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Franklin Knows The Way The Game Is Played It S The Man With The Money Who Calls The Shots, And Franklin Has Plenty Of Money When He Sees A Beautiful Lion Shifter Called Caramel Dancing On The Stage At His Favourite Club, He Doesn T Hesitate To Reach For His Wallet And, When Caramel Disappears Before He Can Even Open Negotiations, He S Quick To Pay A Fortune In Order To Be Thrown To The Only Pride Of Werelions In The AreaCameron S Been Living Without A Pride For Years, Doing Whatever It Takes To Survive Dancing In Clubs, And Doing Whatever The Guys Who Throw Money At Him Want Him To Do In The Alleyways Behind Those Clubs, Hasn T Given Him The Best Opinion Of Human Men All He Knows For Sure Is That The Rich Ones Are The WorstThe Pride Are Determined To Track Down The Lone Lion That S Living In Their Territory And Bring Him Safely Under Their Care, But Is It Too Late For Cameron To Find A Sense Of Pride And If He Does, Will He Be Too Proud To

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    This fourth book in the Thrown to the Lions series is yet another interesting look at the intricacies of not only a D s relationship, but it also gave me a deeper insight into feline shifter and human interactions Both the feline shifter and his human partner have some heavy duty adapting to do.Franklin is a rich businessman who has never particularly cared about the feelings of any of the men he spent a night with paid or unpaid for When he runs into an exotic dancer who is a lion shifter, that changes Tracking him down and having sex with him is the only thing on Franklin s mind until he meets Cameron He is not at all what Franklin expected, and makes him work for the relationship Franklin suddenly wants The self discovery Franklin goes through is amazing, well written and had me on the edge of my seat.Cameron, aka Caramel when he dances and strips, is an enigma A feline shifter who left his pride and survived barely on his own, he has too many issues to name None of which he will initially admit to It takes meeting Franklin and realizing he is drawn to the human despite the fact that he is exactly the kind of man who Cameron normally despises Cameron s journey of discovery is no less fascinating than Franklin s.Together, these two are dynamite I really liked how they had to dig deep into themselves to heal not just their own wounds, but help their partner heal as well A very interesting read

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    I liked Cameron s Pride, but not as much as some of the others in the series I felt the transition for Franklin was too abrupt a change in his nature too soon I found myself chalking it up to the pull between them than anything, and it didn t quite feel right to me Cameron seemed to have a much difficult time in accepting the changes he needed to make, which felt natural I thought Cameron s epiphany at the end fit and was sweet in its way It was a good end to the series, though.3.5 stars, rounded down to 3 for GR.

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    Out of the whole series I liked this book the least Both maincharacters annoyed me to no end and I just wanted to bang their heads together because they didn t make any sense They were both really selfish and incosiderate They really pissed me off, and I actually had to put this book away for a day to calm myself down.The last part wasn t so bad but it still didn t make up for the parts before it.This book wasn t bad and I actually liked it, but it did frustrate me to no end.It was a good read, though I did enjoy this series other books .

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    Wow, a great conclusion to the Thrown to the Lions series It seems to me that with each book Kim publishes, her stories just keep getting better and better.I loved how this story was different than the others Whereas the other characters first meet their mates while being thrown to the lions, Franklin meets Cameron well before that when he knows Cameron as only Caramel He is so fixated on making Cameron his, he s willing to pay to throw himself to the nearest pride just so he can have the lion.I love dominate men, I mean who doesn t, so when I first starting reading this and I found out both Franklin and Cameron were supposed dominates, I got quite a thrill from it But to my surprise, and pleasure, Franklin is actually a submissive He never thought he d give up control to another man and watching that process was quite interesting I loved how he still can be the aggressive businessman at work but still be the submissive he needs to be for Cameron An unsuspecting point to the plot was how much Franklin hated of the man he used to be The rich man that thought he could throw money at anyone and everyone to get what he wants Reading as his view on the world is turned upside down drew me in faster than I thought it would have Watching as he fought with himself on how he first treated Cameron leads to a very surprising scene that heals both Franklin and Cameron Cameron, known to everyone at the club he works for as Caramel, is a total dom from the start He s aggressive and mad at the world and doesn t want to be part of a pride However, Cameron s jaded look at all humans causes a major rift between Franklin and himself and watching as Cameron works through his anger was both torture and a pleasure Torture because you just want to hug Cameron and tell him it ll get better but a pleasure because he eventually learns that on his own, with the help of his pride and Franklin.As always, I liked how this one had elements outside the pride We get a glimpse of the club Cameron worked at and later on, meet some of the people Franklin works with The only thing I wished was explained was what happened between Franklin s co worker and Cameron There was a brief explanation but it still left me feeling a little confused on what happened Besides that I loved the whole story.I m sad this is the last book in the series because I would have loved to learn about the other lions in the pride, since I was under the impression that it was a kinda big pride with then just the 5 lions that are covered in the series Maybe one day Kim will come back to this series I hope at least LolAll in all, I definitely recommend this book and the whole Thrown to the Lions series, as well image error

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    Wonderful addition to this series I wasn t sure which of these men was going to end up the Dom for a while, but it soon become very apparent and was woven so nicely into the plot the story never missed a beat Double thumbs up on that one While I thoroughly enjoyed the tale itself, I was particularly impressed with the punishment scene at the end of this book I was distinctly uncomfortable with the direction the characters relationship and thinking was going at one point, and yet Ms Dare pulled it around so well that by the end it felt like the most perfect interaction of all Huge congratulations for kicking my can for doubting D Thank you for another excellent read and highly recommended both this story and the entire series.

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    Can not claim I came to know Cameron or Franklin in any depth, but I did find them exceptionally tiresome The plot was the usual sauce, but the flavour these characters didn t do it any favours 1.5 stars

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    I m am just not able to connect with either Cameron or Franklin at all It was nice to see the other couples from the previous books though.

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    Cameron s Pride is a good shapeshifter romance who revisited on reverse the classical romance theme of the prince charming and the pretty man cinderfella Cameron, nom de plum Caramel, is a shapeshifter lion who earns his keep officially as a stripper and unofficially, but quite clearly, as an hustler He hates what he is forced to do, but he has not pride to protect help him, and no art other than selling his body Franklin is one of the patron of the clubs Cameron works for and he would be than willing to be one of the men buying Cameron, for a night or even But unexpectedly Cameron, instead of accepting the offer, runs away Franklin is no man to be denied a new toy and so he decides to contact the local lions pride to buy Cameron from them only that not only the pride doesn t know where Cameron is, they are as much interested as Franklin to find the renegade lion, and once they will find him, they have no intention to sell him out to a human As soon as Cameron is found, the story take an unexpected turn it s not Franklin who will master Cameron, it s Cameron who makes Franklin his pet and Franklin is unable to resist him, both I think since he is arrived to love the werelion, and also since he wants to pay back Cameron for all the hurt he received from men like him It s odd to see Cameron in the role of the Master since he has still a lot of anger in him, and one of the things I learned reading BDSM stories, is that a Master has to be in full control of his emotions That is the main issue they have to resolve for Cameron to be the right Master for Franklin, he has to forgive himself, but also the men who did him wrong in the past, and going even further in his past, his former pride who let him down Cameron not only needs to possess Franklin to prove that no one can hurt him, he has also to find a replacement for his former pride and family, and in Arslan, the alpha of the pride, he will find the fatherly figure he needs to feel save Since Arslan will cover that role, there is no needs for Franklin, that at the beginning was a willing candidate, both since he has money, than since he is slightly older than Cameron even if 2 years are not so much actually all Franklin s attitude of being older and important is given all by his money, and once you remove this factor, he is exactly at the same level as Cameron Very good and nice interaction between the characters, and interesting shifting of power and personality.

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    I tried to like this I really did because I like Kim Dare Cameron was such an asshole that I couldn t get past anything else He treated Franklin like shit the whole book I kept wishing the whole time reading that Franklin would say I ve had enough and leave He turned Franklin from a confident person to a person with such low self of stem that he thought he deserved everything Cameron dished out at him view spoiler Franklin actually said, If you want to hurt me, you can You can treat me exactly the same way the men in the clubs treated you, Franklin went on, while he stood very still under Cameron s gaze You can take whatever revenge you want on me, too WTF hide spoiler

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    I m not sure about Cameron and Franklin, they have a little something but they are too much two selfish brat to be sympathetic I do not agree with everything that the lion do and think in this book but I can accept that they are different.As for the whole series When you chose to write fantasy, you have make the writer understand the world in which they evolve You give example, explication description or action to help the reader immerse himself in the book and the world Sadly that s not the case here We do not received one single answer to all the question that these book bring That s make this series a little hollow and cold.