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Falcon Mercenary Group Book It Was Supposed To Be An Easy Mission But Nobody Told Her ThatIan And Braden Thomas Return To The US To Extract Katie Buchanan, The Sister Of The Teammate Who Betrayed Them She Could Very Well Be The Key To Taking Down The Man Responsible For Turning Ian And Braden Into Unstable Cat Shifters Unfortunately, They Re Not The Only Ones After KatieKatie Has No Intention Of Going Quietly Or Of Offering Her Trust On A Silver Platter She S Got Troubles Of Her Own That Don T Include Two Pain In The Ass Men Who Claim Her Dead Brother Sent Them She S Too Busy Trying To Stay One Step Ahead Of Ricardo De La Cruz, The Brother Of A Man She KilledAs The Bodies Pile Up, Ian And Braden Are Only Sure Of One Thing Katie Makes Them Crazy Something About Her Calls To Their Inner Predator They Both Want Her, But She S Made A Practice Of Making Bad Decisions And Trusting The Wrong Men And By The Time She Realizes That She Can Trust These Two Warriors, It Might Just Be Too Late Product Warnings Blood, Gray Matter, Guts And Gore Ass Kicking, Potty Mouths, Acerbic Wit More Mean People, Mean People Dying, Mean People Getting What They Deserve Sex Explicit Sex, Rough Sex, M Nage A Trois, Voyeurism, Light Bondage Oh, And Avalanches

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    5 stars Paranormal Romance Erotica M nageI liked the first book Into the Mist just fine, but I enjoyed this second installment in Banks s Falcon Mercenary Group paranormal erotica series even Into the Lair has extra action, lots of ass kicking, and waaay hotter sex, and the two heroes, brothers Ian and Braden, shift into sleek cats a jaguar and a panther , which to me is a lot sexier than a guy turning into mist.This time around, the FMG sends Ian and Braden to the U.S to extract the sister of their former teammate who betrayed them to the villain responsible for unleashing the chemical agent that turned them into volatile, unstable shifters The FMG plans to use Katie as bait to draw out their nemesis and enact revenge, since it s apparent that the bad guys are after her too, although her exact role in their enemy s evil plot is unclear.Of course, Katie resists Ian and Braden s offer for help, and she s much harder to catch than they thought She refuses to give them her trust, or to go with them willingly for that matter To make matters worse, something about her tempts the beast inside Ian and Braden that they are trying so hard to fight Katie calls to their inner predator, and both men want her in a purely animalistic way Is she strong enough to handle them both, and will her love help them control the dangerous cats lurking within The brothers are total opposites Ian is a gruff, brooding alpha and Braden is a jovial, flirtatious beta , but I liked both heroes a lot The verbal sparring and fighting between Ian, Braden, and Katie is totally sexy foreplay, and they have dynamic chemistry and explosive attraction The sex scenes are scorching H O T There s lots of m f m m nage sex some on the rough side , so be warned in case that s not your preferred blend of romantic erotic coffee It s a very entertaining, action packed, erotic paranormal romance and another great read by the magnificent M nage Queen Maya Banks 5 stars

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    i suppose if i were a girl on the run, my whole world crumbling around me, nothing would be intriguing than being kidnapped by a pair of rough sex loving were panther brothers who only want to protect me, keep me captive, and double team me too of course isn t this every girl s dream come true who needs independence with a couple of were panthers around freedom s just another word for nothing left to losei keep hoping the PNR genre will offer me some kind of a surprise in the way of, oh, interesting writing or disturbing psychodrama or genuinely erotic, at the very least eyebrow raising sexual scenarios this is my third one so far and no such luck the writing was subpar but inoffensive, certainly no worse than that of your average high school football player i should know i used to grade their papers this novel reminded me eerily of the result of any creative writing assignment that special combination of gung ho enthusiasm, stumbling syntax, and the overriding need to turn every situation into a kind of horny, porny corny sex comedy or psychodrama well i will try to say at least a single kind thing one could admire how the author appears to lose all interest in any kind of narrative once she gets into the graphic yet workmanlike , multi chapter menage that forms this novel s climax there is a kind of willful abandon in that unfortunately, even that abandon begins to atrophy amidst all the dewy eyed sentiment.

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    Review for Into the Mist Book 1 of the Falcon Mercenary Group and this book Into the Lair book 2 of Falcon Mercenary Group Note These books are 1 and 2 of a series that the author for some reason decided not to continue and being that I found that out 1 2 way through the second book it did cast a shadow on my review and that took a star from both books I listened to both books via audiobook and found the narrator acceptable to good These books are based on a story of 2 paramilitary groups In book one Falcon Mercenary Group is hilighted It is the story mainly of the female group member who has to deal with a brother who was gassed while on a mission and the outcome was uncontrolled shifts into assuming animal form The mission he was on involved him leading another paramilitary group into the ambush with affected him and the other group The other group is hilighted in book 2 of the series which dealt with 2 of the members turning into feline shifters again without real control and them meeting their mate Over all I really enjoyed both stories and really wanted to continue to find out about the groups and their stories Out of 6 main male characters we have the stories of 3 in these two novels The plot was fast paced for the most part and the characters were good I do think a bit depth of character backgrounds and emotions would have made the connection between reader and character a bit intense I always felt there was a wall there that never really let me connect deeply with the characters The author seemed to just touch on aspects of their stories or character traits which would have made the novels a better read if she had delved further into who they are and where they came from..the crumb trail that was laid in the stories just wasn t quite enough to form a bond The plot arc was interesting and just different enough from others in this genre to create suspense and excitement I think book two took the excitement up a notch from book one as we learnt about the enemy Overall I thought both books were really good and am giving them a 3 star rating each I think if the author had decided to continue that future books would have become even better as we got to know members of the teams and see them interact with each other I m totally disappointed to be left hanging I love Maya Banks and am a huge fanthis won t stop me from reading her books but as said..i m disappointed t irlat irla s talk book blog

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    This is the last book out in this series but it doesn t seem like it should be the end too many loose ends Maybe Maya Banks will eventually write another one but who knows

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    Continuing this series on audiobook, I listened to book 1 also Just starting the book I can say the narrator is an issue It is not the same as book 1, which is not always an issue for me unless there is a narrator change far into a series and I am already used to the voices Issue 1 I have is this narrator is good during the dialogue parts, but for the narration she lacks any emotion and it is annoying I get narration doesn t take on its own voice, but no need to be so robotic about it I can only hope all the character are chatty Cathys and get alot of back and forth dialogue Second issue, I am missing the Irish brogues the narrator in book 1 gave Ian and Braeden But I will get over that I guess.This book as decent There was alot of action at the beginning which then fizzled into the Ian Braeden Katie triad Spent alot of time on that aspect Then action again But it didn t have the impact it should have May be the narrator.who got no better as the book went on, but there turned out to be enough dialogue to save it for me It was just an ok book I would continue with the series, if for no other reason than to see what happens with D and how he controls his shifting.After a search on her website, it seems I may never find out D s story Which, honestly, is one of the things that urks me than anything about series If you write the book, like there is going to be a follow up book, write that follow up book Otherwise, keep it like it could go either way I have read books where you want , but are content with the ending But if I read a book that leaves the opening so humongous nothing but another book would fill it, I expect there to be another book I feel this series leaves the reader hanging on D s story, for 2 books, and to not follow through with it is annoying It is the main reason why, with certain authors or ones I think may flake I wait until they are far into the series to start So I am not left hanging.

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    While quite I liked this book, I kept wanting to deck Katie because she was driving me completely bonkers I ve never seen so much waffling between decisions in my life I know why she was like this, but driving me mad is still driving me mad The sudden romance between the trio bothered me some as Katie s side didn t entirely mesh with how her personality is to that point Almost like delayed insta love, I guess Either way, it didn t mesh as well as Eli and Tyana s did for me in the first book Her way of having sex also left me wondering how she didn t come out of it without bleeding to death or in need of corrective surgery My big gripe is that this book focused way too much on the sex between the three and not enough on the fact that Katie is a target and in great danger It s an erotic romance and I understand how they work I write in this genre, so I know their formula I know sex is a big part of them, but if you introduce the plot of she is a target of a big bad guy, shouldn t that be a big focal point also I still liked the book and very much wish Ms Banks would continue the series It s a good world and has intriguing characters It also leaves a ton of unanswered questions and I want a new entry into this series to answer some of them.

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    I m so disappointed as I usually like Maya Banks books, but this one didn t work for me I didn t care for the heroine, I found her way too aggressive even if I can understand her need to protect herself What I didn t understand is her enjoying rough sex just after being stab in the belly.Most of the sex scenes seemed painful than enjoyable, especially as they seem to go on and on with not much of tenderness but a lot of description of rough behavior I was only thinking the heroine would be sore after such a treatment And the little bit of suspense plot wasn t enough to catch back my interest.

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    3.5 4 starsAs the brothers, Ian and Braden, promised on Gabe s last breath to care for his sister, Katie This promise has lead them into so much entanglements, pain, heartache, betrayal, entrapment and the ultimate, love It s actually a very exciting, fun, erotic read with a decent plotbut it got little lengthy with the constant escaping I wanted depth, maybe I m being too harsh and it should be like a 4 stars I mean, I did finished it in one weekend, so it s must have enthralled me enough, hmmm

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    i liked the first falcon book but i loved this one i fell in love with all three of the main characters katie was no slouch she was one heck of a fighter not only for herself but for those she loved and was loyal to the brothers were just something else they flowed within the story at such a natural pace that you would never bat an eyelash at what they were doing along the way i hope we get to see of them at their home in future books i decided i was not quite done with them.

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    Is Maya Banks still work for book 3 I can t wait to read it Like seriously Kind of wish there ll be Damiano s story I love Braden and Ian Don t you think a boyfriend who can turn into a big cat s kind of hot