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Once Upon A Time, There Was A Foolish Fairy King Who Let Pride And Spite Guide His Thinking As Punishment For His Impudence And Betrayal, His Clan Condemned Him To Human Form And Charged Him With The Task Of Earning The Trust Of A Single Mortal Given Less Than A Year To Achieve His Goal, Poor Frisque Finds Himself Banished To The Present Day World To Seek His DeliveranceFrom The Age Of Early Myth To Our Modern Era, Fairies Have Inhabited A Magical Niche In The Human Imagination Through The Fairy S Tale , The Journey And Musings Of Little Frisque Provide A Keen Insight Into The True Purpose Of These Magical Imps

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    A fish out of water finds love and a stream home with the fisherman s daughterIf you loved fairy tales as a child, and miss the loss of that sense of wonder of experiencing the discovery of the hidden mysteries inchoate in the everyday world, this is the book for you Transformed into a human being suddenly and inexplicably, our impish hero struggles to find a way to transform himself back to his former glory days Believably because it is so contemporary, this story nevertheless builds on the finest traditions of classic fairy tales Things are not always what they seem, and the achievement of what you really want may require you to open up your heart to possibilities you never considered before, to walk down a different path in the dark, with little to guide you but your resolve not to be defeated by circumstances, but to emerge victorious through courage and resolve The dilemma faced by our hero often leads to some hilariously funny situations, although it may not always seem so to him In the end, his path home requires that he set aside selfish concerns and open up his heart and mind to true romance and passion The ending is fully satisfying, and anyone who has ever longed for and striven for a difficult goal will identify with what the hero has to do to get there I don t want to give away too much of the actual story This is one you really have to read And one that I know that I ll be re reading when I need to escape to that magical world of wonder.

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    A changeling s taleThe hero of this hilariously funny contemporary twist on the traditions of traditional folk tales is very human, but not by choice He actually is an imp who has been exiled to become a mere mortal, an ephemeral human being eager to find his way back to his former existence It is like the reverse of the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy is male, and he s now in Kansas ever , unless he can find the road back home somehow It turns out not to be a yellow brick road, but rather one which blends romance and fantasy, and the sound track, should the movie ever be made, could feature the Beatles singing All you need is love Because our prodigal hero s road back does not involve donning and clicking ruby slippers, but rather experiencing a forbidden love with the daughter of a mortal man, a man with the knowledge and power to send him home And, asd we all know, there s no place like home But the flip side of that is that there s also nothing like the journey to a new and different place, both literally and metaphorically, to make you appreciate just how great home is, and how much the longings of your heart can be fulfilled there.

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    What a whimsy Although the narrator, a Fairy named Frisque, may seem at first a snob, I was completely won over with his assertion that Left to his own devices, mere mortal man would pave the world Indeed, I have often lamented the wearing of shoes myself, and any doubts as to the character of Frisque were erased upon reading the words, May Trolls take the fool who invented shoes and drop him into their deepest, dankest pit Sure, Frisque may seem snobbish at times, but imagine if you were a Fairy charged with keeping humans on their toes, having to remind them of the Magick all around them that they simply don t see.No matter where you are when you pick up this book, I can tell you you ll not want to put it down until it s done A wonderful story about pride, life and Magick read it well and don t forget to leave a bowl of milk outside your door at night.

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    Okay, I have to say I was hooked from the first page It was a very clever choice by P.K Siverson to thread humorous commentary focusing on the fairytale form itself through the story, particularly at the opening, as it immediately modernizes the genre of fairytale This charming approach immediately endeared me to the author so that every page becomes tastier and compelling And then to discover that the Fairy is narrating super cool I really felt for our adorable hero when he was relegated to being a mere human And I was with him all the way as he clawed his way back from his trying, uncomfortable human form to remebracing his full fabulous fairyness It is a very inspiring tale about never giving up and staying open to love because that is the only way for magic to happen, and it does.

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    From the beginning of the book you start on an interesting and amazing journey following the Fairy King Frisque After being found to have been a poor king by his people because he ruled by pride and spite he is banished to live as a human To gain the ability to return to his people he must gain the trust of one person and only has a year to do this Once your able to understand how it is written in the fairy tale style which makes the story that much fun this book was great A story of humor and witty lines that make you care about the characters You travel from mythical times to the present day and will even find yourself rooting for Frisque A amazing read for anyone who enjoys feeling like a kid again.

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    I loved this book The storytelling alone was so fun and witty and entertaining, it almost didn t matter what the story wasas for the story, well you ll just have to read it I m not going to give anything away I loved the main character, Frisque ok I ll share a little bit , and writing a fairytale from the fairy s point of view was a brilliant idea and I honestly had no idea what was going to happen next It is not your typical fairy princess story which is what I thought when I saw the title No, it is way better I so want to tell you everything about it, but I m afraid I ll give too much away, so I ll control myself and simply say it is an absolute must read especially if you grew up on fairy tales as a kid.

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    Fairy tales are the new parables Call me overly aware, but I feel this book mimics the Occupy movements of today Although Frisque s task is much different than what we re going through, the message is the same The people can only take so much Exile is serious, but sometimes that s the only way to learn However, the book also has a grand message of redemption I ll admit it, I didn t want Frisque to even try to change However, after reading the story, I have to admit that Frisque made a true effort and he should be forgiven This book soldifies my belief in change Also, I still believe in fairies.

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    If you love a good fairy tale this is the book for you The Fairy s Tale has it all humor, morality, and imagination It takes a modern day approach to fairy tales Fairy Frisque is clever and humorous character But one of his clever jokes gets him into hot water with the other fairies As punishment, he becomes a mortal and in that are lessons for us all One of the many lessons that I got from it is to discover what really matters Perhaps we should all pay attention to the magic that exist all around us.

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    With unique take on the classic forbidden love story Silverson delivers a lighthearted treat The Fairy s Tale draws the reader into a world where fairy tales are blended with modern sensibility The modern twist however does not underscore the fantasy elements central to the plot and in fact enhance them adding an unpredictability to the plot The story is not a tense adventure tale, but rather a comedic melding of the real and the fantastic I particularly enjoyed watching Ed try to navigate a world that is clearly not his own.

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    Excellent ReadThis was such a good story I loved fairy tales as a child and I still love happy ending type of stories today I was pleasantly surprised that this was not your typical simple fairy story It was so well written, with such a good balance between humor and suspense I was so interested in Frisque s journey and here his decisions were going to take him Silverson did such a good job creating this novel I will definitely be looking forward to future work.