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Grace Carlyle S World Was About To ChangeDeep In The Jungle On The Trail Of Her Missing Brother, Grace Never Expected To Find A Secret World Populated By Mythological Monsters Nor Guarded By A Sword Wielding Being Whose Beauty Put Mortal Men To ShameDarius En Kragin Belongs To A Race Of Shape Shifting Warriors Sworn To Guard Atlantis And Kill All Travelers Who Stray Within Its Boundaries Yet When Grace Stumbles Into His Realm, He Finds Himself Tempted To Betray His Centuries Old VowNow Their Forbidden Love Will Either Bring Their Worlds Together Or Tear Them Both Apart

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    Oh, buen se or Yo realmente quer a amar el libro, en serio Gena te.presenta los eventos y los personajes de una manera tan atractiva que de verdad te metes en la historia Pero eso no me ocurri con ste libro Al principio cre que me iba a llegar, hubieron varias cosas que me entretuvieron y me gustaron, a que el libro avanza me llegu a aburrir el tiempo que Grace estuvo retenida en el palacio fue muy pobre y predecible Luego de eso el libro tom fuerza y el hecho de que Darius fuera a por ella y todas las experiencias de l me gustaron much simo El final, ah, no me gust como Gena present la idea de que Grace iba a salir y luego BAM, est retenida El final pod a haber sido mucho mejor Con todo y eso leer los otros y ver.

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    Meh An unconvincing romance in the middle of an unoriginal story I just didn t see any reason for Grace and Darius to end up together I never bought the love at all I ve just seen this done better Edit I read a review of a different book by KimKirt today that mentioned how there s something that rubs you the wrong way about a book that just bugs you and keeps you from fully enjoying the book Unfortunately there were several with this But one that I feel I should mention concerns a couple of sex scenes So if you are easily offended, read no further Still with me OK, Good But you ve been warned Our dear little innocent Gracie is a virgin A sexy twenty something virgin who goes tramping around in the rain forests of Brazil in lace panties but that is another problem I ll also forget for a moment that she has no qualms about giving a dragon some oral sex but has never heard of the 69 position You want to lick me and I want to taste you Too bad we can t do that at the same time What is this marvelous thing you have just invented We ll call it the mutual oral gratification position Puhleaze But the pebble in the shoe that kept me from even enjoying the sex scenes was the virgin aspect So Darius has three fingers buried in Grace, finger banging away till the cows come home Then when he goes to actually enter her for the first time with his cock he discovers that she s a virgin Seriously Either dude has the thinnest three fingers of anybody ever created or he s as big around as my forearm If the latter is true, anybody who hasn t given birth in the last 24 hours would feel like a virgin.So in a book about dragons, vampires, and the lost city of Atlantis why quibble about the sex scenes Well, Ms Showalter may have carte blanche in developing her own world, but when you write about the real world there is a right and a wrong.

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    Actual Rating 2.5 stars.It is OK.In my opinion, Heart of Dragon is not a very good book, it s weak The problem here is that it is unavoidable comparing it to other works of this author and I have to say this book is below par.Darius is not very attractive, and the love story doesn t really click The plot has too much battle and unnecessary information.In addition to the main romance, there is secondary love story I usually enjoy these extras, however, in this case the romance lacks credibility and is tiresome If you are looking for a good paranormal romance I can only say that there are much better books to read from this writer than this one Personally, I am a fan of Gena Showalter so I think I will read pretty much anything she writes, so even though this book was a miss, I will continue reading the Atlantis series.

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    5 STARS I just LOVED this book It was so good, just the best thing I have read in such a long time, marvelous , PERFECT If I had had a clue this series was this good I have read it much sooner As the AVG rating of this book was 3.88 I just thought I would not like it at all I just started with it because I was missing paranormal romance terribly I was pretty sure I had read all the ones worth reading so you can all imagine this was a huge surprise for me I wasn t aware of how much I was missing this genre till now that I got another taste of it When paranormal romance is well written it just drives you insanely addicted and wont let you stop reading it until you ve read all the books in the series I just know this series will be a new obsession of mine, I mean I was already hooked by the first 2 chapters,LOL Moreover, I was told the next books are even better, how will I be able to stop now until I read them all In this installment we get to see an introduction to this new Atlantis world One of the things I love the most about this genre is this, when an author creates a whole new world from nowhere and makes you feel like it s the best thing ever I just wanted to belong to it, and when I feel that way I know I have found a read that will keep me captivated forever In this world we get to read about a land sunk down into the see with many different creatures who are not worth to live with the humans We have Vampires, Dragons, and so many species, but not the ones you are used to read about, but new species That s what I loved the most, to get to know supernatural beings I was not related to I just hope we get of them in the future The Dragon warriors were definitely the best addition to this series I don t know how I can find sexy as hell hot warriors changing into real dragons but I do,LOL I loved the plot of this series.But if that was not enough to captivate you, you get to read about an incredibly SEXY Hot as hell warrior as a hero and a strong determined hilarious woman as heroine They were great individually, but together they were just dynamite I adored them I almost never, ever enjoy first books in a series because they give us too much information and little romance, but boy this book had it all I just could not get enough I already loved Gena Showalter because of her LOFU series, but an author able to give me than a fav series becomes an obsession for me Can t wait to read the next installment.

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    Darius en Kragin is a weredragon who lives in Atlantis Atlantis is populated with mythical beings, apparently Weredragons, vampires, nymphs, and Formorians Darius is assigned to guard the mist a portal between the mortal realm and the realm to Atlantis It s his job to mercilessly kill any man, woman or child who comes through the portal Although Darius vomits after killing his first human being, he spends three centuries doing this job, brutally murdering anyone who comes through the portal In order to do this, he s shut down all his emotions Not only does he not feel anything, but he s suppressed his ability to see color, to taste, and to smell All in order to keep himself as the heartless killer he has to be to protect his people.You see, Darius family was slaughtered and his mother and three sisters gangraped and killed by humans who came through the portal Atlantis is a rich city full of jewels and gold Greedy humans would love to plunder and exploit it Because of his family s deaths, Darius knows how important it is to kill indiscriminately and protect his home That s part of why he was chosen for the job.Grace Carlyle is searching for her missing brother in the jungles of Brazil Her brother sent her his journal and a dragon medallion No one s heard from him in weeks Grace doesn t hesitate to jump on a plane and start hacking through the jungle to find him She is a thrill junkie, although the book paints this as not a result of an adrenaline addiction, but instead because something man shaped is missing in her life She is a flight attendant by profession Grace Carlyle always hoped she d die from intense pleasure while having sex with her husband Well, she wasn t married, and she d never had sex, but she was still going to die.And not from intense pleasure.From heat exhaustion Maybe.From hunger Possibly.From her own stupidity Absolutely.She was lost and alone in the freaking jungle Of course Grace enters the portal to Atlantis and is confronted with Darius wielding a sword, ready to kill her But he can t bring himself to do it, mainly because to his shock he s seeing Grace in full Technicolor To her credit, she tries to shoot him dead, but unfortunately her gun is out of bullets because she tried to shoot the guide who stole her backpack and left her stranded in the jungle.This being a romance novel, they feel an instant attraction for each other.The book goes on from there war between vampires and weredragons, greedy humans trying to plunder Atlantis, the search for Grace s brother Alex, etc etc etc.Showalter goes a bit darker in this book than she did in her previous two novels Gone is the fluffy, almost comedic tone She s introduced serious topics rape as revenge, rape as a tool of war, and killing innocent people even children to protect your world I don t like this dark tone although her later books will be even darker than this and I yearn for her previous lighthearted fare.I like the fact that Showalter creates a double relationship in this book just like she did in The Stone Prince Not only are Darius and Grace falling in love, but Alex and Teira are, too.Again, a virgin heroine This almost always annoys me, it s such a trope Although Showalter introduces a bit of a twist in this novel, making Darius into a man who has had sex with numerous women but never kissed one This is a different kind of trope one called if I don t kiss people then I will be able to stop myself from developing feelings for them see also films Pretty Woman Rust and Bone and I ve never seen it applied to a male before So that was interesting It s also really strange that Showalter presents her heroine as a thrill seeker, but one that for some reason has never had sex o.O It was like when I read DIVERGENT and it turned out orgies, casual sex, and drugs were NOT on the menu at Dauntless Although I do understand that the Divergent Trilogy is aimed at teens In this case, Showalter creates this scenario simply in order for Darius to be Grace s first, last, and only lover therefore cementing his ownership of her completely It s unnecessary and I found it slightly annoying.I like the 24 year old heroine She speaks three languages She s a short chubby redhead I imagined her as a chubbier version of Merida from Brave they talk a LOT about her wild curly hair in the book with green eyes and she s a fighter Usually women in romance novels are weak or unskilled in fighting, but Grace is strong Not only does she carry a gun and know how to use it, but she knows basic self defense All romance authors CLAIM that their heroines are feisty and possess a fighting spirit, but Showalter actually has Grace carry out these actions, which made me happier She fights numerous times in this novel Grace s chunky little body also made me happy I m bored stiff of heroines who don t think they re attractive because they re too thin and too tall aka a runway model rolls eyesOh And Darius has healing saliva I ll just let you contemplate the implications and possibilities of THAT on your own o.OConsent Gena Showalter is pretty careful about consent in this novel You can see this illustrated by Grace and Darius s first kiss together Darius asks Grace for permission before kissing her vastly different from the usual scenario of the hero forcing a spontaneous kiss on a reluctant heroine The sex is all consensual there s not much of it our couple doesn t have sex until 85% Consent is super important to me and non consensual sex in romance novels on the part of the hero, not a villain makes me rabid Romance authors on a whole seem to view consent specifically, asking for permission to be very un sexy, but that s not true Asking for permission can be one of the sexist things ever if done correctly.The only part that was slightly questionable in the whole novel was when Darius casts a relaxing spell on Grace so that she doesn t freak out to find him in her bedroom in the middle of the night, but that was not too serious in my eyes.Tl dr This is a well written romance novel There are no deep thoughts or fascinating character development or brilliant writing That being said, it s thoroughly entertaining Showalter succeeds in creating another world and her protagonists are likable What little sex is in the novel is good sex 3 real stars, 5 romance stars.I own this book in Spanish.P.S I forgot to mention that Darius saves himself for Grace How By not having sex Don t be ridiculous Of course he s slept with tons of women But he s never allowed any of them to give him a blowjob Only Grace gets that honor o.O This is strange to me in so many ways For one thing, the idea of a man having lots of sex but not letting a woman go down on him seems almost inconceivable For another thing, it s obvious Showalter s constructing a way for her manly man to also have a bit of virginity to give up to the heroine Third, Showalter is a romance novelist who acknowledges that blowjobs exist and always writes them into her sex scenes a lot of romance not erotica, romance writers like to pretend that blowjobs don t exist, in order to make their sex scenes of a female fantasy OH And don t forget he also had his first kiss with her So he s been having lots of sex with females but only sex with no blowjobs and no kissing o.OP.P.S Darius has a tendency to rip Grace s clothes off all the time I mean, literally, rip her clothes off They re shredded While I m fine with this, I really do hope that he s replacing these clothes for her And not destroying her nicer tops Not to mention bras Bras are expensive, dude, you can t just be tearing through them right and left Jeez You d better be buying her a new wardrobe on a regular basis, Darius glares FIVE ROMANCE STARS

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    Ugh, that was horrible Let s tick off all the formulaic things, shall we 1 She s a redhead Now, I have a real soft spot for redheads, being one myself, but at one point she actually says she had never met anyone who went for the red hair and freckles thing Girl, you have obviously never been outside.2 She s a virgin, although HE has bedded lots of ladies None of them ever meant anything, of course.3 They bond through some spell so that it s like they re married before they actually do the deed.4 He is super possessive, to the point of telling her brother he can t touch her he does begrudgingly allow a hug after some manly posturing.It wasn t even sexy It was mostly really bad story They finally do than kiss and eye each other smolderingly on page 310 That was so many pages of shitty story And it goes without saying that there is no character development, but that is hardly why I read this book.Not nearly enough dragon sex, obviously.EDIT I forgot that he also teaches her what 69 is I want to give you oral pleasure, she says Me too, he says, Let s do it at the same time BUT HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE TEACH ME THY WAYS OH DRAGON LORD So she s a mid 20 s sexy sex pot virgin who doesn t know what 69 is who can take being finger banged by THREE fingers and only when he actually decides to do some sex does he realize she s a virgin AFTER the sex, he realizes it, not during This entire genre obviously has no memory of what being a virgin is like Very true to life.

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    Summary Red headed virgin is bedded by a supernatural sex god Oh, and some other stuff to do with Atlantis happens in the rest of the story This is the kind of book you leave at home so that no one knows what you re reading It was pure romantic trash Have no desire to pick up the next book in the series.

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    First books in series don t usually suck me in unless the dialog is talking less scenery This book isn t too bad with that, it was world building but not to the point you re wishing for the next chapter Grace just wants to find her brother but encounters something a lot dangerous than she ever could have imagined I loved how headstrong she was and how she dealt with so much I giggled when Darius meets Grace he kind of doesn t know what to do with her their back and forth is what kept me interested and how they were circling each other The ending was how I was hoping it would go I might keep up with this series I enjoyed the narration I don t really have anything profound to say.

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    This book was a pure whine fest The plot was horrendously predictable, and the heroine is a major whiner, and a B with an ITCH Seriously, what the hell is wrong with her She s like those anorexic, cheerleader whiner babies that is totally unsatisfied with her life And don t get me started on the male protagonist He was an emotional wreck when he saw her, all i should kill you but i cant cause i get all tingly with this insta love shit that i still dont want to acknowledge is love thing Dont get me wrong, im than fine with insta loves what s not to love and all right , but you ve got to build and elaborate it, not just go straight into the face sucking And so it was downright draggy and uneventful that i stopped reading quite soon after i picked the book up.Here s how far i got Darius shed any and all emotions he might have had way back ago after seeing his family get killed and having had his first kill who was a totally innocent person who just so happen to have stumbled upon the entrance to Atlantis Grace is a starved, lost girl in the jungle with a rifle in hand, and who has no qualms using it whatsoever really yeah because you go around shooting guys in their asses everyday in your very unfulfilling life like you just did earlier in the book right totally understandable She isnt happy with her life have i said that already , and is out being an adrenaline junkie when her tour guide, of sorts, bolted on her, taking with him all her supplies including food and the makeshift shelter She stumbles upon this whole bunch of human like apes which is a rip off of the funny baboon scene in Tarzan, and all of a sudden, this weird dragon necklace that her brother gave her started glowing and tugging her to this cave She wandered further into the cave and got transported to Atlantis where she meets Darius at the cave entrance exit Both of them gets these lusty feelings INSTANTLY and omg..Yeah and so Darius managed to bring her to his private chambers in his palace yes he is the king of the palace and they knocked it off with lots of french kissing.I stopped there Cause it was filled in between with SOO much inner whining and draggy parts that i literally rolled my eyes and i dont do that often cause i have a manly rep to protect ok. and closed the book and was like, ah f ck..this is a hell of a disappointment sorry for the language I think long term reading Hellion s reviews and the f word is flowing out of me like nobody s business Because i had such high expections for this book which had an effing lot of plot potential And i say effing lot cause apparently im a sucker for cool, reclusive, high flying status guys who fall for that one special, mortal girl with spirit And Showalter is a rather renowned author with a hell lot of books to decorate her biography ok awkward phrasing, but you get what i mean.The female protagonist, Grace Carlyle, isnt endearing, at all She s really like a crazy, wild and unappreciative brat who keeps getting into trouble and looking for hot sex yes it was explicitly stated , and i dont get the lovey dovey chemistry that should be there and this love or lust at first sight is hardly an acceptable excuse , like in Firelight by Sophie Jordan, that one i loved, and craved for , but this one is just pushing it.The male protagonist was ok..weird, cool, but not ideal maybe my impression was sullen ed from all those repetitive should i but i shouldnt..Should i but i shouldnt..SHOULD I oh god just effing make a freaking decision My first impression of him wasnt bad just went down a steady steep decline as i progressed further into the book but just freaking MOVE ON, dude i should too..sigh There werent many side characters other than Darius underlings But they didnt really shine all that much..And especially with their rebellious, disrespectful attitude, it totally destroyed Darius image as a commanding and well respected king.To sum it all up and tho i cant help repeating myself Whiny Draggy Uneventful Disliked female protagonist Unendearing male protagonist maybe just a little huh, not so unendearing Not much plot building Not much chemistry in the relationship Appallingly predictable plot Bad book Did not even reach a quarter of the book Painful reading process And i repeat PAINFUL.

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    Here are some of my thoughts I am looking forward to getting into a new series with Showalter I love the mythology stuff from her other series, and I hope this one has as immersive of a plot Judging from what I see from this book, I am intrigued but I can t wait to see a better idea of the world as the series progresses Grace is alright She pissed me off at the end though Despite that it might have worked out for the best, I was just like, seriously It would have been interesting to get a better idea of the other warriors, but I guess we will find out as the series progresses.Overall 2.5 stars I like it, and I will continue on with the series, but I need something to win over my heart.Things that you might want to know WARNING Spoilers below Happy satisfying ending view spoiler Yes hide spoiler