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Favorite Quote Shouldn t you be putting on make up and curling your hair, doing girly stuff I consider doing you girly stuff Vampire Trinity is the sequel to Vampire Mistress Vampire Queen 5 , and these two books must be read in order to get the full impact of everything that is going on in the story, although they can be read separate from the other four books in this series.Anwyn is the owner of the BDSM club Atlantis, although recently she has been learning about a new venture in her life being a vampire Turned against her will in Vampire Mistress by a Schizophrenic vampire, she now not only battles blood lust and the new sensations that come along with having fangs, but the vampire that turned her also left his diseased mind inside of her Anwyn battles manic rages, coming on out of the blue, and debilitating her every day lifestyle.However, she is not alone in this battle While her long time vampire lover, Daegen is out of town visiting the vampire council, her recent lover, and vampire hunter, Gideon is there to serve all her needs And in Anwyn s BDSM lifestyle, a servant is definitely what Gideon is On the outside he may not love heeding to her every beck and call, but deep down they both know he needs this type of lifestyle He carries her three marks, allowing each of them to venture into each other s minds, and communicating through thought They have a very intimate, yet extremely complicated relationship.The council is not going to let Anwyn exist for much longer before she is presented before them But she first must get her violent episodes under control She pines for Daegan to return home so she can have both her men full time in her life But as volatile as vampires are, they soon learn deceit has led a member of the council astray, and it is going to take the three of them working together to come away whole.I was so excited to get my hands on Vampire Trinity I read Vampire Mistress a few months ago and was blown away by this complex and erotic vampire world Joey W Hill has set up There is so much that goes into each of these characters, I can t give them justice in this review Anwyn is a dominant female, that has lost all control now as a vampire Taking those baby steps to regain who she is, she knows she needs both Daegan and Gideon in her life Daegan wants to be there, although he is very dominant himself He calms her, challenges her, and has loved her for the past five years.Then we have Gideon Oh Gideon my smart assed sexy vampire hunter, one of the best characters I have read about this year He is so troubled, and confused Yet, he has a mouth on him that makes me laugh throughout the book He has spent most of his life hunting and killing vampires, and now finds himself in love with a female vampire, and having very confusing sexual thoughts towards Daegan He is so tough, and ready to battle at any moment, but inside he is a mess of fragile emotions Joey W.Hill writes very dark, erotic sex scenes, but she gives us such an emotional connection to these characters, at times I forgot I was reading an erotic book The sex scenes are not forced upon the reader, they seem to pop up in a very natural pacing They are intense, and there is a particular dinner scene in this book that was difficult to read But she gives us a reason for everything Thoughts, emotions, and motives are explored from every angle for each character.Speaking of the sex Daegan and Gideon really explore each other in this book On the surface, Gideon is so against mating with another male, but Daegan slowly forces the issue, and thank you Joey W Hill You all know I love my male males scenes and there were a few in this book that made my smutty heart beat with joy Gideon is so masculine, so against anything having to do with being with another male, but deep down, he wants it and it is so much fun watching his torment Fuck off, Gideon managed through gritted teeth, but groaned as Daegan put his knee against his stiff cock, rubbed with devilish knowledge over his balls But the harder thing to resist was the mouth that brushed over his Kiss me back, Gideon Devour my mouth the way you ve been devouring me with your eyes since I returned Show me your hunger Show me how much you missed me Should I tell you how much he missed him Oh it s good stuff.I just love these two books I am so glad she didn t rush through their story and actually gave us two books to fully appreciate the complexities of this trio Excellent writing with a vampire world that is dark, intense and full of sexy moments.Rating 4.5 5 Vampire Hunter Gideon Green Never Intended To Become A Vampire S Servant But When Anwyn, A Woman With Whom He Shared An Unforgettable Night, Is Turned By A Vampire Pack, Gideon Is Forced Into An Uneasy Alliance With One Of The Most Terrifying Vampires He S Ever Encountered The Mysterious Daegan ReiDaegan Has A Vested Interest In Anwyn As Gideon And Daegan Shepherd Anwyn Through Her Dangerous Validation With The Vampire Council, It S Clear They Must Learn To Trust Each Other But As Boundaries Erode, Gideon Realizes He Has Become Irreversibly Changed By A Bond With The Two People In His Life He Can T Survive Without Vampires I need a therapy session after this book Gideon who I fell in love with at first meeting him in book 1 is so torn about what it is that he wants and what s meant to be for him He is forced into the role of 3rd servant to save Anwyn, who I only like when she is part of the trinity, is brought to council and then forced to play by their rules We all know by now what happens at the dinners I thought that Gideon as a servant was treated the worst of any servant not only because he is a vampire hunter but Anwyn and Daegan have to show the council that they own him It killed me to see him whipped and forced to degradation to the point of humiliation I was so relieved when Daegan stepped in at just the right moment I also loved that Gideon saved Daegan in the showdown it just shows how much they need each other The trinity in this book was amazing, each one of them fitting together perfectly Even Anwyn at the end made me cry by letting him go even as she sacrificed her own vampire feelings Gideon leaving started what was the best part of the book for me It was so emotional and him thinking that he never belonged with them or to them was so sad I loved this part of the book because it showed all of them at their most vulnerable This book was also exciting and I never knew what was going to happen all I knew is that Gideon has a mark on him that was undeniable.Now, just a couple of words on Daegan He is my favorite character in this entire series He just has this way about him, he is so sure of himself always dominant and so careful with Gideon that it breaks my heart The way he respects him as a vampire hunter and trusts him was everything Gideon needed Daegan knew how hard it was for Gideon, he could ve marked him from the beginning but waited for Gideon to want it When Daegan showed up to save the day I almost stood up and started shouting hooray He refused to let Gideon not own up to the feelings he had for both him and Anwyn He just never gave up and for that reason besides the fact he is hot and has amazing sex he is my favorite. I don t know what to say or how to even express how much this book moved me I m sure my words will fall short of how much I really loved it Joey is an expert at driving my emotions over the top It was a gut wrenching for me Had my stomach so tight and twisted that I had to put it down several times, and I mean in a good way I loved all three of these unique and compelling characters It could have gone on and on and I still would not have gotten enough It s an intense, senual read and Joey is the best when it comes to pulling the reader in and not letting them go I loved how Gideon, Anwyn and Daegan each had their crosses to bare and overcome Joey s words form such awesome pictures in my mind, I m actually in the scenes watching the events unfold before my eyes How does one take you from vicious, evil scenes to such senuality is beyond me, but Joey knows how to pull it off This book from start to finish is one hell of a read one I highly recommend to one and all If you haven t this series you owe to yourself to buy it and share with your reading friends It will move you like nothing you ve ever read guaranteed When you read the back cover of the book and read the reviews, each one states exactly how I feel about this series hands down It s definitely in my top ten series LOVED IT, WANT MORE OF IT, MISS THEM ALREADY Could not put this down, read through the small hours Continues the story of Gideon, Daegan and Anwyn Seriously hot story of vampire menage and BDSM Loved the relationship between the super cool 700 year old vampire Daegan and angst ridden ex vampire hunter GideonFor so long you felt alone, watching out for others, the vampire murmured into the crown of his head Now you have both of us Just as we have you OMG, I Love this book Daegan is all Alpha and just YUM Vampire Trinity Vampire Queen by Joey W Hill Erotic Paranormal Romance Sep 7, 2010 4 stars Joey Hill does it again Her vampire series pushes the edge and is certainly not for any reader who likes tame romance Anwyn is a newly turned vampire One who was turned against her will She is part of a young vampire triad The 2 other members are a vampire hunter named Gideon who wants his independence from the triad and a powerful and seductive vampire named Daegan Anwyn cares for Gideon but realizes he doesn t not want to be her vampire servant and he definitely doesn t want to be in a relationship with another man Anwyn and Daegan want to prove him wrong But, Daegan has left their group and won t come back until Anwyn asks him to He understands Anywn has emotional scars that she needs to overcome before she accepts him and becoming a vampire Gideon s past as a vampire hunter has also come haunt them as the Vampire Council seeks retribution for his kills But will Gideon bow down to them and become a vampire servant Will they be able to have a lasting relationship or will their pasts and emotional scars tear them apart The author does not hold back as she goes straight into the life style of BDSM This story was imaginative and lush but not for the faint of heart There are m nage scenes and situations in the story are not always cut and dried and even coerced Joey Hill explores the dark, sexy and unconventional alternative lifestyle Anwyn is a dominatrix or mistress and both her men are also dominant men While a large part of this book does include sex it also features characters that are 3 dimensional They all have a deep pain in their past that makes them sympathetic Particularly Gideon who was a strong vampire hunter and now is the submissive in their triad Can he accept the Anwyn and Daegan for being vampires and accept them even if he does want them I also enjoyed that the author delves deep into the vampire society and it was interesting to read about the vampire hierarchy and politics Complex, gritty and edgy This is not the typical romance but one for readers who enjoy a lot of spice and dark fantasy Reviewed by Steph from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club The conclusion of a well done m nage IMO Of course I loved it Each story has me thinkin it can t be beat lol Very vivid writing that comes w all kinds of emotions I do have my favs and Gideon s story is one of them 4 1 2stars a continuation from Vampire mistress This is the book that gets good and has lots of action a deep observation of all the characters from the first book Lots of growth from the 3 main characters and as always, Joey writes in her deep soul stirring way MMF beautiful very erotic 5 14 Gideon still makes my heart ache I m still completely jealous of Anwyn Daegan is still the cat s pajamas.If Ms Hill wants to tell of this story in the future I would not be mad about that She keeps referring to Anwyn as a sorceress I ll tell you who the sorceress around here is it s Joey freakin Hill I could not put these down and can definitively say I ll read them again Needless to say it s an action packed, dramatic conclusion full of heart wrenching emotion and Ms Hill s characteristic mystical examination of life issues There s a line in the book that goes something like it s as complicated and as simple as that That sums up her writing style There s all the extraneous kaka to wade through for everyone but when all s said and done it s really a simple truth that s likely common to us all She illustrates that quality exceptionally well in this trinity of Gideon, Anwyn and Daegan.They are forced to Berlin to the Vampire Gathering not good, not good at all Notorious vampire hunter at a vampire meeting no bueno Naturally, the vampires have plans within plans that you need a magic decoder ring to decipher All 3 are tested in some way, shape, form or fashion and all are barreling toward the inevitable ultimatum This story is choc full of action At one point I thought, damn, these 3 just canNOT catch a break Seriously, when it rains it pours We get background on Daegan and Anwyn Daegan is a bad ass, even amongst the vampires We also discover that he too has been a lost and lonely soul for a very, very long time Gideon is forced to face some uncomfortable truths about himself Anwyn is struggling to find her balance in a new vampire world Lord Brian and Debra play sort of an instrumental role in this one I find myself increasingly intrigued by their relationship through the brief snippets that we ve gotten over the course of the series I wonder if they ll eventually get their own book At any rate, in a nutshell it was fantastic I ve come to expect little else from Ms Hill.