolon, who s now happily mated to Tayla, his other brother Wraith, who is clearly on the path to self destruction and hanging by a thread, and see the developing relationship between Gemella Tayla s half sister and a doctor , and the human ex Aegis leader, Kynan, who is still heartbroken from his wife s betrayal I just loved seeing about Kynan In the last book, I didn t think I d be that interested in him and Gemella, but this book has gotten me very interested indeed Kynan is such a good guy and you get some inkling as to why he is such a good person that I am sure will unfold further in the forthcoming books Gemella is externally hardcore goth, but she has a soft heart and is deeply in love with Kynan, although she knows she doesn t have a chance at him, being a demon Their relationship has some poignant parts that got to this softie.This book was so enjoyable and involved me emotionally It was clear from the beginning that Ms Ione put a lot of thought and effort in this series, and this book really shows it and her talent as an author That s what I look for in a read, so I was very happy to give it five stars.

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    I will bear this pain for you, he swore If one of us has to bleed, it will be me It ll always be me Just because I didn t start this review off with the magical spermie conversation and super curious kitties, doesn t mean that I didn t enjoy this book I may not be hopping up and down in the same excited way, but there was still enough about Desire Unchained to keep me reading.I do feel a little bit guilty that the side story of Gem and Ky captured my attention than the main story of Runa and Shade Why was this exactly I don t even know if I can find fault with anything that was going on Runa and Shade had a few smokin hot sex scenes, but I think I never felt their love connection, even when it was made obvious The brief BDSM interlude between these two was also bordering on bizarre Not long ago, I read a book which handled pain therapy in a convincing manner In Desire Unchained, the same situation just felt sort of awkward I almost felt like a creeper for witnessing their private moment Something about the scene reminded me of an interaction between Vishous and Jane in BDB, but not executed nearly as well.Pros Hot sexin of courseit s PNR Fabulous buildup of tension with Ky and Gem my FAVORITE part of the book More Wraith time I m not sure why I m anxious for his story, but I really want to see what s in store for him.Cons The main story lost steam the closer it got to the end I felt like we d already arrived at the conclusion and were just waiting for the couple to finally get the last of their issues off their chests Some of the sexual scenarios could have had buildup foreplay I m not opposed to having a few sex scenes which are rushed through if you have other descriptive scenes in the book somewhere, but I think there was a lot of point a to point b stuff going on in this book, when there should have been at least one big sex scene somewhere hanging out in the story probably closer to the end Because I m less concerned about romance and or sex when I read action based Urban Fantasy, I tend to expect from the romance side with PNR I missed the humor from book 1 While this was still an enjoyable read, I didn t feel the same spark that was there in book 1 Desire Unchained fell right in line with the basic PNR standard It was worth the read and entertaining enough that I ll continue on with the rest of the books, but I doubt that I ll ever re read this particular book of the series.

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    5 Fifty Shades of Shade stars Shade is Eidolon brother, i.e a Seminus demon and consequently a male slut He cannot help it since he needs sex in order to survive On the other hand he is so lost in his little bubble where everything ends up in sex, that he does not really pays attention to people s feelings and the way he truly hurts them Runa used to be his lover She also used to be human i.e she had no clue about demons, the demon world and especially Seminus demons that use sex for survival.Runa met Shade while she was working He was good looking, sexy, pushy they had sex almost immediately after they met and irresistible All Seminus demons are irresistible So when she found him in bed doing a paranormal threesome, she ran away and got bitten by a warg werewolf It was her lucky night I suppose.So now she s a werewolf and she absolutely hates Shade for his betrayal, while she considers him responsible for what happened to her.The start of the book finds them chained up together in a dungeon Neither of them knows what they are doing there, but they will need to cooperate in order to escape and survive.They will be forced into bonding in the Seminus way and Runa will show her teeth She is not that weak, stupid human any and Shade has a hard time not to fall in love with her.There is some BDSM because Shade is into it and he uses it to help women heal inner wounds But nothing too much And nothing too believable and serious to be honest I did not particularly like Runa in this book however she grew on me after I read the next books in the series The cave where Shade and Runa are hiding, far away from everybody is also playing a vital role in the next books.

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    There were so many things to love about this book Desire Unchained is the second installment of the series and was every bit as exciting as the first, and drew me deeper into the world of Demonica. I loved the character development, the world building, the angst, the heartache, the hope And while I did enjoy seeing Shade and Runa s relationship grow from one of anger, bitterness and suspicion into one of joy, devotion and trust, I most loved learning about Wraith I despised him in Pleasure Unbound and while I felt the same way about him for most of this book, by the end my heart was breaking for him I love it when an author can make me go from one extreme to another in the way I feel about a character I m very much looking forward to his story now And Kynan and Gem what a tender and heartbreaking story theirs is I m quite anxious to see how things work out for them.As I said, there was so much to enjoy about Desire Unchained, but what I didn t like about this story will probably raise some eyebrows, but here goes SPOILER It bothered me the way Shade s sexual nature and BDSM was portrayed Now, I know that BDSM isn t everyone s cuppa, and I get that, but normally in books like this, BDSM would be something of a lifestyle choice Something enjoyed by the hero and heroine But that wasn t the case here, and to take something that was sexually such a big part of the story, and make it something that Shade hated, not only seemed off to me, it seemed wrong I understand that he hated that part of his nature, and said so repeatedly, and yet was compelled to give women what they wanted, no matter how dark that was and well, that just didn t set well with me I didn t find it hot, didn t find it sexy, it was just uncomfortable and disappointing in the way it was portrayed I can t be specific than that, it s just the way it made me feel END SPOILER The bottom line I really enjoyed this book I think the Demonica series is a great one, with amazing characters and a unique, exciting world As I said, I m really looking forward to the next book, Passion Unleashed, Wraith s story.

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    5 stars Paranormal RomanceAs amazing a read as Pleasure Unbound was, I liked Desire Unchained, book two in Ione s riveting Demonica series, even better Seminus Demon Shade and human turned werewolf Runa s relationship is flawed, passionate, emotionally raw, touching, and full of sexual tension and frustration The chemistry and tentative connection between secondary characters Kynan and Gem is sweet and heartbreaking I was nearly as wrapped up in their story as I was in Shade and Runa s, and I really hope they get an HEA because they certainly both deserve it The villain in the story is one of the creepiest, scariest, and most malevolent of any book I ve read in a while you can really tell that Stephen King is an influence on Ione The alpha male Seminus Demon brothers Eidolon, Shade, and Wraith remind me a lot of the brothers in J.R Ward s Black Dagger Brotherhood series and Lara Adrian s Midnight Breed series, yet somehow Ione s characters are still utterly original and all her own, and that s a credit to her talent as a writer Ione s writing is fresh, creative, witty, dark, and erotic and the inventive world of the Demonica series with its various demon races, humans, slayers, vampires, wargs werewolves, and half breeds all battling for coexistence is filled with sizzling sensuality and hypnotic action Desire Unchained is a mesmerizing and sexy reada well deserved 5 stars The Demonica series is truthfully one of the best in the paranormal romance genre, and I can t wait for in Ione s fascinating, wicked hot saga

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    I WANT TO OPEN SHADE S BLINDS There is a million and one things I love about the Demonica series, its all types of dirty sexy and crazy cool This is the second book in the series and it does not disappoint, if you have not read the first book in the series I implore you to do so I am spellbound when it comes to the demon world, it grabs and hooks you and never lets you go I am gonna jump ahead and say this is my fave book of the series, and I don t know, it might be my fave through out There is something about Shade that blows my mind and I am gonna say it, he is my Vishous of the demon world If that didn t make you drop your pants and I don t know what else to say.We met Shade in the first book of the series, I am gonna say this, he didn t make an impression on me like Wraith did, but my oh my was I wrong about him The book begins with a little flashback which all leads to a situation that has Shade kidnapped, and in the presence of a human female he once bedded Seems she aint so human as before, if you have no idea well, Shade is Seminus demon, which translates to, he is gonna be able to take the form of any species and impregnate the female of that species Well his kind aint so loved, and he knows that but the change is welcome A curse was placed on him, if he were to ever fall in love, he would gradually fade and be trapped in hell of pain, constant hunger and unfulfilled lust Talk about not so awesome Now Shade is in the hands of a madman and one he knows very well Stuck in a room with a female who hates him, things aren t looking very peachy Well a little experiment leads Shade to be bonded to the female called Runa, this is all kinds of wrong, but it feels all kinds of right Runa is a werewolf who understands the situation she is currently in, she hates Shade but wants him like no other, fact being she knows he is all kinds of assholish With a dangerous madman out to destroy them, and uncontrollable feeling these two are in for a ride of their lives, and by ride I mean horizontal Lets talk about Shade shall we, cus I love him He is a dom, he is a prick but man does he rock Runa is a great balance for him, cus she does not take his shit The chemistry is off the chain, and the sex is hot, animalistic and erotic I was crying from the pure joy of how awesome this book is I even made up words like, awesomanity, smexalicious, and some I cant even spell I want to pull on Shade s blinds, and open his windows, he is effin sexy.The other POVs offered is like a buffet of hotness, and I am biting my nails because I want books for all dem I could go on forever about this book, but this is a series not to be missed It is funny, smart and original I loved it, 5 thumbs up, and a 5 on the PL pants losing scale Oh where oh where, as my pants gone, Oh where oh where could it be naked

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    I felt like I couldn t find the right words to describe my feelings after finishing this book OH MY GOD It was crazy amazing The story was so intense and so dark, and it had me on the edge of my seat right from the beginning I almost forgot to breathe while reading the fight scene near the end of the story It was bloody exciting I can t explain what s going on inside of my head right now because I m still wired from the whole Demon thing I think I need time to collect my thoughts.

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    Opening Line It had been two decades since Shade had awakened on a strange floor, hung over and without a clue to his whereabouts This is book 2 in Larissa Ione s utterly imaginative world of Demonica, full of demons vampires, werewolves, ghouls, humans and every combined half version of them And I have to say that while I enjoyed book 1 Pleasure Unbound this one is even better Ione s world at UGH underworld general hospital just seems to get awesome the further in we go and here we really get a feel for those sexy Seminus demon brothers and the bond they share with one another DESIRE UNCHAINED is Shade s story which is sinfully dark and erotic hello BDSM however theres also a ton of action along the way and the witty between brothers banter is better then ever Ione also serves up some very clever storylines, a great heroine, introduces new characters and gives our hero an interesting curse as well as one demented villain to overcome on his way to a HEA Runa is determined to make Shade pay not only for making her fall in love with him but for cheating on her with a couple of vampires and indirectly causing the transformation that s forever changed her especially under a full moon Shade s been trying to avoid Runa as he was starting to develop feelings for her That just can t happen when you ve been given a curse that states you ll become invisible and plagued by insatiable thirst, hunger and lust for eternity should you happen to fall in love But first things first Desire Unchained opens up with Runa and Shade trapped in a madman s dungeon, when he casts a spell that binds them together as lifemates they ll have to stop fighting each other and work together to get out alive and before Shade starts to dissapear.Of course this only scratches the surface of this multilayered story and what a ride it is With Shade s curse triggered we have the not so small issue of him or one of his brothers killing Runa to break it badass Wraith seems up for the task Speaking of which, we re given plenty of interaction with both him and Eidolon, with Wraith showing a whole new side of himself here We re also introduced to the very cool means of travel through Harrowgate and subsequently get some scorching hot love scenes at Shade s love shack in South America, complete with an exclusive sex chamber and one domination scene I could have done without Theres also a very touching side romance between the human UGH Doctor Kynan and nurse Gem which I enjoyed almost as much as our hero s and hope to see completed somewhere down the line Here s the beginnings of one of one of the love scenes I can t seem to shake, it will either have you grinning or blushing next time you order coffee from your local barista He stepped in front of Rena Coffee The word rolled off his tongue as if he d said I d like to give you an orgasm Yes she whispered because he could give heroh, right coffee Yup this is a very addictive ride, mixing the perfect combination of paranormal romance and urban fantasy and I can t wait to see where things take us next with badass demon brother Z I mean Wraith in Passion Unleashed Yeah you fans of Ward s BDB might want to check this series out too, there s some fascinating similarities.

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    3 to 4 Stars Paranormal Romance Urban Fantasy

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    BY GOLLY GAWD Could this have been a little less awesome because I LOVED IT It was dark, gritty, funny, sexy, and did I mention HAWT AS HELL This is the second novel in the Demonica series This time we focus on the brother, Shade and his former flame, Runa.It was such a passionate tale of two lovers from different worlds that were brought together under the most unfortunate of circumstances The secondary characters are worked into the story seamlessly I am so fascinated with Kynan and Gem It seems that Ms Ione is creating a rather large story out of these two characters I can tell already that their book will be my favorite I am so glad that I was bullied gently nudged into reading this series It has not been a let down.I am going out to buy the rest of the series today.