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The Second Book In The My Blood Approves Series Alice Bonham Thinks She S Finally Found A Balance In Her Life Between The Supernatural And Real Life With Her Brother Milo Jack Her Sorta Vampire Boyfriend Keeps Her At Arm S Length To Keep Her Safe As For His Brother Peter She S Not Sure Where He S At, Or What He Wants With Her Worse Still, She S Not Even Sure What She Wants With Peter When Tragedy Happens, Alice Finds Herself Struggling With A Terrible Choice Her Decision Has Consequences That Reach Farther Than She D Ever Imagined

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    I m still struggling with how many stars I should give this, but I think I ll settle for 2,5.In one of the first chapters, Milo slips, breaks his neck and then Alice has To decide to either let her brother die or to let them turn him into a vampire She tells Jack to turn him and then spends some time blaming him for doing that to Milo O_O this is what my face looked like while I read that part If you think that s selfish then brace yourself.Milo is a new vampire and he needs to adjust to his new life He needs to learn how to control himself, how to feed, how to live, what do to, and that takes time Alice thinks that time should be spent on her, of course And she s jealous of the fact that Milo is crushing on Jack, who isn t even gay.To make up for it, Jack takes Alice and Milo to a vampire club, but since Alice is the shiny new object that catches everybody s attention, they have to leave because she is so delicious She even manages to make two new enemies, who desperately want to do a lot of stuff to her, and I m not even sure what all of that is, but I do know I wouldn t be able to watch it if they ever turn it into a movie We meet them again when Milo thinks it s a good idea to go to a non vampire gay club with Alice and Jane Milo and Jane get it on, while Alice manages to get herself almost killed Again They fight, they get away, Milo loses too much blood and bites Jane and from that point on Jane wants nothing than to get into Milo s still gay pants and apparently considers certain painful operations to get past that obstacle.Peter is gone for almost the entire book and I didn t mind one bit to be honest , so Jack and Alice keep doing their mating dance, where they make each other crazy, without really doing anything After getting herself almost killed for a third time le sigh Jack takes her up to his room to comfort her and finally bites her And then everybody is running around in circles because Peter will kill both of them.Peter comes home, he fights with Jack, and then it all went pretty quickly because suddenly Jack is feeding Alice his blood and telling her they should run away together I still don t like Alice but I could tolerate her , probably because she was asleep unconscious for 54% of the book I hope Vampire Alice is likable At first, I didn t like Vampire Milo but he kinda grew on me and now he s right behind Jack as far as my favorite characters go.What else Again there were a lot of descriptions of what people are wearing, that s something that annoyed me in My Blood Approves as well I like to get an idea of what somebody looks like, but I don t really need to know what brands everybody is wearing every time they change their outfit.So on to Flutter now, I guess.

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    Man, this series definitely belongs on my dramarama shelf because that is seriously the driving force of these books.Still a funny read, I think the vampire mythos here is interesting Would like substance to the plot like a story arc or compelling antagonists rather than we make all our own problems relationship drama That said, I keep turning pages and enjoy myself so a lot is going right than wrong And I ll be continuing on to the next.

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    I would have rated this book a 3 until the end So much time was spent on Alice being isolated and miserable I hope in the future books Alice is a likable character So far she has been whiny, self centered EVERYTHING is about her , and sluggish She has no drive to do ANYTHING She has no interests, no motivation, no pizazz, nothing All she does is sit around feel sorry for herself She can t even make an attempt to try to do well in school She sleeps through her classes and lets everyone cater to her She can barely even pick out her own clothes Why on Earth everyone is so taken with her I will never understand The only thing she puts effort into is whining and bellyaching Shut up As much as Alice gets on my nerves, I still have hope for her to grow up and start having a real personality I LOVE Jack Alice does not deserve him I also like Milo I can even like Peter, at least he has real reasons for his actions The end of this book was really good so I bumped it up to 4 stars I have high hopes for the next book.

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    The I read this series, the I like it I find that the characters have become real people to me, and I care about whats going to happen to them There are some interesting things that happen in this book Milo has time in the book, and you get to know Jane a bit better.Top that off with learning about the vampire scene and stalking vampires that are not as friendly as Jacks family, and I think this book will hold your interest.I gave it 4 instead of a 5 because the grammar issues s were worse then the last book Enough that it made me stubble a few times grasping for missing words etc Also Alice is a real pain, and she needs to get a clue in this book She is my least favorite character in this one, and it blows me away that after all she s been through in the last book, she could think that Jack and family were kicking her to the curb.Her depression just may of needed some meds, as she really over reacted to the situation Not that I don t know real people in life that would of reacted the same way, it s just I had this impression form the first book that she was smarter then that My recommendation is if you like Vamps in romance and not as monsters, then this book is for you.

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    I m so glad I started reading this series Just when you think you have the plot figured out, something comes along and changes everything for the better I really liked where the author took Fate The story started off fast with a shocking story line I never expected I did think the middle part dragged slightly but the ending truly makes up for that leaving you wanting I can not wait to read of the Peter Alice Jack love triangle but I think I am secretly hoping Peter wins even though I love Jack A great second book leaving me wanting to read

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    Jack starts to realize that he is in love with Alice after he found out that Peter has a claim on her Always count on a boy to realize their feelings for a girl when their territory gets threatened Anywaysthe big sucky part is that Jack and Alice can t be together because her blood bond dictates that she belongs with Peter and Peter has the right to kill her and Jack if Jack gets too friendly with Alice This is really rough for Alice because her body tells her she belongs with Peter but her heart belongs to Jack but they can t give into each other And the really sucky part is Peter doesn t want her but he will kill both of them if jack and alice s relationship goes too far.Alice feels like she is not very loved in this book, and with good reason in my opinion Things happen to make her feel alienated from her family and her new vampire friends.Alice deciding whether the path of a vampire is really the right path for her to take She asks herself whether this is really the life she s meant to live, and these reflections are starkly exampled in metaphorical events that make her realize, for the very first time, that vampires aren t human After this dawning revelation, Alice then understands for the first time that Jack and his family aren t human After she realizes that the Townsends are predators, new shades begins to unfold about the characters We learn of patriarchal Ezra s past, and see that even now, although he behaves and acts pleasant for the most part, he has very cold and uncaring moments In one sense, what semblance of humanity he s managed to hold onto cares very much for Alice on the other hand, the vampire in him rises now and then, and cares little whether Alice lives or dies This is the struggle for each member of the Townsend family, a duality that they struggle to control, and Alice has only scratched the surface as she continues to mindlessly provoke the demons within them SPOILER in this book, theres a event where alice is walking home by herself with no1 to protect her , and suddenly relizes someone is following her and so she is nervous and knows that if she runsit will be to late.Read to find out who will save her in this time of need and if the person thats following her, is really dangerous.

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    I wrote most of this review before I finished this book, so my first inclination was to give it a 2 2.5, but I upped it after the last of the book drastically improved Here s my initial review Gosh, I m not sure I can take any of this series The story improved as the book progressed, but Alice still bothers me so much She s so passive and never takes charge of her life If she showed any inclination to do anything other than lay around and wait for Jack to call, I might enjoy this series She also never tried to take charge of the situation with Jack and Peter, which irritated me It s clear to me who her choice should be regardless of her blood tie or whatever and seems like she should be fighting for that choice, rather than just waiting for things to happen The development with Milo was very interesting, though jarring And the amount of grammar and spelling errors was UNBELIEVABLE Very distracting This series has potential and some really interesting ideas, but I find myself so frustrated with Alice, her situation, and her passive, pathetic attitude that I want to scream I d really like to know how the story ends up, but I m not sure I can bring myself to waste my time reading 2 books to find out But I ll probably give in, as I tend to be a glutton for punishment OKAY, now that I ve FINISHED the book, the ending was pretty good I loved Jane s comments about Alice s passivity and tendency to just let things happen This mirrored my thoughts exactly Loved the ending with Jack, although thought the stuff with Peter was bizarre when and why would his feelings turn to love And, I was thrilled to see Alice take the initiative and clean the apartment Now that Alice has her fondest wish, hopefully she can make something of her life and become a functioning member of society I probably will read the next book to see what happens now.This book and the series is definitely for older teens or adults and don t expect teens to learn anything good here to improve their lives This is pure guilty pleasure And sometimes pain and irritation than pleasure

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    FATE by Amanda Hocking 2 stars She s an amateur, and it shows You re a millionaire, Hocking, buy a damn editor Jesus Learn where to put commas, how to structure a sentence, and what is proper and improper grammar It s really not THAT hard There are thousands of websites that will teach you FOR FREE Imagine that I ve quickly grown bored with the woe is me attitude the MC has There is little to no plot in the whole book, and an editor story and copy is desperately and I mean desperately needed I was hoping for Peter to come back sooner and save the yawnful story and hopefully kill Jack , but he only arrives at the end for three seconds Then the book ends after Jack hastily turns Alice into a vampire blinks The end was obviously slopped together at the last second, which is too bad because a well written conclusion could have rescued me from snoring I seem to be running into and books like this lately from self published and big wig publishers Aren t English teachers in America doing their job All I remember is a bunch of Old English BS when I was in school Study history, don t repeat it Someone needs to bring America into the modern age Ye Old English, bad sentence structure, and god awful poetry is going to ruin modern fiction Change is a good thing Please, someone recc me a book worth reading

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    I m pleasantly surprised as Book 2 is much improved over Book 1 As I see occur a good bit, the author finally gets their stride and their writing grows up with the story Fate sees Alice struggle with the events that occur and put a wrench in her plans She also has to deal with her feelings for both Jack and Peter Some things happen which I can t say, because spoilers These things lead to a dangerous mission to bring Peter home and leaves many people stressed, jealous, and trying to deal with all the rule set upon them because of their lifestyle I really, really like the leading man in this series He s just so normal He s of course ridiculously handsome, but he just behaves like a regular guy with regular emotions He s not overly romantic maybe a bit than normal guys, but not typical paranormal romance level and he s just really great I m also not one to dislike insta love I m here for the fantasy people however, I like the slow burn of this one It s nice that it s progressing fairly normally and the forced distance is always good for brewing a love story Of course, I m also really happy with the heroine of the story actually picking the right guy, for now I m not totally convinced she won t switch allegiance, but for now she s at least on the right path and I m not actively screaming at my book wishing she wasn t so stupid The characters are starting to come into their own in the series and I m starting to really enjoy it I m glad I stuck with it because I ve been happy with the story and I can t wait to read the rest

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    Okay Hocking was playing with my emotions with the twist in this one WHAAT I didn t see that coming, and I loved every minute of it For me, this was even better than book 1 I m leaning about everyone s past, and getting serious action Ugh I won t give things away, but there were things that happened that gutted me I couldn t put this one down until I finished I m already on to the next book.