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Fourth In The Darkly Rich TwoLips Reviews Vampire Queen Series Escaping The Depraved Servitude Of A Vampire Master She Killed, Jessica Has Found Her Way, With Three Nomadic Guides, To The Sun Baked Desolation Of The Sahara Only To Slowly Perish Then She Hears The Tale Of Farida, An Enigmatic Beauty Lost As Well To The Sahara Three Centuries Ago, Whose Ancient Desire For The Legendary Vampire Lord Mason Is Stirring The Same Desires In Jessica But The Jessica S Fatal Curiosity Reveals Of Farida, The Closer She Gets To Lord Mason S Irresistible And Forbidden Secret

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    4 1 2 StarsTo be honest, this series really isn t my cuppa too much group sex, couple sharing the vampires share their slaves , and BDSM but I LOVED this book I loved the love story and the couple.

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    This will be a long one so I can fully discuss my opposing reactions I don t think there are spoilers, but I figured I d mark it just in case One last thing, if you re into BDSM this is not meant to offend you I m just trying to be honest because these are my reviews for me to reference in the future My reaction to this book was so polarized I absolutely loved part of it, but was enraged by the rest I couldn t give it a five star, because the later half of the book dimmed my enjoyment, but it is better than the average book So, four stars it is This is not a book that falls into my normal preferences I m not enthused by BDSM and erotica usually leaves me cold But I was recommended this book and decided that I had to give it a try if my GR friend, Lethal, loved it so much Overall, it both exceeded my expectations, and adhered to them I wish parts of it had been to my taste, but I don t regret reading it because the parts that I did like were so excellent.When this story opens Jessica, previously a vampire s human servant, is at death s door She s racing the clock to fulfill one last task before she dies She s not afraid of death Indeed, after all that has happened to her she craves the release it will provide Release from the withered mess her body has become release from the horrible memories and terror release from her own fractured mind.Jessica s in a really bad place for most of this book and her emotions practically breathe off the pages I felt her despair and her fear and her hatred of whatever cruel force had sent another vampire into her life This girl was broken She knew that her mind was fractured and she would slip into her fantasies to protect herself from the ultimate break.Jessica has spent the last five years as a human servant to a sadistic vampire To help her endure she studied a journal she found It told the story of a girl falling in love with, and marrying, a man named Lord Mason The girl, Farida, and her love for Lord Mason was so strong and pure and beautiful that it helped Jessica survive After she was free she journeyed to Farida s tomb and discovered the truth about Lord Mason.The author pulled no punches with Jessica Her terror was a living thing We, the reader, weren t told of that terror gently either We got a play by play of her screaming and drooling and pissing herself in fear I couldn t read that and remain unmoved In the beginning she was like a wild animal, instinct than reason, and I couldn t help but pity her As her strength grew that pity moved to admiration I sympathized when she wanted to push beyond her limitations but was afraid to act out at the same time.Mason exceeded my expectations He was such a good man I don t know why, but I expected him to be cast as a very dominant asshole He wasn t though In the beginning, he helps her in repayment of her honor to Farida Then he helps her to make up for what his kind did to her Finally, he helped her in the hope that she could one day be with him without fear His longing and willingness to put her needs first was very moving.Everything was going well until the later half of the book That was when Jessica was well enough to finally start playing the master servant role What was a beautiful story of love and healing turned into that All the beauty and emotion seemed to be pushed aside in favor of Jessica getting groped by multiple people and gentled into willing submission It became a chore to finish Especially because the first 3 4 of the book was so excellent.I know that it was how the characters were written, but I couldn t help but see their situation through my own perception Their relationship was no longer about love It turned into ownership I couldn t help but get angry at the turn their relationship took I wanted to save Jessica from herself I really didn t feel that was a healthy situation for her She longed for a partnership, but ended up settling.What s crazy is that even though I hated his mastership, I still liked Mason When they weren t playing sex games I still saw what I prized about their relationship I loved the talks they had and the closeness they shared But when it turned to talk of sexual punishments and her not coming until he let herI was turned off.He talked about requiring her to sit at his feet while other vampires visited so he could stroke her hair And of having her turn into a servant in truth fetching drinks, etc I just wanted to scream at them both She s not a dog If you love her, respect her Don t let other people share her I really disliked the role that Lyssa played here I resented her ordering Jessica around and I resented Jessica listening What I disliked even than that was Lyssa advising Jessica to ignore all her mental anguish and give up everything in service to loving Mason That s not a healthy relationship when she values her terror beneath his preference Amara also irritated me for her pushy advice in the beginning It seemed like Amara s role to Jessica was replaced by Lyssa.By the way, is everyone is this whole book bisexual I find it extremely hard to believe that every person they encountered didn t mind a crowd Does everyone really not care who is giving the pain or pleasure as long as they re getting it Also, if I could have gotten the mythos on vampires I would have really appreciated it It bugged me that I didn t understand their history In closing, while I loved the beginning, I hated the end The sex and the relationship resolution left me cold It was so disappointing because I had such high hopes after the beginning Hopefully this review will help people narrow down whether they ll like this book or not.

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    4 Magical Stars The horses and land in this one, they made this book even magical.OMG, I love Mason s Persona was AWESOMELY built view spoiler book 5 and 6 won my heart with Lord Daegon And, swoon but, I haven t read Lord Uthe yet, and he sounds like he will give Lord Daegon a run for his money Will..seeand I look forward to it Because IMO, Daegon had one flawAwyan _ she simply did not make his book I had to ignore her, or at least I tried hide spoiler

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    Not a bad story, but it just had too many f NASTY scenes that really turned me off this book, hence the low rating.I get that this was a rape scene, but Joey I m turned off this series forever, courtesy of that particularly revolting scene TraumatizedForLifeAs for healing a victim of repeated sexual assaults and outright torture by simply having sex with her Uuuuh, NO, that doesn t sound remotely plausible to me.

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    I apologize up front for the set up in this review, because, while it doesn t appear to have much to do with the book, Beloved Vampire , it does, so please bear with me Joey W Hill is one of two authors whose books I will read without hesitation Every time That is because of her gift for delving into the spirit and soul of her characters, and pulling out a perfectly flawed and yet perfectly relatable being whom you want to care for, want to cheer for, and ultimately love in spite of all of their stuff The fact that she often pulls them out for you to see by the short hairs so to speak , only adds to the appreciation the reader achieves for the process of them becoming as good as they can be.Now, add an imaginary world to that premise, such as Ms Hill has created in the Vampire Queen Series VQ , and anything goes in said process The imagination is the limit, and Joey W Hill explores it like no one else But she presents it in such a way that it seems almost participatory I can almost always impose my own nuances to the setting, the characters, the situationswithout detracting from Ms Hill s intent for the story And THAT S why readers can, and do, invest in her offerings with such verve Beloved Vampire is one of my favourite books in the VQ series The human heroine is neither pitiful nor pitiable, though her life experience would fell most mere mortals Jessica has been forced into servitude with the vampire from helleven amongst vampires, he s a baddie Without giving away the story, she does the impossible to escape him, only to find herself in the reluctantly merciful clutches of yet another vampire.Said vampire, Mason, is tied to her escape in that it was his story which shored her will to survive her horrors, and break the bonds of her slavery to her former Master Mason is required to save her life, by making her his own Servant a task for which he is not mentally prepared, his own reclusive soul tortured by many remote events in his existence.The journey out of their own personal dark places for both Jessica and Mason, sees them inextricably entwined Placed into Ms Hill s world, where the vampires are unapologetically vampire, it is an intense, occasionally dark, and always emotional ride for the reader.And it is utterly beautiful in its evolution.I can t say in its conclusion , because the beauty of the VQ world is that it, like its vampire immortals, continues on in captivating ways.She s good, this Joey Hill person Really, really good

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    Five years ago, Jessica had everything she wanted She was living in Rome, working as a Historical Researcher and engaged to a loving man who was going to take her sailing around the world And then she came to the attention of a Vampire Who figured out the secret she didn t even know herself That she was a submissive And her dreamy life became a nightmare.She spent the next 5 years being tortured Literally He hurt and hurt her When she attempted to escape, which she did eleven times, he hurt her in almost unspeakable ways But as bad as the physical side was, he did something almost as bad to her psyche he never made her submit He never dominated her and taught her that submission was her nature He just tormented her and encouraged his sadistic Vampire friends to do the same.The sole thing that made her life bearable was a book she found about a young Bedouin girl named Farida and the love she bore for a mysterious Englishman 300 years ago The depth of their relationship sustained her through her darkest moments.Until she was pushed past the edge and killed her tormentor.Dying from all the had gone through, she undertakes the dangerous and extreme journey to find Farida s resting place and make it her final resting place as well And there she finds out something that turns her whole world upside down.Farida s lover, Mason, is a Vampire and still lives.Mason has never recovered from Farida s death in all the years since she was brutally taken from him He has had servants and companions but never another true love.For them to come together, Jessica has to learn that submission was a part of her before her ordeal That the normal relationship between a Vampire and Servant is one of submission but also love.Mason has to learn that he no longer has to punish himself for Farida s death That 300 of self torment is enough and it is time for him to find love again They have to decide this amidst a Vampire Society that either wants her dead for committing their ultimate crime or offers her an escape that will let her forget both the worst experiences of her life and the best as well.

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    I finished this book last night Stayed up past the time I should have gone to bed but I had to know how the story ended I wish I could have written this last night so I didn t have a day of work to dull the joy of the story First I have to say that I thought Ms Hill was going to drive me to sexual frustration with this story I think this the first book that she has written that the hero and heroine don t claim each other until so close to the end of the book However, there is so much sexual tension that I would squirm in my seat wanting to find a release for all the energy I also have to say that this story is now at the top of my list of all time favorite books Of course there are a lot of Ms Hill s books in that category I will also mention that there is a definite BDSM theme to this book and there are flashes of violence against the main female character so this book isn t going to be for everyone I have wanted Mason s story since you first mentioned him He has intrigued me as much as Lady Lyssa and Lady Danny Ms Hill definitely didn t disappoint me Mason s restraint and caring around Jessica melted my heart but there were times I wanted to shake him until his teeth rattled, much as Lady Lyssa and Jessica probably did He is such a wonderful hero especially for his faults He cares so much but there is a dangerous air to him that I wouldn t want to cross too much I cried for his loss of Farida I am not sure I wouldn t have done the same to her family and people if I had been in the same situation Finally I will always have a soft spot for a Dominant male that is so confident and loving They just make me HOT I also was angry over the loss of his horse in such a brutal and unfeeling way I love animals and it hurts me to see one tortured and killed Now for Jessica She is such a brave and wounded soul I so rooted for her to recover and see that not all vampires were like what she had been exposed to for five years She is bright and intelligent and I could see why Mason was so attracted to her I so enjoyed watching her bloom under his care There were times I wished I could have held her and told her that she would get better and be able to face life again I know she will be one of my favorite heroines for a long time.I was also glad to see Lady Lyssa, Jacob, Lady Danny and Dev show up I was excited about meeting Jacob and Lady Lyssa s son I am sure he is going to be a handful when he is older I have to wonder what this trio of mated pairs will be up to in the future I am not sure the vampire world will survive with their stodgy ideals in tact if and or when this groups decides things need to change LOLBeloved Vampire is such a wonderful book I know I am going to have to re read it again soon I love this series so much and I am now looking forward to Gideon s story with bated breath.

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    This book had my favorite line in this series you need to fight with someone you call on me I loved Lord Mason from the first time I met him in the first book To me he is a hero, sheltering and loving romantic but yet so dangerous Seeing him on his horses in a desert is so exotic and fascinating combined with the fact that he speaks arabic and he s a vampire makes him that much deadly This story is a very sad one, Jess who is so sad and believes in a story of love that got her through a five year period where she was tortured is now face to face with Mason the man of her dreams She is a natural submissive which is the type of female I love to read about but she has been torn apart and this story is really about her putting herself back together Lord Mason is so patient and he really puts himself out for her I just loved that about him I also want to mention Mason has a food thing and I would eat anything coming from him The two of them riding on a horse was amazing and I loved that Jess got to experience Jacob and Dev that lucky girl Lord Mason and all his appearences even the one where he saves Lyssa at the dance says so much about him I cant get enough.

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    After listening to my very dear friend Kristin talk about this book, I had to give the author and this series a read I started with book 1 and haven t been able to stop reading It s easy at first to flinch a little at the world Joey Hill has created, but as I read through book 1 and the following books in the series, the world we re introduced to and the relationships in it become about so much than they initially seem I love each book for different reasons, but this one really stands out for me Having both characters, Lord Mason and Jessica, struggle to overcome pasts of horrible heartbreak and even worse torture, made their story together all the powerful The quick flashbacks Jessica has of the abuse she suffered were at times hard to read, but seeing her character grow from beginning to end was amazing.I couldn t put the book down The whole series has completely sucked me in, and I can t wait to start the next book

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    Oh goodness was this story heart breaking Jessica had so many horrible unfathomable things done to her Mason was broken in his own way This story was excellent Tears I tell ya tears explains it all Even though this is Erotica the main characters don t get it on until the end of the book And that s ok they didn t need to, it would have wrecked their healing journey story There are plenty of other situations going on with other people though It was mainly a story of how 2 so desperately broken people heal and move on The sensual scenes are quite hot though Lyssa, Jacob, their baby Kane, Dev and Lady Danny all make appearances too.