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Traveling Alone Through Eastern Europe, A Young American Artist Encounters A Wickedly Handsome Stranger His Name Aramis Ravished By The Burning Darkness In His Eyes, Elaine Bares Her Body And Her Soul In Wanton Surrender To His Touch And Drinks Deeply Of The Elixir That Marks Her As His Sexual Thrall, A Willing Servant Of His Supernatural Desires For Aramis Is A VampireAnd So Is The Mysterious Rafael, Lord Of The Carpathian Castle Where She And Aramis Are Welcomed Both Men Will Become Her Lovers And Together Bring Her To Undreamed Of Heights Of Pleasure And Both Men Will Partner In Her Ultimate Transformation In Their Arms, She Finds A Savagely Erotic Joyd The Dark Fulfillment Of Destiny

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    Ahhh, I want to bleach my brain now Mary Sue meets Gary Stu on a train and they have sex Then she meets Bad Guy and is sad Then she goes with Gary Stu and meets Gary Stu II, and they turn her into a vampire Then she beats up Bad Guy Then Mary Sue, Gary Stu, and Gary Stu II fly off into the sunset for sex.

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    I really enjoyed this book, it s loaded with raw sexuality and sex, not much of a story line but that was okay with me I like Ms Hawke s writing style I plowed through this read If you love a hot hot read with two sexy as vampires you re going love this one I m hoping that she has a follow book to this one, she certainly left it open for one Please Ms Hawke Highly recommend

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    This is a rather interesting book I don t know quite how to describe it other then that Lots of romance and then it turns weird I mean, vampires sprouting rainbow wings and walking on ceilings is just a little too much for me.

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    I certainly liked the different take on vampires in this book but I thought it ended abruptly There just felt like there was to the story that could have been told.

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    Pretty good, it is what it is a basic storyline with a bit of hot supernatural sex.No drawn out literary seductions here the characters are getting down and into the sex part by page 20 There have been books where I have thought to myself Will you GET ON with it already not this one.Suspension of disbelief is heavily required for those first few pages While there have doubtless been occasions where a young man knocked on a strangers train door, said Let s fuck and it worked, I suspect, not many of them.Also, while I do get bored by vampire novels where the main human refuses to believe they are real for ever and ever, immediate acceptance followed by an invitation to do anything he likes to her suspension of disbelief working it s hardest Pun intended.The rest is pretty good up to the end view spoiler which was random We start to learn about a huge supernatural world, but then the novel just ends We find out she can fly, and the story just ceases, We find that she is not really, totally a vampire the end.I suspect I catch the scent of sequels on the horizon hide spoiler

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    If you liked passion s vintage , you will love this book The idea is similar vampires who are fed not just with blood but mainly with talent There are two vampires and one is experienced than a other one One girl not that innocent, but still scared of what is about to happen to her A menage in the end that completes and satisfies all of them.In this story a talented young woman, Elaine, is travelling by train from Italy to Prague Aramis is seducing her not hiding the fact that he is a vampire He wants to keep her and protect her Rafael is the second vampire who is older, equally gorgeous and possibly the creator of Aramis that they will meet later Both they will turn Elaine and the three of them will become a union.The book has basically 3 distinctively parts 1 Elaine s seduction by Aramis in the train 2 Elaine, Aramis and Rafael at Rafael s house in Prague Elaine becomes a vampire.3 The three of them at Rafael s castle at Carpathian mountains You may be lost in this part Too many not particularly logical things happen there Rainbows and butterflies and huge birds.Expect a lot of biting, a lot of blood and a lot of erotic scenes.

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    One of the earlier works of Ms Hawke I read when it first came out I enjoyed this delicious menage of vampire and human One of my first paranormal menages and it s so good I definitely wanted of this Ms Hawke really knows how to write a hot hot scene.This one is quick and once again the female is rather lethal I like this about Ms Hawke s female leads Highly recommended for a smooth sensual read for paranormal menage lovers.

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    Oh, this book was SMOKIN Almost my idea fantasy There where a few things that annoyed me, which is why I did not give the book 5 stars 1 Who the heck agrees to fuck someone that quickly It just doesn t happen, thus it was not believable 2 Where is the rest of the book It was going good, but then just ended with only about a BILLION unanswered questions NOT COOL Otherwise, it was a wonderful read.

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    Alright compaired to some of her other books this one sucked It took a long time for the sex to stop and the story to start Don t get me wrong I enjoyed those scenes too And then just as you are starting to get to know the other charactors it just up and the most hastly way LAME Not to mention that there are no other books in this seriesso basically I feel like I got ripped off on this one.

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    I enjoyed the book However, I liked Hawke s other books better While one does not normally read Hawke s books for her engaging dialogue between the characters, I found the conversations between the characters in this book to be almost too silly to read Nevertheless, I did finish the book, meaning there was something that kept me interested.