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Talia Fell Under A SpellJack Broke The Curse I Was Told To Beware The Accursed Spindle, But It Was So Enchanting, So HypnoticI Was Looking For A Little Adventure The Day I Ditched My Tour Group But Finding A Comatose Town, With A Hot Looking Chick Asleep In It, Was So Not What I Had In Mind I Awakened In The Same Place But In Another Time To A Stranger S Soft KissI Couldn T Help Kissing Her Sometimes You Just Have To Kiss Someone I Didn T Know This Would Happen Now I Am In Dire Trouble Because My Father, The King, Says I Have Brought Ruin Upon Our Country I Have No Choice But To Run Away With This Commoner Now I M Stuck With A Bratty Princess And A Trunk Full Of Her JewelsThe Good News My Parents Will Freak Think You Have Dating Issues Try Locking Lips With A Snoozing Stunner Who Turns Out To BeYears Old Can A Kiss Transcend All Even Time

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    To see full review click here.Sleeping Beauty.No, I m not talking about the Disney movie Though I have to say that movie is kick ass if for anything the artwork Yeah, Aurora is a bit of a Mary Sue okay, a lot , but the villain and the faeries make up for it Not to mention, Prince Phillip is the first Disney prince that is sort of not a man cessory But we re not talking about the Disney movie.Unfortunately.Instead, we re talking about Alex Flinn s Sleeping Beauty retelling, A Kiss in Time.I have to say the set up of this novel is fairly interesting I mean, imagine waking up hundreds of years later because you made a stupid decision The ramifications could be very interesting Especially considering the fact that the country was basically be run in feudalism adjusting to 21st century life should be harder than turning it into Williamsburg European Edition.Yeahme and this book we didn t work And it s not a bad book It s average I was just hoping for something .yeah, I know I m am a Disney princess when it comes to that.Okay, the book The plot pretty much is non existant Oh, except for the last fifty pages and the reason for the Maleficient character.lame.Yeah, I get she was trying to give the villain backstory But I think it backfired on her I could understand why the king would get upset with her Was it logical, no But I understood the circumstances perfectly.And for the villain to go mwhwhahahaha I m not done with you yet And then they forgive you after all that crap Stupid just stupid.Almost as dumb as the main characters.Let s start with our heroine, Talia She s a spoiled brat She lives in the 17 18th century and has dresses shipped from across the world for her stupid birthday Oh, and then when she wakes up it s still about the dress Oh, and how Jack must be her love because he kissed her.And Jack, dear lord You remember that horrible movie A Kid and King Arthur s Court of course you don t.well, let me refresh your mind.It sucked Big time.Mainly because of the tool protagonist which is exactly what Jack was A tool Seriously, this guy breaks into a castle and kisses an unconscious girl because she s hot He doesn t even think of calling 911 or whatever Belgium s version of 911 is because he has to play tonsil hockey with Talia who s unconscious.get your mind out the gutter.And then he randomly let s her get on a plane with him to Miami and deems it necessary to book her with a model agency not even asking her if she wants to be a model before he finds out she s too fat andYeah, Tala is too fat Apparently so, despite being deemed perfect looking But don t you guys worry, the faerie that put that beauty charm of her adjusts to the time period s beauty standards so she s dropping those pounds like she s on Plexus.Want to hit something I do.Okay, so insufferable characters, beauty spells that make you lose weight even though you don t need to, non existant plots What else can we add to this suckage fest.Historical inaccuracy Seriously, Flinn s idea of what the 17th century was like consisted of what a Disney movie would depict it as Perhaps that s why Flinn kept mentioning Virginia hello, Pocahontas and minus the cannibalism Best Feature Easy Peasy writing Flinn is a decent writer It doesn t take much effort to read fifty or so pages That doesn t mean the book was great Just I didn t have to roll my eyes for bad similes and excessive violet prose.Worst Feature Historically Inaccurate Really, really, Ms Flinn I m supposed to buy that Euphrasia God knows, Genovia was even a better name for a made up country than that is an accurate portrayal of how a European 17th 18th century country would be ran For one thing, Talia speaks surprisingly modern for a girl from this period And then the politics that were going on in that country weren t even discussed Or the general lifestyle Like Talia was perfectly clean, had tons and tons of dresses Guess Flinn decided to gloss over the fact that there was no deodorant lots of social unrest in Europe during this period And then once the country became visible again.yeah, CNN so would be reporting about this.Appropriateness There s some heavy teen drinking, annoying body image issues with this book, and I think there may have been some cursing But pretty PG 13 Some might even say the tone of this book was middle grade than YA But the teen drinking definitely puts it in the YA category.

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    1 5 Stars If you want to waste your time and money I would definitely recommend this book.This book was just boring and the characters were extremely unlikable The only thing I liked about the book was that it was a retelling of Sleeping Beauty with a twist It s a shame that the author did a poor job at it.I have been wanting to read Beastly for such a long time and now finding out that it s from the same author of this awful book has completely changed my thoughts on even bothering with it.

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    Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka Readingjunky for TeensReadToo.comWhen Jack escaped for the summer on a trip around Europe, he never dreamed he would be pulled into a real life fairy tale His main goal in agreeing to the numbingly dull tour of European museums was to avoid an even boring summer working in his father s company Both his father and mother think he is a lazy slacker without any real interests What they don t know is that Jack has an interest, but he knows that as the son of a successful business family, they will not approve of his future plans After weeks of museum tours, Jack and his friend, Travis, decide to skip out on the tour group and head for the beach They take a wrong turn and end up sneaking through a thick hedge hoping to find the illusive beach, but instead they end up in a strange place that seems lost in time As they explore, they stumble across some of the residents of the area, only to find them fast asleep When they arrive at the main gates to a huge castle, they begin to wonder exactly what is going on Inside the castle they find the same situation everyone is fast asleep Life seems to have suddenly halted for these people, leaving them in the middle of whatever activity or task that had kept them busy before their sudden slumber Jack and Travis find their way to an isolated area of the castle and are surprised to discover a beautiful young girl sleeping peacefully Travis is interested in returning to the throne room and snatching the crown jewels, and Jack gladly sends him off Jack is fascinated by the sleeping girl whose beauty is astonishing He can t help himself He bends and gently kisses her soft lips Suddenly, she s awake By now readers will recognize the similarities to Sleeping Beauty, but what they don t know yet is that they are in for some great adventures Imagine being awakened by a stranger s kiss and learning you ve slept for three hundred years The world doesn t even know your country exists, and you don t have a clue that things like cars, buses, airplanes, cell phones, and televisions are now the norm Princess Talia believes Jack must be her true love, but at seventeen, he s pretty sure she must be wrong Alex Flinn, author of YA books like BREATHING UNDERWATER and BEASTLY, has a new treat for her fans She puts a unique twist on fairy tale retelling by connecting the past and present as Jack and Talia struggle through problems created by their strange meeting and their own personal family struggles as young teens trying to find their own direction in life.

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    I read this book because I liked Beastly so much I finished that book in exactly one day However, it took me quite some time to finish A Kiss in Time Well, two days, maybe But that was because I wasn t reading it every second of the day Well, yeah.I really enjoyed this book mainly because it was based on Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Beauty is my favorite Disney Princess So yeah I was sooo excited to read this.And it turns out it was the right type of excitement The reason I posted THAT cover the one with the flower is because I liked this cover than the one with Talia Well, she doesn t really fit the description of Talia Talia was supposed to be the most beautiful girl Jack saw Maybe Taylor Swift as Talia, right Yes Definitely Taylor Swift is the most beautiful blond I know I feel my legs crumbling to pieces everytime Jack thinks Talia s cute and that he wants to kiss her Like really Those are some of the stuff I didn t get on Beastly.Talia s extreme innocence was funny LOL And I was glad it was Jack who awakened her This really is an epic novel and I would read it again.The part which made me annoyed was when Jack made out with Amber Ew And Talia saw it I felt extremely bad for Talia and so it was nice when I first found out she was with some other guy But then the guy was scary Anyhoo, it would ve been a whole lot better if there were lots of sorry and I didn t mean to hurt you stuff there hahahahha That would ve been epic I love stuff like those DThe book wasn t how I expected it to be I thought there was going to be a bloody fight scene since Philip fought the dragon in Sleeping Beauty However, the test that Malvolia made for Jack was funny yet nice And sweet Malvolia isn t very mean She s actually really nice Taylor Swift is really pretty and she is my Talia I wonder who could be Jack Hmmm.The thing is, I haven t had enough of Jack and Talia I need Much much Agh More, please Alex Flinn, please be kind enough and make another novel based on the characters from A Kiss in Time Pretty pretty please I just need and and Jack and Talia moments Really It wasn t enough.I almost died when Jack finally told Talia that he loves her But he kissed her before that It s just so amazing He never thought he d fall in love with her And he did Agh This is all for now Hahahaha I started working on this yesterday And Um Yeah I m currently reading Entwined by Heather Dixon I hear it s good so, here I come, Entwined D

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    Want to see bookish things from me Check out my Youtube channel Talia of Euphrasia has been told her entire 15 years of life to never go near a spindle as the evil witch Malvolia has cursed her and her kingdom If she were to touch a spindle before the day of her 16th birthday, she and her subjects will fall into a deep sleep until she is kissed by her one true love 300 years after she touches a spindle, 17 year old Jack is sent on a European Tour In search of a beach, he ends up in Euphrasia where he sees the beautiful Talia sleeping and decides to kiss her, waking her up from her 300 year slumber Now, convinced Jack is her true love, Talia travels back to America with him in the hopes to make him fall in love with her.Obviously, this is a retelling of the classic Sleeping Beauty story and I usually love fairytale retellings and find them so entertaining I was very excited to read this book because I read Beastly by this author and it was one of my favourite books at the time This one, however, fell short for me I did really enjoy the alternating perspectives between Talia and Jack, but both characters annoyed me as well Talia was a spoiled brat, which is understandable as she was raised as a bratty princess used to getting what she wanted I did enjoy how her character developed throughout the book and she began to care for others than herself Her innocence and naivety were my favourite parts of the book Jack bothered me right from the beginning like I understand the whole point of Sleeping Beauty is to kiss the princess awake, but bro you don t go kissing unconscious girls because they re really hot It just gave me the creeps the way that scene unfolded I did like the humour in this book and it was quite funny when Talia didn t know what anything was from the 21st century The book does a great job showing the cultural differences of the times Talia and Jack grew up in Its also a very easy to read book and the pages fly by without you noticing The biggest problem I had with this book was the love story It was choppy and annoying One second they hated each other and a day later they were madly in love I definitely think if I had read this when I was 14 15 I would have enjoyed it a lot than I had now.

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    I m pretty new to the whole fairy tale retelling, and actually Beastly by this same author is the first and only other one I ve read, which I enjoyed quite a bit So I was curious how Alex Flinn would re create Sleeping Beauty s story in A Kiss in Time Overall, I have to say it was somewhat entertaining and at times slightly far fetched So if you go into this story with the intention of being entertained, you ll enjoy this book However, if you re looking for a re telling, that s where some might be disappointed and slightly underwhelmed Many might call the protagonist Talia pretentious, precocious and quite immature, and Jack somewhat weak and lost, but if you give them both a chance, you ll be pleasantly surprised by their character growth at the end of the novel.The majority of this story takes place after the kiss Interesting enough though, Flinn decides to have the princess sleep for over 300 years, waking the entire kingdom into the modern world where love at first sight, jealousy and curses take on a whole new meaning So let me focus on those aspects I found interesting.Flinn takes a whole new approach on the curse If you remember, the King and Queen simply failed to invite Maleficent to the celebration of Aurora s birth and because of that Maleficent casted a curse over the baby Well in A Kiss in Time being snubbed by the King and Queen was not the sole reason for Malificent s or in this case Malvolia s curse There was to it A deep seeded revenge on the King, which you ll have to read to find out.Also, the curse specifically stated that on her sixteenth birthday, before the sun sets, she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die. Merryweather was unable to undo Maleficent s curse but rather only able to weaken it. The curse didn t say might prick her finger or could possibly prick her finger it was destiny fate for the princess to fall victim to the curse So hiding the princess away or burning all the spinning wheels in the kingdom wouldn t help, it was inevitable It was interesting how Flinn spun that aspect in her story.Lastly, when the fairy sought to lessen the curse, she said that the princess would awaken by love s true kiss In A Kiss in Time I got the impression that Flinn doesn t believe a merry dance by the meadow between two strangers constitutes true love so in her retelling, she makes these two character go through a lot to prove they truly love each other.All pretty interesting when you change the cast add a few gifts by the fairies really pay attention to the curse extend the sleep by 300 years and force the knight in shining armor to do than cut some weeds and slay a dragon to prove his love.Overall, I will have to say it requires a substantial amount of reality suspension, but don t all fairy tales Fun retelling, that is either a huge hit or miss for YA readers I enjoyed it enough though.

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    Talia is a spoiled brat, AKA princess, who disobeyed her parents warning three hundred years ago, touched a spindle, and sent her country into a three century comatose state Jack is slacker stuck on a European tour, sick of museums, and intent on finding the beach Instead he finds Talia, kisses her, and winds up with Her Royal Highness in tow on a fast getaway from the dungeon and a quick flight to Miami.Not exactly a match made in a fairy tale.But somehow Talia, with Jack, isn t so spoiled.And Jack, with Talia, isn t as detached and indifferent as his rep.And the mystery behind that is the real story.I loved the banter in A Kiss in Time and the characters observations of each other especially our modern day hero s forthright opinion of Talia, his astonished observations of her impact on his self absorbed parents, and Talia s less than stellar opinion of Jack s so called former girlfriend.

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    I adore this book It s hilarious, for one thing Further, it s the kind of book that hooks you in with the first page The two person narrative between Talia and Jack was brilliantly done, and made the character development for both characters much stronger Plus, it made the relationship between Talia and Jack much realisitc, and I could actually see their opinions of eachother bloom throughout the book Alex Flinn also does a good job of portraying teenage characters sometimes authors don t have any idea what teens are really like, but Alex Flinn is not one of them I really enjoyed this book, and I can t say there s anything I would have done differently.

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    This book was absolutely hilarious While at the start of the book I absolutely despised all the characters, they somehow managed to grow on me as the novel progressed Another thing I was not too fond of in this book was the real world and the magical being thrust together As in Cloaked that I read by Alex Flinn, the characters just seem to be too accepting of magic when they first learn about it This book made me realise how creepy the story of Sleeping Beauty is Like the part where the prince kisses the girl I mean he s basically kissing a girl in a coma which is pretty creepy The main reason I enjoyed this book was because of how funny it was I loved the banter between Talia and Jack One of my favourite scenes is where they first meet and Talia does not wish to carry the heavy box so she tells Jack All right I just thought that since you were so big and strong, you would be able to handle it all and Jack just responds with Well you thought wrong I also like to see Talia interacting with the world And seeing her reactions to all of the modern advancements I also loved all scenes with Jack s sister and Talia The scene where she asks Talia if there are any hoes on her country had me dying with laughter Overall the humour was the only interesting part of this book I faced the same problems that I found in the other books of hers that I read The plot just seems jumbled and there seem to be to many plot holes The book seems to jump around of plot point to plot point without any real structure

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    I just finished reading this, and I have to say it s so cute The couple of Jack and Talia, well, what s not to love Talia s a girl who doesn t consider herself to be spoiled, but in fact is, and is kind of a brat She transforms to a kind, warm hearted girl who adapts fairly well to this century, going from a girl who believes that men are the ones to do all of the work, to a believer of women s rights and hard work Jack transforms from a Miami party boy, although to be honest I never really felt the Miami party boy side of him, even when they were actually at a party in Miami, and he becomes softer, a person who starts following his dreams instead of the demands his parents make of him Malvolia, too, was a character I could not help but to love, but in the beginning I didn t like her very much, as she was the books antagonist I won t give away any trade secrets about her, but let me tell you, when I found out the truth about Malvolia, all I felt for her was pity and compassion I wanted her to have a happy ending, because if the ending is not happy, how can the journey feel worthwhile I think the only concern I had with the book was how to pronounce Talia s name Is it Tuh lia TAH lia It became annoying in a way to read her name over and over again with little idea as to its pronunciation I seriously recommend this book to anyone who can read it in one sitting It s not the kind of epic you can t put down, but it s a book that you can t help but to love.After reading Alex Flinn s Beastly, and now A Kiss in TIme, I believe that this author is truly a sight to behind I m anxiously awaiting Cloaked, and any other books that have to do with fairy tales that Flinn can put a spin on Of course, I am also awaiting her other books, too But her modern day fairy tales are so cute