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WAAAAAAAHHHH, I m so sad that the series is over, but I really felt like Marie Harte saved the best for last I loved this story about Hale, Robbie, and Paige They were so hot together, and I m so glad that we finally solved the mystery surrounding the enigmatic Robbie McKinley The plot came to a wonderful climax, but I felt like I was left with as many questions as I had answers I was hoping that there could be a continuation of this series, maybe with the Navy SEAL guys or something I just don t want it to end I really felt like the author created something special with this series. I adored this book Maybe not quite as much as Zack and Ace s story but there was still plenty of adoration I liked how the storyline was tied up and the introduction of the SEAL team heroes of the Dawn Endeavor series I thought McKinley was a growly, sexy, scary character and somehow his relationship with Hale and Paige worked perfectly for me As the overall arc winds down, the Recruits are desperately trying to find out who s running Pearson Labs while Hale is hunting down Paige, the daughter of the mad scientist who helped create the Circs, to keep her safe As if finding his mate isn t enough, Hale also realizes that he s drawn to McKinley, the Circ who helped them from within Pearson Labs I really enjoyed the entire series and was happy with the way things progressed from book to book and the way the final resolution played out Now I m anxious to get started on the Dawn Endeavor series. Read in order to get the most from this series.I have just reread this series CIRCE S RECRUITS and the follow on series DAWN ENDEAVOUR for the third time Always enjoyable to read.If you want something that is a bit different, not quite shifter and not quite alien, along the lines of government science genetically altering people gone wrong, playing god, then this might just be for you.Circes Recruits Soldiers turned into something They fight against the ones who could not take being turned or just ended up bad and are called rogue circs Hale has talent and powers which are growing than the other Circs but has kept it quiet His physic powers really come in when he meets Paige Hale has sort of been in a m nage relationship with Roane and Caitlyn but keeps having dreams of Paige and Robbie.Paige has been friends and in lust with McKinley Robbie who is seen in the other books working for the PPA for years, he has been helping her to hide and stay safe Paige is the daughter of the head doctor scientist working for the PPA Everyone thought she died as a baby but she was used as a test subject by her own father.Robbie is a natural born Circ and has loved Paige for years but believes he is too rough and dangerous to be with her He is also one of the good guys He is trying to put a stop to the PPA because it was his blood that was used to make the first Circs When they all get together it is a bumpy but exciting ride This book also explains a lot about the Circs and other background information.The four books in the series all weave together to form one really good ongoing story with relationships coming together, both past and present and sub stories about other important people who have pivotal roles in the series Best to read in order to get the whole benefit of the sub stories.If you have enjoyed this series read DAWN ENDAVOUR which follows on from here. 5 stars for the fourth book in the Circe s Recruits book Hale Hale is the second in command of the squad and the only one not mated Therefore when the team is searching for Doc s niece Paige you almost instantly know who Hale will mate The only issue is that Hale is a bit of a prophet with some of his visions and Paige is not his only partner mate.Hale is up in arms since he is most certainly attracted to Paige but he is also intensely attracted to the person in his visions and can t quite pinpoint what his future holds Paige is also attracted to Hale but she can t help but feel love for McKinley too since she has known and loved him since she was a kid.Robbie McKinley is a full blooded Circ and was believed to be working with the PPA That has not been the case at all since Robbie is actually the Circ that helped them while inside Pearson labs He feels almost responsible for all the PPA has done since his blood was used to create the weapons program they created with it Where Robbie also holds an intense affection for Paige he feels he will hurt her because he is too rough but that rule doesn t apply to Hale.These three together burn up the sheets and create an intense bond All questions are pretty much answered and Pearson Labs is destroyed but there is always room for in this intense and highly erotic series This is a great ending to the Circe s recruits Ms Harte adds a nice touch with a little bit of BDSM and some nice rough kinky sex The menage between Hale, Robbie McKinley and Paige is delicious I devoured every little word in each sex scene I felt each sex scene only added to the storyline I m glad the bad guys were taken down This was my favourite story within the four I think it s because I liked Hale and Robbie was a definitely turn on with his Alpha personality To my surprise, the story doesn t end here There is an offshoot series with the 4 navy men who were turned into Circ I immediately went on line and purchased those I ll be swimming with seamen soon Hale Rogers has been having dreams of a man and a beautiful woman He suspects the identity of the man, but is not sure what that would mean for him or for his team The woman is Paige Masters, Doc s niece and daughter of the brilliant Pearl Hale must discover if Paige s loyalties lie with her father and his research, even though Pearl is dead.I can t say too much about the other MC without giving things away, but I will say that I easily could determine who Hale s male counterpart was from the previous books I enjoyed this book and the dynamic between all three characters This was my favorite book in the series so far. Great characters This one is about Hale, Paige, and McKinley Good twists, and surprises, but felt like the series closed but didn t get closure with the characters Almost felt rushed Would have liked a epilogue giving some sort of update closure to the story that has been going on and carried over from book to book I ll give Fallon s flame a try to see if that spin off series gives some closure to this series, and is any good. 2.5 starsThis was my least favorite in this series I don t think it finished well Things became too predictable, making nothing that was revealed a surprise I thought the resolution was pat and the relationships sappy The author had a habit of telling how the characters felt, but I didn t really see or believe it It was a disappointing read, considering how invested I was in the storyline. In The Three Years Since Project Dawn Disbanded, Hale Continues To Fight The Good Fight Now Civilians, His Squad Circe S Recruits Works For A Private Organization Bent On Cleaning Up The Mess Left In The Wake Of Project Dawn S Rebirth Pearson Labs Continues To Create Circs, People Who Have Been Genetically Changed When Needed, These Circs Take On An Altered Form One Neither Man Nor Animal, But Something In Between But Unlike The Squad, The Circs Coming Out Of Pearson Labs Aren T SaneHale S Dreams Are Than Nightmares The Prophetic Doom Of A Beautiful Woman He Doesn T Know And A Man He Wishes He D Never Met Two People Meant For Him That Are Too Involved With His Enemy For Hale S Peace Of Mind But The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants, And Hale S Beast Won T Accept Less Than The Woman And Man Destined To Become His Mates Then Word Arrives That Pearson Labs Is Finally Coming Down, And Hale Has To Race To Save His Mates From The Fallout Can They Survive, Or Will Their Love Crumble Under The Enemy S Chaos And Deception Too Close To Home NOTE This Book Is A Re Release It S Been Given A New Cover And Minor Edits, But Is The Same Otherwise As The First EditionWarning This Book Contains Sexual Content Readers May Find Fascinating Group Play, M M, M F, M M F And Expect Government Conspiracies, Rough Marines, Genetic Experiments, And Shifters Unlike The Kind You Think You Know This Book Is Not For The Faint Of Heart Enjoy I liked this series This book was a great conclusion to the series I loved Robbie, Hale and Paige s relationship I loved the reunion between Robbie and Caitlyn Robbie went through a lot to bring down Pearson Labs and I loved that he was dedicated and put his heart into it I really liked how all the members of Circe s Recruits got their happy endings I m looking forward to reading the spin off, Dawn Endeavors.