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Attraction That S Off The Scale Only For Those I Love Would I Traipse Into The Merciless Northlands To Risk Life, Limb, And My Exquisite Beauty But Do They Appreciate It Do They Say, Gwenvael The Handsome, You Are The Best Among Us The Most Loved Of All Dragons No For Centuries My Family Has Refused To Acknowledge My Magnificence As Well As My Innate Humility Yet For Them, And Because I Am So Chivalrous, I Will Brave The Worst This Land Has To OfferSo Here I Stand, Waiting To Broker An Alliance With The One The Northlanders Call The Beast A Being So Fearful, The Greatest Warriors Will Only Whisper Its Name Yet I, Gwenvael, Will Courageously Face Down This Terrifying Woman It Turns Out The Beast, Aka Dagmar Reinholdt, Is A Woman One With Steel Gray Eyes And A Shocking Disregard For My Good Looks Beneath Her Plain Robes And Prim Spectacles Lies A Sensual Creature Waiting To Be Unleashed Who Better Than A Dragon To Thaw Out That Icy Demeanor And Who Better Than A Beast To Finally Tame A Mighty Dragon S Heart I liked this book Read almost every word too, and very few books can make me do that It has to be interesting beautiful compelling humorous writing that makes me do that This book falls into the humorous category.What I liked An endearing man whore Not many of those to be found outside of historical romance rakes But Gwenvyle is adorable I particularly like how he sucked his tail like a baby sucks his thumb in one scene A heroine I can get behind Cold, calculating, manipulative, but loyal and brave and good Totally a match for our H Hilarious family interactions, both on the h H sides The nod to Scandanavian mythologies and terminologies, with the Mountain of Woe, and things of this nature, love the names Gwenvyle the Defiler Ruiner The Weeper hahahahahahaha I love dragons might be my favorite shifters, so this dragon shifting series has hit the spot What the 1 star off is for A bit too long And part of it was because of all the great world building and mythologies and wars and intrigue which is fine, but still related to above, the central H h dynamic tapered off about 50 60% in No relationship development between the 2 and they weren t even together most of the time She was off saving the world and he became a background character ready to give her hot lovin when she came home I thought G deserved air time I think he s a lot smarter than people give him credit for, which is why he s a great match for Dagmar But he didn t get to really showcase his own intellectual and manipulative prowess This is where he got lost amongst all the side characters the author throws at me left and right And I wish he got to shine a lot.Overall, MAY read another in the series Open to recs for the best of the series to hit next Know your audience.By the time the readers hit a book number 3 in a series, they have certain expectations In this case, we want outrageous and funny dialogue, crazy bloodthirsty characters, and plenty of dragon sex Unfortunately, this book decided it was time to go deeper , or maybe it just wanted to expand the world and story How dare you try to make shifter smut serious Instead of getting my favorite dragon Gwenvael s story we get everyone else s continuation of their stories with a dash of Gwenvael thrown in What a rip off Screw you, life And, considering that Gwenvael s mate is nicknamed The Beast we really should have had a full book on them But, nooooo we had a full book on Talaith the Bitch, but the Beast gets the short end of the stick AND, we had too many scenes with Talaith the Bitch being a bitch in this book too What the hell Is she such a bitch that she bitch slapped the author into writing her a storyline in someone else s book and her little loud mouthed daughter too.Needless to say, I need to step away from Dragon Smut Land for a bit I ll get back to it once I feel less ragey Maybe. I ve caught up on all the books, and this one was my reigning favorite I wasn t sure about our handsome Gold at first, and I was making faces at the fact that Dagmar was described as plain Because that just seemed to easy to predict butHOLY CRAP.I laughed so hard throughout the entire novel I loved their relationship, chemistry, and dialogue They made sense to me I loved both characters and appreciated that while the plot was moved along, our two little liars relationship wasn t forgotten Anyway, this one was my favorite of the Dragon Kin series besides Ailean s book and later on, Vigholf s book. 5 stars for Gwenvael my personal whore All I can say is that this book is probably the best in the series At the moment I have yet to read Keita the Viper and Eibhear the Blue s my sweet baby story Here are some of the scenes that made me LOL, literally If this doesn t make you want to read this, I don t know what will Enjoy What are we doing with him Briec asked eagerly Are we throwing him out a window Let s throw him out a window Or off the roof We re going to take him to Annwyl Won t our mother notice if he no longer has his head She ll notice, Fearghus answered, ignoring Gwenvael s struggles The question becomes will she care Briec to Fearghus.Dagmar tried to stand, and Gwenvael caught her hand, pulling her back down You can t leave me I m tortured and brooding You need to show me how much you adore me so I can love myself again You never stopped loving yourself Because I m amazing Gwenvael to Dagmar P S I love how Gwenvael wakes up screaming I didn t touch her when he s startled Same goes for Dagmar, who says, It s not a lie G.A Aiken s Dragon Kin series continues to capture my heart and keep me up night after night WHAT A DRAGON SHOULD KNOW is Gwenvael and Dagmar s book Dagmar is the only daughter of The Reinholdt and she is a mastermind politician who simply kicks ass While she isn t like my favourite warrior, Annwyl the Blood Queen, Dagmar still fits in with these fierce warriors in her own way With her spectacles and her modesty, Gwenvael can t believe that he is meeting The Beast of the Northlanders However, with her iron will and sharp tongue, Dagmar really holds her own amongst the warriors.I was really looking forward to Gwenvael s book He was a character I loved from the very beginning I loved his upbeat attitude, his jokes, his sluttiness and his loyalty Dagmar and Gwenvael were an unlikely match, but they really ended up being a great couple Though the romance in this novel isn t always the main focus, their love was still strong and believable.What I love about this series is that we see previous couples come back and we see their relationships continue to develop So that means we see a lot of Annwyl and Fearghus as well as Breic and Talaith Futher, Aiken also sets up future books with Keita and Izzy and E I m really looking forward to Izzy s book I guess my Dragon Kin obsession will continue because I ll be diving straight into the next book right after this I just can t get enough of these witty, sexy dragons Audio July 2018 I laughed a lot Gwenvael Dagmar are just great together See review below As for the audio well it s superb The narrator brings out the characters personalities This is one of my favorite books in the series The Gods come out to play and the babies arrive Lots of fun 5 What a Dragon Stars What a Dragon Should Know is book three in the Dragon Kin series by G.A Aiken I absolutely love thee s dragon This series has captured my heart and keeps me coming back What a Dragon Should Know is a re read for me I love diving back into this world Dagmar is the only daughter of The Reinholdt She is a masterminded politician that kicks ass and can hold her own amongst the warriors, with a sharp tongue and iron will Gwenvael the Handsome is the most fun loving of all the dragons next to Eibhear No one takes him seriously and that he uses to his advantage I loved his attitude and sluttiness along with his loyalty to family The author always finds a way to make the leads complement eachother, especially when they are an unlikely match What I love most is that you feel the connections between the characters whether they are family, friends, or mates The love that flows with the romance is strong and believable The humor and banter is always great fun to read about and we get to see previous couples come back along with seeing how their relationships continue to develop I will always come back to this series I can t get enough of the fun loving, witty, sexy dragons I highly recommend pick up the Dragon Kin. More serious a book than its predecessor, but still humorous The overall plot that continues through the series is enlarged in this book Dagmar is a fantastic heroine I love her cold, evil, plotting genius And Gwenvael is the perfect foil to her plain, behind the scenes personality He s extremely vain, arrogant, beautiful, flashy, narcissistic humorous, but not in a hateful way I enjoyed the dialogue between the two. My main issue with this one is that it felt like Gwenvael only had a supporting part There were so many other characters and side stories going on, I felt the romance between him and Dagmar was a secondary plot Me no likey.So I m deducting a star The steamy parts were excellent, but not enough I am not interested in the other plots either, so I ended up skimming after awhile Sigh Dagmar was a fabulous female character I m not an Annwyl fangirl either, so her part in this was just so so for me shrugs I am curious about Eibhear so might read his story He s my next favorite after Gwenvael, but I don t really care for the female he s getting set up to be with Eh.But Gwenvael is definitely on my book boyfriend list I lurv him.I did enjoy all the humor in this one Much better than the previous book Original post Come to mama, Gwenvael. This series is pure unadulterated brain candy, it doesn t take itself too seriously and G.A Aiken consistently gives us slightly silly but very, very funny stories about overbearing alpha dragons and the warrior women who tame them I ve always loved reading about dragons and that is probably one of the reasons this series appeals to me so much but I also love the family dynamics and the crazy characters this series has introduced us to.I ve been waiting to read Gwenvael s story since the moment we first met him, he s the most light hearted of the brothers and the one who is always ready to lighten the mood with a joke or a silly comment As a result of that nobody ever takes him seriously though so when Annwyl gives him a task to gather information from the Beast of the north he is determined to prove how capable he really is The last thing he expects when he arrives at the home of the Northlanders is to discover that the Beast is in fact a woman but Gwenvael is known for his good looks and luck with the ladies as much as for his sense of humour so he isn t worried about his chances of success Unfortunately for him Dagmar is the one woman who doesn t immediately fall for his charms and she isn t going to be easy to convince.I knew I was going to love Gwenvael so I wasn t surprised to find that he is my favourite of the dragons we ve met so far He s just such a sweet guy and I love that he s less overbearing than his brothers Dagmar may not be a fighter like Annwyl but she is than capable of standing up for herself, she comes from a huge family but learnt from an early age how to talk her father and brothers into doing pretty much whatever she wants so she has been running her household for years without them even noticing She has information that she knows Annwyl will find useful but she wants to deal directly with the Queen not her messenger boy I enjoyed the banter between these two and the way Dagmar managed to keep Gwenvael on his toes, he s definitely not going to have an easy quiet life with her by his side It was also great to catch up with the previous couples and we re introduced to a whole new set of dragons who I think are going to be an interesting addition to the series These books are a lot of fun to read and I m glad I still have quite a few books to read before I m caught up with the series.