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I feel like the best word to describe Cloaked would be cute.Cute can mean any number of things, with both negative and positive connotations depending on the context There s little baby with chubby cheeks cute There s guy with nice eyes and a pleasant smile cute There s seven year old girl who purposely talks in a high pitched baby voices cute, which is annoying There s don t be cute with me cute, when you try to be witty and your parents get all offended and irritated.Really, cute is a terribly vague word It s like nice Or good Or interesting It implies something decent, most of the time, but really doesn t tell you anything about the subject you re describing And after you write it or say it or think it enough, it starts to sound funny Cute.So, I ll elaborate Cloaked is chick flick cute Kind of eye roll inducing and sometimes the teensiest bit nauseating, but overall not that bad My feeling on it can basically be summed up to a shrug and an It was okay I was fooled by the title and the red flower on the cover into thinking that this was based off of Little Red Riding Hood It wasn t, at all It was sort of a fairy tale combo, with elements of the Frog Prince, the one about the shoemaker and just princesses Like, the number one element of fairy tales princesses You can t have a fairy tale without a princess.Cloaked had its princess She was sounded French, and reminded me of Harry Potter s Fleur Delacoure, except not as fun or as colorful Her name was Victoriana, which seemed to be trying a bit too hard to sound frilly Cloaked also had its knight in shining armor, Johnny, who happens to be our narrator I think Johnny was my biggest problem with this book To me, he sounded like a girl Maybe it was the constant shoe talk, or the random quotes about shoes from things that seemed gearedtowards females, like Roxanne or Into the Woods Or maybe it was just the way he sounded, just like a girl, not a guy I don t know Something about it just seemed like it was written by a girl, which it was Alex Flinn is a girl And a lot of times see Maximum Ride , when authors try to write from the perspective of someone of the opposite gender, they just fail Doesn t matter what they say or what they talk about, readers just know it s not quite right It adds to the level of falseness.Yes, there was definitely some falseness about Cloaked, or at least, some contrived ness It didn t feel really there, not the way the other ones were It felt fluffier, less set up, easier to solve Like the author just wanted to crank out another fairy tale retelling, but didn t put the same amount of effort she put into her previous novels The story was kind of flat, not as intriguing as Beastly or as fun as a Kiss in Time It was kind of a quest story, where they re trying to get the frog brother back, but there was never a sense of urgency It s like Dora the Explorer we re trying to get here, but first we have to go here, here and here But we ll make it to our destination, we know, so don t get worried or scared It was that same level of blas ness, which kept the story from being riveting or captivating.Also, as with most chick flicks, it s painfully predictable I knew the twists about who would end up with who and who s actually whose dad from the moment the characters were introduced After thinking it through, I m going to lower my rating from 3 to 2 Sorry, Alex I just think you could have done a lot better here. I vowed not to take the book too seriously and just to go with where it would take me given the constant reference to its nature. It is a FAIRY TALE RETELLING So just take it at face value and don t expect any mind blowing revelations Although any such revelations would not be unwelcome Am I glad I attacked it with this light perspective I most definitely enjoyed CLOAKED Once I had shucked off my expectations, Johnny s story became entertaining though of course, most definitely unbelievable Then again, author isn t asking us to believe Cloaked is she A couple of things entertained me when it came to the protagonist, Johnny At one point he is so surprised at being called smart because, apparently, he is so used to being called nice He even likens himself to a yellow lab and an economy car. All three are nice, reliable and sweet He definitely is all those things, but one thing as well he is clueless The girl who likes him has to practically put up a sign saying so and he still doesn t take the hint at this point I remind myself FAIRY TALE RETELLING in a sing song hum Then there s the funny note of what he wants to become when he grows up that made me chuckle. It s so different from what one would expect from a seventeen year old boy Plus Johnny really is nice all the little adventures he gets himself into are because he is doing something for someone. See Nice Speaking of adventures his were just down right cute You recognize the elements but have to chuckle at how they were incorporated into Cloaked Over all don t take it seriously, and you will definitely have a blast. I M Not Your Average Hero I Actually Wasn T Your Average Anything Just A Poor Guy Working An After School Job At A South Beach Shoe Repair Shop To Help His Mom Make Ends Meet But A Little Magic Changed It AllIt All Started With The Curse And The Frognapping And One Hot Looking Princess, Who Asked Me To Lead A Rescue MissionThere Wasn T A Fairy Godmother Or Any Of That And Even Though I Fell In Love Along The Way, What Happened To Me Is Unlike Any Fairy Tale I Ve Ever Heard Before I Knew It, I Was Spying With A Flock Of Enchanted Swans, Talking Yes, Talking To A Fox Named Todd, And Nearly Trampled By Giants In The Keys Don T Believe Me I Didn T Believe It Either But You Ll See Because I Knew It All Was True, The Second I Got CLOAKED Cloaked is an enjoyable, fun, and adventurous book Alex Flinn is well known to write Fairy Tale Retellings and I ve only read Beastly, which I really like In this book, it s a mash up fairy tales and most of them are unfamiliar to me I only knew The Frog Prince.The first half of this book is indeed fast paced and I m enjoying the main character s quest as he helps a gorgeous Princess to save his brother who s cursed by a witch to become a Frog Now the Frog Prince is missing, Princess Victoriana sees something in Johnny wherein she can trust him to do this magical quest However, Johnny s deal with the Princess Victoriana ticked me off He is a talented shoe maker who is struggling financially and is in need for money to sustain his everyday expenses When he succeeds this mission by saving the frog prince, he will be marrying the Princess as a reward Okay So he s blinded with money. Never mind I m after the quest take a chance having an adventure and hopefully Johnny gets on the right senses to truly love someone.Halfway through of this book, it started to get dull I don t know why I feel that. Maybe because he keeps on running and get side tracked by his main mission Not that being side tracked to help others is bad they helped Johnny as well in exchange , it s just that everything beats around the bush Don t get me wrong, I still like the way it ends I just wish that it focuses on ONE FAIRY TALE Oh well, just enjoy the adventure.P.S I don t like The Prince here Who the hell calls his milady some cheesy names of various animals Dainty Komodo Dragon My Dear Leetle Turtle My Tiny Newt My Leetle AnemoneI don t find it sweet It s ridiculously cheesy and eye rolling annoying. Mash up of several fractured fairy tales by the author of Beastly Johnny is a hard working 17 year old who works in a shoe repair store in a fancy Miami hotel He designs shoes, but since his dad disappeared years ago, the family has barely been able to scrape by, let alone send Johnny off to college, or fashion school, or wherever you go to become a famous shoe person like Jimmy Choo And no, Johnny s not gay He just likes shoes. Okay Okay.Ah hah, you think Shoes There will be elves And, you re right, but that s not the focus of the story Because in walks a princess from some European country that speaks French, and she s pretending to be like Paris Hilton, but she s not really a party girl, she s just throwing off the press from her real reason for being in Florida She s trying to find her brother, the prince, who s been turned into a frog And she wants Johnny s help Naturally, Johnny is skeptical of her story, too bad about the crazy princess She s so pretty, too Until he tries out the magic cloak she gives him to enlist him in her search, and is magically transported to wherever he wishes to go Okay, NOT crazy The money she s offering as a reward doesn t hurt, either It turns out, there s magic all OVER Florida, mainly in the form of transformed animals Swans and rats and foxes and suddenly I m thinking it s too bad a talking alligator didn t show up somehow But Alex Flinn was incorporating some lesser known folktales, and I guess she couldn t find one with a gator to work in Too bad Instead, we get eastern European villains in the midst of Key West, which was a little jarring.Of course there s a girl next door, and confusion about who loves who, and do you REALLY want to marry a princess as your reward, and it all works out about the way you d expect, and that s fine This isn t great literature, it s just fun A little sloppy, and not as well developed as it could have been, but it s short, what do you want I m not sure what the moral of the story is, other than work hard, try your best, and go a little crazy now and then when you re following your dream because sometimes magic really CAN happen Also, take good care of your shoes Recommended if you want a light, funny teen fantasy with talking animals. Via book would make a wonder animated movie for children Yes, for CHILDREN Johnny is poor, and he works in the family s shoe repair business in South Beach and secretly wishes to be a famous shoe designer Her mom has just taken a second job because they don t even make enough in the business to pay the bills One day, a princess real princess from another country comes to South Beach and, what are the odds meets Johnny Even , she asks for his help to rescue her brother the prince who has been turned into a frog and vanished from I don t know, around So the princess asks Johnny to find her brother but before, she gives him 10 thousand dollars for his troubles that is, money he gets to keep regardless of accepting the mission or not Obviously, the striving business is striving noand Johnny goes in a journey to find this frog prince Along the way, he gets to talk with different animals because we really live in a magical word where all you need is a magical hearing device to be able to talk with birds, foxes, bears and the like.As I said, this is a nice story for middle graders maybe that would make a nice animated movie I m too old for this type of fantasy and way past stories this simple. This is the worst Alex Flinn books I ve ever read Hell, this could quite possibly be one of my least favorite books I ve ever read.I LOVE Alex Flinn s books I love her characters, the plots, her writing style, everything I could read both Beastly, Breathing Underwater, and Breaking Point over and over and OVER AND OVER So when I saw this book at my school s library..I was pretty dang excited Beastly is my favorite Flinn, so I was likeFAIRY RETELLING LETS GO.Let me tell you, I ve never been so disappointed I d hate to rate one of her books one star..but I must That s how much I hated this book.I felt like it was a never ending goose chase with no depth, no character development, and above allno magic NONE Just boring and plain.It was awful I hated the characters I hated the pairing at the end and how they just ALL OF A SUDDEN were magically in love Like, oh my gosh That sjust..peachy Really One of the most annoying things about this book was the princess That accent DOES NOT NEED TO BE WRITTEN OUT I couldn t stand it I found myself skipping through what the girl was saying because I got so annoyed with it.Its been months since I ve read this book, so I can t really go deeper with things I disliked..but, I ll just say I wanted to stop reading this book very early on Even before I got bored with the plot and it s lack of just pure awesomeness, I didn t connect with the all They were just there and I couldn t get in to it.I m so glad I had checked this one out at the library and not purchased it from the bookstore That s all I really have to say. 3.5 starsIf you go into this with the expectation that this is a light fairytale retelling, you ll probably like this one.I was expecting it to be a modern version of The Frog Prince, and even though that is one of the main fairytales in this book, it s not the only one At the end of the Book, Flinn lists all of the stories that she drew from, and there were waaaythan I was expecting One of the stories I wasn t even familiar with The SaladThere are I felt three main retellings going on at once The Frog Prince, The Six Swans, and The Elves and the Shoemaker The rest of the tales are sort of worked into the sub plots In a way, I wish she had just focused one story at a time, but, at the same time, it was also interesting to see how she wove them all together Again, as with most fairytale retellings, the characters had a tendency to be a tad flat and unreal, but I still think Flinn does a better job than most when creating them I love this genre, and I ll definitely be checking out whatever she puts out in the future. Before anything I have to mention that for some reason I assumed that this was a re telling of Red Riding Hood , and for those of you probably not too many because I m exceptionally dim sometimes who thought it was as well I m here to tell you it isn t There is a cloak in the story, but no oblivious girls or furry looking grandmothers in sight This story follows the life of Johnny, a seventeen year old who aspires to be a shoe designer, but what he does is help out with his family s business They repair shoes in South Beach, Florida It s just him and his mom, and his dad has been missing for years Unfortunately they have a hard time making ends meet, but with some luck or fate you could say, a princess comes to town that will seem to have the key orlike money to make all those problems go away The princess claims that her brother has been turned into a frog and she thinks Johnny is the right person to find him and bring him back What ensues is a whirlwind adventure, and Johnny gets a lotout of it than he had anticipated.I m a huge fan of fairy tale re tellings and though I did enjoy this I gotta say it was a bit of an overload The fairy tales used here aren t that commonly known by people myself included , and it felt too stuffed Too many events happening and too many storylines for one story I felt like we were jumping from crisis to crisis ALL the time But then again that was probably what the author was trying to achieve the feeling that our character was almost literally flying by the seat of his pants All that aside I did appreciate the magical elements, and how they were interwoven in the storyline I m getting too clever for my own good though probably not true but because I could see the twists coming most of the time, but fairytales are often that way Meghan, who is Johnny s best friend, is a great character and I loved the relationship between them What made this story good, even though it felt hurried, was Johnny He tries hard to help his mom, and he has a vision of how things should be But at the same time he has his faults He s convinced the money will fix everything and he ll do almost anything so he and his mom can have a better life How can you not like a character like that Now for what has been irking me since I read this book Does anyone know why there is a red flower on the cover I do not remember a red flower being mentioned, or somebody saying something about a red flower I m baffled, stumped, and it s really nagging at me I feel like I missed something, so if anyone can inform me I would greatly appreciate it. All the good quotes have shoes Johnny is just a normal guy who works at his family s shoe repair shop in South Beach, Florida Then one day, a princess from Aloria shows up and asks him to help her find her brother who s been turned into a frog by a nasty witch She calls him a good boy, gives him money and two magical things then promises to marry him after he completes the quest Soon, Johnny s world is turned completely upside down as he explores a magic that he never knew existed and learns some truths about his own relationships.Overall, Cloaked reminded me of achildish and adventure filled version of Cinder Ella While the premise of this novel is quite interesting, in the end, I wasn t super impressed by the story.First of all, Johnny pissed me off so much There were so many points in the novel where I would just stare at the page and say, Stupid Also, he just wasn t a very developed character he kept making the same mistakes, always fell for the enemy s tricks and was overwhelmingly dense And even though he did mature a bit by the end of the novel, it just wasn t enough for me.I have a real love for fairytales and retellings, so I thought it was really cool how there were so many Grimm stories all woven into one novel Cinderella, Princess and the Frog, Six Swans, etc This aspect of Cloaked made me think of Fables, Vol 1 Legends in Exile, which is just an amazing mix of fairytales.But this novel has way too many plot holes and happy coincidences The whole talking to animals idea was very interesting, but there was little to no explanation as to how exactly these animals came about or why there are different magical obstacles for each animal I also hated how Todd the fox just so happened to be important to both Johnny s quest and personal life view spoiler AND the fact that Siegfried bad guy ended up switching sides right at a part where Johnny could ve really died Coincidence much hide spoiler