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Marrick Thinks That Being Thrown To The Lions Will Be The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush, And He S Not Disappointed But His Plan Is To Try Everything Life Has To Offer Once He Has No Intention Of Visiting The Lions AgainBlaine And Luther Don T Expect To Give Any Of The Human Sacrifices They Share Another Thought Once They Leave The Den This Man S Different They Have No Intention Of Letting This One Go The Only Question Is, While They Are Willing To Share Marrick With Each Other, Are They Willing To Share Each Other With A Human Who Could Become As Important To Each Of Them As They Are To Each Other

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    Oooh A longer Kim Dare story YaY Well, this time we learn a little about why the lions have the ritual with the humans We still don t learn too much about what the lions do all day or where their wealth comes from Okay I am going to be honest here I love having a new longer story from Kim I even battled the publisher site and purchased it direct I hate doing that and that site is not easy Once I got it on my Kindle, I sucked it down in record time and enjoyed it Anyone following my reviews knows I tend to overthink at times and I probably did that with this tale errr..tail So, it turns out, I didn t love Blaine and Luthor They felt dim witted to me They mention working in a legal practice or something which made their utter lack of ability to relate to humans unrealstic even considering wereshifters are unrealistic, grin Their social skills were non existent, their lack knowledge of BDSM and the gay human club scene was surprising and again, made them seem backward I can appreciate that they may not have been out in the human world clubbing it up seeing as they are afraid of hurting humans and they seem to have been a couple since the cradle, but is there no gay porn in this world Likewise with the time they spent with Marrick s parents Have they never watched tv Did they not go to college to work in the legal world I had a really hard time looking at them as mature adults able to take care of themselves, let alone a pet Oh, and I should mention that there are some editing issues in the book At least one made me laugh Marrick made a sound that was almost like a kitchen s purr Luther couldn t help but echo it That said, nothing would stop me from buying the next m m book Kim Dare puts out, or the next, or the get the picture.

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    This second volume in the Thrown to the Lions series is just as fascinating as the first While the story is very different, the central theme is the same the shifter partners think they know everything and are very surprised when their human teaches them otherwise.Luther and Blaine are lion shifters who believe they know how to relate to the human they have chosen as their pet The fact that they have to be super careful with him has been drilled into them by Arslan, their leader However, their human partner, Marrick, makes them re think all their values because his needs are different.I liked that, in the end, the human teaches the lion shifters how to behave Not that Marrick doesn t have some adjustments of his own to make, but the paradigm shift is so much bigger for the lions I loved the issues of cross cultural communication that keep popping up and make this book a delight to read Bring on the next volume

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    Marrick is a young man who wants to live his life at the fullest after being very ill as a child He wants to experience pain, fear, he wants to overcome those emotions and be stronger for it He is thrown to the lions and he catches the attention of Blaine and Luther, who soon sees him as a potential mate They want to protect him, but they end up mothering in, making him unhappy The story is about finding the only way to be happy together.The setting is interesting, but not sufficiently sketched There s nothing making the world unclear, but I wish I knew about the way lion shifters are perceived and interact in the world Arslan, their leader, seems the only one to have a good experience with humans Both Blaine and Luther depend on his teachings and follow what he says to the letter The conversation between the lions and Marrick s family was funny and it gave an idea of the distance between the world of the lions and that of the humans.Marrick seemed grown up than the lions I think it depends on his childhood The lions are adorable and perceptive, but it was like watching two guys who are not used to thinking for themselves, they seemed overgrown puppies than the kings of the animal world, if you get what I mean I couldn t take them too seriously, even if their devotion was endearing.A very enjoyable read, with no real drama.

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    I didn t really care for the first book

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    Even after having finished this story I m still trying to comes to grips with it You have Marrick who is a Sub, but with the push and mannerisms of a Dom by the way he s pushy, points out what he wants, the way he wants it to be and should be or he s taking to the high road He s a thrill seeker and takes risks to feel alive Wondering myself how far one needs to go to feel alive pinching myself That seems to work for me snickering He s spoiled to a degree if I was to say so myself Now Luther and Blaine are his two were lion mates in this one They re persona s are the tough, strong big boys in all this and supposed to be Marrick s masters, but yet what Arslan says is supposed to be the Pride s law and that law says not to hurt humans, be gentle and caring for them This limits what they can and can t do to keep their pet Marrick pleased and content In a constant state of bliss where he won t walk out on them again At one point I was confused as to who in all this were the Masters and who was the actual pet the way Marrick got his bossiness and temper going on Blow it all to Avalon I think one of the lions should have put him over their knee and spanked Marrick In certain case scenarios I wanted to blow a fuse on the characters in this book and it didn t get my mojo as much as the first one with Ryland had, but to keep with the series I m still going to read the one yet to be released after this one and hope to God I m not wanting to throttle someone in it As most books I ll just say that all s well that ends well.

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    I usually love menage books, but this one left me a bit cold, because the two Doms seem to be a bit lacking upstairs than just being werelions I like D s relationships where there is a psychological bond between the Dom and sub These guys don t have it they re mates therefore they re drawn together That s not enough for me and if it was, I, Omega did it better, anyway The BDSM was pretty much scratching I wouldn t term it scraification, although in book 3 it s clear Merrick has scarred I would have enjoyed this if I had Merrick s backstory earlier on in the book.Still very enjoyable and competently written.

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    In this second book in the series, Marrick is thrown to the werelions This time Blaine Luther, two lion lovers take n interest in him But they struggle to find the balance between keeping him happy and keeping him safe, and whether they can do that dictates whether they can keep him.This story was okay There seemed to be a set up for the two lions, who were established lovers to struggle with sharing one mate, but after a few hints that it could be a problem it was never really dealt with again Also we know that at some point when he was young Marrick was ill with a disease that kept him in a hospital for months at a time We know that he is okay right now and we know that he believe that condoms will keep him from getting ill again but we never really find out what was wrong with him Marrick clearly is a sub and his 2 mates are doms and I felt like we missed the opportunity for a really intense scene BUT, still an enjoyable tale and a nice bedtime read.

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    I like how the motivating forces behind Kim s characters always makes them a good fit for each other in the end, no matter the trials in between I was a bit surprised that Arslan didn t give them a bit resistance about the one lion, one pet rule given his insistence on other rules, and particularly after his insistence on the rules not that one in specific, but overall in the car when driving Marrick home the second time It was mentioned in the beginning and then never brought up again shrug Otherwise it worked for me and I enjoyed the story On to Ellery s Duty.

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    Luther and Blaine, the lovable and boisterous youngsters in love who find a pet worth their attention for than a night But, youthful indiscretion has left them with some baggage to heave ho before Marrick s willing to sign up Marrick has his own issues to come to terms with before he can accept the compromises one makes for a relationship A bit of the world of lions and men is explained during this sexy menage Sweet with just a hint of claw.Favorite quote There s living a life not restrained by fear, and there s acting like a suicidal little fool.

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    Very good kinky paranormal m m m romance about a young man who s determined to live life to the fullest and try everything once but not necessarily twice Will he change his mind after getting thrown to the were lions