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MRS BEAST Is An Enchantingly Dark Story About What Became Of The Great Fairy Tale Beauties After They Said I Do The Story Begins With Beauty, Who Shortly After Marrying The Prince Realized She Preferred Her Loving Beast To The Vain And Eccentric Prince Leaving The Comforts Of The Castle Behind, She Embarks On A Quest To Find Elora, The Enchantress Who Changed The Beast Into A Prince, And Convince Her To Change Him Back Into The Beast Her Quest Takes Her Through Grimm Land, A Place Where Angst Clings And Spreads Like Lichen, And Where She Meets Snow White, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty And Cinderella And Learns What Became Of Them After They Married Their Princes Snow White Lives In A Commune Deep In The Woods With The Seven Dwarfs, Their Seven Wives And Many Children Rapunzel Lives In The Low End Of Storyendburg And Makes Her Living On The Streets Sleeping Beauty Is An Opium Addict Living In The Kingdom Of Dreams, And Cinderella Hides Behind A Veil Refusing To Accept The Toll Aging Has Taken MRS BEAST Turns Fairy Tale Beauty Inside Out And Invites The Reader To Do The Same In This Delicious Twist On These Fairy Tale Classics

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    Mrs Beast was an ambivalent novel for me On the one hand, there were these incredibly good ideas the author had the forest of mutilated animals, the lake of longing and I was so excited to read about them My heart raced for the potential this book held, but drooped at the same time for what it did with it.Mrs Beast, as you can probably tell from the title, is about Beauty, now married to Prince Runyon formerly the Beast , flees from her terrible husband After being changed back from Beast to Prince, their relationship has changed a lot The once loving and caring Beast, her sensible companion, was completely wiped away by the arrogant and pathetic Prince who replaced him.A few months into her terrible marriage full of neglect and humiliation, Beauty decides to take off and find Elora, the fairy who once cursed the Prince, and ask her to do the curse again.On her way to the Glass Mountain where Elora is supposed to live , Beauty encounters the strangest people on her way through Grimm Land.Even though the idea behind the story was really great and lots of tiny details delighted me, a lot of things didn t work in this book.I ll start with the writing style and the form of narration For the most part, the story was told through a third person narrator focusing on Beauty, and it would have been great if the author had stuck with just that Unfortunately, Beauty s side of the story is interrupted again and again by the rambling Elora, who tells the stories of the different Fairy Tale Beauties Elora encounters and comments on the morale of the story, which is just plain annoying as it goes on.Elora usually talks about the role of the Grimm psychologist who misjudged the Princesses and their needs and thus destroyed their lives.Another thing that bothered me greatly was the fact that most of the fairy tales Ms Ditchoff referred to were twisted beyond recognition Rapunzel for example had five children from different men and had lived in a nomad camp for a while What the hell What sense does it make to put Rapunzel into a desert and make her become an irresponsible super slut Because that s what she became I don t really care if fairy tale princesses sleep with whomever they like If it makes sense in the context of the retelling, that s okay But Rapunzel leaving her children some of them mere toddlers alone at home to just go do the nasty with some Italian guy and I still don t understand why he was Italian There was Grimm Land, Charming Land and French Fairy Tale Land, but no Italy in the world the author constructed, so how come he was Italian and Beauty commenting dreamily on that how Rapunzel wasn t dependant of anyone, maybe the author should also have noticed that maybe Rapunzels small children were dependant of her.When it comes to fairy tale retellings, there are different scenarios either you have one fairy tale and you tell it without changing it much and just add a few twists to it Or you retell the fairy tale so that it becomes completely different Or you just take all the fairy tales you can imaging, mix them together and try to make the mix work Only those mixes don t usually work In any case, I have never read a book were it worked.Pamela Ditchoff just took many beloved characters from fairytales, put them together in a pot with some criticism, feminism, anti Prince ism and, worst of all, a commentary on how stupid and old fashioned and naive and gullible the princesses were.The thing is, it s all true Fairy Tale beauties aren t intelligent The Prince sees them, they fall in love, they marry, they live happily ever after But have you ever known a smart Fairy Tale Prince They aren t smart either, as far as I know And they didn t do anything wrong But Pamela Ditchoff comes and picks on them and tells us a story about how nasty, sadist, egoistical, mean and retarded they all are This would have been a great twist if Beauty s husband had been the only nasty Prince in the tale It would even have added to the depth of the Fairy Tale Beast changing back to figurative beast and all But making all the Princes with the sole exception of Cinderella s husband into mean creatures, rapists and idiots is really overdoing the whole thing.What killed the story for me was the fact that Ditchoff didn t just leave the reader and let them interpret the bad behavior and the passivity of the princesses for themselves but she comments on it through Elora, who doesn t cease to criticize the Fairy Tales and their meaning.I was really disappointed in this book I ll give it 2 stars for the great ideas but the way they were presented was just revolting.

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    I m a fairy tale nut, so this book was pretty much required reading The story concerns poor, beleaguered Beauty of Beauty and the Beast fame who finds that her happily ever after is sorely lacking She henceforth departs on a quest in search of the sorceress responsible for the prince s beastly transformation, in hopes that she will change him back Along the way, she encounters a bevy of fairytale beauties such as Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, who regale her with their own tales of woe Meanwhile, unbeknownst to our heroine, the near omnipotent enchantress she seeks has been watching her from afar the entire time Will she acquiesce to Beauty s wishes once she is found Needless to say, I enjoyed this book immensely Elora the enchantress smart ass self was the best part for me, and I loved the disambiguation of the fairy tale princess lives, courtesy of the Grimm psychologist If you enjoyed Snow White, Blood Red and all its subsequent follow ups, you will enjoy Mrs Beast I know I will definitely check out the author s other works

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    2.5 stars I understand what Pamela Ditchoff was aiming for, but too frequent anachronisms and lessons that became lectures made this a bumpy ride.

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    Not my cup of tea.

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    The Idea Was Interesting The writing was a bit lazy and simplistic I like the concept, but it could have been so much better It seems like a lot of authors recently have become obsessed with putting a twist on a classic tale to the point of losing good storytelling And of course, there s all the unnecessary extra pain and suffering the characters have to endure And why do they always forget her name is Belle The ending was clever compared to the rest of the story, but I honestly can t recommend this to anyone.

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    NOT your fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast Along your journey reading you ll meet several Fairy Tale creatures from your childhood book, but they re NOT the same You must read the book to find out about Snow White and her handsome prince, and Beauty and her former beast Prince Runyon It s is a lot of fun and sadness too.

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    The description hooked me but I didn t make it past page 30 I just couldn t get into the writing style.

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    Actual Rating 4.5 StarsBy the fifth page I was in absolute love with Mrs Beast It is the perfect satire of fairytales, with tons of amusing pop culture thrown in with Elora and her trusty hound I loved the twists to Grimm tales included, Beauty s quest and run ins with other fairy tale beauties kept me captivated and on the edge of my seat The conclusion to Beauty s quest is a twist, but in my opinion a very satisfying one and it really followed the other themes uncovered in this story People who like retellings to do the originals justice may be wary of this one, as it paints Beauty s Prince disgusting than we could possibly ever picture him from the Disney version It is a satire through and through but one that reveals well examined truths and delivers great entertainment This would have been five stars easy if it weren t for the editing that is severely needed throughout As a kindle exclusive the formatting is a little iffy in some places as well Not so bad that it s unreadable hardly But a once over would definitely benefit it.

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    Within the alabaster walls of Palace Fleur de Coeur, alone with her husband inside the Great Hall, Princess Beauty faces away from Prince Runyon, the back of her tulle and silk gown hiked up at the waist Beauty finally has her Prince but yearns for the Beast he once was.I should have stopped reading after that first sentence Beauty s life with Prince Runyon is nothing like she expected it to be The Prince comes across as a very bad imitation of a Monty Python royal Beauty seeks a way to return the foppish Prince back to her beloved Beast and encounters other fairy tale characters Rather sad

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    Honestly, this was one of the strangest and weirdest things I have ever read.Belle or how she is called in this book Beauty is described as naive, stupid and annoying, so the author betrays everything I loved from reading the story and yes, I admit it, watching the Disney movie I could not believe that this novel was about sex All The Time It is a fairytale, how could somebody think of that here I had high hopes when I started reading and all I got was a disgusting description and perverts Good job there Caution sarcasm If you like the fairytale, don t read this Don t do this to yourself Belle deserves better