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A Sexy Paranormal Series Set In A World Where Genetically Altered Breeds And The Humans Who Created Them Sometimes Come Together In The Fiercest Of Passions After The Feline Breeds Main Base Is Attacked, Tanner Desires Revenge So He Kidnaps Scheme Tallant The Daughter Of A One Time High Ranking Member Of The Genetics Council But When Tanner Discovers That Scheme Herself Is A Target Of Her Father S Ruthless Mission, His Vengeance Takes A Back Seat To Saving The Life Of The Woman He Hopes To Claim As His Mate

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    One of my favorite books in the series I loved the fact that Tanner and Scheme were in love BEFORE the mating heat hit them I had a very bad moment when I thought a m nage scenario was going to take place but, thankfully, it was a false alarm I wasn t comfortable with the watching thing either, but I let it slide Yeah, that s how much I loved this book The identity of the bad guys spy infiltrated inside the Sanctuary took me completely by surprise, and made me want to reread the previous books in search of hints that might have escaped me The motives behind the spy s betrayal weren t clear to me but, hey, psychos are everywhere, right This series keeps getting better and better, and I hope it never ends

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    Breeds 9Feline Breeds 7Location Virginia Mountains Feline Breeds baseFeatured Couple Tanner Bengal Tiger Scheme human This is the story of Tanner and his girl, Scheme Tanner is one of the five Breeds from the first book Taming the beast who helped the Breeds story to go public Now he is basically the Breed s PR poster boy.Scheme is the daughter of one the high ranking members of the Genetics Council, General Tallant Thus when Feline base goes through a big attack initiated by Genetics Council, Tanner kidnaps Scheme and locks himself up with her The truth is that Tanner has been attracted to her for years One of the reasons that he locks himself up with her is to find out if there is any Mating Heat between them.Moreover, what Tanner does not know is that Scheme has suffered a lot in her life and she hates her controlling father for several awful things He killed her mother, he bought off someone to become her lover, he made her go through an abortion.There is a powerful attraction and many lies between Tanner and Scheme, which make the plot extremely fascinating I thoroughly enjoyed the book The two main characters and their internal battles were nice developed I definitely loved their plays of cat and mouse.Other interesting Breeds in this book Mastermind Jonas plays again a significant role in this book as the true boss of Scheme who works as a double agent for the Breeds Cabal, Tanner s twin is helping Tanner realize that Scheme is his real mate Little David Lyons who has grown up and now he is a little riot Dog the apparently dangerous, heartless Coyote is one of the assassins tracking Scheme Dog is working for Scheme s father and the Council in this book, but he is actually another double agent for Jonas.

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    This book had been lying around for awhile until I decided if I wanted to read another Breed Series of which there are quite a few by other authors Although I have read Lora Leigh s erotic books published by Ellora s Cave, which I absolutely love, I had never read any of her other books.Tanner s Scheme is the 3rd book in the Breed Series and I would have liked reading them in order but I was able to catch up with some of the previous stories and WOW.was this a hot smoking read Tanner is one gorgeous Bengal a member of a group of humans whose DNA was mixed with genes from various feline species in labs run by very evil humans He s a suave, smooth talking guy and has been spying on Scheme Tallant s life for years waiting for an opportunity to destroy her and her father.Scheme is the daughter of a very evil, one time high ranking member of the Genetics Council and is determined to do everything, including killing his wife and child in his mission of eliminating all the Breeds The Breeds believe that Scheme works side by side with her father for him to reach his goal.Tanner is determined to do something about obtaining information from Scheme and he kidnaps her just before she is nearly killed by her ex lover, on her father s orders He takes her to his hideout in the mountains and will not release her until she tells him all her father s plans.What he doesn t realize is that Scheme has been working as a double agent for the Breeds and has important information that is crucial to the safety of the Breeds He discovers that she is not the person he thought.he has always believed that she s like her father and promiscuous he has been watching her having sex with different men and knows exactly what she does with and to fact she has suffered tremendous torture from her father..beatings, forced abortion of her baby and even buried alive.Things have a way of going somewhere you never thought they would go.they are unable to fight the attraction they feel for each other and Tanner soon realizes that she is his mate and cannot keep away from her.The sex scenes and there are many, many are sizzling hot, steamy, sexy.they can t keep away from each other.I loved Scheme.such courage, strength and despite the sad, painful and terrible life she has had, never gives up She is really a fantastic heroine so alone most of her life and when she finds love, still having so much to overcome.Tanner is your typical alpha male.everything his way.but what redeems him in my eyes is the deep feelings he has for Scheme and will do anything, including giving up his life, to protect the woman he loves.Great plot..non stop action, lots of sex have I mentioned that before and lots of romance too I loved this book and wished I could have discovered this series earlier.but I am going out now, right now to look for Breeds stories

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    Love, love, love a Lora Leigh Breed story I have read the whole series, and was never let down Amazing characters, super hot men, steamy, sizzling sex, and lots of action ENJOY

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    When it comes to Lora Leigh s breeds I ve found people either love em or hate em I happen to fall in the former catagory myself and when I received and read my copy of the Leigh s latest installment, Tanner s Scheme, the day of it s release I just loved them even In Tanner s Scheme, we get the same hot and wild sex, with a bit advancement of the plot to destroy the genetically engineered breeds.Scheme Tallant is the daughter of much hated General Tallant, a man who wants the breeds who escaped the secret facility which created and tortured them ten years ago wiped out Tanner, a Bengal Tiger breed, is liaison for breed human affairs and has had his eye on Scheme since his escape all those years ago He knows she s Tallant s right hand man and wants to destroy her as much as the man himself When he kidnaps her, he quickly finds all is not what it seems.Scheme has hidden her loathing of her father for years since he killed her mother and masterminded a plot to control her by buying off a mercenary to become her lover After she discovers she s pregnant with the man s child, the General drugs her and aborts the baby The day of the despicable crime against her, one of many to be sure, she meets Jonas Wyatt, a ruthless breed in nothing but the best sense, who takes her under his wing and offers her a job as double agent against her father.Tanner, of course, doesn t know this because there is also a double agent in the breed camp as well and, to help smoke him out, Jonas leaves Scheme s true nature hidden Despite Tanner thinking Scheme s a heartless little schemer, he s helplessly attracted to her and being a man of action, he doesn t leave the attraction go by any longer.Tanner and Scheme have mega trust issues to work through on both ends, but they struggle through in the best tradition of romance.The mating heat process which has characterized much of Leigh s other breed stories is curiously missing between these two and I wondered what was going on, though I suspected Cabal, Tanner s twin had something to do with it When he arrives on the scene that mystery is solved and left me longing for Cabal s story Although it looks like I might have to wait til 2009 to get it as the next two breeds stories scheduled for release are not his and take us up to Sept 2008 Scheme is a than worthy heroine smart and stubbornly strong in her nobility Tanner, always portrayed as charming and playful up til this point is HAWT in this book and when he finally goes all alpha beasty I couldn t have been pleased with his character development I felt this one is much better than Harmony s Way, which was the release just before this one, in fact I read Tanner s Scheme in one sitting because I couldn t put it down

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    Really wicked I understand that twins are close but who could imagine this.Not that Tanner and Scheme are twins but Tanner and Cabal really share everything.Poor Scheme doesn t even know what she got herself intoTanner has spied Scheme for ten years before meating her face to face.He thinks he knows her but he is very wrong.When her former lover tries to kill her,after a direct order from her own father,Tanner saves her and thus kidnaps her.While they spent time together he learns the reasons of her actions but what he doesn t know is the consequences of her actions.He has already fallen for her and now wants her to be his mate but the mating signs aren t there.On the other side,Scheme is than attractive to him but tries hard not to trust him cause she knows firsthand how betrayal can hurt.Scheme has important information,information that could destroy her father and save an innocent life.She doesn t know whether to trust this information to Tanner or not,so she tries to contact the only breed she can trust Jonas Wyatt.While she is figuring out to how to do that Tanner suspects that if she isn t his mate,she may be his brother s.That s when Cabal shows up.Cabal knows she is not his mate but lets Tanner think she is in order to enrage Tanner s animal.It s not too long after he finally sees the truth and claims his mate.But danger is near and they both know it.Tanner would sacrifice his life to save her but will he be fast enough to save her or will he lose her forever I liked Tanner but I loved Scheme s personality .I have to admit that there were parts that Ididn t really approve his actions but besides that he was as lovely as all the breeds First posted on

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    3.5 starsI m having fun with this series but some of them are starting to sound the same.

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    Tanner and Scheme are a perfect match They re grrrrrrreat Tanner is a Bengal Breed and an enforcer who has been keeping an eye on Scheme Tallant for than 10 years Ever since she became an assistant to her father Cyrus Tallent, a one time high ranking member of the Genetics Council and now an advocate for anti breed politics What Tanner doesn t know is that ever since Scheme s father had his right hand man use her by getting her to fall in love with him, then when she got pregnant, both of them drugged her and forced her to have an abortion, she became a double agent for the Breeds She has been working with Jonas and the Bureau of Breed Affairs against her father She found out extremely high level classified information and needed to get it to Jonas right away so she sent a message to him that she would meet him at a Ball and need immediate extraction However Jonas wasn t there So she went to a hotel Tanner follows her to the hotel and hits on her and while he is in the bathroom, her ex shows up to kill her So Tanner takes her hostage Things heat up between the two main characters from there Scheme can t fully trust Tanner, knowing that there is a spy for her father at Sanctuary who is trained in the same specialties as Tanner, and he thinks she is the enemy, but lusts after her.

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    First let me say that the plot is A I really enjoyed the skeleton of the story the concept, I guess That being said, I have a lot of complaints.SPOILER WARNING I m about to site specific examples and while I don t necessarily discuss the outcome of the events, some people might not want to know any of the events Consider this your RAGE WARNING and LANGUAGE WARNING as well, because I m about to go apeshit on this book.1 For somebody that was trained to show no weakness and knew how important it was to keep that fearless facade in place, Scheme was a quivering mass of wimpy terror entirely too often I can understand why she was terrified, but since she s written as being fearless and showing no weakness, it s too out of character Obviously, she s not fearless So I felt lied to, oddly enough.2 A huge portion of this book is about Scheme simply fretting over whether or not to trust Tanner Again, I understand why she felt like she shouldn t, but her flip flopping back and forth between trust and mistrust got tiring after the first oh, I dunno, 6 chapters Move the hell on already Either trust him or don t But trusting him meant either a getting out of the cave, surviving, stopping the bad guys, etc or b possibly dying And not trusting him meant either a maybe surviving, maybe stopping the bad guys, etc or b definitely dying Why not go with the option that gets you out of the god damn cave, if not the one that has a better chance of survival 3 Speaking of trust issues Tanner is all pissed that Scheme doesn t trust him He spends days trying to convince her to trust him Note that he doesn t try to earn her trust, he tries to convince her and ply her with sex because it s not like Scheme has been betrayed by a lover before, right head desk Then later on in the story, once trust has been achieved, Tanner questions Scheme s trust in somebody else and actually has the balls to ask her if anyone has ever told her she s too trusting What the fuck, yo After spending a week trying to get her to trust him, he should be the last person to consider her too trusting I wanted to bitch slap Tanner for that, but it was a pleasant change from wanting to bitch slap Scheme4 Scheme is written as a deep, ruthless, and highly intelligent character Call me picky, but that s not the type of character that would have multiple TSTL moments She knows the woods are crawling with enemy Breeds working for her father you know, the ones with elevated senses and heightened desire to maim and murder , so she leaves the safety of the hidden cave and stumbles around, shoeless, in the woods in the dark like a god damn buffalo, crashing through brush and leaving a mile wide trail from the hideaway for the bad guys to find Fucking brilliant But it gets so much worse when she shames females everywhere by explaining to Tanner that she left because she hoped he would stop her Kill me now Could it get worse Oh yes, it does when she sneaks off to a secluded area and gets kidnapped like a fucking moron because that is what you are if you wander off alone when people are trying to kidnap and kill you.Does it ever occur to any of these dumb bitches that the professionals that are attempting to protect them might not appreciate all their hard work going to shit when they wander off alone LIKE A FUCKING MORON This was just a ton of fail Any time I started to warm up to it, somebody did something epically stupid or well, just stupid Stupid, stupid people And I feel stupid for not DNFing it at the first TSTL moment and torturing myself with a few .

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    I did not like two of the plot developments.The characters were ok and other plot developments were ok, but on balance, I wouldn t recommend it unless the reader is in love with the series The characters and sex scenes were very similar to other breed books.This is Book 2 of The Breed series which is an offshoot of the Feline Breeds series The Genetics Council used genetic experimentation to create humans with animal DNA, called Breeds The Breeds were tortured, experimented upon and kept in captivity, but eventually escaped The Council and other groups are trying to capture and or kill them.Jonas is a breed He is head of the federal dept of breed affairs Scheme is human She is daughter of Cyrus who is a member of the Genetics Council Scheme hates Cyrus and becomes a spy for Jonas Scheme continues to work for her father, but thwarts many of his activities against the breeds over a several year period Tanner is a bengal breed who works for Jonas They know that Cyrus has a spy among the breeds, but they don t know who it is Tanner doesn t know that Scheme is working for Jonas Tanner kidnaps her with the intent of getting evidence from her and turning her over to the Breed Council for punishment CAUTION SPOILERS Tanner saves Scheme from being killed by an assassin sent by her father, which is the beginning of his doubts that she is evil and in league with Cyrus During the several days of the kidnapping captivity, Tanner falls in love with her and wants to help her, but she won t communicate because she thinks Tanner might be a spy for Cyrus If I had been in her place, I would have at least told Tanner that Scheme suspected Tanner might be a spy, and until she knew the truth she wouldn t trust him or cooperate Instead she was silent, and he sensed that she was lying This was the major conflict for 2 3 of the story This is one of my pet peeves conflict created through vague communication and inaccurate assumptions.My second plot problem Cyrus wants to kidnap Scheme who is staying at the breed sanctuary The breeds know Cyrus has a spy among them and that this will happen soon At an evening function, Scheme secretly leaves her protectors to have a private conversation with one of the women, outside, alone Of course, the spy comes up, shoots them with a stun gun and carries Scheme off This was stupid I would have preferred that the spy come up with an elaborate plan to get Scheme alone that would foil almost anyone and not have Scheme do something stupid to get caught.DATA Sexual language strong erotic Number of sex scenes ten, most several pages long Setting 2023 Washington, D.C., Kentucky and Pennsylvania Copyright 2007 Genre erotic paranormal romance.OTHER BOOKS For a listing of my reviews of other Lora Leigh books, see my 4 star review of Tempting the Beast posted on 6 30 08.