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{Free Best} Ellerys Duty (Thrown to the Lions #3) Author Kim Dare –

As this is the third book in the Thrown to the Lions I was hoping to get information about the werelions as it was given in the previous book, but that did no really happen.The two characters seemed OK at first, but half way through the book I really started to dislike Ellery as a character He is too dominant for my tastes when you take into account how naive Kefir is I especially found the so called introduction into Ellroy s world not to my liking Considering he was supposed to be an experienced Dom, it seemed he had little real care for Kefir s inexperience and was interested in showing pride leader Arslan his powers as a dominant than taking care of Kefir I liked the characters from the previous books Really liking Kefir and his sensitivity in the previous books I think he did not get the kind of Master he deserved. I really enjoyed the first two in this series and really expected to like this one as well Kefir as a character is beautifully naive, trusting, and so earnest that you just love him He brings out all your protective instincts and yet his quiet courage shows you that he is much capable than you think So he was awesome.So what my problem Ellery He s not a dominant he s an asshole An arrogant and conceited prick who did not deserve Kefir s droppings let alone the werelion himself A good dominant takes actions based on a multitude of things but trying to one up someone is not one of them The entire book Ellery seemed determined to outDom Arslan and it bothered the heck out of me Ellery s extremely irritating desire to divorce Kefir from all things Pride made my heart hurt for Kefir He made little to no effort to really get to know pride goings on and seemed way interested in bending Kefir to the human world The first two books stressed how important a pride is to a werelion and how social they are how much they need each other Here Ellery is allowed to kind of separate Kefir from the pride not only physically but mentally When Kefir is unsure Ellery does nothing to re assure him A good Dom teaches but I saw NONE of that here Then he has a nerve to get upset when Kefir tries to do his own research Jerk Flatly he s like a cock strutting nowhere near my definition of a good dominant caring for a sub If Kefir were my friend I d be screaming at him that he deserves so much Frankly I m hopeful a couple of the werelions beat the living crap out of Ellery in a later book perhaps he will come to his senses I wanted to kick him in the balls myself when I read about the cages in his room That was the part at which ANY feeling I had for Ellery that was not disgust just evaporated Kefir s innocence resonated so deeply that I literally was almost in tears thinking about that beautiful lion in a cage and bewildered The way Kefir is characterized so much of what he does it to please and he has a very hard time speaking up even when he thinks he will not like something Yet all the things Ellery felt were essential were only that in the human world not the lion world Instead of explaining things to Kefir he just barrel s on I flatly do not trust that Ellery is not going to cause Kefir damage and I was than a little upset at Arslan as well for allowing it It was not about D s it was about Kefir as an individual and how his innocence could be setting him up for heartache and pain I could not shake the feeling that Ellery was proud of himself for landing Kefir than proud of Kefir himself In fact it all seemed like he would rather Kefir was human anyway So clearly the 2 stars is for Kefir s character alone I know I might be the minority on this one and that s o.k I m going to read the next in the series because I truly like it but this one left me cold. In the same universe of the two previous stories, Ellery s Duty takes a twist Kefir, the werelion, is not a Dominant in searching of a pet, but he is a kitten who wants to find his Master and being a lap pet himself see all the lapping, cuddling and all kitten gestures he has Kefir has a gentle soul in lion form he is for sure stronger than any human, but not as strong as other lions He is small and lithe and he has no mean bone in him He is clever but sincerely he has not the push to be a leader In such situation, and inside his pride, it s unlikely that he is able to find a soul mate, because another lion will not allow to a peer to submit, and an ordinary man is not considered strong enough to be Master of a lion Ellery is a human Dominant who wants to be sure the submissives they send to the Lions Den are taking care of No one has really ever complained but is Ellery s duty to be sure of that So he proposes himself as a submissive to be thrown to the lions problem is that Ellery is everything other than a submissive, both in appearance than attitude The night he is thrown to the lions, no one of the werelion wants to play with him until Kefir doesn t come along Kefir is fascinated by Ellery, by the strength of the man It s really a tender scene, with Kefir looking at Ellery like a wonderful gift Kefir has no right to ask, and Arslan, the pride leader, who pushes Kefir to ask for the unthinkable It s true that Kefir is a submissive for nature and in his case is really a question of nature, Kefir needs a protective man, he needs to feel safe and comfortable, but he also knows that he is a lion and a lion protects his pet It was quite endearing to read about how Kefir called Ellery his pet in his mind, right after he and Ellery has a sexual encounter where Ellery was not a pet at all But indeed Kefir is right in his thinking, as Arslan tells him he is the submissive during sex, and in their personal relationship, but outside that, Kefir is the lion and Ellery the man, and so, in front of the pride, Kefir is responsible for Ellery They will not be able to explain that to Ellery, or to have him accept that, but both Kefir than Arslan know that, and that is the only important thing Again a good and naughty story by Kim Dare, with right that light touch of BDSM to make it kinky. oh god Ellery was so sexy and I love little Kefir I loved loved Kefir, they way he s described so serious, and naive, and so naturally submissive Also really enjoyed Dom Ellery and Alpha Arslan s relationship as they both had to deal with the others need for dominance. Upside down cake.Yep Just when the world of werelions seemed clear there s the exception And quite exceptional is he Kefir The sweetest, most adorable and charmingly, not annoyingly, naive creature I ve read in a long while True innocence is like a Holy Grail it always seems so contrived, but it is the little mannerisms that nail this character Brava I usually roll my eyes, but Kefir pulls it off beautifully The other half of the equation Ellery He needs to do some adjusting and for a man of his talents and background, this does not sit well Arslan and he reenact mountain sheep head butting battles, but it s amusing and understandable Yep Like an addict I m just imbibing these with total disregard Next Favorite quote The difference between being answerable to someone and belonging to someone was far too subtle to find favor with him, right then. A sweet BDSM story Seriously Yeah Seriously Kefir is such a total sweetheart and Ellery so considerate, you can t help but fall in love with these two Outstanding addition to the Thrown to the Lions series, can t wait for the next one My favorite of the series As A Well Respected Dominant, Ellery Has Been Watching The Subs From The Local Leather Bars Disappear Into The Lions Den For Far Too Long, And He S Not Convinced That Everything Is As Fine As They All Claim It Is He S Determined To Find Out What Really Happens In There If The Only Way He Can Do That Is To Volunteer To Be Thrown To The Lions Himself, So Be It Kefir S Never Worked Out What The Other Lions Find So Interesting About The Human Sacrifices Who Visit Their Den, But This New Man Is Unlike Any Other Human He S Ever Met, And Kefir S Captivated Can The Smallest Lion In The Pride Claim A Man Like Ellery As His Pet Is That Even The Way Kefir Wants To Think Of His Human Mate This Book Is Best Read In Sequence As Part Of A Series 3.5 starsAnd so we continue with lions Ellery is a local dom who s a bit concerned about all the subs in town being thrown to the lions so he decided to do it to make sure they are okay He is chosen by Kefir, the smallest lion who knows there is something different about him, but Ellery tells him he ll never be a pet Knowing that Kefir is different than other lions, the pride leader invites Ellery back to witness another person thrown to the lions to see what it s really like He instantly recognizes that Kefir is an untrained sub and is in seventh heaven However, two dominants in the house makes for some tense moments and the other members of the pride, especially Blaine and Luthor do NOT like the fact that a lion is not the dominant member of a mating and make plans to show Ellery how it s supposed to work Well, we all knew Kefir was a sub right cause he was small and soft spoken eye roll But I just wanted to take him home and hug and care for him LOL Lions appear to have no recognition of things like sarcasm or subtlety or reading between the lines Everything is face value and Kefir was so eager to please his master that I really think he d do anything, whether he wanted to or not, including allowing whipping even though every indication showed that it freaked him out But of course his Dom would KNOW he likes it even if Kefir says no Sigh There were safe words for the lion sacrifices but none for the humans Hmmmm I found Ellery a bit of a he man Dom which was annoying It was okay, but I just never felt comfortable that Kefir wasn t going to allow himself to be pushed farther than he should.