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A New Chapter In The New York Times Bestselling Morganville Vampires Saga Vampire Musician Michael Glass Has Attracted The Attention Of A Big Time Producer Who Wants To Cut A Demo And Play Some Gigs Which Means Michael Will Have To Enter The Human World For This, He S Been Assigned Escorts That Include Both A Dangerous Immortal As Well As Michael S All Too Human Friends And With That Mix Of Personalities, This Is Going To Be A Road Trip From Hell

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    Needs cowbell vampire bunny slippers I wanted of my favorite mad scientist Myrnin and his awesome slippers Alas, my heart was fractured just a tiny little bit.This installment of Morganville has us headed out of town for a crazy and dangerous road trip The book was full of peril and bizarre happenings as usual, but I have to admit that I prefer our little disfunctional family when they re actually raising hell in their own town.I was happy that it was easy enough for me to come back to this series after a year plus break I read the first 7 so close together that I overdosed for a while and be able to pick right up where I left off Rarely, can I do this with series without having some memory lapse issues This was not the case and I m glad for it.Part of me got to thinking as I was reading this book that Claire has really grown up I almost feel guilty for giving book 1 such a low rating because I hated Claire back when I first read about her It s easy to see now that the author intended for our lead to transform herself with time and experience, to which she has in spades The girl who started out as a mousy pushover is now smart, cunning, sweet, loyal and strong Claire s growth as a character has been slow, steady and impressive I should probably reward that by going back and raising my rating on book 1 Maybe I will at some point, but not today Why do I like the series Because no one is pining away for the cool kid vampires Oh nopeople are SCARED of the controlling vampires Oppression kind of sucks for our crew of friends And in Morganville, you don t get to run far because you ll get caught In a way, I get why the road trip was a nice little break from being inside of town, but honestly, I never felt stifled by having to stay in Morganville Half the fun of the series is watching these young adults try to outwit the vampires who watch their every move Plus, Ms Caine only adds to the dynamic by adding in some awesome dark humor I have yet to make it through a book without finding several moments which make me crack a grin She thought of all the times she d seen Myrnin go off the rails the times he d begged her to put him out of his misery The time he d actually given her samples of his own brain in a Tupperware container Nothing else to say other than thisI m hard pressed to believe that you can kill a vamp with a pencil That must be one sturdy pencil Random comment to the MV fans I know everyone is a huge Shane fan, but for whatever reason, there is something about Michael s protective nature which makes me like him best right now Please don t send hate mail, I should be free to love as I choose

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    A road trip out of Morganville left some of my favourite characters behind.My poor poor Myrnin was one of them.The story was lacking something Whether that was the absence of characters or missing the weird charm of Morganville, or what they did get up to just wasn t interesting enough No idea if it was one or all these things that drowned the book They did have some adventure times on the way to Dallas.Hoping the next one gets back on track with the series I was loving.

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    Taking computers were my limit After that it felt like a waste of my time reading these books I really liked the first 3 4 books in the serieskept going thinking that eh it s a long series there s bound to be a few bad ones but I just give up It just kinda got confusing and pretty stupid If I m ever struggling to reach my goodreads goal catch me reading the rest but until that desperate day nope.

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    Road trip, baby This one takes us out of Morganville and into the real world, but perhaps the real world is scarier than Morganville The road trip is innocent enough, until the group are given a chaperone who insists on stopping in a small town in the middle of nowhere Cue bad luck and horror movie action.I love the you can never leave Morganville thing so stepping out of it was new For about 5 minutes Then, I began to miss Myrnin s quirkiness, Amelie s smooth self control, and damn, even Monica s bitchiness The entire first half of the book was very teen in love tongue in cheek Too sickly sweet for me The real action doesn t start until well in to the book, perhaps this was to give the characters a rest, a well earned vacation from the upheaval of the last 7 books But I love that upheaval, the action and the politics, and as a result this felt like a filler book to me I didn t truly enjoy it until the last 100 pages and then it ended.The ring scene was VERY Buffy Angel but I can overlook this for the significance of the ring to Shane He s serious about Claire, and that s what matters, but I m wondering when their happiness is going to be shattered Is Myrnin going to make a move on Claire Is Shane going to become too overbearing and protective Which brings me to Eve and Michael, is it going to last I have a feeling Michael may break it off in order for Eve to have normal things like children, which he can t provide.Claire makes progress with her parents she gets to move back into the Glass House again Plus, she turns vampire slayer with a crossbow to a stunned Oliver which spawns a hilarious scene ending with Claire promising she won t hurt him Shane s changed too In Michael s own words, The universe explodes, hell freezes, and Shane does something reasonable In fact, Shane does quite a few reasonable things He doesn t move first and pick himself off the floor later any , he s learned to restrain himself in dangerous situations I m impressed Spoiler There was one thing I didn t understand the reason for the diseased rogues Bishop was clean He didn t suffer from the vampire virus, which is why his blood helped cure it, so how come he infected the vampires he made Overall, there were some great lines but this was probably the weakest of the series so far, though I am rubbing my hands together in anticipation of Ghost Town set back in Morganville for mysteries and conspiracies.

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    3.5 Rachel Caine handles suspense quite well Kiss of Death is no exception, as the residents of Glass House head off on a road trip that includes some unexpected and terrifying detours There are a few things beginning to bother me about Morganville, however One is the need for a new story arc Now that vamp Alzheimer s has been cured and the Bishop threat obliterated, Caine has yet to establish another major storyline As a result, there seems to be a lot of focus on relationship drama, and that s not as interesting to me Claire and Shane are adorable, but there s only so much gooey young love I can stomach Eve and Michael are irritating No, strike that Michael is fine Eve is irritating She s so melodramatic and bratty that I want to strangle her most of the time I do wish she d take her mood swings down a notch and find some common sense.That said, this story has harrowing scenes that kept me turning pages Once again, these four kids find themselves battling to save lives It s a wonder they ever manage to survive To mention what they re up against would mean giving away spoilers, but there are several plot twists in Kiss of Death to keep the action and suspense rolling along There are also some exchanges with Oliver that make me wonder if there might be to the cantankerous caf owner s personality Not nearly enough Myrnin, though I suspect he may be the center of a future storyline which would make me a very happy camper On the whole, not the best Morganville has to offer, but still an entertaining , strife filled read.

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    It feels like each book is now self contained, no real cliffhangers or story lines that span than 1 book This is okay for now, but there are 15 books in the series so I hope we get a bigger plot to follow soon I like Claire and how smart she is, but sometimes she really shows her age by the immature comments and reckless decisions she makes Her mouth gets her in trouble and even though I m all for sticking up for yourself, sometimes you have to know when to hold back and keep quiet It was interesting seeing Eve and Michael in a town outside Morganville for the first time They think people should know them and not hassle them, but when you re a bunch of strange kids rolling through a small town, people are suspicious of you It was cool seeing another town dealing with vampires and what happens when the vampires get really sick The story was pretty short and moved quickly.

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    Oh boy I just didn t quite like it That s what usually happens when you have so much anticipation But I thought I would like it much than the previous ones, which I really lovedWell, the whole road trip idea was cool and all, but what annoyed me the most was MUST EVERYTHING HAPPEN WITH EVERYONE EVERYTIME That is really annoying, I mean, I know you can t have a regular road trip in an action book, but these guys don t get any break at all Just like Hermione tells Harry in the HP books It seems everything only happens to you, right, Harry I don t think that s the actual quote but you get my point.So, I got these conclusions from the book 1 I m sorry, but Shane has to go He is now a mere sidekick, with no further development he is that stereotyped character that only says shit that s bad I m not doing that great idea, man Besides, never liked him and Claire as a couple He simply has no future and has nothing to offer to her and the series.2 Eve also gotta go, and soon God, what an annoying and retarded girl She has turned from smart and hip best friend to a redneck zero personality girl this is back from book 07 already , who never knows when to shut up and only brings the gang trouble because she is so damn self centered Besides, she is way too clingy for Michael s girlfriend he is the cool rockster, needs a cool and open minded girl, which she proves she isn t.3 Oliver is so cool, I wish I knew about his past and all.4 I absolutely love Myrnin and I totally think he is completely fallen for Claire besides, they are the best possible couple, they are both intelligent, always bickering at each other, he is old, powerful, beautiful with the right amount of insecurity they would rock together She is also starting to think about him than she intended, so I think this is the way the author is heading them Maybe that s why I am so bitchy about this book there is almost no Myrnin at all God I love him 5 Michael should stop being so bland and robotic, doing only what he is told he started the series as a great character with great possibilities and I think he is being left out too much Maybe Amelie would pair up with him after he kills Eve evil smile 6 I still think Monica and Claire will become the bestest of friends, and I think Monica was like a supervillain at the beggining which I thought was kinda way too much I mean, killing people at will A teen And everybody knows and now she is showing that there s than evil there I like her as a character.In short, the series is still awesome and my favorite and I know there are always the annoying books in series This one, together with book 02, are my least favorites so far But I will continue, waiting for Myrnin

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    Wow What a GREAT sequel I did not want this book to end It was full of action, crazy vamps, snarky dialog, and constant twists and turns For a portion of the book, I felt like I took a turn into Night of the Living Dead, and I loved every moment of it INSANE.ABSOLUTELY.INSANE In this book, Michael gets a recording deal in Dallas and is granted a leave from Morganville As part of the agreement he s made with Amelie, he is able to have Eve, Shane and Claire join him on his road trip Just when you think they are out of the danger zone when crossing the Morganville city limits, things could not get any worse for the Glass pact They get caught between a war of vamps and zombie vamps as they stumble into the town of Blacke where Bishop left behind a group of infected vampires that are turning the town upside down I loved the dialog in this book between the four main characters Shane gets honorable mention in this installment for his hilariously snarky lines He was shear perfection in this book Every single word that came out of his mouth had me squeeing like a fang girl LOL I missed some of the Morganville characters, especially Myrnin, but it was nice to see a change in scenery I was a bit surprised by Eve s vulnerable side as she lacked a bit of her badass edge, and I found myself missing that part of her Claire was great and Michael was his perfect self.What a great sequel, with a subtle cliffhanger than the other books, but it s not going to ease the pain in having to wait for the next book Morganville is an awesome series for true die hard paranorm fans and Kiss of Death does NOT disappoint.

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    It was OK.I m not saying that as a bad thing, this book was absolutely better than Fade Out wich in case i hadn t say it enough was awful.On the bright side we get a lot of Shane and Claire, that just made me realize how much i ve missed them and their relationship, the witty dialogues are back and i even had a couple of fuzzy moments remembering how much i love the four main characters of this series Regardless of that, i still think the plot was weak Sure, after the first 100 pages things got interesting, but somehow it didn t feel completely right, to me it was a little overdone, like if, getting them out of Morganville to yet another vampire infested remote town could really refresh thingsIt is so sad, Morganville Vampires used to be one of the most fun, enjoyable Young Adult s reads out there, but random adventures don t make a strong storyline, it works for short stories, but on a series, i don t like this sense of going nowhere.I think is a shame when publishers pushes autors for books, even when stretching things that way ends up hurting or even killing the story.

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    Quick review Cover Not Liking It Rating PG 13 Thumbs Up 4Overall Better than a few previous booksCharacters Well DonePlot Getting out of town and into troublePage Turner Yes Series Cont Sure Recommend YeahBook Boyfriend OliverSUMMARY 50 words or less What can I say This book was better than some others Some of their actions were stupid but then again these are new adults with the exception of Claire They got themselves into a bunch of trouble with the local folks and then had to save the day For a full review and yummy pic, see my blog post at ReviewCynthia Holloway does a good job with this series I actual have paired her voices with these characters So when she reads another book by another author, I m always brought back to Morganville It s not a bad thing.